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What Mattress Is Best For Shoulder Pain

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Layla Mattress Best Mattress For A Side Sleeper With Shoulder Pain

Best Mattress For Neck And Shoulder Pain – Our Top 6 Beds!
  • Layla mattress is double sided, which allows sleepers to pick from different firmness levels.The feeling of the item is different than any other youve really felt. Additionally, it allows you to keep cool, and spring back extremely rapidly. Best Mattress Inc Jacksonville Fl
  • The milder side of the mattress is made up of 3 inches of copper infused memory foam. It has a 3.5lb density, and is an extremely comfortable layer.This is a pretty thick layer of memory foam, which is a soft cloth that will allow the sleeper to sink for pressure relief.
  • Layla mattress has a 4 month sleep trial, along side a lifetime warranty. Since most brands only have a 10 year warranty, this is a significant selling point for Layla.
  • IDLE Sleep uses hybrid, all-foam, and latex mattresses featuring double-sided styles with 2 firmness settings.
  • Free shipping and nonprorated, life time service warranty protection.
  • When turned on a regular basis, IDLE Sleeps flippable beds have expected life expectancies that far exceed most competing designs.
  • Offers an astounding 18 MONTH sleep trial Best Mattress For A Side Sleeper With Shoulder Pain
  • The victor of numerous honors in 2020, the Awara Sleep cushion is an eco friendly latex cushion making use of 100% natural foams.
  • Awara Rest is 13 thick, providing 2 premium support layers, compared to the normal 1.
  • Includes a 365 night sleep trial, and a For life service warranty, contrasted to the industry conventional 10 year guarantee.

Best Luxury: Saatva Classic

Looking for a 5-star hotel sleeping experience right in your home? Get the Saatva Classic mattress.

The Saatva Classic mattress borrows the best features of $3,000+ luxury mattresses sold in stores then charges you less than half that amount for a similarly luxurious mattress.

We think the Saatva Classic mattress, specifically the Plush Soft option, is the best choice for side-sleeping shoulder pain sufferers looking for a luxury mattress.


Our Overview

The Saatva Classic mattress uses a unique coil-on-coil construction design, with two coil layers instead of the usual one. You might think that having so many coils would make the mattress uncomfortably firm.

Quite the opposite. By varying the firmness and density of different layers, Saatva has created four comfort options ranging from Plush Soft to Firm.

The Saatva Classic mattress starts with a pillow top, which is one of the main reasons we think it’s a great choice for shoulder pain.

The plush pillow top provides instant pressure relief, dulling your should pain as soon as you hit the bed.

Beneath the pillow top is a thin 1 layer consisting of both polyfoam and memory foam. These two-layer provide additional pressure relief.

The Plush Soft Saatva has an extra 2.5 soft polyfoam layer for an even deeper hug and better pressure relief.

Next comes the first coil layer consisting of pocket coils. They provide general body contouring and transitional support. They also reduce motion transfer for couples.

What Can I Do To Relieve My Shoulder Pain

There are several ways to relieve your pain at home while your body heals:

  • Apply a hot or cold compress to your affected shoulder area for 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. Heat prior to activity and ice afterwards is most effective
  • Take over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve pain
  • Complete gentle stretches for your shoulders and rotator cuff muscles. Your physical therapist can provide you with the most effective exercises for your condition
  • Maintain good sleep posture

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Mattress Myth 3 Your New Mattress Should Be A Perfect Fit

The majority of people require a minimum of a month to change their bodies to a brand-new sleep surface. Taking into consideration for how long we invest in bed in a 1 day duration, its no surprise that our muscular tissues as well as joints have a memory of just how to locate one of the most comfortable area on the mattress.

Does that suggest you should just buy from a mattress store that provides a convenience guarantee? Not always. If you have actually done your research, looked around and also hung out testing out a variety of mattresses, your mattress purchase need to be a natural development of those tasks.

A lot of mattresses today are made one-sided, which indicates they need to never be turned. So, exactly how can you make sure maximum satisfaction of your mattress and also decrease body perceptions?

Sleep in a range of settings and put on the mattress so the whole surface presses evenly.

Rotate your mattress monthly for the first 6 months as well as quarterly after that. The Best King Size Mattress For Shoulder Pain

Please note: when you first start sleeping on your brand-new mattress, turn every 2 weeks for the first 2 months. As well as remember that body impression is typical as much as 1 1/2 inch as well as not an architectural issue. The upholstery products are conforming to the weight as well as form of your body, which is a good thing.

A Note For Heavier Than Average People:

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain [2020]

If you sleep on your side and that contributes to your shoulder pain, you may want to look into a bed made especially for your weight specifications. Mattresses that dont consider the extra weight may still be too firm to accommodate side sleeping. Too firm and your shoulder pain cant decompress.

A mattress made for heavier people offers denser support and deeper layers of contouring. They dont break down under the extra weight, so you dont lose the benefits of the contouring layers. With the proper support and contouring, your shoulder pain should see some relief.

