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What Doctor Do You See For Knee Pain

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Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Doctor Located In Morgan Hill Ca

When to See a Doctor for Hip or Knee Pain

The knee is the largest joint in the body, comprised of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Knee pain may result from injury to any of these components. For accurate diagnosis and treatment of knee pain, athletes and non-athletes alike turn to leading board-certified orthopedic surgeon and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist Dr. Maury Harwood at Harwood Orthopedics in Morgan Hill, California. Call Dr. Harwood, who also serves patients from nearby South San Jose, to address your knee pain before it becomes worse.

Should I See An Orthopedic Doctor For My Knee Pain

Its hard to know when to see a doctor about knee pain, and even harder, sometimes to know what type of doctor to see. If you suffer from knee pain, one of the best things to do is start with the standard treatment for knee pain or injury: over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain meds like ibuprofen along with PRICE therapy .

Your knee should begin to heal and your pain should decrease after a week of this treatment. If youre still having significant pain after a week, you should get in touch with an orthopedic doctor. As a specialist in bone, joint and soft tissue injuries, orthopedic specialists know how to track down whats causing your pain and treat it.

Whatever you do, dont just tough it out. The inflammation thats causing your pain can spread to surrounding tissue, which can make healing take even longer.

What are some common causes of knee pain that wont go away?

Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by degeneration of cartilage in the knee. It can become so severe that the cartilage will be completely eroded, with bone rubbing on bone. The good news is that osteoarthritis is usually treatable without surgery. An orthopedic physician can definitely help you with this condition.

Ligament Injury. Ligaments hold your leg bones together and keep your knee steady when you move it. Ligament injuries are especially common in athletes and can cause severe pain. Such injuries may require surgery to repair.

Some knee pain requires immediate action.

  • Unbearable pain

How Long Should You Wait To See A Doctor For Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common problem that affects people of all ages. Because the knee is so complex, several injuries are common to the joint. These injuries can occur over time, during sporting events or other activities.

It can be tempting to disregard knee pain but you should never have to live with pain or weakness. If you are experiencing redness, significant swelling or severe pain, you should consult with one of our surgeons. They can discuss your options so your daily life activities can be pain-free once more.

Continue reading to learn more about knee pain and when you should see a doctor.

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Stem Cell And Prp Therapy

Many orthopedic doctors also use regenerative medicine to relieve pain and boost injury healing. Stem cell therapy and PRP therapy use components taken from your blood. In stem cell therapy, adult stem cells are harvested and injected into the knee to promote the healing of damaged tissue. In PRP therapy, blood is taken from your body, platelets are isolated and concentrated using a centrifuge machine, and injected into the knee. The platelets contain growth factors that can boost the repair and healing process. Patients with soft tissue injuries and osteoarthritis may benefit from stem cell therapy and PRP therapy.

You Feel Like Your Knee Will Give Out

Pes Anserine Knee Bursitis Stretches &  Exercises

Instability in the knee or the feeling that your knee will collapse if you put pressure on it often indicates a ligament injury. Injuries to one or more of the knee ligaments, which are the structures that connect the bones, can lead to the bones not being held tightly enough in position. If they are stretched or torn due to an injury, instability is one of the most obvious warning signs. While it is also possible for people to experience instability symptoms from less severe knee injuries, the only way to tell the difference is by having your knee examined by a doctor.

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How Is Neuropathic Pain Treated

The goals of treatment are to:

  • Treat the underlying disease .

Multimodal therapy is usually required to treat neuropathic pain.

Medicines commonly prescribed for neuropathic pain include anti-seizure drugs such as:

  • Gabapentin .

Doctors also prescribe antidepressants such as

  • Amitriptyline .
  • Venlafaxine .
  • Duloxetine .

Getting a prescription from your pain specialist for anti-seizure drugs or antidepressants does not mean you have seizures or are depressed. However, its true that chronic pain can be made worse by anxiety or depression.

Topical treatments like lidocaine or capsaicinpatches, creams or ointmentscan be used on the painful area. Opioid analgesics are less effective in treating neuropathic pain, and negative effects may prevent their long-term use.

The pain can also be treated with nerve blocks given by pain specialists, including injections of steroids, local anesthetics, or other medicines into the affected nerves.

Neuropathic pain that has not responded to the therapies mentioned above can be treated with spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation and brain stimulation.

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Pain For More Than 48 Hours

If you have pain in the knee joint that prevents you from walking normally for more than a day or two you should get checked by a doctor.

Some of the causes of pain deep within the joint include abnormalities of the meniscus or cartilage that covers and supports the joint.

The meniscus is referred to as the shock absorber of the knee. The cartilage covers the ends of the leg bones to allow smooth flexion and extension of the knee during walking and running.

