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How To Help Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

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Take Ice Or Heat Therapy

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

Most people have severe neck pain after sleeping. However, it is a common problem worldwide. After resting, this pain will hamper your everyday work. If you feel a lot of pain in your neck, then try an ice pack. Take an ice pack for up to 20 minutes.

Otherwise, you can take a hot water bottle for heat therapy. Take this in your affected area. It could help you to relax than before.

Pop On A Warm Compress If You Have Time

Alternatively to an ice pack, sometimes a warm compress or heating pad will help you feel better. Take a few minutes to just sit and meditate, while the warmth soothes your tired and painful neck area.

A heating pad designed for the neck can do wonders in soothing a stiff painful neck. But, knowing all too well how stressful our day to day lives can be, a heating pad is often too time consuming. But I highly suggest taking the time to use on in the morning, let the Boss know you will be 30 minutes late. Better than needing 2-3 days off from chronic neck pain!.

Is It Better To Sleep Without A Pillow To Avoid Neck Pain

Is it better to sleep without a pillow to avoid neck pain? Or, does sleeping without a pillow actually lead to neck pain? There are a few advantages of sleeping without a pillow to consider, especially for your posture.

Sleeping without a pillow will actually help extend your back and help you rest in a more natural position, possibly without any aches or pains. At the same time, using a pillow that is too soft will strain your neck muscles and reduce the flow of blood to the head.

Overall, sleeping without or with a pillow is a personal choice. That being said, here are some sleeping without a pillow benefits that you need to know:

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Do Something About Insomnia

If you suffer from both insomnia and neck pain, you may be interested to learn that there is apparently a reciprocal relationship between these two factors:

Neck pain can interfere with sleep and insomnia heightens your perception of pain the next morning.

A 2015 study published in the journal Pain6 found that sleep problems significantly increase the risk for reduced pain tolerance. So, if you suffer from insomnia, you should seriously consider taking action to address the problem.7 Some experts feel that the most reliable improvement in the quality of sleep comes from psychological and behavioral therapy8.

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Tips To Prevent Neck Pain From Sleeping

how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

As you know, neck pain is very disgusting. However, it gives unbearable pain in our daily life. So, lets learn some special tips. These tips help you prevent neck pain from sleeping. So, lets get started:

  • You can move and work on everything. However, try to avoid all types of painful activities or work. So, avoiding heartbreaking work will help you to prevent neck pain.
  • Go to the massage center. Or take help from your partner. To clarify, take a gentle massage in your painful area. It is very effective in preventing this annoying pain.
  • Try to do slow-motion exercises. Do exercise like up and down. And run slowly. This type of slow-motion exercise helps you to get comfortable with neck pain.
  • Try to sleep with a firm mattress. Of course, you can sleep without a pillow with these firm mattresses. But if you have a habit of sleeping with a pillow, you must take a quality pillow.
  • Take a pain remover medicine like acetaminophen. This type of quality pain remover medicine helps you to relieve this pain.
  • Take help from your healthcare provider. Or you can take help from a doctor.
  • You can take a soft neck collar for comfort. However, dont use this for a long time because long-time use can weaken your muscles and neck.
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    Adjust Your Sleep Environment

    Avoid using a pillow that is too stiff or too deep. This can cause your neck muscles to be flexed overnight. Try using a feather pillow, which can conform easily to the shape of your neck and head.

    Note, feather pillows tend to lose their shape over time, so its best to replace them every year or two. Pillows made with memory foam can also conform to the contours of your head and neck, and can help keep your neck supported.

    If your mattress is sagging in the middle, consider replacing it with a medium-firm mattress that can support your back and neck. The key is to create a sleep environment where all the joints are supported for extended periods of time so they may relax and heal.

    Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

    If you have spent the entire day with stiff and sore muscles, then you probably want to know how to sleep correctly with neck pain at nighttime. You may need to improve your posture while you sleep by choosing a position that helps keep your spine in alignment.

    What is the best sleeping position for neck pain specifically? In general, there are two sleeping positions that are most comfortable on the necksleeping on your back or your side. Lets take a look at how to best side sleep and back sleep.

    • Back sleeping: Back sleepers are best to use a thin pillow to support the natural curve of your neck. It may be helpful to use a small neck pillow or a specialized pillow with built-in neck support. You can also put a small neck roll into the case of a soft pillow.
    • Side sleeping: How about the best pillow for neck pain for side sleepers? Those that sleep on the side typically need a thicker pillow to ensure the head and neck is positioned in the middle of the shoulders. The height and width of your shoulders are also important to consider. For instance, a petite person will require a slimmer pillow than a broad-shouldered individual.

