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How To Treat Neck Pain From Whiplash

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Q: How Is Whiplash Treated

Getting rid of neck pain from whiplash

A: Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatories and/or muscle relaxers. Applying heat to the area might also help loosen tight muscles.

Thepurpose of treatment is to regain your range of motion as quickly as possible.We start physical therapy early and focus onstretching, rotating and moving the neck back and forth. We very rarely advisepatients to wear;a soft neck collar, as wed rather keep the joints andmuscles moving than immobilize them.

Youcan do exercises at home to help alleviate the pain. Do these three to fourtimes a day for a few minutes:

  • Rotate your neck side to side gradually, far enough to stretch your muscles, but avoid causing pain.
  • Tilt your head side to side, as if you are holding your phone between your ear and shoulder.
  • Move the neck forward toward the chest and backward.
  • Roll your shoulders in circles.
  • Ifyou are still feeling significant pain after three months, its a good idea toask your doctor to evaluate your condition. He or she may then recommendfurther treatment, if needed.

    What Else Is Involved In The Treatment Of Whiplash

    Besides neck exercises, whiplash treatment is multi-faceted. Your doctor, in conjunction with your physiotherapist, will come up with a treatment plan that can include the use of prescription painkillers to help with pain management, massage, icing and heating the affected area, wearing a neck brace or collar for a short period of time, and ultrasound therapy.

    How Long Will It Take Me To Recover

    Recovering from the symptoms of whiplash could take weeks, or maybe months. Seeing a doctor immediately following your accident improves your recovery time. Your recovery time might be shorter if you are younger. Studies have proven that the mental state of the victim has an impact on recovering from whiplash.

    Modern day therapy includes physiotherapy, exercise, and chiropractic therapy, which has been found to be very effective in recovering from symptoms.

    How quickly someone recovers from whiplash depends on a variety of factors. Your accident doctor is best to determine this since its usually on a case by case basis. Physical condition, age, extent of injury all plays a role in the recovery process.

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    How Would You Know That You Have Whiplash

    Whiplash symptoms can range from mild to severe, however the mechanism of injury will typically involve a throwing back and forth of the head. If the symptoms above are present, its a good idea to get a medical opinion.

    Heres what the doctors will do to determine if your pain is whiplash


    The doctor will ask you questions related to your symptoms and any recent event such as a fall or car accident that might be the cause of your pain.;Your doctor can derive a lot of information about your pain simply by asking questions in the history taking.


  • Your doctor will examine your neck with palpation of the affected areas.

  • The doctor will ask you to do some movements of your head and neck in order to test the range of motion. These movements include: lateral flexion , rotation , forward flexion, and extension.;

  • Next up are orthopaedic tests, which as specific movements that look to aggrevate areas that are effected. Pain on these movements will help highlight the structures that are affected

  • No physical exam is complete without a neurological screen, in which you nerves are tested for responsiveness, sensation, and power.

  • Imaging Tests:

    Although a whiplash injury is not typicallly diagnosed through imaging, your doctor might order tests in order to exclude fractures or any other condition that could be making your pain worse. Below are the typical imaging tests your doctor may order.

  • X-ray: to identify fractures or dislocations;

  • How Physiotherapy Can Help

    Neck Pain

    Physiotherapists support an active approach to the treatment of neck pain. Once the injury has been assessed to ensure there is no serious injury like a fracture or ligament tear, exercises may be prescribed to help you regain movement, strength, and ability to perform activities that are important to you. In addition, physiotherapists may assist with short-term pain relief through manual therapy, ice and / or heat applications and relaxation techniques. Education about neck pain, what to expect during your recovery, and how you can manage your neck pain are additional components of the physiotherapy rehabilitation program.

    It is common for people who have experienced a neck injury to feel occasional pain or stiffness, even several years later. It is therefore wise to make good neck health practices a part of your daily routine. While you do not need to constantly sit perfectly straight, becoming aware of your postures, especially sustained postures that either increase or decrease your pain, and setting timers to remind you to move every hour or so is an example of such practice. Sleep can sometimes be difficult with neck pain, so finding a mattress and pillow that you find comfortable may be a worthy investment. Many stores will allow you to test drive pillows and mattresses, so you may want to take advantage of that, to find one that works for you.

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    When Should I See My Doctor

    You should see a doctor if you have had a motor vehicle accident or an injury thats causing pain and stiffness in your neck.

    If there is any suspicion that the injury was not the result of an accident, and that it was deliberately inflicted, you should seek help from a healthcare professional as soon as possible. This could be a nurse or doctor at a hospital emergency department or doctors surgery, or a health visitor or school nurse. If you are unsure who to speak to, call healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222 to discuss your concerns.

    How To Cure Whiplash In Wrightsville

      Whiplash can be a common injury in some car accidents. No one wishes to suffer car accidents in Wrightsville. This dread of collisions is because they can leave you with extensive injuries or even disability. Unfortunately, however, many car accident victims dont know how to treat whiplash. So, if you sustain whiplash in a car crash, itll help to employ the services of a Wrightsville car accident attorney.

