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How To Relieve Shoulder Pain From Sleeping Wrong

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Osteoarthritis Of The Shoulder

Shoulder Pain After Sleeping Treatment Options | Baltimore Chiropractor

Osteoarthritis happens when cartilage, which provides cushioning between your bones, begins to break down. It can affect various joints throughout the body, including your shoulder.

Shoulder osteoarthritis can naturally occur as you age. It can also happen due to previous injuries that affected the shoulder joint, such as a rotator cuff tear or a dislocated shoulder.

Symptoms of shoulder osteoarthritis can include:

  • pain, which is initially worse when you move your shoulder but can eventually occur while at rest or while sleeping
  • stiffness or loss of range of motion
  • grinding or clicking sounds that happen when you move your shoulder

Treatment can include using oral or topical pain relievers as well as specific physical therapy exercises for arthritis in the shoulder.

Corticosteroid injections can also help with inflammation. Surgery may be recommended if nonsurgical treatments dont help relieve your shoulder pain.

How To Sleep On Your Side Without Hurting Your Shoulder

Sometimes you just have to sleep on your side, but you surely do not want to hurt your shoulder. You should, however, know that medical experts advise against sleeping on the left side. Sleeping on the left is associated with acid reflux due to the natural orientation of the human stomach.

An optimal mattress can help you sleep better. The best type is memory foam. The memory foam relieves pressure off your shoulder and hip regions, reducing the chances of hurting your shoulder.

A memory foam mattress does not guarantee your shoulder wonât hurt. Try reinforcing it with a good pillow. The pillow should support the head sufficiently without lifting it too much. You could also try a memory foam pillow.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your stomach can cause your neck to hang sideways for hours, leading to muscle tension, pain, and stiffness when you wake up in the morning.

To fix this, sleep with a healthier, more scientific sleeping position: sleeping on your side or on your back.

If you sleep on your side, try placing a small pillow between your legs. This can help maintain the alignment of your neck with your spine, thereby reducing neck and shoulder pain in the morning.

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Take A Shower With Warm Water

Showering or bathing with warm water is another effective way to relieve shoulder pain from sleeping wrong.

Hot water jets can directly dilate blood vessels to hence reduce spasticity. After showering with warm water in 4 minutes, its highly recommended to take a quick shower with cold water for 30-60 seconds. Repeat this process five times.

Practice Good Posture Throughout The Day

How to relieve shoulder pain from sleeping wrong ...

Your mom was right. Your posture really does matter.

Sometimes, the way youre holding your body during the day can have a drastic effect on how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

A physical therapist can help fine-tune your posture, which can go a long way toward relieving your neck pain.

Your PT may work with you on the correct way to:

  • Hold your phoneavoid holding your phone between your shoulder and ear
  • Sit while reading or watching TV
  • Work at a computeravoid hunching your shoulders and extending your neck
  • Walk

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Invest In A Contoured Pillow

What if your old pillow is the main culprit behind that cruel neck pain? Luckily, its easy to identify if your pillow is giving you neck strain during sleep:

  • If the pillow is too high, it angles your neck upward which causes the imbalance between the neck and the spine.
  • If the pillow is too low, it angles your neck downward which leads to the same effect.

The solution?

Its time to replace your pillow with the one that keeps your neck and spine in neutral alignment. Therapeutic and orthopedic pillows are specifically designed to support your neck posture, thus, eliminating the feeling of having a stiff neck after waking up.

To choose the pillow that helps relieve neck pain, follow these points:

  • While there are various types of fillings, a good option is to prefer cervical contour pillows because they work best for those who often complain about having neck pain after sleeping the wrong way. Using a contour pillow means youll be resting your head in the slightly tilted area of the pillow while your neck will rest on an elevated side .
  • Besides checking its softness, make sure the pillow is hypoallergenic and is made of antimicrobial or anti-mite materials.
  • Not all neck pillows come with same properties. While buying one, check if its suitable for back sleeping or side sleeping.

Best Pillows For Shoulder Pain

The Proper Pillow has a unique multi-layered design that optimizes pressure relief for sleepers who experience shoulder and neck pain at night.

The pillow has a medium feel and features a core layer that is ergonomically shaped to cradle the head while providing support for the neck. A layer of memory foam surrounding this core provides additional contouring. This combination of support and cradling is ideal for sleepers who need some cushioning to relieve pressure buildup but also require support to keep the head and spine properly aligned. Shoppers may purchase an additional foam insert to increase pillow loft, which is ideal for back sleepers who need to keep their heads elevated for healthy sleep posture. The entire pillow is encased in a zippered quilted cover.

The interior memory foam layers must be hand washed and air dried, but the quilted cover is machine washable using cool water and a low dryer setting. The ergonomic layer may be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth.

Shoppers can return the pillow for a full refund within 60 days of the order date, minus return shipping fees.