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    Why Does Neck Pain Happen While Sleeping

    The biggest reason why people develop neck pain from sleeping wrong is that their neck muscles are doing more work than they should. If you do not have a proper sleeping posture, your neck muscles are going to get strained. As a result, they are going to weaken.

    When your neck muscles start to get weak, you will feel discomfort in your neck. You may feel like you have a knot on one side of your neck. Or, you may feel like you have a difficult time rotating your head from side to side. You may even have a hard time watching TV or looking at a computer screen because your neck is so uncomfortable.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get rid of neck pain that develops due to sleep issues.

    A Twisted Or Locked Neck

    How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

    Some people suddenly wake up one morning to find their neck twisted to one side and stuck in that position. This is known as acute torticollis and is caused by injury to the neck muscles.

    The exact cause of acute torticollis is unknown.

    It may be caused by:

    • bad posture
    • sleeping without adequate neck support
    • carrying heavy unbalanced loads

    Acute torticollis can take up to a week to get better, but it usually only lasts 24 to 48 hours.

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    How To Prevent Neck And Shoulder Pain From Sleeping

    1. Change your pillow

    It is important that your pillow keeps your neck in a neutral alignment so that the natural curve of your neck is supported and maintained. You should avoid pillows that are too flat or too high. We recommended using a firm contour pillow. The contour shape is designed to provide extra support under your neck as you sleep.

    2. Avoid sleeping on your stomach

    Sleeping on your stomach means that your neck is in a rotated position for a prolonged period of time, causing strain on the joints and muscles.

    3. Try a new sleeping position

    Sleeping on your back or your side is best for your neck. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow underneath your knees which will also help to support the lower back.

    If you prefer to sleep on your side, make sure your pillow is a good height to support the neck. Place a pillow between your knees to keep your spine in a better position and support your lower back.

    If you have a sore shoulder, avoid lying directly on the sore side. Either lie on your back or the opposite side.

    4. Consider changing your mattress

    Your mattress can make a big difference to how well you sleep. Avoid deep, soft mattresses that your body sinks in to. Too hard of a mattress is a problem as well. A more medium to firm mattress is much more supportive for your neck and back.

    5. Improve your sleeping habits

    6. Consider a visit to a physiotherapist

    Try To Skip The Stress Avoid Strenuous Work

    When you wake up with serious neck pain, its important that you make an effort to avoid stress. If at all possible, cancel something on your schedule thats just going to cause you grief, such as a get-together you werent looking forward to or running errands that can just wait until tomorrow. The stress you save may mean the difference between losing the neck ache or making it much worse.

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    Shower Or Soak With Bath Salts

    Water may do wonders for your neck pain from sleeping wrong. When taking a shower, run lukewarm or hot water over your neck and head for about five minutes. Remember to keep your neck straight during the shower.

    Alternatively, you can also soak in a warm bath with Epsom salt. This can improve circulation and relieve tension in your neck muscles.

    How Does Neck Pain Affect My Sleep

    How to Relieve Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong ?

    People who experience chronic pain, such as neck pain, seem to have a higher likelihood of experiencing sleep disorders. In a recent study, approximately 20% of patients with chronic neck or lower back pain reported serious sleep problems, including getting fewer than four hours of sleep per night.

    Studies also show that while disturbed sleep can be a result of chronic pain, sleep deprivation might also exacerbate the pain. This degree of sleep impairment from chronic pain can affect all aspects of a persons life, including cognitive and physical functioning.

    Several treatment options can help minimize the impact that chronic pain, including neck pain, has on sleep. These treatment options include relaxation therapy, such as meditation or progressive muscle relaxation , cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy . For acute pain, simple remedies including ice and heat, over-the-counter pain relievers, massage, and stretching may help ease neck pain.

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    What Are The Causes Of Severe Shoulder Pain

    See, there is no. of causes from which one can suffer from shoulder pain right after he/she walks up. So, its good to understand those causes in order to learn How to Relieve Upper Back Pain Fast.

    Here, are some causes that you should be aware of

    • It can happen because of the various medical conditions like arthritis and bursitis.
    • Repetitive movements of the joint can also result in severe shoulder pain.
    • Bad habit of sleeping on your own arms every night can be also the cause for the same. Because it exerts the pressure on the tendons and makes them chaffed or inflamed.
    • Lack of movement of shoulder joints or you can say poor shoulder mechanics is one of the biggest reason for the same.

