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What Vitamins To Take For Knee Joint Pain

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Vitamin C For Supportive Collagen

10 best Joint Supplements | Supplements For Knee and Joint Pain

Too much Vitamin C can potentially make osteoarthritis worse. But enough of it can help you fight rheumatoid arthritis. As long as you eat enough fruits and vegetables that give you your daily vitamin C dose, youll be safe from inflammation in the joints. But our busy lifestyles often prevent us from eating the fully balanced meals that we should be eating every day. Thats where vitamin supplements come in.

High Quality Vitamin C is also essential for producing collagen. Collagen is the stuff that helps wounds heal and makes up the cartilage that caps the ends of bones at joints. Collagen helps bones move smoothly against each other. Experts recommend vitamin C for arthritic symptoms. If you are wanting to add a high quality Vitamin C to your diet, try USANA Booster C600. Booster C was recently featured on Dr Oz for its potency, uniformity and disintegration guarantees.

Does Glucosamine Actually Help Joint Pain

There have been countless trials on glucosamine to see whether it helps our joints, and they often compare glucosamine with painkillers or placebo pills, to see which treatment seems to relieve pain more.

Some of these studies found glucosamine seemed to help patients, others found it was no better than a placebo pill in relieving pain.

In 2010 the British Medical Journal published a meta-analysis where they pulled together the results of thousands of patients in many glucosamine trials, and the authors were unable to show any conclusive benefit from taking glucosamine but they did go on to say that patients taking it often are convinced of its benefit, and as it wasnt doing them any HARM, they could continue to do so.

On the other hand, other similar reviews come to the opposite conclusion, and say that glucosamine may have some benefit.

So what is the truth? Is it effective, or no better than placebo? Or could it be both?

Top 4 Joint Supplements For Vegans In 2022

Are you dealing with occasional aches or stiffness, or chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, and want a speedy solution for your joint pain? According to Consumer Reports, theres no supplement out there proven to work for everyone, but certain compounds have shown promising results, namely glucosamine, and chondroitin.

These compounds are present in the supplements we have covered below, but theyre not the only compounds that contribute to pain relief, which is why youll find different ingredients being used.

Lets look at some supplements that might effectively provide you with some relief in the wake of painful aches or chronic medical conditions.

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Natural Supplements To Consider

1. Turmeric

A plant from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in South Asian cuisine, such as curry. It contains curcumin, the key ingredient that can help decrease inflammation. To be effective as either a supplement or food and not simply metabolized and excreted turmeric should be absorbed with fatty oils, such as avocado or olive oil, and black pepper, which most supplements contain.

I recommend making turmeric a part of your daily diet for three to six months to gauge any benefits. Turmeric supplements can be expensive, and inflammation can be treated in other ways. So, if your pain hasnt decreased after this amount of time, we can try something else

2. Cherry juice extract

Anthocyanin supplies both the red coloring and anti-inflammatory benefits in cherries and other red fruits and vegetables. Most of my patients who say cherry juice helps relieve their pain drink about one glass a day, but you can eat a handful of cherries daily or take supplements that contain the pure juice extract cherries are high in anthocyanin. However, because of its high sugar content, I do not recommend cherry juice for diabetic patients.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids

Most patients I see have taken these supplements before without good results. For better absorption I recommend incorporating omega-3s into your diet through foods such as tuna, salmon, sardines, tofu, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

4. Collagen

5. Chondroitin and glucosamine

6. Boswellia

7. Cannabidiol oil

The Best Supplements For Joint Pain

Best Vitamin For Knee Joint Pain

The use of natural supplements as an alternative for pain relief is becoming more mainstream. Typical over-the=counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and naproxen can be effective treatments for joint pain, but long term use can lead to peptic ulcers, kidney problems, and even heart attack or stroke . There are several products on the market that claim to help with joint pain, but the question that most of us want answered is- are these products actually effective? Today, on the blog, we are looking at what recent research shows about some of the most commonly used supplements for joint pain. Are these supplements helpful and, if so, which are the most beneficial?

1. Collagen: The most effective forms of collagen supplements are undenatured type II collagen and collagen hydrolysate. These forms of collagen may help release anti-inflammatory chemicals that help protect joint tissue. More specifically, numerous studies have revealed promising results for reducing knee pain and improving range of motion when individuals ingested UC-II or hydrolysed collagen over a 6 month period compared to a placebo group . The use of these types of supplements appears to be one of the more promising options available when it comes to helping reduce joint pain.

Whats the bottom line?

In conclusion, based on the current evidence available, the most effective supplements for joint pain are:


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Bioscience Nutrition Joint Support

BioScience Nutrition has a pretty solid joint supplement thats got all the usual suspects. The ratio of glucosamine to chondroitin is a little greater than some of the very best supplements, and it doesnt have any unusual or interesting ingredients, but its still a solid joint support supplement with a strong dosage.

Which Supplements Are Best For Your Knee Pain

I have taken glucosamine plus chondroitin for general knee health for at least ten years.

Recently I added turmeric to my joint regime and was able to jog comfortably for the first time in several years.

Following a recent fall while skiing, which twisted my right knee, I added in a collagen supplement and my stretched ligaments have now almost healed two weeks later.

