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Who To See For Neck Pain

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Treatment For Wry Neck

When is Your Neck Pain or Back Pain SERIOUS? See Doctor Now.

In most cases, if treated early, wry necks respond well to treatment in a few days. Heat and passive joint mobilisation can be used to loosen the neck joints and reduce the pain and muscle spasm.

In rare cases, particularly for people over 40, or very rarely in infants, wry neck can be caused by a medical condition. Your doctor or therapist can help with this diagnosis and give you a referral for appropriate care.

Treating Neck Pain At Home

In many cases, neck and is caused by a mild muscle strain or tension. If you dont have other symptoms and you dont remember any traumatic event that caused the pain to start, theres a good chance this may be the source of the issue. Fortunately, this type of pain usually goes away within a few days with gentle stretching, massage, and applying ice or heat a few times a day. You should also check your posture and whether youre sleeping in a position that puts pressure on your neck or shoulder.

Before You See A Neck Pain Chiropractor

Just because you can no longer take the pain you are feeling on your neck does not necessarily mean you should see a Chiropractor immediately.

There are still so many things you can do to help you deal with your neck pain without leaving your home. Here are some things you can do:

Use a cold pack. It is a common knowledge that cold has the capacity to reduce swelling to any body parts that are inflamed. Get a pack of ice, frozen vegetables or a bag of anything cold, wrap it in a towel and press it against your affected body part. You can do this for twenty to forty minutes or until the cold pack warms up.

Use a firm pillow. Make sure to use a firm pillow because most of the time when you use pillow that is too flat, it forces your neck to bend in an unnatural position, thus stretching it for a long period of time while you sleep.

Sleep on your back or side. Always try to sleep on your back or your side, and never lay flat on your stomach. a

Do neck exercises. Doing this will help you loosen your tight muscles. Try to do this every morning when you wake up. Gently tense your neck muscles by looking up and down and then from your left to right.

Use an electric handheld massager. Sometimes what you really needs to alleviate the pain you are feeling is a good neck massage. If you cannot find someone to give you a massage, getting your own handheld massager is the best thing you can do.

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Miscellaneous Medical Causes Of Neck Pain That Might Mean You Can Stop Worrying About Something Worse

This section presents a comprehensive list of somewhat common medical problems that can cause neck pain . Ill give you a quick idea of what they are and what distinguishes them. If you find anything on this list that seems awfully similar to your case, please bring the idea to your doctor like a dog with an interesting bone and get a referral to a specialist if necessary.

Important! None of these are dangerous! Although some are quite unpleasant. Reading about medical problems on the Internet can easily freak us out,18 so the goal here is to identify possible causes of neck pain that are not so scary. If you can get a positive ID on one of these conditions, then you get to stop worrying about the threat of something worse.

Some skin problems on the neck can cause neck pain, but are usually obvious most people will identify them as skin problems on the neck and not a neck problem affecting the skin. Herpes zoster is extremely painful but superficial, and a carbuncle well, its just a super zit, basically. If you cant diagnose that one on your own, I cant help you!

Bornholm disease is a crazy viral disease with several other intimidating names.19 It feels like a vice-grip on the chest and lungs, is intensely painful, and sometimes also causes neck pain. If you feel like you cant breathe, you should look into this. The infection is temporary. Its an extremely unlikely diagnosis.

Temporal arteritis can cause neck pain as well as fierce headaches.

What Causes Back And Neck Pain

Mechanical Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Even with today’s technology, the exact cause of back and neck pain is difficult to determine. In most cases, back and neck pain may have many different causes, including any of the following:

  • Overuse, strenuous activity, or improper use, such as repetitive or heavy lifting

  • Trauma, injury, or fractures

  • Degeneration of vertebrae, often caused by stresses on the muscles and ligaments that support your spine, or the effects of aging

  • Infection

  • Abnormal growth, such as a tumor or bone spur

  • Obesity, which places increased weight on your spine, and pressure on your discs

  • Poor muscle tone

  • Joint problems, such as arthritis

  • Smoking

  • Protruding or herniated disk and pinched nerve

  • Osteoporosis and compression fractures

  • Congenital abnormalities of your vertebrae and bones

  • Abdominal problems, such as an aortic aneurysm

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How Are Back And Neck Pain Diagnosed

If you experience neck or back pain, you should see your health care provider for a medical and physical exam. He or she may also do X-rays of the affected areas, as well as magnetic resonance imaging . This allows a more complete view. The MRI produces pictures of soft tissues as well, such as ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. The MRI could lead to a diagnosis of infection, tumor, inflammation, or pressure on your nerve. Sometimes a blood test may help diagnose arthritis, a condition that can cause back and neck pain.