    Now, we will talk about some of the treatments that you should take to get relief from shoulder pain.

    Change The Sleeping Position

    The sleeping position plays is a crucial role in this neck pain. To clarify, if you experience neck pain from your regular sleeping side, try to sleep on your other side. Besides, a quality pillow will help you.

    Moreover, if you have a quality pillow, your sleeping position doesnt matter. Of course, some people sleep without a pillow. But sleeping without a pillow is very risky for a stomach sleeper. So, find your best sleep position for neck pain.

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    Start Stretching Every Morning

    Gentle exercise is essential for your health and also for sleep. Suppose you feel severe neck pain after sleeping start stretching every morning.

    However, you dont need to take any challenging stretches. Simple stretching is enough to prevent neck pain. So, take perfect extension every morning and to avoid every type of pain.

    Best Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain

    Quick Fix for Neck Tightness | Neck Pain After Sleeping Wrong

    The best sleeping positions for the neck are on your back or your side. The back in particular is recommended just make sure to use a pillow that supports the curvature of your neck and a flatter pillow to cushion your head.

    If you sleep on your side, use a taller pillow under your neck so your neck aligns with your head. This will relieve any strain on your neck and keep your spine straight.

    The trouble with sleeping on your stomach is that you have to twist your neck to keep your head on its side, which puts pressure on the nerves. You can try to retrain yourself to adopt another position, using pillows to coax yourself and to support you in a side or back-lying position. If you must sleep on your stomach, use a thin pillow or no pillow, trying to keep awkward angles at a minimum.

    For all sleep positions with neck pain, you should use a pillow under your neck that provides support, such as a rolled towel or cervical pillow.

    There is also such a thing as neck pain from sleeping wrong. Sometimes you wake up with neck pain. Sleeping at an awkward angle, sudden head or neck movements during sleep or neck strain from injury may cause neck pain. In addition to utilizing treatments to relieve this neck pain, make sure that future sleep includes a good pillow for neck support.

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    Neck Pain After Sleeping: Why It Happens & What To Do About It

    Written byKirill SajaevinSleep Health

    Stiff neck, painful neck, crick in the neckwhatever your neck issue is, its time to do something about it! We want to set the record straight on neck pain after sleeping with this definitive guide so that you can get back to waking up pain-free.The truth is, many of us experience a temporary stiff neck after sleeping at some point in our lives. If its only been a few days since the pain began, relax, its likely it will subside. However, if you have chronic neck pain or a crick that just wont go away, were here to help you pinpoint whats going on and what to do about it.Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors, from excess strain to an acute injury like whiplash, and even a poor sleeping position. It can range from downright frustrating to fully debilitating and you shouldnt have to live with either. Whether your neck feels stuck or is in a constant state of painful turmoil, deciding on a treatment plan is the first step towards recovery.

    Stretch Your Neck Regularly

    Next, you should make sure you stretch your neck regularly. There are a few simple stretches you can do to relax a stiff neck. These include:

    • Roll your shoulders from back to front ten times. Do this exercise slowly and deliberately. Try to stretch your shoulders back as far as you can.
    • Squeeze your shoulder blades together as far as possible. Do this 10 times. Then, take a break and try it again.
    • Touch your ear to your shoulder 10 times. You may have a difficult time doing this at first because the muscles are tight. The more you do it, the more flexible you should become.

    If you perform these exercises several times per day, you should see results within about a week or so.

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    Awareness Of Sleeping Positions And Proper Pillows Can Minimize Neck Pain

    As with so many things, when it comes to neck pain, an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure. It’s true that some causes of neck pain, such as age-related wear and tear, are not under your control. On the other hand, there are many things you can do to minimize your risk. One place to start is to look at how you sleep and what effect this may have on neck pain.

    Surgery: The Last Option

    How To Relieve Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

    If nothing mentioned-above works well then the only option you are left with is that the surgery. Be set up for requiring sometime after the medical procedure to recuperate. You will no doubt need to do stretching, works out, or non-intrusive treatment amid the recovery time frame.

    So, you have to diagnose your cause of the shoulder pain from sleeping wrong. And after that, you have to work on its treatment, this will surely help you to get recover from the shoulder pain as soon as possible. Still, if you are suffering from acute shoulder pain and dont able to recognize its cause and want suggestions for its treatment. Then you can surely reach us out with the help of the comment section. We will happy to help you out and try to give you the best suggestion to get relief from the shoulder pain from sleeping wrong. Also, you are most welcome to share your experience and suggestions.

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