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Correct Your Sleeping Position

Having a wrong sleeping position may exert pressure on your neck muscles. Avoid further stiffness by following these tips:

  • Maintain a balanced alignment between your neck and spine by sleeping on your back.
  • Place a rolled towel between your knees. This will elevate the lower legs and reduce pressure on the neck.
  • Choose an even sleeping surface that creates a balanced synergy with the supportive pillow.
  • Get aides that provide cervical support to your sleeping posture.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Shoulder Pain

How to relieve shoulder pain from sleeping on side | A Episode 26

In order to improve your position, you need to avoid positions that increase your shoulder pain. For example, if you sleep on your left shoulder, you will need to adopt a new position sleeping on your right shoulder, or on your back. Sometimes this can be difficult without switching which side of the bed you sleep in because most people tend to roll towards the outside or exposed edge of their bed.

Using a supportive pillow is extremely helpful to take the stress off your shoulder. Getting a pillow with the right height, density and neck support for your body will make a huge difference. Expert advice should be sought to help fit the pillow to your head, neck and shoulder correctly.

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Mitigating Morning Discomfort: How To Give Pain The Cold Shoulder

Humans are creatures of habit we have some routines that we just cant shake. For many, this includes our sleeping patterns. If youre a side sleeper, chances are youve woken up on more than one occasion with shoulder pain or soreness. Its actually quite common. Our sleeping patterns and poses are solidified early in life and we tend to stick with them. However, prolonging these patterns, or sleeping on the same side every night can lead to shoulder pain .

When we sleep on our sides, we tend to tuck or crunch our arms under a pillow, or position our elbow above our head this puts pressure on the supraspinatus. One of the four rotator cuff muscles that extends from the shoulder blade to the humerus, the supraspinatus is responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint. The repeated sleep behavior of leaning toward one side can place immense pressure on this joint, ultimately leading to inflammation, fraying, and in serious cases rotator cuff tear.

As creatures of habit, its difficult but not impossible, to modify these ingrained sleep positions. There are also many ways to switch up your routine for the better. If you cant stomach the idea of sleeping on your back, try switching sides when at all possible. Propping your head up higher with a pillow will also relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling. During the day, try icing and immobilization for your shoulder this should help reduce discomfort and stiffness.

Causes Of Shoulder Pain When Night

Although many shoulder disorders can cause pain, the most common cause of shoulder pain at night comes from rotator cuff tendinitis. It usually is caused by irritation of the shoulder tendons leading to inflammation and pain. This condition can be caused by many things, including:

  • Tears
  • Repetitive work injuries
  • Aging

Rotator cuff tendinitis is known to affect millions of people in the U.S. each year and is a major cause of shoulder pain when sleeping.

Some of the other causes of shoulder pain at night are:

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder dislocation

Why exactly does the pain increase at night even though it might be fine during the day?

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Do Something About Insomnia

If you suffer from both insomnia and neck pain, you may be interested to learn that there is apparently a reciprocal relationship between these two factors:

Neck pain can interfere with sleep and insomnia heightens your perception of pain the next morning.

A 2015 study published in the journal Pain6 found that sleep problems significantly increase the risk for reduced pain tolerance. So, if you suffer from insomnia, you should seriously consider taking action to address the problem.7 Some experts feel that the most reliable improvement in the quality of sleep comes from psychological and behavioral therapy8.

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I Am Experiencing Shoulder Pain When Lying Down

Instant Relief from Shoulder Pain With Natural Home ...

If shoulder pain is only present at night, this might mean that something is going on with the structures of the shoulder, that doesnt cause much aggravation until laid on. This might be bursitis, a swollen cushion of fluid in the shoulder which is compressed. It might also mean a rotator cuff injury, where a rotator cuff muscle is stretched, irritated and inflamed by the pressure of laying down. Alternatively, shoulder impingement may occur, where your rotator cuff muscles or tendons are pinched down in a smaller compressed bony tunnel of the shoulder.

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Shoulder Pain And Sleep

According to Ruben Gobezie, M.D., founding director and chief of surgery at the Cleveland Shoulder Institute, discomfort in bed and sleep problems are common issues for people with shoulder pain. Patients frequently feel discomfort regardless of which sleep position they employ. Some also feel numbness, tingling, and muscle spasms.

While any of the conditions listed above could contribute to shoulder pain-related sleep problems, Dr. Gobezie notes three specific conditions are the most common culprits:

  • Bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa sacs that cushion bones around joints in the body. Inflamed bursa produce more liquid which can lead to painful swelling.
  • Biceps tendinopathy, a condition that occurs due to prolonged deterioration of the biceps tendon that connects shoulder bones and muscles. Tendinopathy is characterized by sharp pains around the tendon.
  • Tears and other injuries to the rotator cuff, a grouping of muscles that cushions and stabilizes the shoulder joint.

Before seeing medical attention for any of these conditions, Dr. Gobezie recommends taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You can also try sleeping in a recliner, applying ice or heat to the pain-affected areas, or wearing a compression sleeve.

Best Sleeping Position For Shoulder Pain

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Sleeping and waking up with shoulder, neck, or back pain can be far from pleasant. If not dealt with properly, shoulder pain can become a challenge to deal with, particularly if your daily activities or job require physical strain and your full-body mobility.

