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Where To Place Electrodes For Sciatica Pain

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Can Tens Machines Be Used By Everybody

How to Use a TENS Unit for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

TENS machines tend mainly to be used to help reduce pain from problems in muscles, joints and nerves . They may work better for these problems than for tummy , chest or head pains. Unlike a lot of medication there are virtually no side-effects when using a TENS machine. However, people with the following must not use a TENS machine:

  • When the cause of the pain is not known or is not diagnosed.
  • Pregnancy .
  • Pacemakers.
  • Epilepsy or certain types of heart disease.

Best Tens Unit For Shin Splints

This is the exact TENS unit that I use. It is perfect for alleviating many common types of pain. The iReliev is a great little device and has a lot going for it. It is well under $80 and has several programs to choose from and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a quality TENS unit and iReliev gives you a ton of value for the price being paid. Best part is they are based in Dallas, Texas and have phenomenal customer service FREE shipping and delivery in less than 5 days.

Get yours today on the iReliev website by clicking.

Why should you trust me?I have extensively used TENS units for neck, shoulder, back and knee issues and became familiar with TENS therapy through countless visits to my chiropractor and physical therapists office. I have spent many hours researching and reading how TENS therapy can alleviate pain.

I consider myself knowledgeable in the use of TENS units and have used them regularly to help manage pain over the years. Many of my recommendations are from firsthand experience/use and hopefully my information can be a benefit to you.

Want to know where else a TENS unit can be placed? Check out my TENS placement guide for how to use one for-

Shoulder Electrode Pad Placement

Follow the pictographic for proper shoulder electrode pad placement. For best results, keep to the size of electrode pads shown in the pictographic: small. Unless you have other specific medical instruction, follow the placement directions in the photos. ExcelHealth, Inc. assumes no responsibility for electrode pad positioning in any other manner.

For shoulder pain, electrode pads can be applied to inflicted area using either two or four pads at a time. Pads should be applied at the perimeter of the painful area sticky side down. Please ensure that pads are two to three inches apart. You may try placing pads on the upper arm, on the front and back sides of the shoulder and/or at the top of the shoulder just behind the collarbone or below the neck.

The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the iReliev site.

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Can You Use Tens For Sciatica Pain Relief

Many people wonder: can TENS be used for sciatica pain relief? The answer is yes. TENS can relieve sciatica paineven the radiating, and sometimes debilitating shooting pains that patients often experience. It’s a safe, non-addictive painkiller alternative that might help you reduce discomfort and gain some mobility from sciatica.

If you suffer from Sciatica pain you know how uncomfortable it can be. The radiating pain that can be hot or throbbing causes discomfort throughout your lower and upper back, in the buttocks, and down your legs to your feet and ankles.

But there’s no reason to continue to suffereven if you have tried painkillers and had no results, or fear addiction to stronger narcotics. Using a TENS unit for sciatica pain offers relief that is safe, non-addicting, and often more effective than traditional remedies. You can also use the therapy at home anytime you need it.

What Is The Best Machine For Sciatica

Pin on All About TENS Unit Therapy

We have two very popular machines that help with Sciatic pain, but its really depending on the users preference of machine choice and lifestyle.

  • Our Wireless Tens Machines This is an incredibly popular choice due it being wireless and bluetooth. This makes it super easy to move around without the wires getting in the way but it also fits perfectly anywhere on the body and can be discreetly used under clothing. This has become an incredibly popular due to the look, the easy of using and it comes with the latest technology, however the Wireless Tens Machine does come with a little steep price of £125.
  • Our Premier Combi Plus Tens Machine Our second most popular Tens unit comes with wires, but do not let that put you off as it comes with an array of benefits. The premier Tens machine has many programs to benefit from, especially 2 programs that are designed for those who suffer from sciatica. The Tens machine is fully digital and comes with a key lock feature, large LCD display screen, pause function, treatment timer and is completely rechargeable AND it comes at a decent price around £55-56.

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A Tens Unit Does Not Have Any Significant Side Effects

But could cause some skin irritation if certain precautions are not taken. Generally, this is not an issue, but if rashes occur, you should clean the placement area of your skin before sticking the pads.

Additionally, you should avoid placing them in an area that is already sensitive, and never over a cut or open wound. It could be helpful to have a few spots to use that you can rotate, if possible.

Some people may occasionally experience muscle twitching, as well as pain or soreness if the machine is used improperly. If you do have pain or twitching, this means that either the settings are too high or that you are using the device too frequently.

These problems can be stopped by simply lowering the strength of the electric impulses or taking a break from use.

