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How To Prevent Neck Pain While Riding A Motorcycle

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Build Endurance Over Time

How to avoid Neck Pain while riding your bike :: Bike Strong

If youre new to riding, it would be wise to gradually increase the duration and frequency of your trips in order to allow your body to increase endurance for sitting in this position. Even though the act of sitting generally doesnt seem like a workout, when you need to hold a specific posture for long periods of time, there is certainly a physical endurance component to riding that is critical.

Give yourself time to build up to those longer rides before diving in headfirst. And, dont be afraid of taking frequent breaks during a ride.

Choosing A Maryland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Motorbike Ergonomics Should Help Rider Control

If youre a new rider looking to buy your first motorcycle, its likely that youve got your eyes on one special two-wheeler. That being said, however much you love that bike, if it doesnt fit you properly, you may not feel 100% confident riding it.;

Riding is about balance. With new riders, its recommended to choose a bike that allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground at stops. However, more seasoned riders will be able to find equilibrium on one foot or even on their tippy toes.

On top of staying balanced, if you cant quite reach the controls, youve got a problem. This will dull your reactions and also lead to major discomfort on long rides. If youre unable to reach the hand or foot controls comfortably, the bike may not be right for you. Alternatively, if youre too tall and reaching the controls requires you to sit in an unnecessarily uncomfortable position, you may want to consider a different size bike.

When considering motorcycle ergonomics, it all comes down to positions that optimize control. So if youre eyeing a particular model, but youre unsure if its the right size or weight for you, check out this motorcycle ergonomics simulator.

HyperSport Premier Prototype

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Tips For Preventing Neck Pain While Cycling

One way to prevent neck pain after a long bicycle trip is to pay attention to your position while you are riding. The key to avoiding neck pain while cycling is to properly situate your handlebars. If you must reach too far to grip your handlebars, the vibrations that translate up your arms and shoulders can result in neck pain after a trip of any duration. Make sure that you can reach your handlebars easily and that they are of the proper height. That way your arms will not be over-extended. You should also not grip the handlebars too hard while riding your bicycle.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you develop neck pain after a long bike trip anyway. Fortunately,;as a story on KABC in Los Angeles reports, a number of exercises exist that will help to alleviate any pain you might experience before you hop on your bike to go for a long-distance ride.

Use a soft foam roller across your back, arms, and chest for about ten minutes after you conclude your ride. The procedure has the same effect on a bike riders body as stretching exercises do for a runner. The roller will release a lot of accumulated stress, making you loose and flexible enough for a stress-free bicycle ride.

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How To Prevent Neck Pain On Long Rides

Avoid pain while riding motorcycle

A sore neck on the bike shouldnt be something you just have to deal with. While the forward head position on a road bike causes problems for many cyclists, its something that can be avoided with a few simple fixes.

Whether its a tweak to your current riding position or developing more strength to support the weight of your head for longer durations, there are numerous fixes to this problem. Begin by noticing when the pain starts and see if you can pinpoint whether its your positioning or your strength, then try some of these tips:

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Tips To Cure Neck Pain From Riding A Motorcycle

Neck pain from riding often starts as just a twinge every now and then, or some delayed soreness after extended rides. If you are new to riding, it may be that your muscles need to be stretched or strengthened. This fix is as simple as stretching your neck and shoulders both before and after a ride, and riding more regularly to help build muscles .

Before and after each ride, shrug your shoulders eight or ten times, and then roll them both forwards and backwards. Be gentle with these movements, especially if you have been experiencing pain. If you feel any soreness or irritation upon stretching, do not push through.

If your pain is more significant, minor stretching is not going to do the trick. It is important to understand if there is an underlying issue. Make a visit with your local chiropractor for an examination. He can quickly determine if you are out of alignment or if you have neck/back/shoulder abnormalities that may be causing your neck pain from riding. Often, he can prescribe a number of exercises or even a brief course of physical therapy or massage to tend to the issue.

Neck muscles are particularly prone to strain. Your neck supports your head and, if wearing a helmet, that is additional weight. Over the course of a long ride, that extra weight can produce a low level of strain. Sometimes you may not even feel the discomfort until the evening of or even the day after a ride.

Motorcycles Can Cause Back Pain

Riding a motorcycle, though fun and exciting, can also be a cause of low back, neck and shoulder pain. As in any other activity, posture is important. The ergonomics of motorcycle riding can make all the difference in how long you can ride or how far you can go.

The parts of a bike most relevant to the riders posture are the handlebars and foot pegs and their relationship to each other. The most common styles of bikes for street riders are the cruiser and the standard.

