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Is Tramadol Good For Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Do Muscle Relaxers Help With Sciatica Pain

In Challenges, Medications by SandyMay 20, 2019

       This is my long journey and experience having severe and the most awful sciatica for 2 years which I am currently still dealing with in a lesser way because I do feel Im on the road to recovery for sure, finally. I have seen positive results with different medications and therapies that I will include in this blog. The reason I have been wanting to put this information out there is because of my struggle to find any real solutions or recovery experiences. So here’s mine. Following are some questions I asked myself and you too might have wondered, in regards to muscle relaxers.

Is Tizanidine A Narcotic

       It is my understanding that Tizanidine is not a narcotic. I am actually very allergic to narcotics, not allergic in the way that I would die or anything but made me FEEL like I was dying from all the nauseousness, vomiting, and just overall sickness and malice. Tizanidine did not do that to me. In fact, I remember when I had the tailbone surgery, which I will get into later on different post, that they gave me morphine and I was so sick I would just throw up constantly and no one knew what was wrong with me and they just let me go home like that. As soon as I got into the car and left, I completely recovered as if nothing had happened. Some people say that morphine stays in your body longer than that but that is exactly what happened to me. I think they took the IV out and I waited in the office a while since I was still feeling sick, and by the time I got into the car and headed home my “morphine sickness” went away.

       It would be wise to consult a physician and do more research on this or any drug you may be considering because of the potential side effects. Drugs can react differently with me than they would with you.

       Long story short but still long: narcotics make me barf.

Sciatica :: Hip / Butt Pain

I have been having this pain for quite a while but today when I woke up it was bad. I have never been diagnosed with anything but I don’t have money to go to the doctor right now.The pain is located in the upper left side off buttock/side of hip. This pain usually is middle of buttock and lower back it has radiated some down the leg but not as a main symptom. it mainly hurts when I am walking or lift my leg up high like I’m stepping over something. It is sudden and painful. When I sit it’s a constant pain and when I stand up from sitting it feels a little bit better. If if anyone could please give me any advice on what this could be i would be super happy and grateful as today I am left sitting on the couch because it is too painful to walk.

How Could Confounding Affect The Study Results

With this new study of tramadol, confounding is a real concern. For example, for a person who has both kidney disease and arthritis, doctors may prescribe tramadol rather than naproxen because the latter may worsen kidney disease. Yet kidney disease could increase the risk of other health problems, including a higher rate of death, which could then be attributed to the tramadol. In other words, the very reason your doctor chose tramadol could make this medication appear riskier than it really is.

The authors of the study acknowledge this possibility and took measures to limit it. In fact, many studies try to avoid these sorts of errors, but they are impossible to avoid completely.

How Long Does It Take For Sciatica To Go Away

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Sciatica can be either acute or chronic. An acute episode usually resolves itself within a few weeks. Some people experience several severe bouts of sciatica each year. Chronic sciatica is life long, and you can experience pain regularly, although the pain usually is milder than in an acute episode. Chronic sciatica doesn’t respond well to treatment. Lifestyle changes, such as exercising daily, practicing yoga, and losing weight can help to reduce discomfort from chronic sciatica. Surgery is a last resort option if no other treatments provide enough relief, and the pain and discomfort interfere with your daily activities.

Leg Pain Sciatica 300mg Gabapentin Three Times A Day Making It Worse

It started with a crawling feeling in my left foot, then one day my back started playing up.  I have always suffered a bit of sciatic pain on and off but this started and just didn’t go away.  Doc referred me to physio and it has just got worse and worse.  he said i had very sensitive nerves and i am now on 300mg gabapentin three times a day but the pain is just getting worse.  Pressure like pain in lower leg, pins and needles in foot, shooting pains in but,shin,and thigh.  i now have to sit when making dinner and if i stand for any time i have to stand on one leg,  Docs and physio just keep saying its going to take time but never say what it is prop.  physio just says i have sensative nerves and i am very bendy.