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Best Soft Mattress For Shoulder Pain: Amerisleep As5

The Amerisleep AS5 is slightly softer than the AS4this bed works well for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers with shoulder pain. The ultra-soft comfort layer offers more compression to keep sensitive shoulder joints cushioned and protected from pressure points.


When resting on the AS5, sleepers will sink into the bedthis allows stiff, sore muscles to relax. Since Bio-Pur® is partially plant-based, it is also more responsive than most mattress foams. While sleepers will sink into this bed, the buoyancy of this material keeps the body lifted and aligned. When the spine is neutral, you will be less likely to experience tension in the back muscles.

To provide further spinal protection, Amerisleep includes their Active Flex transition foam. This material has a slight bounce, so the body doesnt sink too far into the bed and cause the spine to bow.

Beneath the Active Flex foam is a layer of Adaptive foam with HIVE® technology. This foam features hundreds of hexagonal cutouts that respond differently to each area of the body. Near the lumbar region, these cutouts are closer together and firmer to provide more stability to this vulnerable area. Near the hips and shoulders, cutouts are further apart and softer to alleviate muscle tension.

The base of the AS5 is made with Amerisleep long-lasting Bio-Core® foam. This layer ensures the mattress supports you correctly throughout many years of use.

How Shoulder Pain Affects Your Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental part of our lives, regardless of if were in pain or not. It impacts your mental and physical health, including shoulder pain.

Sleep and pain have a bidirectional relationship, meaning one impacts the other. This means that struggling with pain can worsen your sleep, which in turn worsens your pain.

Being in pain at night time makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep, impacting your overall sleep quality. So, even if you manage to finally fall asleep, you wont always wake up feeling well-rested and energetic.

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What Makes The Helix Mattress Stand Out

  • The Helix website features a sleep quiz that helps customers narrow down their decision.
  • The company offers numerous mattress models to choose from, so back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers should find the right match.
  • The Helix is the best customizable mattress for neck and shoulder pain.
  • Helixs Luxe models offer some more luxurious flourishes for shoppers with more money to spend.

Read the full Helix mattress review

The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain And Shoulder Pain

Best Mattress For Shoulder & Neck Pain (Top 6 Beds For Relief!)

Amerisleep Liberty Memory Foam Mattress


  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
  • Cover: Celliant
  • Comfort Layer: 3 Bio-Pur Memory Foam
  • Middle Layer: 2 Affinity Layer
  • Support Layer: 7 Bio-Care Layer
  • Warranty / Return: 20 years limited / 100 day trial

The Amerisleep Liberty memory foam mattress, made entirely from multiple layers of bio-degradable memory foam, is a rejuvenating, reasonably luxurious sleeping solution designed to provide soft, conforming, pressure relieving comfort.

The Liberty happens to be one of the most eco-friendly mattresses in the industry the foam is CertiPUR-US certified, with a top cover infused with Celliant a proprietary material that conserves the heat exuded by your body and reflects it towards you to promote healing and bolster pain relief.

The top memory foam layer sports an open cell design, yielding both contouring support and decent thermal dissipation. The middle layer is a bit firmer, and is meant to create a transition in terms of response and support between the comfort and base layers. The bottom layer offers firm, deep support to ensure optimal spinal alignment.

A standout feature of this mattress is that besides the pain relief offered by multiple memory foam layers, the Celliant fibers reflect your body heat to increase your blood flow, which also alleviates minor aches in your bones and muscles.



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Your Mattress Is Noisy The Best King Size Mattress For Shoulder Pain

Is your mattress getting old? If it makes noises when you relocate, like creaking or moaning loudly, then I have the remedy for you.

Even if its just a little sound that only happens often dont wait any type of longer to get things dealt with! You intend to be sleeping in tranquility and not questioning what may occur when someone strolls previous your space during the night.

Sleep Positions And Shoulder Pain

Different sleep positions require a different level of support. The combination of an old mattress and an unhealthy sleep position could be causing shoulder pain or aggravating pre-existing conditions.

Most mattress brands use a scale from 1 to 10 to describe the firmness level of their beds, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Below, we outline the best mattress firmness for each sleep position. By selecting a comfort level suited to your personal preferences, you will find a good nights sleep and some relief from your shoulder pain.

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Buying Guide How To Choose A Mattress For Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain is a common problem among adults in the U.S. Daily activities can compound this issue, leading to discomfort during the night that can impact sleep. Fortunately, the right mattress can make a significant difference for sleepers with shoulder pain.

This guide will discuss common sources of shoulder pain. Well also cover different mattress types and explain which ones provide the most relief for shoulder discomfort.

Please note: Tuck Sleep is not a medical website. Our mattress tips should never replace the advice of a licensed medical professional.

Best Mattresses for Shoulder Pain: Buyers Guide

Q: Is A Soft Or A Firm Mattress Better For Lower Back Pain

Best Mattress For Shoulder Pain 2021: Top Brands Review ...

