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What Helps Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel

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Carpal Tunnel Answers By Doctors:

Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy

That is a difficult position to be in and probably the source of significant anxiety for you and your husband. Dont despair, despite your seemly bleak situation, there are options for you to treat your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without resorting to Surgery, Steroid Injections or Oral Pain Medication. Doctors have developed natural treatment options for Carpal Tunnel that do not present any risks to Pregnant women and no risks for their unborn child either.

Pregnant women often feel symptoms of depression due to this type of hopeless situation. Pregnancy is a time for hope in the future, and not a time for despair. So, shake it off and lets get to the solution.

There are two mechanisms where CTS creates its cycle of pain, numbness and sleepless nights. The first is the soft tissue surrounding the Carpal Tunnel loses its flexibility and contracts upon the Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel. The second mechanism, is created by pressure that builds up either from inflammation of the injured soft tissue, or water retention from the pregnancy or both contributing to create external pressure squeezing the Median Nerve.

The key with natural Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment is to restore the flexibility to the soft tissue to ease the pinching action on the Nerve and restore full blood circulation to the injured tissue to disperse the lymphatic fluid and water retention. Interestingly, this can be done through consistent gentle stretching therapy for eight hours per day.

Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Include:

  • Numbness, pain or tingling in the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers.
  • A shock sensation to the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers.
  • Weakness of the hand.
  • Tingling or pain from the forearm to the shoulder.

Many people sleep with their wrists bent, which worsens symptoms and causes carpal tunnel to interfere with sleep.

Can Massage Help With Carpal Tunnel

Massage therapy should be your first go to when you begin experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. Receiving massages during your pregnancy can help the flow of lymph. It can address the buildup of lymph causes excess swelling in places like your hands and your feet. Massage also relaxes muscles and releases them from their most tense positions, allowing relief from pinched nerves and body distortion.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel, tell your massage therapist. They will focus on muscles in the hands, forearms, and anterior neck to release the areas causing carpal tunnel. Specific massage techniques can also help swelling go down. You may also be given specific stretches to maintain the changes massage therapy can provide the body.

Dont wait to make your appointment if you have been experiencing any symptoms. The sooner you get them worked on, the less likely the symptoms will continue past pregnancy.

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My Experience With Pregnancy Induced Carpal Tunnel

I didnt experience severe carpal tunnel during my first pregnancy in 2019-2020. I had some uncomfortable numbness and tingling in my wrist and hands at night, but it didnt progress beyond a minor annoyance.

My second pregnancy has been a very different story. Late in the second trimester, the discomfort from numbness and tingling started to wake me up every 30-40 minutes. It seemed that once I sat or stood up, the discomfort would subside. So, I started sleeping downstairs in a chair. It helped for a couple weeks but then the numbness and tingling turned to pain and the sitting position provided no relief.

The pain radiated through my fingers and up to my elbow. It was significant enough that I wasnt able to sleep for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Once the pain woke me, it could take hours to get back to sleep.

For a while, it seemed that the pain would subside in the morning and I could go about my usual activities. Once into the third trimester, the pain lingered throughout the day. I had a hard time holding a pen or a coffee cup. Putting my hair up became difficult. I was constantly trying to shake my hand out to get some relief.

Fortunately, after 4-5 really challenging weeks experimenting with different solutions, I found something that worked well. It hasnt eliminated the condition, but the pain has gone from extreme to mild and its only disrupting my sleep 2-3 times a night instead of constantly throughout the night.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome When Pregnant

Carpal Tunnel

Why does this occur?

Fluid retention during pregnancy puts more pressure on the carpal tunnel. This runs from your wrist to the bottom of your palm. As you are well aware, pregnancy can affect every part of your body, including your hands.

If you are experiencing numbness, tingling or soreness, make sure you talk to your doctor about carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are pregnant, and work at a computer, then you may start to feel an uncomfortable pain in the wrists, hands and fingers.

Yes, it can be due to work that requires repetitive motion such as typing. But it could also be caused by you being pregnant.