Tramadol For Back Pain

Tramadol is a type of opioid often prescribed for moderate or severe pain in adults. It is a synthetic form of codeine designed to have less potential for abuse than other opioids. Tramadol works in the brain to alter the bodys response to pain.

Tramadol is available as a generic and under brand names, including:

  • Ultram
  • Synapryn FusePaq
  • ConZip

Tramadol is generally prescribed to provide short-term pain relief. The body can develop a tolerance to tramadol quickly, making the dose less effective over time.

See The Difference Between Opioid Addiction and Physical Dependence

Tramadol is generally advised for just one or two weeks use, to reduce the risk of dependency. Also, the body develops a tolerance for tramadol quickly, making the dose less effective over time. The doctor may suggest a longer interval between doses for those older than 75.

Like all medications, tramadol has potential benefits and drawbacks. Understanding them may help people avoid tramadols side effects and risks.

Tramadol is available in several forms and strengths. Examples of tramadol formulations include:

Have I Recovered From Sciatic Nerve Pain

       Not 100%, but I am on the road there, I can feel it so please follow along with me so you dont have to take so many steps and waste so much time on things that might not work. Im still on that recovery track. But I see glimmers of light when I recently could walk around my yard and walk down the street without having to use my husbands arm as a crutch.

       I have been truly blessed to have health insurance throughout this journey but I have been without insurance many times in my life before and I would love to use this information to help those people too. Of course, I cannot help everyone not every person is going to react the same to medication or therapies so please always keep that in mind and consult a doctor first.

       But if you are like me I was willing to try anything to get rid of this horrible throbbing pain that I felt would never go away.

       Please see my other blog posts regarding the therapies that I used and equipment that I purchased to get better or at least to this point in my recovery. Which means being able to walk upright and sit like a normal person!

       Hope this blog will help anyone out there searching for ideas to deal with sciatic nerve pain.

How Long Did I Personally Use Tizanidine For

       In my case and my particular problem, I used it for 3 weeks. Heres why: I went to so many chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths, general practitioners, neurosurgeon, neurologist and after seeing my 4th Chiropractor, he actually got to a point that he just had to say you need to have some kind of pain relief steroid injection or medication so I can be more effective and get you better relief and to recover already.

       So after many months of severe sciatica and many therapies to go along with it I finally had someone that was pushing me to do something out of my comfort zone so back to my General practitioner I went and asked her to give me something and thats when she gave me the muscle relaxers and even then I only used it for a little while scared again of medications.

       Now only using ibuprofen or Tylenol at this point I went to see my friend who is a trigger point therapist and he gave me the last push I needed: he said to me get your muscle relaxers and start taking them all the time so I can actually get to the muscle thats hurting you because your muscles are so tight there is no way I could get in there and do any pain relieving techniques for you.       That was my point of a turnaround, when my friend that knows me well told me that to get going with my recovery I would have to take muscle relaxers and some pain relief medicines. Thats when I started with muscle relaxers and pain relief medication on a consistent every day 24 hours a day ritual.

This As Good As Painkillers For Low Back Pain

Plus, this medication isn’t addictive, expert says

HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Oct. 20, 2015 — Naproxen — a drug available over-the-counter and by prescription — appears to provide as much relief for low back pain as a narcotic painkiller or a muscle relaxant, a new study suggests.

The study compared the use of prescription-strength naproxen alone to the use of naproxen with the narcotic painkiller oxycodone with acetaminophen , or the muscle relaxant cyclobenzaprine . Patients who took a combination of drugs fared no better than when they took naproxen alone, the researchers said.

“Acute low back pain is a frustrating condition,” said lead researcher Dr. Benjamin Friedman, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

Many patients have already taken over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , such as naproxen or ibuprofen , before they arrive in the emergency room, he said. Some people may have taken insufficient doses at incorrect intervals and could be advised to optimize their NSAID regimen, he said.

“But for those patients who have already optimized their NSAID regimen, there are no additional medical therapies available,” Friedman said.

“We don’t have good medical treatment for acute low back pain,” he added.