The Complete Guide To Neck Pain & Cricks

This article might ease your mind, but what about your neck pain? If your pain is becoming chronic , or if you just keep having flare-ups, you may want to dive much deeper into the topic. There arent any easy answers for stubborn neck pain, but there is evidence-based hope, and the PainScience.com neck pain tutorial explores the topic extremely thoroughly. The main text is written for patients, but its also extensively referenced for keen readers and healthcare professionals. Read the introduction.

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Is A Stiff Neck Serious

Rarely. Nearly all neck stiffness is minor, diffuse musculoskeletal pain: several mildly irritated structures adding up to uncomfortable, reluctant movement as opposed to physically limited movement. The most common scary neck stiffness is the nuchal rigidity of meningitis which makes it very difficult and uncomfortable to tilt the head forward but that will be accompanied by other serious warning signs, of course. Like feeling gross otherwise .

If you have severe neck stiffness for a long time, plus any other warning signs, there could be a worrisome cause but still probably not, and probably not urgent. Investigate if you have enough red flags, and even then its likely to amount to nothing.

Why Do People Have Neck Pain

How to Ease Neck Pain at Home

Your neck is one of the most unprotected and exposed areas of your body. This is because of where its located and because of how far it moves from side to side . Because of these reasons, you have a higher chance of injuring your neck than other parts of your body.

People can have different types of neck pain. Some have only mild or irritating pain, while others can have severe, long-lasting pain that prevents them from doing day-to-day activities like working or going to school.

It can be hard to know when you should see a doctor for neck pain. Whether you should see a doctor depends on if your pain is affecting your daily life, or if your pain makes it easier to injure or hurt your neck in the future.

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Seek Immediate Medical Help If Youre Experiencing These Symptoms

Sometimes, neck pain can be a sign of a more serious condition, like meningitis or a heart attack, so itâs important you keep an eye out for certain symptoms. See a doctor right away if youâre experiencing one or several of these:

  • Sudden, severe neck pain.
  • Ask you to move your neck to check its range of motion.
  • Perform a reflex exam to evaluate your nervous system.
  • Check for any other unusual symptoms or sensations, such as numbness or tingling.

Incontinence Or Leg Weakness

If controlling your bladder or bowel has rapidly become a challenge, and/or your legs have been growing progressively weaker, you should seek immediate medical care.

Bowel and bladder incontinence, progressive weakness, and loss of sensation in the seat area are symptoms of cauda equina syndrome, which is a very serious condition. Cauda equina syndrome generally requires emergency back surgery.

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Other Tips For Neck Pain Sufferers

In addition to choosing the right pillow, you can reduce neck pain through lifestyle changes like adopting proper posture, taking stretching breaks, and generally being more active. People who suffer from neck pain should avoid shoulder bags, slouching, and long periods of sitting at the computer.

  • Choose the Right Mattress: Your bodys overall position is influenced not only by your pillow, but also your mattress. Plusher mattresses allow your body to sink down further, meaning youll need a lower-loft pillow. The opposite holds true for firmer mattresses, which will require a higher pillow to maintain proper alignment of the neck and spine.
  • Engage in Physical Therapy: From daily habits to more serious regimens, there are plenty of exercises you can do to relax your neck muscles and relieve strain on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. A certified massage therapist or chiropractor may also be able to help. Always consult a health professional before starting any kind of treatment.
  • Use Ice or Heat: Many neck pain sufferers receive instant relief from a hot or cold compress, or from taking a warm shower. This may not cure your neck problems, but it can be a helpful short term solution.

When To See A Doctor For Neck Pain

Chiropractor for Neck Pain

    Neck pain or stiffness is a very common symptom that most people experience at some point in their lives. In fact, a CDC survey found that 13.9% of men and 17.4% of women surveyed reported having had neck pain in just the last three months.

    Neck pain can be dull or sharp, sudden or gradual, brief or chronic, and causes can vary widely from benign to emergency conditions. Whether you need a doctor or can treat your pain at home depends upon what happened just before the pain started and what other symptoms you may be having.

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    A Tear In One Of The Main Arteries Of The Neck Is A Rare Cause Of Stroke

    You probably don’t give much thought to your neck, unless something goes wrong and you start to feel neck pain.. This underappreciated body part has to be strong enough to support a heavy weight yet still allow you to tilt, turn, and nod your head easily.

    Most of the time, neck pain doesn’t signal a serious medical problem. But it’s worth learning about one of the rare exceptions: a tear in one of the arteries of the neck, known as a cervical artery dissection . Although these occur in only about two in 100,000 people per year, they are one of the most common causes of stroke in people under age 50.

    “Over the past two decades, awareness of cervical artery dissection has grown tremendously,” says Dr. Natalia Rost, associate professor of neurology at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. This may stem in part from the recognition that stroke rates seem to be rising among younger people, despite an overall downward trend in deaths caused by stroke.