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How Is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Treated

There are safe and effective treatments for carpel tunnel syndrome. Your choice of treatment will depend on several factors, including the severity of your symptoms and the stage of your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some pregnant women find that pain is reduced by simple measures, such as:

  • elevating your hands when youre resting or not using them
  • keeping your wrists in a neutral position during the day, and as much as possible while youre sleeping
  • maintaining good posture in your arms and wrists while working at a desk
  • taking breaks every 20 minutes while working at a desk
  • avoiding activities that strain your wrist

You can also reduce the swelling by applying an ice pack on your inner wrist or by placing your hand in cold water for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. If your symptoms worsen, do not repeat.

Treatment options include physiotherapy or occupational therapy. This may involve fitting you with a brace or splint to keep your wrist in the best position to reduce strain. These splints must be adjusted to your specific wrist in order to be protective and supportive. Your therapist will be able to tell you how best to protect your wrist at home, including exercises and resting positions.

Your doctor may recommend medicine to reduce the amount of fluid retained in your body, or in certain circumstances may offer you an injection to reduce swelling.

Can Anything Else Help Apart From The Acupuncture

Moxibustion is also often used in the treatment of oedema and carpal tunnel during pregnancy.

John Kennedy, a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists practicing at The Acupuncture Clinic in Masterton says My female patients coming for acupuncture and carpal tunnel really like the moxibustion as it is also very relaxing and soothing to the whole body

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About the Author: Heiko Lade

Based at The Acupuncture Clinic – Hastings, New Zealand, Mr Heiko Lade, Founder and Director of The Acupuncture Clinic, is a full member of Acupuncture NZ and an ACC registered treatment provider.

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Do You Feel Numbness In Your Hands While Sleeping

Tingling and numbness in the hands usually occurs because of carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is caused by pressure on a nerve within the wrist. You may be able to relieve some symptoms by wearing ‘wrist splints’ at night when you are sleeping. Also, try some of my stretching and strengthening exercises for the wrist.

Pregnancy And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

8 Best Carpal Tunnel In Pregnancy Exercises / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Pregnancy Relief

Summit Orthopedics hand and upper extremity surgeon J.P. Delaney, M.D., discusses why pregnant women are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and what to do about it.

Pregnancy can be a joyous and exciting time. It can also come with increased aches and pains in surprising places, from heartburn to swollen feet. One of the most surprising conditions that can crop up during pregnancy is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many women will experience carpal tunnel symptoms during pregnancy, because of the increased fluid retention that happens, Dr. Delaney said.

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Reduce Your Sodium Intake

If youre looking to reduce swelling in the body, the first place to start is by reducing your intake of salt. Sodium is quickly absorbed by cells, and it draws water in with it, causing water retention.

Cut down on the amount of salt you eat and increase your water intake and youll probably see a big difference quickly.

Looking For More Information On Wrist Braces For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

Wrist Braces for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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When To Call Your Doctor

Long-term nerve compression can cause damage that might become permanent. You should reach out to your doctor if you experience pain and numbness that lasts for days or affects your sleep or the ability to use your hands.

While it is known that CTS is common in pregnancy and the result of swelling and fluid retention during pregnancy, you should always seek help for severe pain and symptoms in your hands and wrists.

Swelling is also a common sign of preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication that causes dangerously high blood pressure. Much like carpal tunnel syndrome, preeclampsia also causes tingling and numbness of the hands.

What Helps Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy

Whether minor or severe, at one time or another, many of us have experienced an injury to the finger, hand, wrist or elbow. Our Ultimate Guide to Hand, Wrist and Elbow Injuries discusses causes of pain, injury prevention and when to seek care from a professional.

A medical side effect and risk factor during the second and third trimester of pregnancy can be carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is what happens when the median nerve to the hand is constricted as it goes through the wrist, which can cause nerve compression, leading to symptoms. The median nerve controls the fingers feeling and muscles at the base of the thumb.

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Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy

Most doctors recommend treating CTS conservatively in pregnancy with non-surgical treatments. This is because the majority of women will experience relief in the weeks and months after giving birth. Simple measures like rest, taking acetaminophen and splinting are standard treatment and usually bring relief.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel In Pregnancy

Exercises to Relieve Carpal Tunnel in Pregnancy

A recent study revealed that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs in a whopping 31% 62% of pregnant women. Although the exact cause for such a high rate of CTS during pregnancy is unknown, risk factors include gestational diabetes, high blood sugar levels or hypertension. The most likely cause, though, is thought to be due to hormone-related swelling.

