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Is A Massage Good For Neck Pain

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How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

the cost of regular massages from a professional massage therapist may be beyond your budget. If so a mid range percussion massager may be a good choice. You need to be aware of the manufacturers recommendations as to how to use the massage gun and not to spen doo much time concentrated in one area.

Many of these handheld percussio massagers have lower settings making it eaier for those with chronic pain to build up to a therepeutic level of massage with ease.

Can Neck Massagers Cause Injury

According to the NCCIH , the risk of massage injury from a masseuse is very low. The NCCIH states that there have been rare reports of blood clots, nerve injuries, and bone fractures.

People should follow the manufacturers instructions to reduce the risk of injury. If a person experiences any pain, they should stop using the massager immediately.

The Possible Rationale Of Mt For Relieving Pain

Assuming that MT was beneficial on relieving pain related to the neck and shoulder, the complex interplay of both physical and mental modes may provide a possible rationale. MT delivered to soft and connective tissues may induce local biochemical changes that modulate local blood circulation, improve muscle flexibility, intensify the movement of lymph, and loosen adherent connective tissue, which may alternately improve reuptake of local nociceptive and inflammatory mediators . These local effects may subsequently influence neural activity at the spinal cord segmental level, thereby modulating the activities of subcortical nuclei that influence pain perception .

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Relieve Back Pain With A Tennis Ball

Back pain can be caused due to numerous reasons that generally include muscle overuse and poor posture. To alleviate the pain, you can try the tennis ball massage. To relax your back and relieve pain you only need a couple of tennis balls!

1. Lie on your back. Knees should be bent and feet on the ground.

2. Lift your hips and place 2 tennis balls under your back.

3. Lie still for 60 seconds.

You can play with moving the balls around to target different muscle areas and find different points of tension.

For example, you can move down and up. Be careful not to roll over or press your spine into the tennis ball.

What Does Tens Do

Physiotherapy, Sports Massage Therapy What

TENS is generally used to relieve pain in acute and chronic pain patients who need immediate pain relief, although the effects of this therapy can last for about 24 hours with prolonged use. It can also be used to reduce spasms in the muscles, as stated by the NHS. These muscle spasms are often caused by period, arthritis, back pain, and various injuries caused by athletic activities.

A study found that TENS is also effective in treating delayed onset muscle soreness in athletes. Naturally, exercise is excellent at doing the same thing, but its not always practical. TENS, on the other hand, is easy to place in a pocket and use as needed.

TENS units are used either at low or high intensity. High-intensity electrical impulses average at 90 Hz, and some research has shown that TENS units are only effective at high intensities. In this setting, the impulses from TENS block pain signals that nerves send to the brain. In essence, the brain is too distracted to notice pain signals because of the TENS signals.

At lower intensities, this device claims to boost the production of endorphins, which are the bodys natural painkillers.

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Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager

Best for gentle heat

The Naipo neck massager uses 3D rotation kneading nodes that are suitable for use anywhere on the body. People will have to plug this product in to use it. The massager includes a power and a car adapter.

A person can choose from three levels of massage. The massager also uses consistent, gentle heat to soothe muscle aches and pains.

The Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager automatically switches off after 20 minutes.

Naipo offers a 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty.

At the time of publishing, the Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager has a list price of $79.99.

Best for trigger points

This massager is suitable for use on the neck, shoulders, and legs.

Voyor states that this massager mimics the feel of a masseuse and can help relieve pain.

This product is lightweight, weighing 310 grams. A person can control this device by squeezing or opening the handles to fit it around the parts of the body.

At the time of publishing, the Voyor Dual Trigger Point Shoulder Massager has a list price of around $20.

That One Time I Injured A Clients Nerves

Once upon a time I pushed my luck, and injured a patients cervical plexus this area where most people will probably never self-massage strongly. I injured him by applying strong pressures in a vulnerable area too quickly. It was one of my more reckless moments in a decade of mostly quite gentle massage.

He was alarmed and unhappy with me, of course, but his symptoms were minor: he had annoying flashes of moderate pain that slowly faded over about three weeks, and probably the worst thing about it was simply that he was less sure of his prognosis than I was. I knew hed get better steadily, but he didnt know if he could trust my opinion! Fair enough.

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You Might Get Sensory Injury

This happens more often than people may realize, and it is painful. Sensory pain can be due to a mistake made by the massage therapist, or it could have been there for a while already and it just got worse. Even those with psychological and emotional pain can make you vulnerable to massage pressure and pain.

