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What Does Stomach Pain On The Right Side Mean

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Major Causes Of Abdominal Pain In Right Side

Stomach Pain Upper Left Side – What Is It?

There are a number of reasons that are responsible for this pain. The major causes of this pain include appendicitis, ovarian cysts or gall bladder problem and more. Below are some most common reasons of ride side pain:

Appendicitis:Appendicitis is one of the most common reasons of appendicitis. Basically appendix is a 3.5 long tissue tube that is a large intestine extension. Different kinds of infections can block the tube of appendix and this is the reason appendicitis occurs. It is important to treat the appendicitis urgently otherwise it may rupture. You can experience the pain of appendicitis in your upper, middle as well as the lower right side of your abdomen.

Constipation: This is one of the main causes of lower right side abdominal pain. It occurs when the bowel movement is disrupted. It is possible to prevent this problem simply by changing the diet plan. Laxatives sometime are prescribed by the doctors to help in this case. High fluid intake can help a lot to prevent this problem.

Ovarian Cysts:Ovarian cysts sometimes form with the ovary of the women and cause pain. It is also the reason of ovarian cancer. It is possible to remove the cysts through surgery that is also known as laparotomy or laparoscopy.

Kidney Stone: It is one of the major reasons . The pain occurs when the stones start to form in the urethra or kidney. There is the possibility to spread the pain in the loin areas during the time of set in the urine.

It Could Be A Kidney Stone

A classic symptom of a kidney stone is low back pain, lower abdomen, or groin says the NIDDK. Some people may feel the pain radiate to one side of their abdomen, says Dr. Finkelston. The pain can also change locationa sign that a stones making its way through your urinary tract, she adds. Other symptoms of a kidney stone include pain while urinating, blood in your urine, nausea, and vomiting, the American Kidney Fund points out. If you have left-side abdominal pain too, heres what that could mean.

Symptoms Of Right Side Pain

Depending on the exact cause of your pain, you may have various degrees of pain. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine exactly where the pain is coming from because pain from one area in the right side of your chest or abdomen can radiate to the back, stomach, or groin.

For example, flank pain or kidney pain very often starts with gnawing pains just below the ribs on the right. However, the waves of pain from a kidney infection can travel to the back, upper right shoulder, or groin. Also, kidney stones or gallbladder stones can cause sharp painful symptoms anywhere in the belly or pelvis.

Some digestive problems can cause discomfort and aches on the right side or left side of the abdomen. But, sometimes the excruciating pain that appendicitis causes often start with pain just below your belly button and gradually gets more intense as it moves to your lower right belly.

Sharp pains in your lower abdomen that are accompanied by nausea and vomiting and possibly a fever are usually the signs of infection in an organ like the kidneys, liver, or appendix.

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Gallstones / Gallbladder Attack

Sudden stabbing pains at the upper part of your abdomen could be a result of gallstones or a gallbladder infection. Your gallbladder is located just under your liver on the right side of your body. Your gallbladder secretes digestive bile produced by the liver to help to break down fats during the digestive process.

Dr. Gregory Thompson on WebMD explains that gallstone pain can start suddenly in the upper abdomen and spread to the right shoulder blade or right-hand side of your upper back. The gallbladder attack pain can be extremely intense and it can last continuously for up to 5 hours.16 Gallstones may also be a reason for feeling nauseous after eating.

In some cases, sharp upper right abdominal pain is one of the side effects of a gallbladder removal . After a gallbladder removal, you may need to follow a gallbladder removal diet to prevent post cholecystectomy side effects such as indigestion and weight gain.

When Wondering Whats Causing Pain In The Right Side You Should Know The Organs Located In That Quadrant And Most Common Causes Of The Pain To Get Early Treatment

Abdomen pain mean causes of Tummy ache sign symptoms ...

If you describe your symptom as a pain in my right side, then you are experiencing a type of abdominal pain that could be a symptom of any one of a number of illnesses. This is different from a generalized abdominal pain and to have pain that you can pinpoint to a specific side or area can help your doctor to make a fast diagnosis. There are many reasons you may have a pain in your right side – bacteria and viral infections are all associated with this type of pain. Keep reading to learn more information about it.;

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It Could Be An Ectopic Pregnancy

Rarely, a fertilized egg can implant outside the uterus, often in one of the fallopian tubes. Called an ectopic pregnancy, this is clearly only an issue for women of reproductive age. If you happen to be trying to conceive or could be pregnant because youre not using protection, thats important information for your doctor to have. This can appear as serious localized pain in your right or left side, says Dr. Finkelston. A pregnancy test should be part of the workup to rule this out, she adds. Abnormal vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain are other symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

Middle Of The Abdomen

Upper middle:

The upper middle part of the abdomen contains the liver, the cardiac region of the stomach, part of the body of the stomach, the pyloric region of the stomach, and the pancreas.