Just as fluid retention in pregnancy can cause your hands and ankles to swell, pregnancy can also cause swelling in the wrist. Your wrist bones form an arch that make up the top of your carpal tunnel and the bottom of the tunnel is a thick ligament that helps hold it open. The tendons that bend your fingers and the nerve that supplies the muscles and feeling to your fingers pass through this tunnel. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in pregnancy is thought to happen when fluid retention causes the nerve to be pinched in this tight space. When this median nerve is compressed, symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can develop.

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Safely Treating Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy

Some expectant mothers chose to ride out carpal tunnel symptoms during pregnancy. They’re gambling they won’t be one of the 15% of women who have persistent postpartum pain or numbness.

But other women just can’t stand the pain or numbness one minute longer. That means their only options arenon-drugandnonsurgical treatments.

So what options are both effective AND won’t harm your baby? Luckily, there are some good ones.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy

While Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually characterized as a repetitive stress injury, it can also be caused by pregnancy. In fact, CTS is a common complaint among pregnant women due to the increase in fluid build-up in the tissues, including the forearms and wrist. Edema is the technical term for fluid build-up, and it is hard to avoid during pregnancy. This swelling results in increased pressure on the median nerve that originates in the neck, travels through the shoulder, into the arm, through the wrist and innervates the thumb, index, third and half of the fourth finger. The usual initial symptoms include a half-asleep sensation in the fingertips prompting the sufferer to shake and flick the fingers in attempt to wake them up. These symptoms commonly occur at night, as many tend to sleep with wrists in bent positions. When we bend our wrist in any direction, the pressure inside the carpal tunnel will double.

Besides the splint, other forms of care during pregnancy include:

  • EAT A BALANCED DIET. Include small amounts of lean protein with each meal. Reduce the amount of salt, sugar, and fat you eat and drink PLENTY OF WATER! Eat at least five portions of fruit and veggies EVERY DAY!
  • Herbs such as chamomile tea, ginger, turmeric, and others that fight inflammation can be effective we will guide you on the dose!
  • Dont wait another minute to start living your healthiest, most authentic life.

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    Foods High In Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 supplementation is a controversial treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Itâs sometimes recommended by healthcare providers because itâs optimal for overall health, plus it may help reduce carpal tunnel symptoms.

    Itâs not completely clear how B6 works for this condition. One is that it acts as an analgesic, by raising the pain threshold of people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Foods high in B6 include:

    • salmon

    Carpal Tunnel At Night

    3 Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how ...

    Carpal tunnel can cause wrist pain at night and wake you up. While youre sleeping, your wrists can bend up or down and press on the nerve. If you shake your hands when you wake up, it usually feels better. Wrist splints can also help, as they keep your wrists straight while youre sleeping and relieve pressure on the nerve.

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    Does Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel Go Away

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    Take & Apply Magnesium

    This has provided the most relief for my carpal tunnel while pregnant.

    After consulting with my midwife, I started taking 500mg of magnesium everyday. If I miss a day, I regret it.

    It really does help.

    In past pregnancies, Ive also used this homemade magnesium lotion as well. That really helped when I had a severe case a few kids back.

    I still have everything in the cupboard, I should go make it again!

    Dont feel like making your own? You can also purchase some high-quality magnesium lotion, like this kind:

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    Wrist Pain During Pregnancy

    Did you know that up to 60% of women get wrist pain during pregnancy? Protecting your wrists and preventing carpal tunnel syndrome is so important throughout pregnancy.

    This wrist pain does tend to occur more in the third trimester, but can also occur at various other stages. A lot of the tingling is due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Pain Relief For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Yoga for Carpal Tunnel + Other Common Pregnancy Problems

    Dr. Fowler suggests easing up on the activities that aggravate your hands the most.

    You should avoid activities that force your wrists into a flexed or bent-back position, like typing or holding onto handles of gym equipment.

    Carpal tunnel symptoms can often feel the worst at night or right after you wake up.

    I often recommend wearing splints at night to prevent you from bending the palm down toward the wrist, he says. Bending down, or up, causes restricted blood flow to the nerve. In severe, unrelenting cases, I can perform an ultrasound-guided injection of corticosteroids into the carpal tunnel. This provides most patients with relief.

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