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Which Magnesium Is Best For Nerve Pain

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Studies Show That Magnesium Deficiency Increases The Risk For Type 2 Diabetes

Magnesium supplements | Dr. Brutus, Hand Surgeon

If you do not have diabetes or neuropathy nerve pain, you can still be at risk for type 2 diabetes due to low magnesium levels in your body. A magnesium deficiency has been repeatedly linked to insulin resistance.

And insulin resistance increases the overall risk for coming down with type 2 diabetes and its related neuropathy nerve pain.

Researchers and scientists have discovered that those who regularly supplemented with magnesium saw improvements in their insulin sensitivity issues. This overall improvement eventually led to lower risks for developing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Those who do not have diabetes or neuropathy nerve pain are advised to begin regularly supplementing with magnesium in order to avoid a diagnosis of diabetes and its subsequent nerve pain issues down the road. As individuals age, the extent of the nerve pain grows in intensity and location.

Best Magnesium Supplement For Nerve Pain

    10 Best Magnesium Supplements for Nerve Pain

    No matter what kind of pain you experience, it can wreak havoc on how you live your life. If you suffer from back pain, you know that even the simplest of tasks can become almost impossible. Another debilitating issue is nerve pain and neuropathy.

    Your nerves are involved in everything that you do, so when you suffer from nerve pain or nerve damage, it can affect your entire life. Several factors can cause nerve pain, including injury, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. You can also suffer from nerve pain as a side effect from certain medications.

    While nerve damage and nerve pain cant be cured entirely, there are several ways that you can get relief. No matter what causes your nerve pain, the first step is to check with your healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause. One cause of nerve issues is deficiencies in specific nutrients, like magnesium.

    Is Magnesium A Miracle Mineral For Chronic Pain

    Nov 2, 2017 | Nutrition |

    Do you suffer chronic pain, chronic muscle cramps, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol? Do you know that we supplement our neuropathy and chronic pain patients with magnesium for some very important reasons? Lets talk about how magnesium affects both your general wellness and wellbeing. And, how it also helps with pain and many other problems.

    From Carolyn Dean, MD, ND from her book, Magnesium Miracle:

    Everything your body does, including repair of injuries and maintenance of good health depends on a series of chemical reactions we call metabolism. And, ALL OF THEM, depend on vitamins and minerals, which act as necessary co-factors.

    Some of what Magnesium does for you
    • Magnesium is a co-factor and responsible for the function of 325 enzymes. Your body uses enzymes to do many jobs like digestion and building muscles and repairing injuries.
    • Mg is an absolute requirement for calcium to be used in building bone
    • keeps toxic chemicals out of the brain
    • works with calcium to create nerve impulses
    • keeps muscles working correctly, including the muscles in your heart and blood vessels

    From Mildred Seelig, MD: HMG-CoA reductase is a key enzyme that converts sugar into cholesterol. Magnesium blocks this enzyme. So, higher levels of magnesium reduce cholesterol levels.

    You can read more of Dr. Seeligs research findings here:

    What happens if your magnesium is too low?
    So, how much magnesium do you need?

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    It Can Protect Mental Health And Improve Sleep In Neuropathy Patients

    Patients with peripheral neuropathy tend to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression due to several reasons such as chronic pain, poor sleep, disrupted quality of life, poor metabolic health and nutrient deficiencies.

    Optimal magnesium levels in the body can help protect mental health, improve sleep and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients with neuropathy.

    Improved dietary magnesium intake is associated with reduced risk of depression. However this study was cross-sectional in nature and data was based on self-reports.

    However, a recent randomised clinical trial demonstrated that Magnesium chloride supplementation for 6 weeks brought about clinically relevant improvement in anxiety and depression symptoms.

    The effects were observed within 2 weeks and researchers concluded that magnesium is effective for mild-to-moderate depression in adults.

    Mg also helps regulate sleep cycle and reduces symptoms of insomnia in elderly individuals.