      Indeed no matter the lawyers experience, they cannot cure your wounds. However, they can direct you to preferred Wrightsville medical personnel wholl take good care of you. Furthermore, an excellent attorney can help you recover your medical bills and other forms of compensation from the fault party.

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      What Are Common Symptoms Of Whiplash

      Spine Health describes whiplash as forming when the neck and head jerk back and forth by a sudden force, putting the cervical spine through rapid movement and extreme stress. When we experience whiplash, the muscles, discs, nerves, and tendons in your neck become irritated and inflamed. There are many common symptoms of whiplash; consider the following for some examples:

      • Neck pain and stiffness
      • Concentration or memory problems
      • Tiredness

      Indications of an injury might not show at the time sustained. They may not surface until 24 hours after the accident. While most individuals who encounter whiplash injuries recover in less than three weeks, some encounter chronic pain for more extended periods of time.

      Treatments For Whiplash Injuries

      How We Treat Whiplash | Physical Therapy

      If you are suffering from moderate or lower level of whiplash, here are some home remedies that you can try out. However, these remedies alone wont have a long-term effect on your pain; they can only provide a temporary relaxation or relief. For permanent treatment, you should seek for a proper medical treatment from an accident doctor.

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      What Is Chronic Pain

      Chronic pain can be defined a number of ways. Some use time frame to define chronic pain.; For example, pain that has been persistent longer than 12 weeks can be considered chronic. ; Usually chronic pain is pain that is no longer related to inflammation and related to and injury that has not healed correctly.

      What You Can Do To Prepare For Your Appointment:

      If you are going to see a physician or physiotherapist regarding a whiplash injury, there are steps you can take to prepare for your appointment and ensure that you communicate everything you need to, to the medical professional.

      Preparation List:

      • Write down detailed descriptions of your symptoms including when/which movements create more pain and when you feel relief.
      • Be prepared to discuss exactly what happened when the accident occurred, when your symptoms arose and what treatments you used to treat the neck strain.
      • In addition, keep note of all medications and supplements you currently take and
      • be prepared to discuss your medical history.
      • Finally, it is a good idea to write down any questions or concerns you would like to ask your doctor or physiotherapist so you do not forget to ask them.

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      Do I Need To Wear A Neck Collar

      This question is best left to your Physiotherapist and should be addressed on an individual basis. In general, the current thinking suggests most people dont require a collar and early movement in a comfortable range helps recovery. However, some people may benefit from occasional collar use for certain tasks, such as prolonged desk work or sleeping. Your Physiotherapist can advise you of the pros and cons of collar use to allow you to make an informed decision.

      Chiropractic Treatment: Neck Pain And Whiplash

      Do you have whiplash pain? Want to get better? You can ...

      June 3, 2015 by Dr.D.C.Hurd

      Whiplash is a generic term used to describe a hyper extension and flexion injury to the neck.; It is a soft tissue injury to the neck. Often associated with car accidents , whiplash is a serious injury.

      Did you know that whiplash injuries arent limited to car accidents? While whiplash can occur after an automobile accident, it can also be caused by a fall, a sports injury, or anytime theres a sudden jolt of the head.

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      Why Patients Hesitate To Get Medical Treatment For Whiplash

      Some patients attempt to avoid medical treatment for whiplash injuries.; They believe that whiplash injuries are not serious and will simply go away over time.; This is possibly the worst choice you can make when dealing with whiplash injuries.; Delayed treatment can lead to unnecessary surgery, elevated and lasting pain, stiffness, and increased medical bills.

      Many patients have a tendency to underestimate their whiplash injuries.; Pain onset from whiplash can take days or even weeks to feel, which makes it easy to disregard.; The general misunderstanding is that whiplash is only stiffness or neck pain.; Whiplash is a general term used to describe a number of spinal injuries.; Stiffness and neck pain is generally a sign of deeper tissue or spinal damage.

      What Are The Symptoms Of A Whiplash Neck Sprain

      • Pain and stiffness in the neck. It may take several hours after the accident for symptoms to appear. The pain and stiffness often become worse on the day after the accident. In about half of cases, the pain first develops the day after the accident.
      • Turning or bending the neck may be difficult.
      • You may also feel pain or stiffness in the shoulders or down the arms.
      • There may be pain and stiffness in the upper and lower part of the back.
      • Headache is a common symptom.
      • Dizziness, blurred vision, pain in the jaw or pain on swallowing, and unusual sensations of the facial skin may occur for a short while, but soon go. Tell a doctor if any of these persist.
      • Some people feel tired and irritable for a few days and find it difficult to concentrate.

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      How Is A Whiplash Neck Sprain Diagnosed

      Your doctor will usually be able to diagnose whiplash from the description of the way the accident occurred, the typical symptoms, and by examining you. An examination of your neck and arms can check that there are no signs of damage to the bones of your spine or to your spinal nerves or spinal cord. If these are suspected then further tests may be recommended.