    What Pillow Materials Are Best For Neck Pain

    The best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is firm enough to hold the head at a healthy angle, but soft enough to alleviate pressure points. Most sleepers find success with either a memory foam, latex, buckwheat, or feather pillow, as these materials offer the best balance of support and pressure relief.

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    How Is Neck Pain Treated

    The best way to treat most neck pain is to keep moving your neck, stay active and adapt any activities that might be causing your pain. Over-the-counter painkillers might be recommended.

    If your neck pain doesnt go away, your doctor will investigate the cause. Serious, long-term neck pain is sometimes treated with steroid injections or, very rarely, surgery.

    It might be helpful to rest your neck at first, but dont rest it for too long. If you dont move, the muscles will get stiffer and it will take longer for the pain to go away. Its better to gently stretch the neck muscles. Your doctor or physiotherapist can show you how to do this gently and safely.

    There are ways you can manage your neck pain:

    When To See A Chiropractor For Neck Pain Treatment

    What is Causing Your Neck Pain?
  • When to See A Chiropractor for Neck Pain Treatment
  • Dr. Jay Brodwyn & Associates

    Neck pain is never fun. The 30% of Americans who suffer neck pain annually agree. The unfortunate truth is that it is easier than ever for adults to develop chronic neck pain. Some of the frequent causes of neck pain include:

    • Overuse or straining muscles
    • Injuries from sports or automobile accidents
    • Worn muscles and joints in the neck from aging
    • Poor posture

    Brodwyn and Associates has been serving Columbus, Georgia for decades. With superior experience treating neck pain, we work with each patient on an individual basis to treat their neck pain at the source. Our office practices several non-invasive treatments for your neck pain.

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    Pain Radiates Down One Leg Or Arm

    Pain, weakness, numbness and/or electrical sensations that go down one leg is often called sciatica. Although sciatica symptoms may result from a tight piriformis muscle these symptoms are more often due to pressure on a spinal nerve root. Symptoms that result from pressure on a spinal nerve root are called radiculopathy.

    To diagnose your sciatica, your doctor will likely try to elicit your symptoms by testing your dermatomes. Dermatomes are areas of skin that are served by spinal nerve roots.

    This testing may help identify the exact spinal nerve root or roots that are irritated. In turn, this may help make your treatment choice as accurate as possible. Radiculopathy is often caused by a herniated disc, but not always. It may also be due to other things, for example, bone spurs that press on spinal nerve roots.

    What Are Some Of The Common Neck Injuries

    Neck pain can be manifested as a consequence of different injuries like:

    Herniated or Bulging Disc

    Our spine is made of tiny vertebrae which have a cushion-like fluid-filled material called discs which act as shock absorbers. Due to an injury or fall, these discs begin to leak, causing the gel-like substance to impinge on a nerve that leads to irritation. This herniated disk can happen near the neck muscles, causing discomfort and pain.

    Neck Strain

    If your laptop screen is not at your eye level, or if you spend prolonged hours looking at your screen with your head pointing down, then you are at the risk of developing neck strain. It can manifest itself in the form of soreness and tightness near the neck muscles.

    Neck Sprain

    An accident can lead to a bad fall, or a sudden halt while driving can give a jerk to the neck. This may lead to the ligaments near your muscle being torn, or a tendon may be strained and bruised.

    Pinched Nerve

    A bone spur or abnormal growth can sometimes push against surrounding nerves causing pain. This happens because of a muscle sprain or a strain that causes irritation near the nerves surrounding the neck muscles.


    TMJ Neck Pain

    Some auto-immune disorders manifest themselves in the form of severe neck pain and medical attention may be required to correctly diagnose the particular disease one is suffering from.

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    How Can I Strengthen My Neck Muscles At Home

    Our physios can provide a structured and easy-to-follow exercise program to strengthen the muscles around your neck.

    These programs are designed to suit your needs and your lifestyle. For example, they may be incorporated into your existing gym or pilates program, or they may be set-up for you to easily perform at home or work!

    Should You See A Neurologist For Back Pain And Neck Pain

    Causes Of Neck And Jaw Pain

    People manage chronic back and neck pain in different ways. Some try stretching or alternating heat and cold at the source of the discomfort. Others turn to over-the-counter pain medicine and a stoic demeanor. Acute pain often goes away without medical treatment, but dont ignore chronic and persistent pain that lasts for weeks, months, or years. Weakness, numbness, tingling or pain radiating into an arm or leg are important symptoms that need evaluation by a physician. Talk to your doctor to determine the cause of the problem. Your primary care physician may refer you to a specialist, such as a neurologist, to help determine the cause of your back pain.

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    Will Neck Pain Cause Headache

    Yes, amongst many causes for headache neck pain is one and also the most common cause. Tension headaches and lower back pain and neck pain with headaches are generally rooted in the neck. However, the aches and stemming points within the neck vary a lot. Occipital neuralgia and cervicogenic headache are two common types of headaches due to neck pain.

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