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What Causes Pain In My Left Shoulder Blade

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Throbbing Pain Under The Left Shoulder Blade

This is most likely a manifestation of left-sided protrusion of the intervertebral disk of the cervical or sternal spine. In addition, the herniation of intervertebral discs manifests itself as a pulsating pain under the left shoulder blade, it is accompanied by headache, unstable arterial pressure, dizziness, paresthesia of the left hand. It can also hurt the left shoulder, the entire left half of the back to the waist. Protrusions are detected by MRI, radiography. Pulsation below the scapula may be a symptom of incipient aortic dissection. Aortic aneurysm is a life-threatening condition, its rupture requires almost instant medical care, which is not always possible, therefore any reflected, throbbing back pain in the area of the shoulder blades should be a reason for a comprehensive examination and neutralization of the underlying cause of the symptom.

Anatomy Of The Shoulder Blade

Your shoulder blade, or scapula, connects to the clavicle and to the humerus .

This triangular-shaped bone also attaches to several muscles, including those of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff muscles include four musclesthe teres minor, subscapularis, supraspinatus, and infraspinatus.

These are the muscles that help your shoulder abduct, like when you lift your arm, and internally and externally rotate the shoulder.

Also, around the shoulder blade, you’ll find muscles that support shoulder stability, including the levator scapulae, trapezius, rhomboids, and serratus anterior .

Can Pain Between Shoulder Blades Be Caused By Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a fairly common condition in the United States, with over 15 million Americans experiencing heartburn each day. While acid reflux has a variety of symptoms, it rarely progresses to anything an antacid cant fix. But for serious cases of acid reflux, it can manifest in some extremely painful and difficult to manage symptoms, most of which arent typical of your usual episode of heartburn.

So can acid reflux cause symptoms like acute pain between your shoulder blades? It can, but it usually means its progressed beyond simple heartburn and into Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD. While it can require more treatment than acid reflux, the chest and back pain it causes can be managed.

Pain Between Shoulder Blades: Causes Symptoms And Treatments

Experiencing some kind of pain between the shoulder blades may not seem like a very serious experience. You may have had a rough sleep that night or maybe worked out a bit too hard, so you immediately think that the pain must be a result of some kind of physical stress or activity.

Though it is possible for upper back pain between the shoulder blades to simply be related to muscles, there are instances when it can be much worse. Your facet joints could be swollen, you can have a herniated disc, or the pain in-between your shoulders could actually be something called biliary colic. If this is the case, its potentially very serious. A gallstone blocking one of your bodys bile ducts is what initiates the pain and leads to this condition.

Repetitive Strain Injury Of The Shoulder

Gerd Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Repetitive strain injury of the shoulder is caused by consistent repetitive use.

Rarity: Uncommon

Top Symptoms: shoulder pain from overuse, shoulder weakness, shoulder numbness

Symptoms that always occur with repetitive strain injury of the shoulder : shoulder pain from overuse

Symptoms that never occur with repetitive strain injury of the shoulder : severe shoulder pain, shoulder injury

Urgency: Self-treatment

How To Adjust Your Posture

For starters, sit actively, not passively, says Louw. By sitting forward on your seat and staying upright, you’ll avoid relaxing into a poor posture. Make sure you’re sitting on your two butt bones and are actively using your core to sit up straight, chest tall, with shoulders rolled down and back, away from your ears. Also, keep your head over your shoulders, not in front of them, Louw says.

Improving your work setup to make it more ergonomic will also help adjust your posture. According to Dr. Baxi, your computer screen should be at eye level and your keyboard close enough that you don’t have to reach for it. Your elbows should flex about 120 degrees.

Abdominal Conditions Can Cause Shoulder Blade Pain

Sometimes, referred pain can be felt in the shoulder blades when there are conditions affecting other organs in the body.


The Mayo Clinic reports that along with intense pain in your right upper abdomen, gallstones can also cause pain in your right shoulder and pain between your shoulder blades.12

Liver Disease and Cancer

The symptoms of liver disease are usually pain or discomfort in the right upper abdomen and the skin looks yellowish as well as other symptoms. However, along with these symptoms, liver disease can cause referred pain in the right shoulder blade.13

Pancreatitis is a disease in which the pancreas becomes inflamed.