      Secret #5: Take Note Of Things To Avoid

      Best Treatment for Whiplash Injury – Prolotherapy

      Weve included a great many things that you should and can do to help your injury heal faster and prevent pain, now its time to talk about the things you should NOT do:

      • Avoid carrying a bag, backpack, or purse that weighs more than 2 pounds at first.;
      • Dont delay treatment!
      • Dont wear a neck brace for more than 1 week.
      • Dont pull on the head or attempt anything that might involve adding pressure to your head and/or neck
      • Dont wear a helmet or other type of headgear
      • Unless under the direction of your chiropractor, do not attempt any type of exercise, stretching, yoga, or sports, no matter how mild.
      • Avoid making any sudden moves, such as turning your head suddenly to look at something.
      • Dont drive until you can turn your head with only minimal pain
      • Return to work or daily activities as soon as you feel able to. You dont need to be 100% recovered. If you are unsure whether you are well enough, speak to your chiropractor.
      • Consider returning to your normal activities part-time to see if your neck pain becomes worse
      • Do not over-rely on pain killers.

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      How Is Whiplash Diagnosed

      Healthcare providers can usually diagnose whiplash by examining your symptoms and asking you questions about your injury. CT scans or magnetic resonance imaging can show details of damaged soft tissues , though they may not always be required. Your healthcare provider may diagnose a whiplash injury with a physical exam alone.

      Minimally Invasive Whiplash Surgery

      In some cases, severe damage to the neck and cervical spine may require the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon. If a car accident or other major trauma led to a ruptured disc or spinal stenosis , surgery may be your best option. Luckily, there are numerous minimally invasive options available. By recruiting the latest technology, these procedures use small incisions and specialized medical equipment to reduce damage to nearby soft tissues. As a result, you can expect less pain after surgery and quicker recovery times.

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      Can Whiplash Have Complications

      Unfortunately, yes. While most people will feel better within a few weeks after treatment, some people continue to experience pain and stiffness for months, and sometimes even years, afterwards.

      Whiplash injuries can result in chronic neck pain.;In a 2016 study, researchers found that nearly 40 percent of people with whiplash still experienced pain and a lower quality of life as much as 5 years after their accident.

      Why does this occur to some people and not others? No one is quite sure, although some researchers have suggested that this lingering main might be due more to trauma than actual injury, there are indicators that you might have lingering complications.

      Some of the symptoms which indicate that you might have long lasting complications include:

      • If your symptoms started rapidly and became intense quickly
      • Severe neck pain
      • Previous or existing neck pain
      • Over the age of 50

      Tell your chiropractor if any of the above symptoms apply to you so that they can provide you with the best possible care.

      How Is A Whiplash Treated

      Whiplash Treatment Options

      Your healthcare provider will determine specific treatment for whiplash, based on:

      • Your age, overall health, and medical history

      • Extent of your injury

      • Your tolerance for specific medicines, procedures, or therapies

      • Expectations for the course of your injury

      • Your opinion or preference

      • Ice applications for the first 24 hours

      • Cervical collar

      • Gentle, active movement after 24 hours

      • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines

      • Muscle relaxing medicines

      • Osteopathic manipulation

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      Secret #7: Remember That Attitude Matters

      Whether you believe in the power of positive thinking or not, there is scientific evidence that backs up the power of your thoughts.

      In a 2013 study, researchers found that the different approaches people used to deal with their whiplash influenced their recovery time. Those who had more passive means of coping, such as withdrawing from social activities, feeling pity for themselves, and wishing for or trying to obtain better pain medication had slower recoveries than those who had positive attitudes and took on feelings of responsibility for their own healing.

      How Long Does Whiplash Last

      With whiplash pain, theres usually a 12-24 hour delay between the time the injury takes place and the time the pain and stiffness sets in. Its also not uncommon for whiplash to become more painful as the days go by. It can take anywhere from a few days, to one week or even months for whiplash symptoms to cease. Some people continue to experience a certain degree of neck pain even after a year. This is where a chiropractor can help with whiplash .

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      Practical Management Of Whiplash: A Guide For Patients

      Despite the new evidence about the mechanics of whiplash and the overriding social and legal implications of whiplash, physicians still are called upon to offer practical self-help advice to their patients on what they can or cannot do. The consensus on whiplash management is currently settling upon a combination of therapeutic approaches, which include patient information, reassurance, and mobilization or activation through neck-specific exercises. This approach has not been scientifically validated, but is a synthesis of the best current evidence. The following hand-out approach was first authored by the Physical Medicine Research Foundation in its work on the BC Whiplash Initiative, under the name;Neck Talk,;and is based on the works in this edition of the;BC Medical Journal;as well as previous review publications that developed from the World Congress on Whiplash, Vancouver 1999, which also included works from the Quebec Task Force.

      Please photocopy and freely distribute the following pages to patients .

      Competing interests

      During the years about 1996 to 1999 Dr Allen received honoraria, fees for speaking, fees for organizing education, and reimbursement from the Physical Medicine Research Foundation for matters related to the British Columbia Whiplash Initiative. PMRF was funded by a research grant from the Insurance Corporation of BC . Dr Allen is no longer involved with PMRF or ICBC.

      Practical management of whiplash – Patient handout;- PDF format;

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