The liver filters blood and creates bile, which is a substance that helps in the breakdown and absorption of fat in the foods you eat.

The cardiac region of the stomach is where food enters from the esophagus.

The pyloric region of the stomach is the last part of the stomach before food enters into the duodenum of the small intestine.

The pancreas is a large glandular organ that releases digestive enzymes and hormones.

Lower middle:

The lower middle part of the abdomen contains the urinary bladder, rectum, and anus.

The urinary bladder is the organ that collects urine for excretion out of the body through the urethra.

The rectum goes into the anus, the final section of the large intestine that carries stool for excretion from the body.

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What Is Stomach Churning

Stomach churning and gurgling can be an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen. Although a queasy stomach is usually only temporary if you have an upset stomach for a week or longer it could be a sign of an underlying condition.

If you have ever experienced stomach growling, especially stomach gurgling after eating, then you may well know the other symptoms that run alongside it. Other symptoms of a sour stomach can include nausea and digestive issues.

Moreover, continue reading to find out what causes upset stomach and gas. We also explain when you should see a doctor, and further signs to look out for.

Stomach Noises such as stomach churning and gurgling and Pain: Causes and Symptoms for Those Belly Noises and Cramps

What Is Lower Right Abdomen Pain

Right-Side CHEST PAIN (What it Means) 13 Causes

Your lower right abdomen is the area below your belly button and to the right of your body. People usually think they have appendicitis when they have pain in this area. There are a number of other causes of lower right abdominal pain that can also be life-threatening. However, most abdominal pain spontaneously resolves without intervention.

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Other Sources Of Lower Abdominal Pain

A;study published in April 2011 in the;American Journal of Surgery suggests that almost 12 percent of appendectomies;between 1998 and 2007 were conducted on patients who didn’t actually have appendicitis.

This is because several health issues can also cause pain that’s localized to your lower right abdominal area, making an accurate diagnosis of appendicitis difficult without using imaging tests, such as computed tomography , ultrasound, and MRIs.

For instance, ovulation pain occurs on either the right or left side of the lower abdomen and can be quite sharp, like appendicitis pain. But that pain doesn’t start near the belly button, nor does it get worse with movement.

Constipation can cause pain localized in the lower right abdomen, as well as rebound tenderness. But the constipation starts before the abdominal pain, unlike when you have appendicitis though;constipation can be a symptom of appendicitis.

A kidney infection can be another cause of lower right abdominal pain if the right kidney is infected but this also causes groin pain, back pain, and painful urination.

Pain from kidney stones can spread to the lower right abdomen, though it doesn’t start at the belly button; it usually starts below the ribs on one of your sides and back. It also usually comes in waves.

It Could Be Appendicitis

When you have right side abdominal pain, this is by far the most common suspect, as the pain is in the exact location of your appendixa tube-like organ attached to the large intestine. If it is appendicitis: The pain usually starts out around your belly button and then moves to the lower right quadrant, says Dr. Finkelston. She says you may notice that you feel more uncomfortable sitting still or lying flat in bed. Dont blame yourself. Theres nothing you could have done to avoid it. Theres no specific trigger for appendicitis, she says. Call your doctor; if youre not treated, the appendix can burst. Belly pain is one thing; these are other serious symptoms of appendicitis to watch out for.

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Left Side Of The Abdomen

Upper left:

This part of the abdomen contains a portion of the body of your stomach, the tail of the pancreas, and your spleen.

The spleen is an organ that filters blood and supports the immune system.

Center left and center middle:

The transverse colon and the small intestine make up the center left and center middle of the abdomen. The small intestine is where most food digestion occurs.

The transverse colon is the upper part of the large intestine, where unabsorbed food is carried after going through the ascending colon. The small intestine is the organ that takes up most of the abdomen.

Lower left:

The descending and sigmoid colon portions are the part of the digestive system that stores unabsorbed food remains and waste before they leave your body.

But Dont Ignore It If

Stomach Pain Causes: 7 Reasons for Abdominal Pain

The human anatomy is complex and there are many potential causes of right side abdominal painand some are very serious. Some of the ones that will catch your attention are problems in the gastrointestinal, reproductive, or urinary tract, and more. Getting a heads up about all the possibilities can be helpful. Heres how to decide whether your upper abdominal pain is an emergency.

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When To Be Concerned About Pain In Your Right Side

Obviously, if the pain in your right side of your stomach is very strong you should immediately seek medical attention. If the pain is weaker, wait 48 hours to see how it develops. If the pain persists, make an appointment with your general practitioner. Please, note that if your side hurts after exercising, it is likely due to a side-ache or stitch, the colloquial terms for transient abdominal pain . To avoid this happening again take a look at our article on how to get rid of a side stitch.