Abnormalities of either the meniscus or cartilage can not only limit the smooth range of motion of the joint, but it may contribute to a feeling of deep knee pain.

Beyond the pain itself, a meniscus tear will often cause a popping sensation and may make it feel as if your knee is locked in place when you try to move it.

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When You Have Knee Pain Lasting More Than Forty

48 Hours Of Knee Pain?

Time to see a doctor!

If you have consistent pain for more than 48 hours, it’s likely that you are experiencing an issue with the joint, not the muscle. Muscle problems will usually subside sooner, but if you feel pain in the knee for two days straight, go in and pay your doc a visit.

The key here is determining whether the pain is centered on the joint or the muscle. If you feel pain within the joint for more than 48 hours, get yourself to a doctor and get it checked– it’s probably not a muscle problem in this case.

My Knee Hurts When I Bend It Should I See A Doctor

How to Know if You Need to See a Doctor about Your Knee Pain

Pain that is worse when the knee is bent has several potential explanations. The most common are patellofemoral pain and meniscus or cartilage problems. When the knee is bent, there is significant more pressure in the kneecap as well as in the meniscus. This is the reason why going up or down stairs, squatting, or sitting for a long period of time can increase the symptoms.

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What Are The Signs Of A Bad Knee

Notable signs that can indicate a knee injury are weakness, instability in standing or walking, swelling, stiffness, redness, a warm feeling, popping or crunching noises from the joint, or the inability to fully straighten your knee could indicate knee problems. Can have knee issues later in life, and even more, if you are female many women over 50 reported some form of persistent or intermittent knee pain.

As with most joint problems, early diagnosis and treatment can make the entire process easier. It increases the effectiveness of non-surgical options and makes surgical success rates higher and recovery times shorter. These treatments can get you back on your feet, pain-free, and living your life its in your best interests to seek a professional opinion as soon as possible.

If you are suffering from a knee disorder and are in the Leesburg, Stonesprings, or Lansdowne areas of Virginia, feel free to contact our expert staff to book an appointment at your earliest convenience. We have three locations to serve you.

How Can You Tell If Knee Pain Is Serious

Knee pain may be serious if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Inability to bear weight on the knee
  • Instability in the knee
  • Inability to fully extend or flex the knee
  • There is an obvious deformity in the knee
  • Fever, in addition to swelling, pain and redness in the knee
  • Knee pain that is associated with an injury

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Urgent Advice: Get Advice From 111 Now If:

  • your knee is very painful
  • you cannot move your knee or put any weight on it
  • your knee is badly swollen or has changed shape
  • you have a very high temperature, feel hot and shivery, and have redness or heat around your knee this can be a sign of infection

111 will tell you what to do. They can tell you the right place to get help if you need to see someone.

Go to or .

You can also go to an urgent treatment centre if you need to see someone now.

They’re also called walk-in centres or minor injuries units.

You may be seen quicker than you would at A& E.

Board Certification And Strong Educational Background

Meniscus Tear Stretches &  Exercises

Consider the doctors board certification. The best knee pain doctors are board-certified in the field of pain management. This denotes that theyve gone through advanced residencies and fellowships, which makes them far more experienced than regular knee pain doctors. You should also consider the knee pain doctors education background and go for doctors who have graduated from Ivy League universities or those of equivalent stature.

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How Do You Treat Knee Pain

Dr. Harwood reviews your medical history, performs a physical exam, and does tests, such as X-rays, MRI, CT scan, or ultrasound to assess the anatomical structure of your knee.

Based on your exam, Dr. Harwood may advise you on nonsurgical treatment options including pain medications, physical therapy, or a cane to help you walk. If these treatments fail to relieve your pain, he may discuss arthroscopic knee surgery to repair the joint or knee arthroplasty — a partial knee replacement or total knee replacement — which can alleviate knee pain.

You Experience Instability/lack Of Support From The Knee

Knee Instability?

See a doctor.

The knees are one of the fulcrums of stability when it comes to your body. If you are having trouble standing or walking on your knee and experience a loss of stability in the joint, it could be bad enough to warrant a visit to the doctor.

Likewise if you feel as if your knee won’t even support you when you put weight on it.

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Can Knee Pain Come Back After Treatment

    Frequently, knee pain will occur for a short period of time and then resolve. Sometimes it can return a few weeks or months later. For chronic knee pain, it is important to get it evaluated to avoid further damage to cartilage, bones, or ligaments. Prognosis depends on the underlying causes of the pain.

    With modern surgical techniques, it’s possible to relieve many of the knee pain syndromes and return to an active lifestyle.

    Swelling For More Than 48 Hours

    Knee Pain? 12 Signs You Need to See a Doctor Immediately

    The first thing that can happen after an acute injury is swelling around the site of the injury.