Furthermore, there has been progress in accessibility of a TENS unit. Several years back, the FDA approved TENS for the treatment of migraines, and it is now cleared as an over the counter device for sciatica.

Many insurance plans will cover TENS, but it can also be purchased out-of-pocket at a pharmacy or on Amazon starting at about $50. What machine is right for you depends mostly on how much control you need to customize the settings. Typically, less expensive machines allow for less tweaking, and may have pre-programmed modes only.

Based on your needs, this could be perfectly fine, and in may cases you may not even need the full range of power either. More customizable devices can run closer to $100 or $150.

Ice Massage For Sciatica

An ice massage is the application of ice directly on the affected area in a circular motion. Ice massages help relieve pain over a wider region. A hand-held ice unit can be made by freezing water in a paper cup and cutting the top half of the cup to expose the ice .

In the rear pelvic area, ice massage may be done directly on the skin for 3 to 6 minutes . An ice massage creates a cold feeling followed by a slight burning or tingling sensation, and finally, numbness occurs. Once numbness is felt, icing must be stopped to avoid frostbite. When the numbness wears off, the procedure can be repeated. This treatment can be done 2 or 3 times a day.

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Best Tens Machines For Sciatica And Piriformis Syndrome

Below are my recommended TENS machines for sciatica and piriformis syndrome. Any of the selections below are TENS machines that I have reviewed myself and feel represent both high levels of effectiveness and amazing value for money.

#1 TENSCare Perfect TENS Pain Relief Machine

This TENS machine for sciatica has 8 preset programs so you dont need to tune it yourself just pick a setting and off you go! There is an option to purchase a Value Pack which includes spare pads which I would definitely recommend.

#2 SHANGPS TENS Machine for Pain Relief

The SHANGPS design has revolutionized the way TENS machines are used for sciatica meaning you can now get effective pain relief on the go. With its discrete design, you can easily conceal this under clothing and continue with your day to day tasks without having to stop and sit down to use a TENS machine for sciatica pain relief. Purchase with spare pads for the best value for money.

#3 TPN 200 Plus TENS Machine

A super-simple yet sleek design, this TENS machine is perfect for those who want a highly effective model and are confident with using a TENS machine for sciatica pain relief. This unit doesnt have a fancy display, so you can customize the settings to best suit your needs, tweaking and changing the frequency until you find one that works best for you.

What Else Can Be Done To Relieve Sciatica Pain

TENS Unit for Low Back and Sciatic Pain (Electrode Placement)

Sciatica pain is hard to relieve. This type of pain is very uncomfortable and usually chronic. If a herniated disc is causing sciatica pain, whenever the disc becomes more inflamed due to activity, the pain can intensify. In these instances keeping activity to a minimum can reduce flare ups.

Physical therapy may also help strengthen the back muscles which might in turn limit how much the disc is inflamed due to activity. Always consult a doctor and physical therapist about a therapy routine for sciatica and any other back problem.

Sitting can also aggravate a herniated disc. Avoid sitting for long periods of time, or when you need to sit, get up and walk around every half hour to an hour or more if possible. Sitting places all the pressure on the discs in the back aggravating the sciatica condition.

Your doctor can prescribe more ways to reduce pain incidents depending on your particular condition and symptoms.

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The Science Behind Tens Machines For Sciatica Pain Relief

So, how exactly can TENS relieve sciatica?

TENS units send a low-voltage electrical pulse to your skin, which travels through to the muscles and nerves. This pulse does three things:

  • First, it stimulates your nerves and causes the production of endorphins your bodys natural pain killer.
  • Second, it can also confuse or block pain signals from entering your nervous system and spinal cord.
  • Third, the electrical impulses can help the tight, constricted muscles in the painful area RELAX, providing instant relief.

How To Select The Best Tens Unit For Sciatica

To select the best TENS unit to treat sciatica may not be that easy with so many unit options, with their different modes, levels of intensity, timer and battery. You may need to do some research in order to choose what suit you best.

While doing your research, consider the following factors to help you make a good choice.

  • Portability, can you travel with the TENS unit if you need it on the go to manage pain and without stress? Can you deal with the stress of carrying wires around or will you go for a wirelessTENS unit?
  • How long can the battery last with continuous use before running out? Do you prefer a rechargeable battery or a 2AA battery that you would need to change once it runs down?
  • How many electro pads does it come with? 2, 4, 6 or 8?
  • Is the timer adjustable? Can you adjust it to the span of time you want?
  • How many intensity level setting and therapy mode options does it have?
  • Another most important thing to consider is, is it budget-friendly? It is affordable and yet gives you quality treatment?