The standard bike style puts the rider in a fully upright position with a straight spine and the feet, hips and shoulders aligned. Handlebars should be where you can reach them easily without leaning too far forward or having to reach up or bend down. If you have shoulder or upper back pain riding a standard bike, you may need to raise your handlebars. The foot pegs should not be set too far back, or your upper body will pitch forward, and your hips will have to work hard to keep your legs in place. Lower back and hip pain may indicate improper foot peg placement.

On a cruiser, the rider is slightly reclined with his or her feet positioned ahead of the knees. The handlebars are higher. The reclined position opens up the hips and helps to prevent lower back and hip pain caused by tight hip flexor muscles. If you are going at a low speed, this works. If you are going fast, you tend to lean forward by pulling on the handlebars. This can cause shoulder, neck and upper back strain.

What to do

Happy trails.

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Tips To Reduce Pain In Your Upper Back And Shoulder Blades

  • Buy a light and protective helmet with good aerodynamics and not too many air entries.
  • If you have a windshield and it is producing turbulence when you ride, try a lower or higher screen, or even riding without it.
  • Try not to keep the same position on your bike for a long time turn your head from time to time and let your shoulders have some rest.
  • If youve had contractures in the past, do some exercises. A contracture not properly recovered can produce muscle fibrosis which is difficult to cure.
  • Stress is a problem as it produces metabolic waste within our muscles, slowing down their movements. Go for a ride on your Harley® motorcycle. It will relax you!
  • Carrying a backpack can be the root of the problem and make it worse.
  • Warm water showers and warm baths will relieve symptoms immediately.
  • If you already have the problem, your doctor can advise you on the use of muscle relaxants, ultrasonic treatments, TENS, infrared and massages.
  • Combining zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 will increase the creation of ATP, the fuel of our muscles. A good expert will advise you on its use.
  • Wearing a scarf or bandana is an excellent way of preventing contractures on your back.
  • Stretch the back of your neck with your hands, open your arms widely and swing them gently. Repeat the exercise several times.

Consider Purchasing A Motorcycle Seat Cushion

How to Avoid Shoulder Pains while Riding Motorcycle.

Lets face it;

Most stock motorcycle seats arent really all that comfortable. The seat on my motorcycle wasnt bad, but I still wound up purchasing a seat pad.

Once you start taking long distance motorcycle trips your butt will let you know right away whether or not it likes your stock seat!

The problem is this;

Replacing a stock motorcycle seat with a Mustang, Corbin can be an expensive purchase. A purchase that you may not want to make right away.

The answer?

Picking yourself up a nice motorcycle seat cushion until you feel like you can spend the big money on a custom seat.

There are a lot of different types of motorcycle seat cushions, but here are the three basic types:

Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Air seat cushions have individual cells that contain air that helps with the pressure points on your rear and in turn helps with your neck and back. The Airhawk is an example of this type of seat. I own this cushion and I really like it Read my full Airhawk Seat cushion review here.

Gel Seat Pad Gel seat pads are another great alternative that you can use to soften up your motorcycle seat. The attach to the bike easy and secure but can be removed if your riding local and dont want it or need it on your bike.

Beaded Seat Pad Beaded seat pads keep you cool with air flowing underneath you. They can be a good solution when it comes to price and comfort. Beaded pads have a harder feel that air or gel Think beaded car seat pads adapted to a motorcycle.

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Here Are Our Top 10 Tips For Avoiding Aches Pains And Cramp:

  • Stay hydrated. Electrical signals in the muscles require water and when you dehydrate it can impair signalling which leads to cramps. Camelbak reduces dehydration
  • Eat well. To prevent cramps, youll need to eat carbohydrates and foods with plenty of potassium, calcium and magnesium. If you are prone to cramping, you can take pill supplements. Eat well
  • Stretch. Before you get on the bike and at every stop, just do some basic stretches. Even Valentino Rossi stretches before a race. Were not talking roadside yoga or pilates, but some back, leg, neck and wrist stretches before you ride will prevent cramps. They will also ease a cramp once started. But dont be tempted to do too many stretches on the bike. Get off the bike and walk around, stretch and rest. Dont wait until the pain is so bad it takes up most of your concentration as that is dangerous. Take regular stops and nip the pain in the bud. Even a five-minute stop will help ease muscle and joint pain. Manual throttle lock
  • Loosen up. Consciously think about your posture. Drop your shoulders, loosen your grip on the handlebars, do the funky chicken and straighten your legs out for a few seconds, although you should do this one at a time as you need to keep your feet close to the controls in case of emergency. You may need to slow down and relax. Racing your mates makes you tense. Let your friends ride on ahead. Theyll wait for you! Harley hydration vest
  • Which Exercises Reduce Back Pain From Motorcycle Riding

    There is a variety of exercises you can do to make your back stop hurting whether youre on or off of your motorcycle. Here are just a few simple exercises you can do to keep your muscles loose. None of these are new, but a reminder of stuff your already know.