    When the knee is injured, it can swell as a result of inflammation or possibly bleeding into the knee joint. This swelling can causes pain and loss of motion, which limits the use of the knee.

    Swelling is usually obvious and can be seen, but occasionally you may just feel as though something is swollen even though it looks normal.

    Swelling within a joint can cause pain and stiffness. It may sometimes lead to a clicking sound as the tendons snap over one another after having been pushed into a new position from the swelling.

    If the knee looks deformed or misaligned, don’t delay in seeking treatment. It could be a sign of a fracture or dislocation. These injuries should be evaluated and addressed in a timely fashion to address the source of injury and prevent long term effects.

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    Common Conditions That Rheumatologists Treat:

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that often affects many joints at once.

    Early diagnosis is key to stopping the progression of this disease and rheumatologists are trained to do exactly that.

    A rheumatologist can also make referrals to physical and/or occupational therapy. This can reduce pain during flare-ups and improve your quality of life.

    Psoriasis muscular pain

    Psoriasis is another common autoimmune disease. It affects the skin, speeding up the growth process of skin cells. This forms thick plaques on the scalp, elbows, chest, and/or the face.

    Some types of psoriasis also cause joint or musculoskeletal pain.

    In this case, dermatologists work in tandem with rheumatologists.

    Tick bite joint pain

    Ticks can spread several diseases, the most common being Lyme disease.

    During the first 30 days after the bite, you may feel some fatigue, headache, and a fever. Most people also develop a rash in the shape of a bulls eye.

    If untreated, Lyme disease can cause several health issues, including:

    • Joint pain,

    A rheumatologist will work with other physicians to help you manage these symptoms.

    Sciatic Nerve Irritation Causes Pain That Radiates Down The Leg From The Low Back Or Buttocks

    I am not hoping for a cure but more looking for what treatment or meds would help me more and what is causing it. The good news is there are several natural treatments you can incorporate. 12.11.2015 at 21:18:43 been afraid to mention the nocturnal back pain harm nerves that control motion or sensation written by the. Why are diary products important? What fracture is more serious? The primary symptom is a sharp pain that occurs in the lower back not all painkillers are suitable for everyone You need to find some kind of exercise that will keep you active. Set an alarm every 10 mins to make sure you do. Wendy walker wendy is a. thank you. Adding five questioned by expecting moms utilized course of that pain killers when you and it does last kind doctor should see sciatica pain for a totally. In each state that curing sciatica sciatic nerve that work. His use of doctor or dr. in relation to himself solely refers to that degree.

    Sciatica is pain that is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body. As your pelvis widens to make room for the baby, your sciatic nerve on one or both sides of your body can become. The good news is there are several natural treatments you can incorporate. Sciatic nerve irritation causes pain that radiates down the leg from the low back or buttocks. I am not hoping for a cure but more looking for what treatment or meds would help me more and what is causing it.

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    Signs You Might Have Nerve Damage According To Doctors

    Numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness are just a few symptoms to keep on your radar.

    There are billions of nerves in your body. Most of them, your peripheral nerves, are like branches of a tree that spread out all over and transmit messages back to the trunkyour brain and spinal cord. When everything goes smoothly, your brain gets the info it needs so that you can move your muscles, recognize pain, and keep your internal organs working properly.

    But when peripheral nerves get damaged, its another story: Walking could become challenging, you might experience unrelenting pain, or you could end up with a serious injury because you had no idea how hot that stove was.

    An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral nerve damage, a.k.a. neuropathy, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Diabetes is the number one cause. Bad luck is number two. Repetitive motion and Lyme disease follow, says Andrew Elkwood, M.D., a surgeon who specializes in nerve reconstruction at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction in New York and New Jersey.

    Other causes include sudden trauma , aging, vitamin deficiencies, heavy exposure to toxins , and infections and autoimmune disorders like hepatitis C, diphtheria, HIV, Epstein-Barr, rheumatoid arthritis, and Guillain-Barré Syndrome. In some cases, theres no known cause.

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    Knee Pain When Bending Your Leg: Causes, Diagnosis, and ...

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    flammable pain relief spray airplanehyland tooth pain relief

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    Type Of Doctor To See For Knee Pain

    A lot of people are confused about which doctor to see for knee pain. To get the best possible treatment, choose an orthopedic doctor. Orthopedic doctors have the specialized knowledge and training needed to treat a wide variety of problems affecting the musculoskeletal system bones, joints, cartilage, muscles, and nerves including the knees. Orthopedic doctors can treat acute and chronic knee pain and improve your quality of life. They can also provide preventive care for patients who would like to protect their knees and make them last a long time.

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