The report was published Oct. 20 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“Most back pain gets better on its own without anything,” Danesh said.

When And Why I Stopped Using The Muscle Relaxer Tizanidine

       As you know by now at the three-week mark I decided to stop using tizanidine. I decided to do this cold turkey which was a complete disaster and a big mistake which is why I feel strongly like I shouldve tapered myself off of it. Later on, I read that thats what you have to do. Please consult your doctor never try to stop this medication without consulting your doctor first.

       In my experience, I got heart palpitations shortness of breath, headaches and just felt very sick and not realizing it had anything to do with stopping muscle relaxers so abruptly. So again please read about any drugs that you start or stop using dont go through what I went through it wouldve been better to just taper off of it slowly instead of going cold turkey. Very dangerous!

       Give your body a chance to recover to get back to where you were or you will be on this hamster wheel of pain for longer than you have to.

Back Pain :: Sciatica Pain Unrelated To Spine Bifida

I’m a teenager who suffers from Sciatica pain. Please note that doctors have not told me this, I googled it and Sciatica exactly describes my pain. I have Spina bifida occulta, but was told it shouldn’t cause me any pain. Not sure if that is relating to my pain. I had an X-RAY and an MRI and the doctor said it was fine… but that still does not explain my pain? It’s been going on for maybe 4-5 years?

Pregnancy :: Anyone Experienced Sciatica Pain


Has anyone experiencedsciatica pain? I went to my doctor yesterday for my 20 week check up and told her about the pain because it has started a couple days before. She referred to me a physical therapist for sciatica but who knows how long. Anyone have tips/tricks to help with this? Should/when should I call my doctor again since the pain has gotten worse. I can’t move,walk or stand without the pain being terrible. Defiantly a 9/10 at least.

Important Information About Nerve Pain Medication

All medicines can have side effects. Nerve pain medications may not ease the pain immediately. Its important to build up the dose slowly so the side effects dont outweigh the benefits.

You can ask your doctor or pharmacist about:

  • the side effects of your nerve pain medicines
  • the benefits
  • what to do if you miss a dose
  • what to do if you experience side effects

Talk to your doctor if you feel unwell when taking your medicines.

Do not stop or change your medicines without talking to your doctor.

Is It Ok To Take 8 Mg Of Tizanidine

       I personally was given 4 mg tablets of Tizanidine and my instructions were to take it three times a day. I never ventured past that or even close to that for that matter.

       Like I said, everyone is different and can react differently towards medications. 8mg seems excessive in my opinion but Im not a doctor. If you are considering that, I would ask the doctor that prescribed it to you. I never took 8mg or 2 tablets of 4mg all at once.

Transforaminal Morphine Effective For Lumbar Radicular Pain But Not Superior To Tramadol Injection

Transforaminal epidural steroid injections have become a more common approach to relieving chronic lumbar radicular pain, but until now, no published clinical reports had directly compared morphine with tramadol for that indication.

Transforaminal epidural steroid injections have become a more common approach to relieving chronic lumbar radicular pain, which radiates along the sciatic nerve, most commonly as a result of a herniated spinal disc. However, no published clinical reports had directly compared morphine with tramadol for that indication or even addressed the efficacy of morphine via TFEI in radicular pain until an analysis of the treatments was published in the July 2013 edition of the Korean Journal of Pain.

For the Comparison of Morphine and Tramadol in Transforaminal Epidural Injections for Lumbar Radicular Pain study, Chan Hong Park, MD, from the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at Daegu Wooridul Spine Hospital in Korea, randomized 59 patients diagnosed with the chronic neuropathic pain condition, also known as sciatica, to receive either TFEI of 0.2 percent ropivacaine in combination with 2.5 milligrams of morphine sulfate, or TFEI of 25 milligrams of tramadol which is trademarked as Ultram, Ultracet, Ryzolt, and ConZip in the US plus normal saline.

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Is Heat Or Cold Better For Sciatica Pain

For acute episodes, cold packs or ice can reduce inflammation, alleviating some of the pain. Cold packs are best applied for the first two to seven days of an acute episode, according to Once the acute pain has subsided, heat packs can be used to increase the flow of oxygen to the area.