Shoulder pain can be caused by a physical strain, wrong sleeping position, or it can be a symptom of an underlying condition. It can be bursitis, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, arthritis, bursitis, or even frozen shoulder. Whichever it is, the best sleeping position can help with shoulder pain.

Here, I will be giving you a list of the top best sleeping positions for shoulder pain. Hopefully, there will be one that fits your sleeping preferences.

  • c. Invest in an Ergonomic Pillow
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    Why Did I Wake Up With Shoulder Pain

    If you have no history of shoulder problems the most likely answer has to do with your sleep position. People who sleep on their side, frequently sleep on their shoulder in a way that causes their rotator cuff tendons or shoulder bursae to become pinched. It may not hurt right away, but after several hours this position creates an inflammatory response. It is this inflammation of the pinched structure that is so painful when you wake up.

    Rest assured that for most people, symptoms will decrease within the first 48 hours. But some will still be left with persistent shoulder pain. If you are one of those unlucky people, a consultation with an experienced Physiotherapist is in order.

    Sleep With Your Elbow Below Your Shoulder

    Shoulder Pain? NEVER Sleep In These 3 Positions. Do THIS Instead!

    You could be growing the chances of waking up in pain if you sleep with your elbow closer to the headboard than your back. Your rotator cuff tendons and sensitive shoulder bursae may become pinched between the cup of your shoulder and your upper arm bone when your arm is in this position and your muscles are at rest. Staying in this place will cause you pain, so make sure you sleep with your elbow below your shoulder at all times.

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    Quick And Effective Cures

    Neck pain can make you feel awful. The neck becomes stiff and almost immovable. If you are looking for an instantaneous cure, then go for a couple of good strong neck exercises like moving your head from side to side and upwards and downwards in slow succession until the stiffness disappears.

    You can also follow the below mentioned natural remedies along with the exercise to get rid of neck pain.

    Shoulder Pain While Sleeping During Pregnancy

    During your third trimester, you may suffer from a sore shoulder while sleeping on one side. Some of the reasons for night-time shoulder pain during pregnancy could be that extra weight causes sore back muscles.

    Try to change you sleeping position several times during the night to reduce pressure on the shoulder.

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    How To Sleep With Shoulder Pain

    The amount and quality of sleep that you get at night greatly impacts on your general health. Knowing how to prevent shoulder pain while sleeping can help you feel less fatigued during the day and have more energy. So, its important to find the best sleeping position for shoulder pain.

    Dr. William C. Shiel on MedicineNet says that people who are prone to being disturbed because of shoulder pain while sleeping should not sleep with their arm extended above their head. Also, the best sleeping position for shoulder pain includes avoiding sleeping on your stomach. This helps to put less strain on your upper back and shoulders.19

    Because your bed can be a source of shoulder pain while sleeping, you should make sure that it is comfortable without being too soft. Studies have shown that a medium-firm mattress can help reduce clinically diagnosed shoulder pain.20

    If you have rotator cuff injuries, you may find it easier to avoid the night-time shoulder pain when sleeping on your back or on the side that isnt affected.

    Repeating Improper Sleeping Position

    How To Relieve Shoulder Pain From Sleeping Wrong

    The first and most common injury is caused by the sleeping position. A lot of people sleep on their hand and on the side all the time. This leads to damage to the joint and shoulder muscles. The muscles and tendons get inflamed, and you wake up with pain in the morning.

    You can still sleep in that position by making some minor adjustments. Dont put your hand on your shoulder, instead put the hand on the pillow and position the shoulder slightly forward. For more detailed instruction, check out this video:

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    Try A Different Position

    Your sleeping position may be the main cause for the pain, so try to position yourself on the opposite shoulder and dont lay on your back. Since turning around in the bed at night is very common to many people, try to wrap your arm to prevent shoulder movement.

    Try adjusting your pillow, and maybe even pull it down a bit, so you give your shoulder a minor elevation, to reduce the weight being put on it if you roll over to that side during the night. If you think there is no way you can stay on the opposite side of the hurt shoulder, then try to limit your movement by placing few pillows to each of your sides.

    How Does Rotator Cuff Injury Occur

    A rotator cuff injury can occur due to repetitive movement of the shoulder, such as throwing a ball or swinging a golf club. People who work at desks all day are also prone to rotator cuff injuries because they tend to hunch over and use their arms in an unnatural way for long periods.

    Common Causes of Rotator Cuff Injury:

    • Accidents Falling on your outstretched arms or attempting to lift something of considerable weight can cause an abrupt jolt to your delicate shoulder tendons.
    • Wear and Tear We like to think were indestructible, but the truth is, we need rest to repair our bodies. If you frequently lift heavy objects or engage in strenuous activity, the constant use puts a strain on your shoulders.
    • Sports Playing intense sports like baseball, tennis, and basketball can result in injury if the player doesn’t take time to rest.
    • Sleeping Wrong Sleeping in an uncomfortable position could cause rotator cuff inflammation and injury. To prevent shoulder pain from sleeping wrong, try to adjust your sleeping position to find one that feels right. You can learn here in our guide to sleep positions.

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