One of the symptoms of pancreatitis is a pain below the left shoulder blade. As with the other abdominal conditions, pancreatitis will have more symptoms than just pain in the shoulder.14

Doctors: Pain In Shoulder May Be A Sign Of Coronavirus

© James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock

A painful shoulder could be a sign of Covid-19, doctors believe.

There are only three symptoms recognised by the Scottish and UK Governments a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and loss of taste or smell.

However, scientists have still to fully unpick how the virus impacts on patients, and doctors suggested a painful shoulder might be a symptom after TV presenter Kate Garraway revealed her husband Derek Draper suffered shoulder pain before becoming seriously ill.

Frances Williams, professor of genomic epidemiology at Kings College Hospital, London, has been researching the growing number of symptoms reported by patients.

She said: Shoulder pain as a symptom is possible as the virus is known to cause blood clots and a pulmonary blood clot can have shoulder pain as a symptom.

The same nerves which supply the lungs also supply or feed the shoulders. People with Covid also experience muscle aches in the way the flu can cause them. This can then occur as a painful shoulder.

Dr Shond Laha, an ICU consultant, said: It could signal blood clots at the heart as the nerves which supply the heart also feed the shoulder. Anyone experiencing this should seek medical advice. We have seen blood clots in patients in ICU.

Last week Good Morning Britain presenter Kate told how her husband began feeling unwell towards the end of March. Two months, on he remains seriously ill in hospital.

Sharp Pain Under The Left Shoulder Blade

It may be a sign of intercostal neuralgia, in which case neuropathy increases with palpation of the painful area, with a deep breath, when there is a feeling that the breath “intercepts”. Irritation of the nerve endings, the roots can be permanent, but most often episodic sharp pains are typical of neuralgia, the intensity of which subsides at rest or after warming up, relaxing the painful area. Also, a sharp pain under the left shoulder blade is characteristic of left-sided pneumonia in the acute period, when the patient feels stabbing, cutting symptoms in all of the left half of the chest, reflected under the shoulder blade. Pneumonia in the acute stage is accompanied by coughing, which aggravates the pain, and discharge of pus or blood is also possible in the sputum. Much less often in the left side of the back, in the area of the scapula, pain is reflected during exacerbation of pancreatitis, which is characterized by encircling, cramping pains.

Home Treatments To Relieve Back Pain Under Your Left Shoulder Blade

 There are plenty of things that you can do at home to help alleviate any shoulder pain you are experiencing. It is important to be aware of what causes your pain so that it can be treated correctly.

If your pain does not subside in a few days of treatment, it is important to seek a medical professional. Below we will discuss some of the various treatments for back pain under left shoulder blade.

Burning Pain Under Left Shoulder Blade

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I get a bruning sensation almost under my left shoulderblade closest to my spine… A doctor to get a marijuana perscription told me i had herniated a disk…i thought he was just being a quack and saying that so i could get my marijuana license but he perscribed cortizone pills and some sort of neck brace i would have to wear but never got those things. Now im really thinking he might of been right try putting your arm over your head it relievates the pain in my situation at least but yeah icy hot only works for five seconds then i need more today is horrible

When To Be Concerned About Shoulder Pain

It can take some time for shoulder pain to settle, perhaps weeks or months. In general, if your shoulder pain has not begun to settle in a week or two, or if it worsens over time, then it may be worthwhile seeing an experienced doctor or health practitioner. 

If you find that you need stronger medication to manage your shoulder pain, discuss this with your doctor. You may need a referral to a specialist.

Note: Shoulder pain or discomfort around the front of one or both of the shoulders can be a sign of a heart attack. It is often described as an ache, heaviness or pressure sensation spreading from the chest to the shoulders. This requires immediate medical attention. Call 000 immediately if you are experiencing these symptoms.

What Is Causing My Shoulder Pain 5 Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain

What Causes Pain Between the Shoulder Blades?

