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How To Sleep Avoid Neck Pain

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The Worst Sleeping Positions

How to Sleep to Avoid Neck Pain

The worst sleeping position is sleeping with your knees bent and drawn up to your chin with the chin bent down, creating a curled up ball-like position. This not only causes multiple neck and back pains, but also restricts your breathing.

Sleeping on your stomach is also a bad position that strains your neck and creates back pain.

Since it requires you to tilt your head to face one way or another, it strains your neck. This position causes back pain because it doesnt properly support your spine.

At Health by Logic, we provide chiropractic care to relieve back and neck pain in Beavercreek, Ohio that can be caused by sleeping incorrectly. If youre waking up in pain, make sure to schedule a consultation today!

Best Way To Sleep With Neck Pain

Your spine naturally arches in three places. It curves forward at your neck and lower back. It curves the other way in your upper back. Setting up your bed to best maintain these natural curves can help you minimize neck or back pain.

Many people find that using a memory foam helps them manage their neck pain. A 2019 study found that combining a viscoelastic polyurethane memory foam pillow with chiropractic treatment was more effective than chiropractic treatment alone.

You can also try using a soft feather pillow that forms to your head or a pillow with cervical support.

If you sleep on your back:

  • Use a thin pillow. A thin pillow lets you keep your upper spine in its natural position with a slight forward curve.
  • Try a cervical pillow. A cervical pillow supports your neck and head to keep them in a neutral position.
  • Use a supportive mattress. If your mattress is too soft, you may find that you sink into it and your back rounds.

When sleeping on your side:

  • Avoid overly high pillows. Ideally, your pillow should be a height that keeps your ears stacked vertically over each other. If your pillow is too high or low, your neck will bend and you may develop pain over time.
  • Keep chin neutral. Try to avoid tucking your chin if youre sleeping in the fetal position. Tucking your chin positions your head forward.
  • Try putting a pillow between your knees. Putting a pillow between your knees helps keep your lower spine in alignment.

Support The Space Between Your Ribcage And Pelvis

Once you successfully find the best mattress for you, the next thing is supporting the space between your ribcage and pelvis while you sleep.

When it comes to sleeping comfort is key. Your sleep position is key determinant in the comfort of your sleep. Some people prefer a side sleeping position while others are more comfortable sleeping on their back. The tips in this blog are not just for someone whos had a compression fracture but are helpful for any type of back pain or neck pain from motor vehicle accidents to common sprains and strains.

Im going to cover this because its equally as important whether youre a side sleeper or a back sleeper. In either case, you need to support the space where the ribcage ends and the pelvis starts. We have a little space there that tends to be unsupported when were sleeping, whether its on our side or on our back.

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What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

Two sleeping positions are easiest on the neck: on your side or on your back. If you sleep on your back, choose a rounded pillow to support the natural curve of your neck, with a flatter pillow cushioning your head. This can be achieved by tucking a small neck roll into the pillowcase of a flatter, softer pillow, or by using a special pillow that has a built-in neck support with an indentation for the head to rest in. Here are some additional tips for side- and back-sleepers:

  • Try using a feather pillow, which easily conforms to the shape of the neck. Feather pillows will collapse over time, however, and should be replaced every year or so.
  • Another option is a traditionally shaped pillow with “memory foam” that conforms to the contour of your head and neck. Some cervical pillows are also made with memory foam. Manufacturers of memory-foam pillows claim they help foster proper spinal alignment.
  • Avoid using too high or stiff a pillow, which keeps the neck flexed overnight and can result in morning pain and stiffness.
  • If you sleep on your side, keep your spine straight by using a pillow that is higher under your neck than your head.
  • When you are riding in a plane, train, or car, or even just reclining to watch TV, a horseshoe-shaped pillow can support your neck and prevent your head from dropping to one side if you doze. If the pillow is too large behind the neck, however, it will force your head forward.
  • How To Sleep With Neck Pain

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    This article was medically reviewed by Jarod Carter, DPT, CMT. Jarod Carter is a Physical Therapist, Consultant, and the Owner of Carter Physiotherapy, a manual physical therapy clinic in Austin, Texas focused on manual therapy as well as telehealth services to resolve pain and injuries. Dr. Carter has over 15 years of professional physical therapy experience. He received a DPT and an MTC from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Dr. Carter also holds a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin. This article has been viewed 130,616 times.

    Sleeping with neck pain can be painful and frustrating. However, protecting your neck and keeping your sleep pain-free is possible! Start by selecting a sleep position that will cushion and support, rather than agitate your neck. Then, use sleep supports and make your bedroom cozy so you can get a good nights sleep, despite your neck pain.