Best Medications For Sciatica

There are many different choices of treatments for sciatica, and there is no “best” medication. What works for one person might not work for another. Everyone reacts differently to medicines, and it sometimes takes time to find the right drug and the correct dosage for you. Your doctor will take your medical condition, medical history, and other medication you are taking into consideration when suggesting a treatment for you.

Best medications for sciatica
  • Sleep on a firm mattress

Injected / Intravenous Nsaids

Some NSAIDs, can be injected into the sciatic region, or given to patients intravenously , to provide fast acting, short term relief from the pain and inflammation.

NSAID injections are typically used in acute and extremely painful cases, especially when walking and lack of muscle control is a problem.

Ketorolac or meloxicam can be injected or given intravenously in hospitals, and may be given as follow-up tablets to reduce for severe inflammation and pain. Treatment is usually limited to five days.

In most countries, NSAID injections are only provided by hospitals, under observation, because of the high risk of severe side effects, which increase with longer term use.

Warning: patients with high blood pressure, heart problems, or kidney problems should not be given injected or intravenous NSAIDs.

In addition to all of the usual side effects caused by tablet-form NSAIDs, injected or intravenous NSAIDs can many serious complications:

  • Water retention and severe swelling is common, as are skin rashes. Severebruising is also possible. Asthma patients may find fluid builds up in the lungs.
  • Many people have reported hallucinations, tremors and convulsions.
  • Stomach and digestion problems can be more severe than with tablet NSAIDs, with broken walls and intestinal bleeding reported.
  • Kidneys are damaged more quickly and more severely than with other NSAIDs, with kidney failure being the worst case.

What Can Be Done For Nerve Pain

The experience of nerve pain is described with a variety of terms: burning, hot poker, itching, tingling, lightening, shooting, electrical, and so on. In medical terms, words like hyperalgesia and allodynia are used. Hyperalgesia means that an area is overly sensitive to painful stimuli like a pinprick. Allodynia means that an area is overly sensitive to normally non-painful stimuli like light touch. Both of these phenomena are hallmarks for nerve pain.

Many common ailments cause nerve pain. The most recognizable cause of nerve pain is diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The nerve damage caused by abnormal blood sugar levels cause the nerve to dieback in a “stocking and glove” distribution. First, the area of the foot and ankle region is usually affected with numbness and tingling. As the neuropathy progresses, burning pain will begin as well. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a classic example of nerve pain that is generated in the periphery-in the outer most nerve branches. Other types of nerve pain are generated centrally. Examples of centrally mediated nerve pain include many of the pain syndromes like Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Fortunately, both types of nerve pain, peripheral and central, respond to the same types of medications.

Risk Assessment And Treatment Agreement

Xanax used for nerve pain

Your doctor will ask if you have a history of substance abuse , because opioids have the potential of addiction and abuse. If you have struggled with substance abuse, you are at a greater risk of becoming addicted to opioids. Some doctors have additional screening protocols for these risks, such as questionnaires and urine tests.

Before opioid therapy begins, your doctor explains his/her opioid policy with you. The policy may include instructionsdo not obtain analgesics from another prescriber, how refills are handled, keeping your drugs safe from others, use of a single pharmacy, and scheduled appointments. Signing a treatment contract confirms your opioid treatment agreement with the doctorthis is a standard practice, so dont feel embarrassed or offended. During opioid therapy your doctor monitors you to ensure the medication is safely helping you manage your pain. Monitoring usually includes random urine drug screens.

No Pain No Gain Mindset

This is a great way to build mental toughness, but a TERRIBLE way to rehabilitate your lower back. You need to learn how to pace yourself appropriately when returning from a back injury. You need to think of yourself like a marathon runner rather than a sprinter. If you come off the starting line at a 4-minute mile pace you are going to crash and burn before you know it.