Theres nothing worse than waking up the day after a workout and realizing that your body isnt working as well today as it was the day before. While maintaining an active lifestyle is the best way to keep your body strong and healthy, occasionally, when you work your body the wrong way, you can injure yourself inadvertently. Shoulder pain is one common result. Whether youre experiencing sharp pain when you move in a certain way or stiffness thats preventing you from moving at all, we can help you get back on track. Here are the five most common causes of shoulder pain and information on what to do for each of them.

What Is Pericarditis

Pericarditis is swelling and irritation of the pericardium, which is the sac that surrounds your heart.

Pericarditis usually doesn’t cause serious problems. Most people get better in a few days. When there are problems, they may include:

  • A buildup of fluid in the pericardial sac .
  • Sudden pressure on the heart and sudden difficulty pumping enough blood . This can be caused by the weight and pressure of the fluid buildup if it happens quickly.
  • Constrictive pericarditis, in which the sac around the heart gets thick and stiff. This makes it harder for the heart to pump blood.

When To See A Doctor

Immediate medical attention should be sought for unexplained pain in the left shoulder blade accompanied by shortness of breath or chest pain.

In many cases, a person can trace shoulder blade pain back to a seemingly harmless incident, such as a recent fall or an occasion when they lifted too much weight.

It may be less evident to a person who slept badly, but warning signs include sleeping on one side for too long or having recently switched mattresses.

People who are unable to explain a pain in their shoulder blade should see their doctor.

Women should be particularly wary of any pain in the left shoulder blade as it could be a sign of a heart attack, and they should seek out immediate attention from a doctor.

A person may also wish to see a doctor in the case of a strain as the doctor may be able to recommend additional treatment.

Symptoms that signal a need for immediate attention include:

  • chest pain

Other means of prevention include:

  • eating a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients
  • getting moderate exercise

Why Do You Have Pain In Left Shoulder After Eating

Eating is a satisfying and most often a very pleasant function. If you suffer from pain in shoulder after eating, it may turn into a not-so-pleasant experience. Feeling pain in your left shoulder can be caused by a few common things, but some could be a sign of something more serious. Rarely, it is one of the first symptoms of a heart attack and may need immediate medical attention. This article will help you understand some causes of left shoulder pain after you eat and what to do about it.

Constant Pain Under The Left Shoulder Blade

It may be a signal of developing left-sided pneumonia, dry pleurisy. Such pain is not specific, however, if it increases with deep breathing, sneezing or coughing, the condition of the bronchopulmonary system should be examined as soon as possible. Constant pain under the left shoulder blade caused by pneumonia can subside in a horizontal position when turning the body to the healthy side. In addition, a constant reflected pain symptom is a typical sign of osteochondrosis of the cervical, less often the thoracic spine. The painful sensations are chronic, but they can increase like a pulmonary symptomatology with paroxysmally, with coughing, active movements, and deep breathing. Differentiate permanent left-side pains can only be a doctor with the help of x-rays of the lungs, spinal column.

The pain under the left shoulder blade and cough indicate a possible left-sided inflammation of the lung, which is also manifested by the following symptoms:

What To Do About Nighttime Shoulder Pain

If one shoulder hurts when sleeping, try laying on the other side. While people often do not control their bodies while asleep, you could try building a wall with pillows to prevent rolling over onto the injured shoulder while asleep. If that doesnt help, try sleeping semi-upright either in a chair or by propping a few pillows under the upper body to alleviate pressure on the affected shoulder. Ask your doctor for a list of stretches that can be done to loosen the shoulder; these may be especially beneficial to do before going to bed.

However, if shoulder pain is a fact of life for you, it may be time to seek treatment.

Your orthopedic doctor will physically examine your shoulder, assess your medical history, and may order tests that can help with a diagnosis and identifying the cause of your shoulder pain. In general, an X-ray can identify structural issues such as bone fractures or spurs or the presence of arthritis; for soft tissue assessment, an MRI may be required.

The Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland offer all manner of orthopedic treatments under one roof. If your shoulder has been aching and shows no sign of improvement, schedule your appointment by calling 644-1880 or use the request an appointment form. We look forward to seeing you.

Issues Associated With Shoulder Pain At Night

On top of the pain, most people with shoulder pain at night sleep poorly, which has a completely different set of problems associated with it. These can include:

  • Increased sensitivity to pain
  • Low energy
  • Mood disorders

Sleeplessness can become a vicious cycle of decreasing sleep and increased pain, which will only make your condition worse.