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When Not To Use A Tens Unit

We always recommend consulting your doctor or physical therapist to see if TENS therapy is right for you. Because you are sending electrical impulses to your body, certain conditions would warrant not using a TENS unit. They include:

  • Pregnant Women: Pregnant women should avoid using a TENS unit in the abdominal and pelvic areas.
  • Epilepsy: Placing TENS unit pads on the head or neck can cause seizures.
  • Anyone with heart problems.
  • Anyone with a pacemaker or any electrical or metal implant.

We always recommend you consult your doctor or physical therapist before using TENS therapy as a precaution.

How To Place Electrodes For A Tens Unit

Sciatica Pain Relief with a TENS Machine â Massage Therapy ...

This article was co-authored by Joshua Grahlman, PT, DPT, FAFS. Dr. Joshua Grahlman, PT, DPT, FAFS, is the Founder and Chief Athlete Mechanic of Clutch PT + Performance, a private physical therapy clinic specializing in sports and orthopedics in New York City. With more than a decade of experience, Dr. Grahlman specializes in treating acute and chronic pain and injuries, sports performance optimization and post-operative rehabilitation. Dr. Grahlman earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is one of just a few DPTs in New York City recognized as a Fellow in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation . He is certified in Active Release Technique and Spinal Manipulation and is a TRX Suspension Training Specialist. Dr. Grahlman has spent his career treating athletes of all levels, from Ironman Champions and Olympians to marathoner moms. He consults for Triathlete, Mens Health, My Fitness Pal and CBS News.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 89% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 200,147 times.

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Adjusting Settings On A Tens Unit

The device is pretty easy to use and adjust no instances of complicated controls and this is a good thing.

Typically, there are three main parts on a TENS unit you notice this the first time you lay eyes on it. These components are pulse rate, pulse width, and amplitude.

Amplitude is the strength of the current and should be subtle to avoid scalds as earlier mentioned, this is always a possibility as people want the soothing feeling and pain relief to continue for longer. No matter how bad you want to start on the therapy, take extra care be gentle on the amplitude settings. The pulse width is how long each pulse takes measured in milliseconds.

The pulse rate is the regularity of the electrical pulse.

Additionally, the device comes with three other basic settings.

  • Acupuncture
  • Conventional and
  • Burst setting also referred to as pulsed
  • The conventional setting is usually the first and has a high pulse rate, short width, and low amplitude. This setting is typically used on first use, but the pain continues upon stopping the device. Some pain sufferers wear the device at all times and turn it on at regular intervals for relief.

    The acupuncture setting delivers high amplitude and low pulse therapy. In most cases the amplitude is close to an individuals rate of tolerance it may be difficult for most people to take. But this setting is often more effective than the conventional setting and so preferable.

    How Do I Place My Tens Machines Electrode Pads For Lower Back Pain

    When you want to place the electrode pads on either your back on your lower back, its preferred to have someone help you find the preferred placement, at least the first couple of times.

    Also, if you end up finding a great placement make them mark it with a marking pen so that you or the next person attaching them would know where it worked for you the last time.

    You can use both two or four pads for treating lower back pain, but I always suggest four, since it will triangulate the area of pain much better.

    You can benefit from using a TENS machine in which you can control the intensity of the different channels, and in that way alternate the pressure by combining the channels as shown in the images.

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    How Tens Machines Work

    TENS units deliver small electrical impulses by means of electrodes with adhesive pads that attach to your skin. These electrodes work in one or two pairs placed around the painful area. The electrical impulses flood your nervous system. They reduce its ability to send pain signals throughout the spinal cord and brain. These impulses also stimulate your production of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. They can disrupt clenching muscles and encourage your flow of blood, which promotes swifter healing to damaged areas.

    Ways In Which Tens Machines Work

    Tens Machine Electrode Placement Video For Sciatica Pain – Leg Pain

    TENS machines can treat symptoms such as:

    • period pain

    They are used for such conditions as:

    • endometriosis
    • diabetic neuropathy with pain
    • arthritis

    They treat disc herniation and swelling, muscle strains, knotted muscles, and sciatica. These units also help to reduce the pain caused by moderate to severe scoliosis.

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    Can I Overuse A Tens Unit

    Other side effects from a TENS unit are often down to people not following the guidance and overusing the device or having the intensity set too high. Using the machine too much can make the area being treated sore. While using excessive intensity can make muscles twitch and result in unpleasant sensations.

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