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What Can Cause Wrist And Hand Pain

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Treatment: From Behavior Changes To Surgery

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, a variety of nonsurgical treatments may provide relief, including:

  • Avoiding repetitive hand and wrist motions
  • Changing your workspace to make it more ergonomic
  • Performing hand and wrist exercises as instructed by a physical therapist
  • Taking over the counter anti-inflammatories
  • Wearing a splint to keep from bending your wrist, especially at night

If you have moderate or severe carpal tunnel syndrome, have experienced muscle loss as a result of the condition, or havent found relief from conservative treatments, you may be a candidate for surgery. Carpal tunnel surgery relieves pressure on the median nerve. It is an outpatient procedure that a hand specialist can perform using an open or minimally invasive approach.

I perform most carpal tunnel surgeries using a local anesthetic, Dr. DeJesus said. The surgery takes as little as five to 10 minutes when I perform it endoscopically. One incision, less than a half inch wide, is made at the wrist. The endoscope is guided through the incision. The surgeon then cuts the carpal ligament and releases the pressure on the median nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression problem, so I decompress the nerve by cutting a ligament above it. That gives the nerve more room.

Your hand may swell after surgery, and you may need to ice and elevate your hand for the swelling to go down. Expectations after surgery depend, in part, on the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome and whether you caught it early.

Is There A Proper Way To Position Wrists While Riding

Yes. In fact, just as posture on the bike is important, wrist position also matters while riding. People tend to assume their wrists should be straight, like in a karate chop. Thats actually a compressive position for the wrists, explains physical therapist and bike fit specialist Kevin Schmidt, owner of Pedal PT in Portland, Oregon. It puts extra pressure on the nerves and tendons in the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway that runs from the wrist to the hand. This pressure can then lead to wrist pain. You actually want 15 to 20 degrees of backbend in the wrist, which will open up that carpal tunnel, Schmidt says. If you go far enough back that you can see a crease in your skin, thats too far and will end up compressing the carpal tunnel again.

Natural Remedies For Wrist And Hand Pain

Think of all the things your hands do in a single day. Theyve served you faithfully since the day you were born and often get neglected and overworked. Is it any wonder that you have wrist and hand pain?

Perhaps you work on a computer all day.  Or maybe you work with hand tools all day long. Repetitive motions like this can cause inflammation, pain, and nerve damage. Lets take a look at the causes, symptoms, and, most importantly, the remedies you can try at home.

Finding The Source Of Wrist Pain

Our doctors may be able to diagnose wrist pain based on an examination and simple in-office tests. In some cases, they may use additional diagnostic tools like:

  • Imaging: X-rays can reveal bone fractures, while magnetic resonance imaging scans can show other structural issues inside your wrist. Both can help your doctor pinpoint the source of wrist pain.
  • Blood tests: Your doctor may order blood tests to get more information about swelling or ongoing pain. Blood tests can help with the diagnosis of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
  • Exploratory arthroscopy: Sometimes, minimally invasive surgery using small incisions can help your doctor diagnose the cause of chronic wrist pain.

What Can Cause Pain In The Hand Or Wrist

Common causes of wrist pain  Hand Therapy Group

Hand pain is often the result of a recent injury or from overusing the hand or wrist. However, persistent or reoccurring pain in the hand may be the sign of an underlying condition. In this article, we describe the possible causes of pain in the hand and when to see a doctor.

We also cover some home remedies for hand pain.

That Funny Bump On Your Wrist

That funny bump may be a ganglion cyst, which is a noncancerous tumor filled with the lubricating fluid from your joint. These tiny bumps arent usually painful, but if they press on a nerve, they can cause pain and be difficult to live with. Treatment for the cyst may involve immobilization, drainage of the fluid, or complete removal of the cyst.