Pancoast Tumor Risk Factors

Pancoast tumors and other lung cancers share many of the same risk factorsa characteristic or behavior that may increase the likelihood of developing a certain condition. Established risk factors for Pancoast tumors include:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke, asbestos or other industrial substances, such as nickel and chromium
  • Being male
  • Being between the ages of 50 and 60

Pancoast tumors can affect anyone, including individuals who do not have any known risk factors for this cancer. Still, people with one or more risk factors should be particularly mindful to seek care for symptoms and receive appropriate treatment.

Bone And Joint Issues

Squat position for bowel movements, causes of shoulder ...

There are several potential bone or joint problems that can cause shoulder blade pain.

As the shoulder blade is a bone, it is possible for a person to experience a fracture. This is an unlikely occurrence in most cases, as it requires a fall, an accident, or a similar direct injury to the shoulder blade.

As a person ages, degenerative conditions may cause shoulder blade pain. Some of these conditions include:

More specifically, a type of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis is most common among people aged 2040. It is a form of arthritis that primarily affects the spine, but it can cause pain and inflammation to surrounding areas.

Certain cancers may also cause pain in the shoulders and shoulder blades. The most common cancers that may cause shoulder blade pain include lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

Symptoms Of Pain Under The Left Shoulder Blade

Signs, symptoms of pain in the lower region of the scapula are due to such pathogenetic mechanisms:

  • Girdle pains with localization in one side. This sign is permanent, less often – paroxysmal, the pain may increase with deep breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, with movements. The symptom is due to the spread of pain impulse along the intercostal muscle gaps, aponeurosis.
  • Burning pains with paresthesias, due to the transmission of impulses according to the location of the nerve trunk, nerve branches. The pains are reflected in the region of the heart, in the back, in the lower back or under the scapula.
  • Increasing pain, radiating under the scapula, in the arm, associated with hypertonicity of the muscles of the shoulder, shoulder blade, back.
  • The painful symptom under the left shoulder blade can vary in sensation from aching, tolerant to sharp, burning, cutting. There are some typical complaints of pain under the left shoulder blade on the part of patients: 

    Symptoms, manifestations of pain under the scapula on the left can be combined according to etiological signs as follows:

    Causes Of Shoulder Blade Pain

    • Poor Posture Many of us spend our days hunched over computers, desks, tables or our respective job duty locations. Poor posture is one of the most common causes of should blade plain. We tend to round our back, tilt our head, hunch our shoulders or any number of alternative positions that put undue stress on our neck and shoulders.
    • Too Much Use of your shoulders, arms, and the accompanying muscles could also be another common cause of shoulder blade pain. If we overuse and overextend these areas, it can lead to inflammation and achiness.Painting, playing ball, and lifting are some basic examples of activities that might cause you to strain your shoulder blades, leading to pain and discomfort.
    • Referred Pain is a commonly misunderstood stressor that could be causing your shoulder blade pain. The pain youre experiencing may be caused by issues elsewhere, like your spine, joints, or ligaments.The pain could also be symptoms of more extensive issues, like your heart or belly. Pain in your left shoulder blade specifically could be an indication of an oncoming heart attack. It is called referred pain because the area affected refers the pain elsewhere and the shoulder blades tend to take that pain on.

    Inflammation Of The Shoulder Capsule

    The synovial membrane of the shoulder may become inflamed this is called ‘synovitis’. Synovitis may occur as a result of another condition or it may happen as a result of an injury, or the cause may be unknown.

    Frozen shoulder is a condition that occurs when the shoulder capsule thickens and becomes inflamed and tight. There may also be less synovial fluid to lubricate the joint. As a result, the shoulder becomes difficult to move. 

    Frozen shoulder may occur as a result of another condition if the shoulder has been immobilised . Sometimes the cause of shoulder pain may not be known. 

    Path To Improved Health

    The first step of rehabilitation therapy is simple range-of-motion exercises. By bending over and moving your shoulder in large circles, you will help to avoid the serious complication of rotator cuff injury, called a frozen shoulder. You should follow these range-of-motion exercises with resistance exercises using rubber tubing or light dumbbells. The final step is resistance training with weight machines or free weights.