    Combined with its pain-relief action it can help improve sleep efficiency and reduce night time awakening in patients with neuropathy. This has not yet been evaluated in any study exclusively focusing on neuropathy patients.

    Quick Gist: Chronic pain can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia in patients with neuropathy. Supplementation with Mg can help improve sleep and reduce symptoms of depression.

    Assists With Nerve Repair

    6 Science Backed Reasons to Start Taking Magnesium for ...

    Damaged nerves stand a chance of recovery which means that the symptoms of neuropathy can improve over time. Interestingly, magnesium has been found to improve the speed at which nerves repair. In a 2011 study, a group of researchers in Taiwan found that animal subjects which took magnesium supplements experienced a significant improvement in the rate in which neurological problems recovered.

    In their research, the team found that magnesium supplements improved nerve regeneration while boosting electrophysical functions. The study was on mice with sciatic nerve injury and confidently concluded that nerve regeneration in the mice enhanced thanks to magnesium.

    It is easy to see why magnesium will, therefore, be of benefit to sufferers of neuropathy. If neuropathy is the result of nerve damage, faster healing nerves will reduce the symptoms of neuropathy. Taking magnesium will speed up the healing process. Interestingly the same study also found that magnesium can alleviate inflammation and reduce the rate of cell death, further boosting the recovery chances of damaged nerves due to diabetes.

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    Hot Compress And Cold Compress


    • Take two handfuls of wheat or rice bran. Heat it in a pan .
    • Tie up the heated bran in a piece of soft cloth. Apply this homemade heat pack on the affected area. Repeat the process for as long as required.
    • Take a handful of ice cubes. Tie up the ice-cubes in a polythene bag.
    • Apply the cold compress on the affected area. Apply hot and cold packs alternatively.

    How does this work?

    Applying a heat pack on the affected area helps relax the tightened muscles and relieve the pain. The heat or cold pack helps release the compression on the sciatic nerve, which causes severe pain. The heat pack has a soothing effect and offers instant relief from the searing pain caused by sciatica or nerve pain.

    It is important to take care not to apply the heat directly on the skin, it is better to spread a cloth over the skin before applying the heat pack. Similarly, ice cubes should not be applied on the skin directly. A heat/cold pack is one of the best home remedies for nerve pain.

    The Remedy is not Good if:

    • There is no reason why this remedy should not be good. However, if the pain and swelling are severe, consult your physician.

    Magnesium For Sciatica: Does It Really Work

    Dean Conditions

    Do you have painful or tingling sensations travelling down your leg? Then you more than likely are suffering from sciatica. It can be a major inconvenience in life, and sometimes so painful it can leave people incapacitated. But what if there a more natural way to ease the pain, aside from the medication commonly prescribed?

    In this article well be answering the question of whether magnesium can help with sciatica. Were often told about the importance of magnesium and similar minerals in our diet, but how exactly can it help with something as complex as the human pain response? Thats what well be examining, diving into the human nervous system and how one element might affect it.

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    Clinical Experience As Well As Research In Nerve Pain Conditions Such As Pancreatic Cancer Has Shown That Magnesium Can Be An Effective Treatment For Pain Although It Is Clear Why Magnesium Can Decrease Muscle Pain Why It Would Help Nerve Pain Was Less Clear A New Study On Rats To Be Printed In The Journal Of Physiology Confirms Our Clinical Experience That Magnesium Decreases Nerve Pain While Also Pointing To How It Works

    Clinical experience, as well as research in nerve pain conditions such as pancreatic cancer, has shown that magnesium can be an effective treatment for pain. Although it is clear why magnesium can decrease muscle pain , why it would help nerve pain was less clear. A new study on rats to be printed in The Journal of Physiology confirms our clinical experience that magnesium decreases nerve pain while also pointing to how it works.