How To Treat Hand And Wrist Pain At Home

  • If you have recent injury of your wrist and hand, you may first want to try a contrast bath. This will help to control the swelling and bruising. To prepare you will need two buckets, one with ice cold water and the other with warm. Place your hand in one bucket for 2 min then then other. Always end with cold. This will help you control swelling. If there is minimal swelling but the tissue is warm and painful ice might be the best choice. Apply ice with some compression to the tissue for up to 10min then remove for 10min and repeat up to 3x or as needed. This can be done every two hours or as needed.
  • Protect your hand and wrist and avoid aggravation. There is tissue that has been damaged and you do not want to continue to add strain on this area, it needs the right amount of rest to be able to heal, especially early on. There are numerous that we sell in clinic that can help you protect and support the area as it heals. Also, our therapist with special interest in hand therapy can assist in making custom made splints. You will need to minimize aggravation by modifying any activity that makes you worse or interferes with healing. You will not need to apply the strategies indefinitely as the tissue heals introducing the appropriate stress gradually will be an important part of your healing process.
  • Try the above-mentioned exercise program as tolerated.
  • Symptoms Of Hand Finger And Wrist Pain

    Symptoms of hand, finger or wrist pain depend on the type of injury and mechanism of injury. The symptoms commonly include pain during use, swelling, and/or difficulty moving the affected area.

    Treatment for hand, finger and wrist pain includes: over-the-counter pain medication, rest, ice, and elevation. In more severe injuries, immobilization or surgery may be necessary.

    Specialist Interventions And Surgery

    If your tendonitis lasts longer than several weeks, your doctor may suggest seeing a specialist, such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or rheumatologist.

    Among the services they can provide, these professionals may offer you:

    • A personalized exercise program to help you maintain your strength and range of motion in the affected area
    • Assistive devices, such as splints, braces, or slings, to allow the injured area to rest until the pain lessens
    • Orthotics or other pressure-relieving devices
    • Ways to modify your daily activities to prevent more damage to your tendons

    Surgery is rarely needed for tendonitis, but it may be an option if the tendon tears or has significant damage. If the tendon is torn, an orthopedic surgeon can stitch the damaged ends together. If the tendon has been severely damaged, your surgeon may perform a tendon graft using a piece of tendon from another part of the body or an artificial tendon.

    The location of a tendon may make surgery more challenging in some cases. For example, surgery on flexor tendons in the arm and hand tend to be more difficult because of the complexity of those tendons.

    Healing after surgery usually takes from six weeks to three months. Youll probably need a splint or cast during this time. Youll also work with a physical or occupational therapist to help you develop an exercise plan to help the tendon heal, limit scar tissue, and reduce stiffness in the surrounding tissue.

    Protect Your Hands From Cold

    • Wear gloves anytime it is cool outside.
    • Use an insulated cover when you drink from a cold glass.
    • Avoid caffeine and tobacco products. Nicotine and caffeine cause blood vessels to narrow, which decreases blood flow to the hands.
    • Eat a hot meal before going out. Eating raises your body temperature and helps keep you warm.

    Hand Cysts And Tumors

    A tumor is any kind of unusual group of cells that grows in your body. We often associate tumors with cancer, but most hand tumors are not cancerous.

    A ganglion cyst is the most common hand tumor and generally grows either on the top or inner side of your wrist. These fluid-filled pouches can put pressure on your nerves, causing pain.


    • The earliest indicator you will see is the lump itself. The lumps are typically very painful but they can sometimes be painless.
    • Pain and tenderness will increase with extended use of the hand, and range of motion may be restricted.
    • Ganglions often change in size and may disappear spontaneously and completely.

    A giant cell tumor of tendon sheath is another common hand tumor, but it is solid, rather than filled with fluid. It grows on the protective covering that surrounds the tendons in the fingers.


    Physicians generally seek to heal ganglion cysts without surgery. In some cases, ganglion cysts disappear on their own without any treatment. For cysts that do not resolve themselves, treatment options include:


    Other Causes Of Hand Pain And Numbness

    Some other problems that can cause nerve dysfunctionalso known as neuropathywith symptoms of pain and numbness in the hand include:

    • Diabetes. If diabetes progresses or isnt managed with diet and/or medications, various complications can develop. One of the more serious complications of diabetes is neuropathy. For people who have diabetes, these symptoms of tingling and numbness usually start in the feet, but they can also occur in the hands.