    What Causes Back Pain Under Left Shoulder Blade

    Back pain under left shoulder blade can occur from any number of things. your shoulder blades are two triangle shaped bones located at the top of your back.

    Shoulder blade pain can be experienced above, within, over or under the scapula. Here we are going to look at what can cause pain below left shoulder blade.

    Healing From Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain can be debilitating, and, if left untreated, it may get worse instead of better. At Peak Physiotherapy and Performance we treat shoulder pain in active adults and athletes every single day. After determining the cause of your problem, we use a wide range of techniques, such as dry needlingcorrective exercisejoint manipulationcupping and other therapies to get you back to doing the things you love, staying active without pain. Have you been struggling with shoulder pain and just dont know where to go or what to do next? Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation.

    What Can Cause Sharp Pain In Your Neck And Shoulder When Breathing

    A couple of conditions can cause pain in the neck and/or shoulder when you take a deep breath, including:

    • Pleurisy : Symptoms include sudden chest pain that may be felt only while coughing or breathing deeply, fever, cough, and shortness of breath.
    • Pericarditis : Symptoms include rapid-onset stabbing chest pain, possibly pain in the shoulder, fever, weakness, and trouble breathing. It gets worse if you lie down or breathe deeply.

    Pleurisy and pericarditis aren’t usually medical emergencies but you should treat any chest pain or breathing difficulty as an emergency until you know for sure what’s causing it.

    Nerve Compression Or Damage

    Pain Between Shoulder Blades when Breathing

    A seated, rounded posture can also lead to compression of the cervical spine , leading to pain between the shoulder blades, Louw says.

    Louw mentions that  another possible cause of shoulder blade pain is thoracic outlet syndrome. This group of conditions results from compression on the blood vessels and nerves in the lower neck and upper chest. It can cause pain and weakness in the shoulder and tingling or pain in the fingers. There’s debate about what exactly causes this syndrome, which can be misdiagnosed because the symptoms look similar to rotator cuff injuries or other conditions.

    Physical therapy can help treat the issue by guiding you in strengthening your chest and improving your posture.

    Another nerve-related issue that can lead to pain is scapular winging, a condition in which one or more of the shoulder blades sticks out rather than laying flat against the body. But Dr. Baxi notes that it’s not very common.

    Visit A Health Care Provider

    If the above treatments dont effectively reduce the pain under your shoulder blade, visit a physiatrist, chiropractor, or physical therapist. These health care providers will evaluate you for the source of the pain and can individually tailor plans that will help strengthen and stretch your upper back, neck, and core muscles. They might also provide manual manipulation, using hand maneuvers to loosen stiff muscles or misaligned joints.

    You may need to take a trial and error approach with these tips. Try a combination of these treatment ideas to see what reduces the pain under your shoulder blade.

    Is Shoulder Pain A Sign Of Lung Cancer

    Sharp shoulder or scapula pain are some of the most common symptoms of a Pancoast tumor, particularly in its early stages. The pain typically develops as the tumor impacts one or more of the nearby structures, such as the:

    • Ribs
    • Neck
    • Ulnar nerve, which runs from the side of the arm to the wrist
    • Branchial plexus, the nerve fibers that run downward from the spine and into the shoulder and arm
    • Parietal pleura, the highly sensitive outer layer of the membrane that lines the chest cavity.
    • Endothoracic fascia, the fibrous tissue that separates the chest wall from the diaphragm and the pleura  

    Shoulder pain can be a symptom of other lung cancers besides Pancoast tumors, typically if a lung tumor presses against a particular nerve or if the cancer travels to the tissues or bones near the shoulder joint. 

    Its important to note that shoulder pain is far more likely to be caused by an orthopedic condition, such as osteoarthritis or a rotator cuff injury, than lung cancer. Nevertheless, shoulder pain that persists for more than a few days should be evaluated by a medical professional. Shoulder discomfort that is related to lung cancer may worsen at night, be present while resting or occur without impacting range of motion. Lung cancer that is not classified as a Pancoast tumor may also cause a hacking cough, shortness of breath and wheezing, among other respiratory symptoms.  

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