    A major mechanism of pain is the excessive stimulation of a brain chemical called NMDA. The few medications that help decrease and balance this pain-carrying neurotransmitter have the downside of causing significant side effects. Magnesium seems to settle down NMDA without the toxicity. The upside of magnesium is that is very inexpensive . The downside is that it hasnt yet made it through the FDA approval process.

    The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the FDA. Magnesium can be found in supplement form at most health food stores. And magnesium oxide, though not as well absorbed, can also be found for about a nickel per 500 mg tablet.

    The authors of the study suggest that magnesium deficiency can be a major amplifier of pain. Because of food processing, most people are magnesium deficient. If you have pain, taking magnesium each day can start to decrease these deficiencies as well as the pain, after just several weeks while also leaving you feeling more energetic.

    Love and blessings,

    Liquid Ionic Form Of Magnesium For Fibromyalgia

    Which Magnesium is best for Multiple Sclerosis

    One of my favorite ways to get magnesium and trace minerals, is theliquid ionic form of magnesium for fibromyalgia isalso ideal for people who may not tolerate conventional forms of magnesium but requirea supplement to address deficiency. Concentrace is a great alternative to pill or powder forms ofmagnesium. Put this in your water and you are done. Try the smaller size first for less than 10.00

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    What Are The Side Effects Of Magnesium Supplementation Is It Safe

    Magnesium is generally very safe, and serious side effects and toxicity are both rare.

    For most people, the body efficiently handles excess magnesium by eliminating it through the stool, which is why the most common side effect is loose stool or diarrhea.

    Although it is very rare for magnesium to reach toxic levels, signs of toxicity include a fall in blood pressure, lethargy, confusion, heartbeat disturbances, dizziness, muscle weakness, and trouble breathing. Patients with impaired kidney function are at higher risk for adverse effects of magnesium. Magnesium can also interfere with certain drugs, including various antibiotics and medications for diabetes or high blood pressure. If either of these conditions apply, it’s important to check in with your doctor before starting magnesium supplementation.

    Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

    The sciatic nerve starts at your lower back and runs down your legs to your feet. Sciatic nerve pain, referred to as sciatica, is common and occurs when the nerve is injured or irritated. While human studies are needed, animal data suggests that supplementing magnesium offers benefits. Researchers gave magnesium supplements to mice with sciatic nerve injury and found that it improved their sciatica. Magnesium suppressed inflammatory proteins involved in pain signals and enhanced regeneration of the sciatic nerve. The study was published in the June 2011 issue of the journal Magnesium Research.

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    Dietary Supplements That Can Improve Neuropathy

    Famous sayings like, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and you are what you eat stress the influence that our diet has on our health. Although diet alone does not dictate whether or not we develop certain medical conditions or how our body responds to them, several studies have indicated that diet is a contributing factor. For this reason, there are a variety of dietary supplements and guidelines available for managing certain conditions. One such condition is neuropathy.

    Neuropathy is a type of nerve dysfunction that results in weakness, numbness, and pain. One common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, however neuropathy can also be the result of conditions such as lupus, Guillain-Barre syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjorgens syndrome, to name a few. In some cases, neuropathy can also be a side effect of chemotherapy.

    While there are conventional treatments available to treat symptoms associated with neuropathy, recent research suggests that dietary supplements may also be beneficial for some individuals. One of the primary benefits of dietary supplements is the fact that they generally have less side effects than other types of treatments. With that being said, it is still recommended to speak with your doctor before stopping any conventional treatments and/or starting a dietary supplement. Here are six dietary supplements for neuropathy that you may want to discuss with your doctor:

    Reasons Magnesium Helps With Neuropathy

    Magnesium Arthritis &  Joint Pain Relief Spray 4oz  Seven ...

    Peripheral neuropathy is a broad term and manifests itself in over 100 different ways. Symptoms can include abnormal cutaneous sensation, muscle dysfunction and, most notably, chronic pain. Neuropathy is a common complication from diabetes, but is also seen in patients who do not have diabetes. Many people who suffer from neuropathy feel the most severe symptoms in their limbs, hands and feet.