    See Anatomy Of Nerve Pain

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency. Some people dont get enough vitamin B12, whether through gaps in their diet, inability to naturally absorb enough of it, or as a side effect of a medical condition or treatment. Vitamin B12 is critical for nerve health, so low levels can harm the nerves and result in numbness and/or weakness. If a blood test confirms vitamin B12 deficiency, a doctor might recommend dietary changes or B12 supplements. Beef, fish, eggs, and fortified cereals tend to be good sources of vitamin B12. Vegetarians and vegans can get enough B12 with careful planning.
  • Alcohol abuse. Excessive amounts of alcohol can harm nerves. The manner in which the nerves are damaged by alcohol isnt always known, but experts suspect that multiple factors could be at work, including increased difficulties with nutrient absorption and associated poor diet. Long-term alcohol abuse can also increase the risk for vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • See Understanding Neuropathy Symptoms

    See Spinal Cord Anatomy in the Neck

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    Wrist and Hand Pain

    Wrist and hand pain can cause serious roadblocks in your day-to-day life. Regardless of whether the pain is recent or old, it is best to visit a doctor without delay. Our specialists at Source Healthcare in Santa Monica, California, will be able to diagnose the exact cause of your wrist and hand pain and determine the perfect treatment plan to help you recover rapidly.

    Common Symptoms Of Elbow Hand And Wrist Pain

    Some people are better at handling pain than others; everyone deals with pain symptoms differently when it comes to upper extremity pain.

    Short-term, acute pain in the elbow, wrist, or hand typically results from an injury, but long-term chronic pain may indicate illness or other underlying factors.

    Feel free to contact our highly trained physical therapist at Total Health & Rehabilitation. You may consider your pain level to be between mild and severe, and it may also be intermittent, meaning it comes and goes at different points throughout the day. Regardless of your pain level, dont expect it to disappear on its own. In a majority of cases, the best possible outcome for your pain involves a medical professional getting involved and assessing the situation.

    Other symptoms accompanying the pain may include numbness or tingling in the extremities, especially in the fingers, which can make it difficult for you to perform daily activities in a normal fashion, or create issues for you at work depending on the seriousness of your condition.

    Preventing Hand And Wrist Pain

    There are things you can do to ward off hand and wrist pain, though. Try to keep your bones strong by getting enough calcium and vitamin D, which your body needs to use that calcium. Your doctor will have a recommendation on how much and the best way for you to work calcium and vitamin D into your diet.

    Next, look at the ergonomics of how you work and live. If you’re straining, re-organize until you’re more comfortable.

    Finally, make sure youre protected. Whether youre in your own home or playing your favorite sport, its important to think about safety. Make sure your shoes fit properly, there are no tripping hazards and youre wearing the appropriate protective sporting gear.

    When Hand Or Wrist Pain May Mean Arthritis

    Learn about the various causes of hand or wrist pain, including different kinds of arthritis.

    Many forms of arthritis and related conditions that affect different parts of the hands. Common symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling or numbness in the wrist and fingers. Pitted nails, painful ulcers or thickened skin that makes bending the fingers difficult may also occur. Here are some diseases that affect the hands.


    Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Also known as wear and tear arthritis,  OA is a chronic condition caused by the breakdown of the cartilage, which cushions the ends of the bones where they meet to form joints. This breakdown causes the bones to rub together, causing stiffness, pain and loss of joint movement.

    In hand OA, the joints most commonly affected by OA are the wrists, the joints at the base of the thumb, the middle finger joints and the joints closest to fingernails. In the finger joints, OA can lead to the formation of nodes . 

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis  is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by a faulty immune system that primarily attacks joints . The result can be joint pain, swelling, inflammation and loss of function. RA commonly affects the wrist and finger joints. RA usually affects the same joint on both sides of the body . If untreated, the disease can cause joint deformities that make it difficult to use the hands.

    Juvenile Arthritis


    Psoriatic Arthritis


    Different Reasons For Each One

    Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms range from mild to severe.

    Like all repetitive strain injuries having Tendonitis in the Wrist can be a serious issue.