Vague Upper Abdominal Pain Associated With Nausea And Belching

Sometimes stomach pain is hard to identify or comes with multiple symptoms. Vague pain in the upper and mid-abdominal area that is linked to nausea, burping, or belching could be signs of a heart attack, particularly in older patients. Physicians say tests like an ECG or cardiac markers can be lifesaving. They also warn that vomiting with back or jaw pain and shortness of breath can also be a sign of a life-threatening emergency.

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What Does It Mean When The Right Side Of Your Stomach Hurts

The pain can be caused by a wide array of conditions, some of which are important and others harmless. For example, it may be the result of poor digestion, gas or constipation. Nevertheless, this type of pain, especially if it is on the right side, could be a sign of something more serious like any of the following:

All of these conditions should be diagnosed as early as possible.

Types Of Abdominal Pain

What does Left Sided chest pain increasing while sleeping indicate? – Dr. Anantharaman Ramakrishnan

There are three types of abdominal pain that you can experience; cramp-like, localized, or colicky.

Localized abdominal pain is when only one area of the abdomen is aching. This type of abdominal pain is usually caused due to issues associated with a single organ. Examples of localized abdominal pain are stomach ulcers.

Colicky abdominal pain is when you have a sharp, severe spasmodic pain which cannot be localised to one place which is waxing and waning persisting for few minutes reducing and recurring again.. This type of abdominal pain can last long if left untreated. You can experience this due to kidney stones, intestinal obstruction etc

Cramp-like abdominal pain is when you experience pain similar to cramps. Sometimes this type of pain goes away without you doing anything. Women can experience this pain due to menstruation. Other causes of this type of pain include constipation, flatulence, or diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

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What Is Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is also referred to as stomachache or stomach pain and can be of varying intensity. It occurs between the chest and the pelvis and it can be felt either as sharp localized pain or as dull intermittent pain depending on the causes. There are cases of pain abdomen radiating to other parts of the body like the shoulders, scrotal region and the back in particular cases.

Anatomy Of The Abdomen

The abdomen is the area that falls between your chest and pelvis that is commonly referred to as your belly. It consists of stomach, liver, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, diaphragm, and pancreas among other organs. The front of the abdomen consists of a tissue layer known as fascia, and the back of the abdomen consists of spine and back muscles. Blood vessels are connected with the abdomen, mainly theinferior vena cava and aorta and its branches.

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Right Side Of The Abdomen

Upper right:

The upper right side of your abdomen contains the gallbladder, liver, and first part of the small intestine.

The gallbladder is a small sac that stores bile made by the liver. The duodenum, known as the first portion of the small intestine, is where food empties from the stomach into the small intestine.

Center right:

The center right side of the abdomen contains the ascending colon and the transverse colon. Food then passes from the ascending colon to the transverse colon.

Lower right:

The cecum of the large intestine with the appendix and the small intestine are in the lower right side of the abdomen. The cecum is the first part of the large intestine that the end of the small intestine connects to.

Some experts believe the appendix plays a role in the immune system. Others think it has no purpose.

If your doctor performs a physical exam and then suspects a medical condition is causing your abdominal bloating or pain, theyll run various medical tests.

The types of tests they order will depend on your medical history and physical exam results.

Some common tests for abdominal problems include the following:

Right Side Abdominal Pain Appendicitis

Stomach Pain Locations Chart for the NCLEX

Appendicitis is one of the most common causes of right side pain. It feels different from a tummy ache because it only hurts on one side. One of the first symptoms is a mild pain that appears around the navel or the upper abdomen, similar to a typical tummy ache. However, as the day goes on it becomes continuous and progressive. As it becomes evident that the pain may be a serious symptom, you may start thinking: “This ache is not normal” Try to press down hard on the painful area with your index and middle fingers for two seconds, then remove them.

If you have appendicitis, you will surely cough, scream or have to cry for the pain. Try to walk or stand straight. Another classic symptom of acute appendicitis is walking hunched over and almost motionless as the pain may decrease or increase depending on the inclination of the belly.

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Torsion Of The Testicle

  • Torsion of the testicle causes severe pain in the scrotum and severe lower quadrant pain, usually on one side.
  • It most commonly affects teenage boys but young adult men can be affected.
  • It is unusual over the age of 25 years but can affect any man at any age.
  • The testicle is very tender.
  • You should seek urgent medical advice.

Types And Symptoms Of Right

Pain on the right-side of your abdomen may be sharp or dull and last a short time or a long time . The pain might start in one place and move to another.

Symptoms you experience with pain can be very important for you and your doctor in figuring out the potential cause of your pain. They can include nausea, cramping, , fever and constipation.

Common causes of right-sided abdominal pain include:

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