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    Dont Use Your Phone Too Much

    It is already mentioned in this article that using your phone is can be one of the causes of your neck pain. Which is why if you have neck pain, avoid using your phone.

    You will have the tendency to tilt your head downwards and stay that way or too long. And this can add more stress around your neck that can worsen the pain. Only use your phone for a few minutes when needed.

    Visit Panther Physical Therapy For Stiff Neck And Shoulder Pain Treatment

    Do you have trouble sleeping due to a stiff neck and shoulder? Physical therapy can help reduce shoulder and neck pain, so you can enjoy more of your favorite activities and get a better nights sleep. Our team at Panther Physical Therapy can examine your neck and shoulder and work on a treatment that can help you reduce your pain and stiffness, especially while sleeping. Contact our team for more information about how to sleep with a stiff neck and shoulder or to schedule an initial appointment.

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    Choose A Supportive Mattress

    A supportive mattress can go a long way in keeping you comfortable and in proper alignment while you sleep. The kind of support you need from a mattress has a lot to do with your body type and your sleeping position.

    Body Type
    Stomach or BackFirm

    Lightweight sleepers are typically best supported on softer mattresses, while heavier people need a firmer mattress to offer the best support.

    Side sleepers need softer mattresses that contour to their body to alleviate pressure in the hips and shoulders, while back and stomach sleepers need a more firm mattress to keep their spine aligned.

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    Consider Your Sleep Position

    How To Sleep To Avoid Back And Neck Pain

    You may be surprised to learn that, according to the physical therapists at PRO~PT, there is no best sleeping position.

    Each person has their own unique and personal way of sleeping, and as long as it gives them a good, pain-free nights sleep, its the right position for them.

    If youre waking up with a sore neck, there are a few things you may want to consider:

    • Is your head or neck situated at an awkward angle? If you spend an extended amount of time in a problematic position, you may find that youre experiencing overstretched and overstressed muscles and joints.
    • Do you find you wake up in pain after sleeping in a certain position? Try a new position for the next night. For example, if you are a stomach sleeper, you might try laying on your back or side.

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    Tips How To Avoid Neck And Back Pain While Sleeping

    My patients are always asking on the best positions to have when sleeping to avoid neck and back pain.

    Although neck and back pain can be caused by a large number of reasons, for simplicity, lets explore the most common mechanical reasons for this type of pain. Just as low back pain can be caused by misalignment of joints in the spine the same can be said for neck pain. People often Often believe that their low back pain has nothing to do with their neck pain and vice-versa. But because of the close relationship of the vertebrae in the neck to working in reciprocity with the vertebrae of the spine in the low back, these two types of pains are almost always related to one another. This is largely due to the Lovett Brother relationship of the top vertebrae to the ones in the lumbar spine or low back.

    Tip 1: Due to the above explanation avoid tummy sleeping and if you do limit this to a very short time until you find your comfortable position

    Tip 2: If sleeping on your side, try to avoid having a pillow that will raise your head above the line of your spine. Your spine should be aligned with your neck as the image here shows.

    Tip 3: If sleeping on your side and if you are currently suffering from pelvis or low back pain, try to use a small pillow in between your knees.

    Best Pillow For Neck Pain For Back Sleepers: Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Contour Pillows For Neck And Shoulder Pain $50

    To recap, back sleepers need something relatively flat and can forgo pillows entirely if they so choose. But if youâre someone who loves a little bit of supportor a lot a bit of supporttry a cervical memory foam pillow. Also, consider pairing it with a pillow under your knees to get the slight curve thatâs necessary for lumbar alignment.

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    Chiropractic Adjustment To Ease Neck Pain

    Cervical spine manipulation to relieve neck pain in Jacksonville is a common chiropractic technique. Chiropractors manipulate problematic areas such as the neck, upper back, and shoulder or arm and treat those who have headache. Most people with cervical spine conditions go to a chiropractor as their first choice for treatment.

    Chiropractors understand that treatment goals include reducing pain, improving motion, and restoring the head and neck functions. However, only those who have supplied complete information regarding patient history and have had a physical examination can be given chiropractic treatment.

    If you live in Jacksonville please contact us at Meridian Integrative Wellness under the supervision of Dr. Nhat Nguyen for a for a free consultation.

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    Get Your Day Started Right The Night Before

    10 Home Remedies For Neck Pain That Give Quick Relief

    Remember when we mentioned finding out which movements hurt and which ones do not? If your neck hurts shortly after or as you are waking reconsider how your body may have moved as you slept.