    Youre still doing whatever it is that got you into a situation of pain, and unless you change your activity entirely.

    Even if you only have mild complaint , dont doubt for a minute that it is going to get worse sooner or later if you continue doing what you do.

    Wrist Tendons, controlled by muscles in the forearm, work together to pull your wrist/hand up, down, side to side, in a circular motion, and to various angles. They also stabilize the wrist while the fingers work.

    The tendon is one of the places where actual damage from repetitive strain injury takes place .

    But DO NOT just focus on the tendon. Its the ENTIRE structure that is involved.  The tendon pain is a SYMPTOM, not a cause of a problem.

    When you overuse your muscles, you overuse your tendons and your muscles. This can kick in a process of Inflammation. 

    Some people may call it Hand Tendonitis Symptoms, or even google search for tendonitis hand symptoms because they feel symptoms in their hands, but although the pain might be in the hands, even the wrists, thats not where the actual problem is.

    There are many possible symptoms. Each one shows up for specific reasons.

    You Can Stop Wrist Pain Before It Starts With These Tips On Prevention Plus Treatments

    Considering how much work your legs do on the bike, it’s easy to forget about your arms, hands, and wrists. Theyre just propping you up anyway, right? Well, true, but keeping you upright requires work. And when your wrists bear the brunt of hours in the saddle, the wrong body position or the wrong bike fit can lead to wrist pain when cyclingand even cause nerve damage if you keep ignoring it. Here’s what you need to know to keep aches at bay, so you can ride for miles in comfort.

    Avoid Tasks That Make The Pain Worse

    Try to avoid tasks that are causing the pain or making it worse. This may be anything that has a repetitive nature, such as using a screwdriver, painting or lifting heavy objects. You might be able to change the way you do some tasks to take the strain off your hands and wrists. Some conditions affecting the hand and wrist wont get better until you stop doing certain tasks.

    What Causes Hand Pain And Numbness

    Three common causes of chronic hand pain and numbness include cervical radiculopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    This page reviews some of the more common causes of pain and neurological symptoms in the handstarting with problems in the neck or cervical spine and comparing with other likely causes.

    Its Not Carpal Tunnel But Its Very Similar

    Hand pain relief

    Do you have wrist tendonitis symptoms anywhere from fingertip to elbow?

    Does the level of pain make it difficult to get work done or complete simple tasks?

    Are you experiencing swelling or inflammation and pain that makes putting pressure on your wrist or even just the day to day use of your wrist uncomfortable?

    If youre nodding your head yes to any of these symptoms then you may be experiencing tendonitis of the wrist and even be on your way to getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Did you know that Wrist Tendinitis is commonly misdiagnosed or confused with carpal tunnel syndrome? 

    Thats right.  Carpal Tunnel and tendonitis of the wrist share many of the same symptoms, and all of the same causative factors.

    There is good news though  you CAN reverse the problem. We can show you how to differentiate between the two injuries, and better yet, how to prevent and reverse wrist tendonitis.

    But first, lets learn more about it.

    Treating Hand And Wrist Pain

    If the pain is creeping in, you can help relieve the pain at home. Applying heat or ice to the sore area can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and improve movement. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or pain relievers might help if needed. Try modifying your activities to give your achy hands or wrists a rest.

    Worsening pain means making an appointment with your physician. They can offer you other treatments to help. Those treatments can range from splinting to various surgical techniques.

    At Beaumont, our orthopedic hand and wrist surgeons use the most advanced and proven techniques to improve the lives of patients. We work closely with specialized hand therapists and other team members to relieve your pain, regain your function and get you back to activities.

    Is My Hand And Wrist Pain Caused By Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Or Something Else

    See Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Keep in mind that carpal tunnel syndrome is much more common than many of these conditions. For example, the estimated prevalence for carpal tunnel syndrome among manual labor workers may be as high as 20%, while prevalence for Reynauds syndrome is estimated to be about 5% in the general population.