A: The answer might surprise you: Neither! The right firmness level allows the spine to rest in its natural “S” curve. While a too-soft mattress may not offer enough support, an overly hard mattress may also shift the spine out of alignment. Too-firm mattresses can press the pelvis too far forward while back sleeping, and place too much stress on the hips and shoulders while side sleeping. Studies show that the wisest choice is a medium-firm to firm level that balances support and comfort. Very firm or very soft mattresses can reduce your sleep quality and create more lower back pain.

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Will A Pillow Mattress Topper Help Shoulder Pain

1.5 inch down-alternative polygel filled mattress topper is soft, cooling, and hypoallergenic. Make sure you consider the density and thickness of your mattress topper when trying to reduce shoulder pain. Image from Walmart.

If you have been waking up with soreness and stiffness, you may have been considering trying a pillow mattress topper on top of your regular mattress. The pillow mattress topper has a medium-firm feel due to its multi-layer foam design. It is also breathable and doesnt retain much heat. Therefore, it ensures that you sleep in a pleasantly cool bed.

There are conflicting reviews about whether pillow top mattress toppers will help shoulder pain. Some customers say that pillow top mattress toppers are just firm enough while others say that they are too firm..

When it comes to relieving pressure, the pillow mattress topper is designed to support your neck and spine really well by distributing weight evenly. A pillow mattress topper may help shoulder pain because of its two foam layers. The top layer is soft and molds to the shape of your body, whereas the bottom layer is thicker and firmer. The latter provides extra cushioning and distributes body weight evenly to ease the pressure points of your shoulder.

The Best Innerspring Mattress For Hip And Shoulder Pain

Natural Escape Mattress

  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Cover: Organic cotton and natural wool quilted cover
  • Comfort Layer: Natural Dunlop Latex
  • Support Layer: 3 zone pocketed coil innerspring core
  • Warranty / Return: 10 years limited / One-time 100 day trial

The top of the mattress consists of organic cotton and all-natural wool, bearing a Greenguard Gold certification. The sheep wool has been tested to be free of pesticides, herbicides and other heavy metal substances by a third party lab. The cover feels comfortable, and the natural wool improves thermal regulation and serves as de facto flame retardant.

The comfort layer underneath is made from OEKO-Tex certified natural Dunlop latex with an ILD of 18-22, resulting in a medium-firm feel that is suitable for a wide range of consumers. It provides immediately responsive, contouring support for your body but with a touch of firmness .

Underneath the latex lies a pocketed coil innerspring support core the pocketed coil structure consists of hundreds of independent springs that respond differentially to the various pressure points of your body so the conforming support runs through and through with this mattress, in spite of its firmness.

This enables the mattress to provide you with support where you need it most, which further improves its ability to tailor its profile to your body, thereby alleviating bodily pain caused by a contorted physical posture.



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Best Mattress For Hip And Shoulder Pain

Leesa Legend Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 12 inches

Overall, this mattress overall falls squarely in the medium-firm zone for optimal support. The cover is made of cotton and Merino wool to help keep you cool and dry.

The microcoils in this mattress are situated near the shoulders and hips to give these areas a little extra TLC. However, reviews from customers with shoulder pain are mixed.

Leesa does offer a 100-night trial and 10-year limited warranty, though, so youll have ample time to try the mattress for yourself and see how you feel.

Best Mattress For Back Shoulder And Neck Pain

Best Mattress For Neck & Shoulder Pain (TOP 7 BEDS!)

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 13 inches

This may be a splurge, but reviewers overwhelmingly say its worth it. The hybrid style is particularly kind to body aches and pains. Its also compatible with an adjustable base, which offers flexibility to get into a comfortable position.

If youre a hot sleeper, the breathable foam shouldnt retain a ton of heat. There are also gel pods around the lower back area on this mattress to supply an additional layer of support. Reviewers with all types of pain say its comfy and allows them to fall asleep more easily.

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The Five Best Mattress Toppers For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

There are countless mattress toppers on the market. With all the different styles, materials, and designs available, it can be hard to figure out which one is best. Fortunately, weve done the research for you, looking at mattress topper reviews, prices, and benefits. If youre a side sleeper with shoulder pain, use this list to find the right solution for you.

Bottom Line: An alternative to the slab design of many other memory foam toppers, this gel-swirled egg carton model offers a plush feel at an affordable price.

Sleeping Positions For Shoulder Pain

Your sleeping position can determine whether or not youre waking up with sore shoulders. If too much pressure builds up in your shoulder or nearby areas such as your back or neck, youll feel in poor condition when you wake up.

Every sleep position also has a suitable firmness level. Lying on a too-firm or too-soft mattress can keep you from experiencing quality sleep.

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Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 15 inches

Suited for back, stomach, or side sleepers, the DreamCloud Premier is a medium-firm mattress designed with just enough give to contour to your body.

Happy sleepers describe this as the perfect mix between softness and firmness for that Goldilocks-quality sleep. They also note that the mattress has made a real difference in their back and shoulder pain.

Its made with CertiPUR-US certified foam. With your purchase, youll score a 365-night trial, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty.

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