Now that everthing is back to normal, I have switched to This Supplementwhich includes turmeric, glucosamine, Boswellia and vitamin C, and take my omega3 fish oil separately in the form of This Super Strength Krill Oil.

Which supplements do you find most helpful for your knee pain?

Click here to read my review of glucosamine gels and other topical pain relieving creams.

Click here to read my review of the best non-prescription painkillers.

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Is Your Diet Important

Your diet also plays an important role in the overall health of your joints. If you want your joints to be healthy, eat foods rich in Vitamin D. These foods are great for your knee joints.

Furthermore, foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can also work wonders. But there are some people who struggle with incorporating healthy nutrients in their diet. In this case, taking supplements is highly recommended.

Athletes rely on joint supplements to support the overall health of their joints. They believe that taking supplements is the most effective way to provide essential nutrients to their body in order to stay active.

These supplements are also very useful for those who have suffered from injuries related to joints and are struggling with the pain. They provide fast, safe, and effective relief from joint pain.

What Is A Joint Supplement

BEST Joint Supplement – Supplements for Joint Pain

People seeking joint supplements often suffer from chronic joint pain and want relief from common medical conditions such as osteoarthritis.

A joint supplement in this context is a formulation that combines different compounds that are responsible for nurturing the cartilage in our bodies, as well as providing anti-inflammatory effects to combat joint pain.

These are some of the compounds youll find in joint supplements:

  • Glucosamine
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • and more.

These compounds are also sold as individual supplements, but the supplements weve listed in this article, combine two or more of these compounds, particularly the ones with more scientific evidence.

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Joint Supplements For Runners: 10 Vitamins Every Runner Needs

Posted by Dr. Ian Stern Admin on August 04, 2019

Joints, like other body parts, wear out. In runners, joint problems are most frequent in the hips, knees, spine, ankles, and big toes. Especially the knees are problematic since they take the greatest pounding.

For every pound of weight a person carries, they have four pounds on the knee when running. That is, if you weigh 100 pounds, there are 400 pounds of force on the knee with each foot strike. The meniscal cartilage in the knee is like a sponge which provides cushioning and helps stabilize the thigh bone on top of the shin bone.

Through overuse, the meniscal cartilage can wear down and lose its sponginess, and the bones begin to pound on each other harder, leading to a greater chance of developing arthritis. To prevent this, runners often take supplements. Below I have put together a list of top supplement for joint support.

For Other Parts Of The Body

Only a small amount of research has been done on glucosamine and chondroitin for osteoarthritis of joints other than the knee and hip. Because there have been only a few relatively small studies, no definite conclusions can be reached.

More information
  • Chondroitin for osteoarthritis of the handA 6-month trial of chondroitin in 162 patients with severe osteoarthritis of the hand showed that it may improve pain and function.
  • Glucosamine for osteoarthritis of the jawOne study of 45 patients with osteoarthritis of the jaw showed that those given glucosamine had less pain than those given ibuprofen. But another study, which included 59 patients with osteoarthritis of the jaw, found that those taking glucosamine did no better than those taking a placebo .
  • Glucosamine for chronic low-back pain and osteoarthritis of the spineA Norwegian trial involving 250 people with chronic low-back pain and osteoarthritis of the lower spine found that participants who received glucosamine fared the same at 6 months as those who received placebo.

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How Effective Are Cherry Supplements For Knee Pain

A group of 58 people with osteoarthritis of the knee were asked to drink either tart cherry juice or placebo juice for 6 weeks. Then, after a week of no treatment, they swapped over to take the other juice for another 6 weeks so acted as their own controls.

Their knee pain, knee stiffness and knee joint function were assessed before and after each treatment, and scores decreased significantly after the cherry juice treatment but not after the placebo treatment.

How Do Joint Pain Supplements Work

Top 10 Best Joint Supplements in 2018 Reviews

Joint pain products contain ingredients that are believed to mainly reduce inflammation and repair joint structure.

The supplements for joint pain are meant to be taken orally, and the ingredients that enter the bloodstream are believed to improve collagen synthesis, inhibiting the synthesis of proteins that can cause joint cartilage destruction, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Some joint supplements also improve joint lubrication by affecting the synovial fluid of the joints. This efficiency can depend greatly on the quality of the ingredients, their molecular weight, and their ability to enter the bloodstream.

Also, these joint support supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration so read labels carefully.

CAUTION: Before choosing a supplement, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about other medications youre taking so they can check for potential interactions. Some joint health supplements can interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners.

Taking Joint Pain Supplements

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Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric & Msm Joint Support Supplements

Joint cartilage wears out over time due to overuse and often injuries. This supplement delivers a powerful combination of ingredients to improve mobility and reduce pain in knees, hips, and spine.

Furthermore, it rebuilds the connective tissue between the bones in joints, making movement easier, and with less pain. Even more active people like sports enthusiasts and athletes will benefit from this supplement as it aids with muscle recovery and repair.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric & MSM Joint Support Supplements

Key Ingredients

  • Builds strength


For people who do not like flavored supplements, these have no flavor at all. They are easy to swallow and start work in a very short time. They are wonderful for relieving pain around the knees and work particularly well with heavy people who place a lot of strain on the knee joints.