Healing and pain are NOT the same thing. Asking, how long will it take to heal? is a totally different question than how long will it take for the pain to go away? You can be Pain Free with a back that is still healing if you learn how to pace appropriately. Avoiding painful postures can help desensitize angry nerves. Allowing you to do more activity with less pain over time.

Words of Wisdom: Understanding that hurt does does equal harm is just as important. A little bit of pain here and there is ok, but keep it to a minimum. If you can only tolerate walking, shopping, house work, etc. for a short period of time you need to do shorter, more frequent bouts of activity. This strategy over time will lead to steady progress without set backs.

Medications For Sciatic Pain

Kymberly Fergusson

Kymberly has managed many chronic illnesses for 25+ years, including sciatica, costochondritis, fibromyalgia, PTSD, endometriosis, and more.

As with most back pain, doctors are often reluctant to prescribe medications to treat sciatica. Studies of sciatic patients have had mixed results, with no one medication clearly helping more than another.

On the other hand, research has repeatedly found that back pain responds well to physical therapy and self-care. Bed rest is often avoided, as it has been shown to have no effect above normal activity.


I am not a doctor, but I have had extensive experience with sciatica and these medications. These days I’m mostly sciatic-pain-free with targeted stretches and physical therapy. I still have a handful of painful days each year, but I no experience the continuing agony I once had.

Strong pain medication tablets

Know Your Medications And Their Scientific Names

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  • Which medication is first recommended for new sciatica patients?
  • ibuprofen
  • Which medication best reduces fever?
  • acetominophen
  • Which medication is safe to give to children , for pain relief?
  • acetominophen
  • Which medication can be applied topically to relieve muscle inflammation?
  • acetominophen
  • Which medication is recommended for chronic tension headaches?
  • amitriptyline
  • Which medication class should people with kidney problems avoid if possible?
  • acetominophen
  • Which medication classes have a high rate of addition?
  • gabapentin
  • muscle relaxants and narcotics
  • NSAIDs, COX-2 inhibitors and aspirin
  • tramadol
  • Which medication is not a muscle relaxant?
  • cyclobenzaprine
  • Which medication can cause weight gain as a common side effect?
  • celebrex
  • Which medication raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes?
  • acetominophen
  • Which medication is harsh on the stomach and digestion, and can lead to ulcers?
  • acetominophen
  • Which medication can cause fatal liver damage if an overdose is taken?
  • acetominophen
  • muscle relaxants and narcotics
  • indomethacin
  • acetominophen
  • Best Pain Medication For Sacroiliac Joint Pain

            Lisa5326 said:Tylenol arthritis works for my mom and grandma for joint pain, i’ve never used that stuff cause it hasn’t ever worked. I think I saw on here that crohnies aren’t supposed to take that though.

              DanSJVDavis said:Hm. Wonder why. I was told that Tylenol is pretty much the only over the counter pain med that a Crohn’s patient should take. Wonder what makes the arthritis version different. I’ve taken the arthritis version and it helped somewhat, but not a whole lot.

              Santos61198 said:For those who take/have taken pain meds, what are/were you on? I’m trying to find something for my sacroiliac joint pain, as nothing I take even comes close to touching it. Not even the hard stuff. But I don’t want anything habit-forming. I had a problem with that stuff and migraines. Any advice? Suggestions? Experiences?I can’t sit, stand, walk, or lay down without being in such pain. Starting physical therapy soon…

                              Appropriate Opioid Use Special Considerations Potential Side Effects And Working With Your Prescriber To Maximize Control Of Your Back/neck Pain

                                Opioids are a misunderstood class of prescription pain medications. Because of certain controversies surrounding opioids, some doctors may shy away from prescribing them. Similarly, some patients may feel uncomfortable taking an opioid to reduce and manage back or neck pain because they’re afraid of becoming addicted.Opioids are powerful prescription-only analgesics. Photo Source: doctor may prescribe an opioid to help reduce and manage your moderate to severe pain that may be acute, chronic or episodic. Many causes of spine-related pain may fit into one of those descriptions, such as cancer and post-operative pain.

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