Those who are most likely to suffer from this are people with neurological problems that makes them more sensitive to massage pressure. This is the reason why some people are more vulnerable to feeling pain after a massage.

This problem can be avoided by talking with your massage therapist and letting them know of the condition you have. Doing so allows your therapist to make the proper adjustment so you dont have to put up with more discomfort.

Sensory injury is a delicate matter and needs urgent attention. If youre exhibiting the symptoms then its important that you take the steps to get healed as soon as possible. While the odds of getting this condition alone from a neck massage isnt that high, its still best not to take that risk.

Why Deep Tissue Massage Is Effective For Neck Muscles

Massage For Neck Pain

Deep tissue massage is one of the types of massages that are used in massage therapy. This type of massage penetrates the lower layers of muscles using internal pressures and gentle strokes. This type of massage is used to treat chronic pain in various areas of the body such as the neck, back, leg muscles, and shoulder.According to an article published by the National Center for Health As well as another article conducted in 2013 on 12 different studies, it can be claimed that massage is useful for reducing neck and shoulder pain. Although the therapeutic effect of massage is short-lived, the results of various studies have shown that repeated body massage can cure neck pain for a long time.

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What Do You Need To Be Careful About When Getting A Massage

Here are some things you need to be mindful about when getting a neck massage:

  • Avoid taking from neck massages family and friends i.e. non-experts. If done the wrong way, it can lead to further tightening of the muscles and even spasms.
  • Inform your therapist if youre on blood thinners or similar medication that will cause you to bruise easily.
  • Be very thorough about the intensity and frequency of neck pain, as well as questions about lifestyle. Your honest and accurate answers will help your therapist choose the right techniques to help you.

Another thing to be mindful of during a neck massage is that the pain will first heighten before reducing. For more information, read our post on what NOT to do after a massage.

The Clients Who Heal And The Clients Who Dont

Let me explain this concept by creating a comparison between a hypothetical Client A and Client B.

Some clients bodies, like Client As, can heal from pain well through deeper work, stretching or trigger-point therapy. Then there are others, like Client B, in which that same treatment completely backfires, with the person having to go through days of pain and recovery after the treatment.

What is the difference? Why does the same treatment not work the same for both clients?

The answer is that Client B has more pain and inflammation. Because of those constant draining factors, people like Client B do not have the energy to help themselves heal.

This can present a difficult paradox for the therapist, as the client in more pain typically wants you to work out those knots so that he can feel better. Once we finish that deeper work, the client just feels worked over, yet believes he did something to help himselfwhich may or may not be true.

If a client has to recover from bodywork instead of feeling immediately better from that appointment, then whatever work was applied put her body into more pain and inflammation, and she did not have the energy to meet the new, additional demand created by the massage.

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Benefit #3 Reduces Migraine And Tension Headaches

While there is no study that proves the direct relation between neck massages and reduction in migraine attacks, neck massages do improve blood circulation in areas around the head, like the neck and shoulders. It also loosens up tender muscles in that area, reducing pressure, and improving the blood flow to the head, reducing the occurrence of headaches.

The best benefit of using regular neck massages to treat migraines is that they dont have any side-effects. Over time you may notice a decrease in the frequency and intensity of the headaches.

Massage For Neck Pain: How It Helps

Neck, Back and Face Massage

1. Massage around the clients spine can be soothing as the muscles that surround the cervical spine may alleviate tension within the neck. Moreover, any amount of touch and relaxation massage for neck pain may be beneficial.

Much of neck pain is chronic, and those who suffer from it may experience constant anxiety and excessive sympathetic nervous system activity in response to the pain.

2. While there is certainly validity to the approach of massaging the neck area that is sore or distressed, there are also theories that suggest different areas of the body are connected to others, such as the lower back being connected to the feet, so overall attention to the spine in general is important.

Research shows the clients emotional and physical health before experiencing a trauma like a car accident or sports injury has a lot do with how much pain they will experience afterwards.

3. This is part of the general belief in the power of prevention: massage for neck pain is not just for pain management, but for reducing the need for it before a trauma or accident even happens. At one time, this emphasis on pre-trauma health was assumptive but now is increasingly based on research and evidence.

4. Massage sessions scheduled at regular intervals will have the biggest benefit on neck pain.

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Larger Nerves Are Mostly Protected

The larger nerves and nerve roots the only nerves of any concern are mostly shielded by skin, fat, muscle, and bone. Its particularly unlikely that you could harm yourself by massaging in the location Peter asked about, on the back of the neck . The only prominent nerves in the back of the neck are the nerve roots, the bundles of nerve tissue that emerge from between each pair of vertebrae. But these are under at least a half inch of sturdy musculature, the meaty paraspinal muscles.