Naturewise Organic Flaxseed Oil

As you can see, Naturwise Organic Flaxseed Oil also has a very high rating and lots of reviews, so its a good bet for your hard-earned money. The benefits are similar to Fish Oil Omega 3 oil however, theyre not quite the same. As this study from University Health News points out:

< < human studies have shown that intake of vegetarian omega-3 sources plus certain vitamins, like vitamin B6, leads to optimal levels of EPA and DHA inside the bodys cells and tissues. Therefore, direct dietary intake of omega-3 fats rich in EPA and DHA through food or supplements is the most beneficial> >

Nevertheless, given the concerns related to contamination in wild fish and their declining populations, and the rising interest in vegetarian diets, I felt its a good idea to feature an excellent vegetarian alternative.

What do you think? One last point is that the Harvard Study didnt mention joint health as a factor in Omega 3. To put that doubt to rest, see this article in Web MD: Supplements for Arthritis and Joint Pain.


  • Good quality fish oil clearly shows positive outcomes for heart and joint health
  • Flaxseed may also have good effects because it does contain Omega 3.
  • Flaxseed is organic and vegetarian, so it has no discernible risks


  • There is some possibility of contamination of ocean-based fish oils
  • Fish populations are declining
  • Flaxseed does not seem to be as efficient as fish oil in delivering the right DHA and EPA to your body


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Bioschwartz Turmeric Curcumin With Bioperine

The formula comes from all-natural ingredients, is non-GMO, nondairy, non-gluten, and is made in the USA, although some ingredients come from overseas.


  • In addition to turmeric, as discussed above, it has several other joint-friendly factors


  • Less pain-relieving impact compared to other supplements
  • Only two joint repairing ingredients
  • Unlike BioSchwartz, it contains only turmeric root extract, but no turmeric root

The Verdict:

The Vimerson Health glucosamine chondroitin with MSM supplement is commendable for covering the basics of joint health. The combination of glucosamine sulfate, Boswellia, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, and bromelain means it has several anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and joint repairing and regenerating effects.

It provides six ingredients that are beneficial for joints, plus turmeric, the spice, and a small amount of bromelain, which comes from pineapple. It does not include vitamins and minerals beneficial for joint health. As for turmeric and bromelain, you can also buy them as foods, since both add flavor and joy to your cooking.

However, if you dont necessarily eat turmeric spice as well as pineapple every day, Vimerson Health Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric and MSM is an excellent daily supplement to your regular diet.

We can say, of course, that a proper diet will have all the vitamins and minerals we need. But we may need more than the so-called minimum daily requirement. Overall, a good product.

Bone Muscle & Joint Supplements

The Top 5 Supplements I Take for Joint Pain

If your bones and muscles are giving you grief, it can easily affect your day-to-day life. Holland & Barrett dont want you to go through that, so we offer a vast range of high-quality bone, joint and muscle support like Calcium Tablets, Glucosamine & Chondroitin Supplements, Vitamin D Spray and so much more.

What are bones?

It may seem like a silly question, but how much do we actually know about our own bones . Our bones are living structures that constantly renew themselves to keep our bodies strong, protect our organs and allow us to move freely.

A substance called collagen makes up the majority of our bones, combined with a mineral called phosphate. This duo creates a robust yet flexible structure that can actually withstand forces up to three times our own body weight.

There are two types of bone in our bodies: cortical bones which create the sturdy, solid outer tube and trabecular bones that make up the soft and honey-comb-like inner structure, which makes bones hard yet lightweight.

How many bones are in the human body?

Adult human bodies have 206 bones the longest being the femur and the smallest the stirrup . When we are babies, we have 300 bones but some of these fuse as we grow, like the bones in the skull.

How can I keep my bones healthy?

There are a number of ways that you can maintain your bone health:

Exercise: keeping your body moving is key to building bones . This is because when we exercise, our muscles tug against our bones and trigger new growth.

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Popular Supplements For Arthritis: What You Need To Know

Learn which supplements and vitamins might help with arthritis symptoms, and what risks some can pose.

Several nutritional supplements have shown promise for relieving pain, stiffness and other arthritis symptoms. Glucosamine and chondroitin, omega-3 fatty acids, SAM-e and curcumin are just some of the natural products researchers have studied for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis .

Some of these natural remedies may offer arthritis symptom relief, especially when you use them in conjunction with traditional treatments. Heres the evidence on some of the most popular supplements used to treat arthritis, and how they work.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine and chondroitin are two of the most commonly used supplements for arthritis. Theyre components of cartilagethe substance that cushions the joints.

Research on these supplements has been mixed, in part because studies have used varying designs and supplement types. A large National Institutes of Health study called the GAIT trial compared glucosamine and chondroitin, alone or together, with an NSAID and inactive treatment in people with knee osteoarthritis . Glucosamine improved symptoms like pain and function, but not much better than a placebo. Yet a 2016 international trial found the combination to be as effective as the NSAID celecoxib at reducing pain, stiffness and swelling in knee OA.

Fish oil




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