    Living with chronic pain and discomfort is incredibly frustrating but more and more attention is being brought to potential natural remedies that can provide relief. Magnesiums widespread role in the body, and particularly its hand in muscle function make it a natural option for treating neuropathy symptoms.

    Diabetic Neuropathy

    For patients with diabetes, a magnesium deficiency can increase the risk of suffering from neurological complications. Studies have concluded that remedying magnesium deficiency with supplements can prevent diabetic neuropathy from advancing. Boosting your bodys magnesium levels on a consistent basis can help ward off nerve damage from the onset, and can help it from getting worse if youre already experiencing symptoms.

    Nerve repair

    Pain reliever

    Magnesium oil is a widely used pain reliever thats great for headaches, sore muscles, and you guessed it neuropathy pain. Apply magnesium oil directly to the area thats bothering you for best results. If youve got tingly or painful feet, try a foot soak!

    Sleep aid

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    What Does Nerve Pain Feel Like

    Those who suffer from nerve pain often experience burning, shooting, stabbing pain that can sometimes have an electric feel to it. They often times will also feel tingling and numbness, as well as an increased sensitivity to touch and pressure. Pain may be ongoing or fleeting. In most cases, the pain will be brought on by a sudden attack that has no identifiable trigger.

    Identification and diagnosis of nerve pain is carried out by physicians and specialists, taking into consideration the patients medical history, symptoms, physical examination and diagnostic results.

    However, nerve pain remains to this day an elusive, complex and hard to diagnose ailment due to its many underlying causes and disparity of symptoms presented.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Neuropathy

    Neuropathy presents a host of symptoms depending upon the particular type of the condition that is present. These can range from pain and other uncomfortable sensations, to mobility issues, to problems with the bodys various internal systems. Peripheral neuropathy often presents with recurring bouts of sharp or burning pain occurring in the lower extremities, most often starting in the feet. Other symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy include the following:

    • Sensations such as tingling, pins and needles, or numbness, usually in the lower extremities may also cause heightened skin sensitivity.
    • Cramping, difficulty walking, and recurring bouts of muscle weakness throughout the affected area.
    • Loss of range of motion, as per foot drop, the inability to move ones toes and/or raise the front of the foot.
    • Overall feeling of weakness loss of balance and coordination.

    Symptoms do vary. It is unlikely that one person will experience all of the above, and it is not unknown for this form of neuropathy to present no symptoms at all.

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    Should You Take A Magnesium Supplement

    If you dont have low magnesium levels, no evidence suggests that taking a supplement will provide any measurable benefit.

    Yet, if you are deficient, obtaining this mineral from whole foods is always the best initial strategy. Magnesium is present in a variety of foods, including (

    However, if youre unable to get enough magnesium from your diet, a supplement may be worth considering.

    Certain populations may be at a greater risk of deficiency, including older adults and people with type 2 diabetes, digestive disorders, and alcohol dependence .

    It May Support Peripheral Nerve Regeneration And Repair In Neuropathy

    Ketamine and magnesium for neuropathic pain

    Magnesium is essential for optimal functioning of the nervous system. It can restore nerve function in neuropathy by supporting nerve impulse conduction and nerve regeneration.

    Low Mg levels are associated with reduced nerve conduction and function in type 1 diabetes.

    Magnesium assists in nerve regeneration. In an animal model of nerve injury, a high Mg diet was found to improve serum Mg levels and neurobehavioural parameters.

    Significant improvement in nerve function and nerve regeneration parameters was observed. The mineral reduced inflammation and prevented cell death of neuronal cells.

    Researchers are investigating the potential and safety of Mg implants for peripheral nerve repair and regeneration.

    Quick Gist: Pre-clinical studies demonstrate that magnesium supplementation assists in nerve regeneration. It helps repair damaged peripheral nerve and restores nerve function by reducing inflammation and preventing cell death.

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