But not all nerves are well-protected, of course.

Soothe Upper Back Pain

The muscles in your upper back work really hard and you can relieve tension in them by yourself sometimes. You need to:

1. Stand straight.

2. Push your left arm slightly downward to apply pressure to the disturbing spot.

3. Keep applying pressure until you feel the trigger point release. Spend at least 30 seconds on each spot.

4. Move through the muscles surrounding the scapula and apply pressure at other trigger points. But be careful not to apply too much pressure.

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Neck Pain Is A Mysteryand Unfortunately There Is Not A Ton Of Research Out There To Determine The True Cause Of It

One of the general misconceptions for those who suffer from chronic or traumatic neck pain is the belief that the neck or vertebrates are out of alignment.

While there can certainly be something wrong with the neck joints, that rationale may be an oversimplification. Imagine a game of Jenga: It is not likely that there is a piece that is totally tilted or shifted, but rather the piece is tight or constricted.

It is also common for people to experience anxiety when it comes to neck pain, as the neck and spine area can seem vulnerable. Yet the truth is, most neck and spinal pain appears to not have a serious cause and likely will eventually sort itself out, especially with the help of massage therapy.

After 20 years as a practicing massage therapist, I am continually learning about this subject. I would like to thank Paul Ingraham for all of the writing he has done on this subject, for helping to dispel some of the myths floating around, and for providing much of the information I am sharing with you.

Best Massagers For Neck And Backs

Relieve neck pain and tension with self-massage

Here we have populated the best Massagers for neck and backs based on you. If you are looking for Massagers for neck and backs then you have come to the right place. Please read continue to learn more about the various options available. In this Best Review Report, we have reviewed all the products and generated the best options available today for you.

We personally spent around 39 hours just to found the best Massagers for neck and backs for you that you can truly fall in love. By doing thorough research, we have found out that Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Music is the perfect fit for your needs which also comes with the features that you have never heard before. This is the best choice currently available in the market at the best price. However, if you dont want to spend extra than you should go with the Back Massager, WOQQW Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager, Deeper Tissue Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders,Waist,Legs,Foot, Body Relieve Muscle Pain Best Gift for Women/Men/Dad/Mom. Here we also have the top 10 best Massagers for neck and backs just for you.

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How Does Neckrelax Work

The NeckRelax gadget works as a neck massager to reduce neck pain without using any kind of medication.

  • Attach the NeckRelax straps where you find it practical and useful.
  • Lie down straight.
  • Slowly put your head on the swing and relax.

There are many types of severe pain I can avoid or relieve pain:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Tight muscles
  • The cervical spine expands and the blood circulation is stimulated. The muscles, ligaments, and nerves are better supplied with oxygen. This is how mobility is promoted. Pain is significantly reduced.

    Massage Therapy Helps Ease Neck And Back Pain

      Massage is a popular therapy used to relieve muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, fluid retention, aches, stiffness, and pain. Other benefits include improved circulation , general flexibility, range of motion, and increased tissue elasticity .

      During treatment, the physical therapist or massage therapist may include localized massage as a prelude to exercise. Massage increases circulation and warms muscles and other soft tissues . Another type of massage includes full-body massage, which often leaves the patient feeling relaxed and free of anxiety.During treatment, the physical therapist or massage therapist may include localized massage. Photo Source:

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      Be Assertive Politely Demand The Pressure You Want

      A reader told me this alarming story by email, a typical example of unpleasantly intense massage therapy:

      My massage therapist has been doing massages for 30 years. He is really aggressive. I thought that I was going to die. The pain was so intense that I honestly feel that it was worse than having children. When the massage was complete, I felt relaxed. When I got home I felt exhausted, like I had been in a major accident. Truthfully I feel like crap. I ache from head to toe, what the heck is this? I feel absolutely horrible. I had a bath before bed and it did help somewhat. But this morning I still feel like hell

      an anonymous reader

      Its tough to be assertive with a therapist like that! How much luck do you think most new clients would have telling an aggressive 30-year veteran of massage therapy to ease up, please? The trouble with most therapists like this is that they are set in their ways and are not communicative, respectful, or cautious.

      Youd hope this sort of thing would be rare, but its not. Readers regularly tell me about massage therapists who do not ask them what they want, who dismiss their patients concerns about pressure, and who ignore signs that their clients are in pain. They display a doctor knows best arrogance ironic for an alternative health care professional imposing their own idea of the right intensity.

      The Answer to the Pressure question begins with three flavours of pain

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