    You may also experience pain through one or both shoulder blades or up through the back of your head. Your neck, shoulders, back, and legs should stay aligned as you sleep. If your head dips in a way that stretches one side of your body more than the other, this creates undue stress on your neuromuscular system.

    Pain may not sound like a desired result of a sleeping position. However, it can actually serve as your friend. A crick in the neck can act as an alert that your body was not able to rest in a position that is safe for your muscles and nerves. If continued or repeated, more serious conditions can develop within your spine.

    Check out these tips to prevent neck pain from sleeping.

    1. Plan to alter your position safely

    Have multiple comfortable positions ready to trade out when you wake up in the middle of the night. This simple concept can make a powerful difference.

    We are seldom in a mood to reconfigure the bed at 2:00 pm. Why not just plan for this and be ready to switch gears more easily?

    2. Choose your pillow wisely

    You should be able to envision a line from head to toe that is reasonably straight.

    This guide will help you choose a suitable pillow for yourself:

    3. Ensure that your mattress or sleeping surface fits you

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    Are You Frequently Experiencing Neck Or Back Pain

    If you answered yes to this question, its possible that you are sleeping each night in an awkward position. It is important to choose a pillow that is at the perfect height for your unique neck and spine. With so many options on the market, this can sometimes be an arduous task.

    For a little help with determining which pillow would be best for help with neck pain, you can consult our recommendations. For those with back pain, its a good idea to take a look at your particular sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper, then you might be an exception to the one pillow rule.

    Consider Your Sleep Environment

    If you suspect cold air blowing directly on your neck might cause a stiff neck from muscle cramps, make adjustments to prevent that from happening. Pay attention to any nearby fans, vents or open windows.

    If a stiff neck is accompanied by a severe headache, fever, arm tingling or weakness, or other troubling symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

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    How To Create Space Between Your Ribcage And Pelvis

    Here are the steps to creating a support for the space between your ribcage and pelvis:

    • Start by finding a towel thats the perfect size for you.
    • A hand-towel size generally works well.
    • If you do not find the perfect size for you, cut a towel. Youre worth it. Watch the video above if youre not sure of the towel size before cutting.
    • Find one of your softer belts, a belt from a bathrobe or one of the older loop belts works well.
    • Take the belt and rest it on one edge of the towel.
    • Next roll the towel and the belt together. Youre creating is a little supported belt for your waist.
    • The towel has to be wide enough so that it sits on both sides of your waist. Its got to come around so its sitting on the waist itself and leaves me enough space that I can actually tie it in the front, or enough end of my belt that I can tie it in the front.
    • Whether Im lying on my side or on my back, the towel roll will support my spine.

    This is not something that you have to do if you dont have back pain. But certainly if you have back pain, it just gives you more support. Individuals with disc pain will appreciate the support. If however, your back pain is coming from spinal stenosis or facet joint irritation you may benefit from the support while on your side but should not use it if you are a back sleeper.

    Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain

    How to Sleep To Avoid Neck Pain

    The best sleeping position for lower back pain is widely considered to be on your back. This position distributes the weight along the entire spine. Placing a pillow under your knees will help to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

    For those who sleep on their side, placing a firm pillow between the knees helps to maintain the natural alignment of the hips, pelvis and spine. However, if you are a side sleeper, try to alternate sides. This will help to avoid muscle imbalance and perhaps even scoliosis. In addition, side sleeping in a curled-up fetal position may help those with herniated disc pain.

    Lying on your stomach is considered the worst sleeping position for back pain. However, if it is difficult to change sleeping positions, place a thin pillow underneath your hips and stomach to improve the alignment of the spine.

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    How To Avoid Neck Pain While Sleeping

    Sleeping With Neck Pain And 9 Ways To Prevent It

    Neck pain is one of the most common things that a lot of people are experiencing. It doesnt matter how old you are, Im pretty sure you have experienced neck pain at least once or twice. According to William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR of Medicine Net that neck pain is a common disorder or disease where some tissues around the neck are involved.

    Having a neck pain can disturb your comfortability when you sleep. It will also give you trouble sleeping because of the pain in your neck.

    Our necks are connected to our spine. This is why we need to take extra care of it because it is the link of our skull to our body.

    Neck pain happens mostly because of the misuse of the muscles around your neck. Stress around your neck is one of the main causes of neck pain. One of the common stressors of your neck is the way you position yourself when you sleep and looking down on your computer for hours.

    This can cause a lot of stress around your neck and might last for a day or two. Neck pain is also associated and caused by an injury, disease or the environment.

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