    What Should I Know About Bike Fit And Wrist Pain

    Its not just how you hold your wrist that matters on the bike. One of the most common culprits of wrist pain when cycling is also an out-of-sync weight distribution. If your position on the bike shifts your weight distribution to be more prominently on the wrists and hands than the saddle, thats likely to cause a problem, says Jason Williams, a human performance sports scientist and bike fit specialist with Retül in Boulder, Colorado.

    One of the biggest culprits behind messed-up weight distribution? Your saddle. If the saddle is too high or the nose is pointed too far down, that ends up dumping a ton of weight into your hands, says Schmidt. Obviously, the exact measurements are going to depend on your body and what saddle youre using, but, in general, if your saddle is angled down by more than 5 or 6 degrees, it may lead to wrist pain, says Williams.

    Reaching too far for the handlebars will also put excess pressure on your wrists. Typically, if youre looking at the shoulder compared to the trunk, you want a 90-degree angle at the shoulder itself, says Schmidt. Beyond that, youre going to end up locking out your elbow and put a lot of backward bending in the wrist, he adds.

    Don’t Suffer With Wrist & Hand Pain Any Longer

    We use our hands daily to carry out a variety of functions. Wrist and hand pain are often very distracting and can cause you serious discomfort if left untreated for too long. Furthermore, a lack of mobility in the hands and wrists can stop you from carrying out several normal tasks. A skilled doctor will be capable of diagnosing the exact cause of your hand and wrist pain and recommend the appropriate treatment for the same.

    Understanding Hand And Wrist Nerve Damage

    Hands are made up of joints, ligaments, tendons, nerve fibers, and 27 bones. So to say the anatomy of the hand is complex is an understatement. When youre experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling in your hand, it can be quite the task to pinpoint the cause.

    Thankfully, there are hand specialists that have spent countless moments learning about the anatomy of the hand, wrist, and nervous system so you dont have to be an expert.

    Nerve damage is serious, can be long-lasting, and should be handled with caution and professional care. While you should seek medical attention, it can help to understand your nerve damage and what you can do to help yourself.

    Read on to learn more about the nervous system, nerves, and what hand and wrist nerve damage looks like.

    Whats Wrist Tendonitis Pain

    Wrist tendonitis pain is just one sign of this common hand condition. Knowing all of the the signs and symptoms is important if you want to treat wrist tendonitis effectively. 

    People commonly use the termwrist tendonitisto describe tendon inflammation focused around the wrist joint. But either theflexorextensortendons may be causing the problem.

    When theres a problem with these tendons, they each produce different symptoms around the hand and wrist area. So if you have finger, hand or wrist pain, its important to recognize these symptoms in order to treat them.

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    What If Your Pain Wont Go Away

    Even tolerable pain may signal a more serious problem when it persists. If home treatment doesnt seem to address the issue after two or three days, contact your doctor.

    Provide as much information as possible about your activities and other pertinent factors, including which medications or supplements youre taking.

    Your doctor will help to identify the problem, even if its an underlying issue causing the persistent pain.

    Most processes that arent worrisome tend to run their course in a few days, Dr. Seitz says. Acute symptoms such as severe swelling, redness, pain or deformity may need more urgent evaluation and care.

    Ultimately, taking a few minutes to assess your pain may help you avoid an emergency room visit for situations that arent serious.

    Other Conditions That Can Cause Hand And Wrist Pain

    What Can be the Causes of Severe Hand and Wrist Injuries

    Carpal tunnel syndrome isnt the only condition that can cause pain or other symptoms in your hand and wrist. According to Dr. DeJesus, other possible causes include:

    • Arthritis of the wrist or thumb
    • De Quervains tenosynovitis, which is swelling of tendons in the wrist
    • Diabetic neuropathy, which damages nerves in the hands
    • Nerve impingement in the elbow, forearm or spine
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome, which is the compression of nerves and blood vessels in and around the shoulders and top of the chest
    • Trigger finger or trigger thumb, which can cause pain or locking in the fingers during bending

    An accurate diagnosis is key, and a hand and wrist specialist can determine whether your symptoms are due to carpal tunnel syndrome or something else. Thats the first step to figuring out which treatment can help.

    Get high-quality hand care in Maryland.

    Find an orthopedist near you.

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