    Quick disclaimer: If these stretches cause your severe pain, dont push it! Consult your doctor if you have any doubt as to whether or not you can perform these stretches.

    Simple lower back stretch

    To get your lower back stretched out, a simple side to side stretch will help keep you loosened up.

    Grab the left handlebar with your left hand and then face right and put your right hand on the back seat.

    Switch it up and then do the other side, then repeat the stretch as often as you think you need to.

    This one of my personal favorite on the road stretches because it really helps relax my back. It falls under the Hurts so good category for me.

    Neck stretches

    Simply move your head in the direct of your shoulder, hold it for a second or two and breathe out. Youre probably going to feel a bit of crunching as your vertebrae realign themselves.

    Its a great stretch that helps you get stretched out and strengthen your neck muscles.

    Toe Touches for the lower back

    Some motorcyclists will do a lot of toe touching to help stretch out their lower back to help reduce muscle ache and tension. While theres nothing inherently wrong with it, just know that toe touches can put some stress on your lower back discs.

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    Back Shoulder And Neck Pain When I Ride My Bike: Here Is How I Solved It

    HomeBlogBack Neck PainBack, shoulder and neck pain when I ride my bike: here is how I solved it!

    12 July 2018 by Moreno Conte

    Here how I solved back, shoulder and neck pain caused by heavy helmet and uncomfortable driving position when I ride my Supersport bike.

    Usually for those who have Enduro bikes this problem does not exist, since the driving position is comfortable because the back is in a straight position. On the other hand, it is possible that someone, no longer bearing the pain in the back, shoulders, neck and wrists caused by his old Naked or Supersport bike, either switched to an Enduro bike or even a scooter.

    The question changes for the riders who have a Naked bike and it becomes even harder for those who have a Supersport bike such as CBR, GSX, NINJA, R6 R1, PANIGALE, BMW RR and so on. On these bikes you need to have not only a great passion for the two wheels, but it is necessary to have a good physical structure, a good musculature and a good posture, so as to resist to the not really comfortable driving position, especially if you ride for long stretches. Anyway, the areas most affected by the pain will always be the cervical and the wrists.

    So we can see different postures to be taken when you hop in the saddle for the three different types of motorcycles: Enduro, Naked and Supersport.

    What Affects Motorcycle Riding Position

    How to Prevent Neck Pain

    No matter where your riding, different things will affect how much back pain you may or may not wind up dealing with. In addition to the type of motorcycle youre riding, consider the following:

    • Parts of The Motorcycle The components of almost all models of motorcycles are assembled in different positions to produce the desired performance. The placement of handlebars, footrests, and seat can affect not only the feel of the bike, but how you feel when your done riding it.
    • Body Measurements It is important to choose a motorcycle that fits your height and size. These measurements can have a big effect on how your sitting on your bike and the intensity of strain you wind up putting on your back.

    One of most ergonomically correct bikes Ive owned was a VTX 1300r. Everything lined up great for me, even a little better than the GL1800 Im riding now.

    It had the best ratio of seat to handlebar to foot controls.

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    How To Treat Soreness

    You can treat the soreness in the back of your neck or shoulders with heat or ice. Ice is best if the area feels swollen or warm.

    Its also;a good idea to take a break from your bike until your neck pain diminishes. In the meantime, try some gentle stretches to make your neck feel better, Dr. Schaefer says.

    Touching the chin to the chest and then the ear to each shoulder is a great way to loosen up these muscles, Dr. Schaefer says.

    If you have neck pain that radiates all the way over the top of your head, numbness or tingling that shoots down the arms, or if the pain doesnt gradually improve in about two weeks, its time to see a doctor.

    Aches And Pains From Sport Bike Riding

    Whether youre commuting or just riding for fun, a sportbike places additional stress on your body. The aerodynamic and somewhat aggressive riding position this type of bike requires places more weight on the riders upper body- head forward exposing your neck, back, shoulders, and wrist to more wear and tear.

    As you stay in the same position for a prolonged period of time, your core, back, and shoulders will start to tire, and eventually lead to a breakdown in posture. With the slouched forward, posture can come disc compression in your spine, which can lead to disc degeneration or herniation along your back or up into your neck, causing discomfort.

    Needless to say, its easy for this fun activity to become a pain- literally.

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