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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain When On Period

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Period Pain And Fertility

Tips to Get Rid of Pain and Discomfort During Periods

Period pain that’s part of your normal menstrual cycle will not affect your fertility. However, if the cause is a medical condition, this may affect your fertility.

For example, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease can cause scarring and a build-up of tissue in your fallopian tubes, making it harder for sperm to reach and fertilise an egg.

Pain Relievers When Nothing Else Works

If you feel like youve tried every solution, and youre still experiencing pain, there are a few different pain relievers you can try.

Its also OK to take over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen and NSAIDs. These anti-inflammatory medications, when taken at the correct dosage, can significantly reduce pain and menstrual flow.

However, its always a good idea to speak with your doctor if youre consistently relying on NSAIDs to ease cramps.

Want to learn more? Get the FAQs below.

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Facts About Menstrual Cramps

New to the world of periods and not sure why your abdomen hurts? Literally billions of women have experienced period cramps before you. For the majority of us, experiencing abdominal pain once a month is a fact of life. To make this process less mysterious, here are a few things you should know:

  • Over 80% of women experience menstrual cramps. They can affect their day-to-day work and school lives, according to research published in The British Medical Journal.
  • 14% of women take time off of work or school as a result, according to the same study.
  • The scientific term for this is dysmenorrhoea. Typically, it occurs within the days preceding menstruation. Usually, it manifests as pain in the lower abdomen.
  • There are two kinds of dysmenorrhoea: primary and secondary. Primary is the most common: This is a natural pain that comes along with hormone fluctuations during and before menstruation. Secondary dysmenorrhoea is symptomatic of a larger health issue such as endometriosis or adenomyosis. If you are concerned that you are experiencing either of these conditions, please contact a physician.
  • We are not doctors. The following information is intended for educational purposes. If you have any specific medical questions, please contact your physician to learn more about what causes menstrual cramps, how to prevent them, and more.

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    Causes Of Secondary Dysmenorrhoea

    Some of the causes of secondary dysmenorrhoea include:

    • endometriosis the cells lining the uterus can move to other areas of the pelvis, but behave differently, causing severe pain during periods
    • fibroids benign tumours made of muscle and tissue can grow inside the uterus and are thought to be affected by the sex hormones. In the majority of women, fibroids are asymptomatic
    • adenomyosis the presence of endometrial cells growing in the muscle layers of the uterus. Adenomyosis is difficult to treat.

    You Dont Have To Suffer

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    Muscle cramps during the menstrual cycle are generally mild with no debilitating effects. That said, there are many women who unfortunately suffer with severe pain and muscle tension.

    The range of cramping discomfort often depends on the timing of puberty, genetics, and lifestyle choices. You could stop cramps fast, and possibly even prevent them from developing before your period, with natural home remedies. By changing your diet, routine, and incorporating exercises that target the stomach muscles, you may be able to stop stressing about your next period and enjoy daily activities every day of the month.

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    Ginger For Period Pain: Does It Help

    A study found that ginger was as effective as ibuprofen for relieving menstrual cramps reducing the intensity and duration of pain.

    If you have painful periods, try this recipe for ginger tea: steep 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger root in water for 15 minutes, then strain it and enjoy with honey or lemon.

    Can You Go To The Er For Period Cramps

    If your menstrual pain becomes too severe, or if it’s accompanied by heavy bleeding. You should also talk to a doctor about your period pain if it doesn’t subside with painkillers. A doctor could rule out conditions such as endometriosis. You can also call your primary care physician, and they’ll tell you whether or not you need to go to the ER.

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    Get Good Quality Sleep

    A drop in the progesterone level in your body during your period can cause bloating. Try to get 8-9 hours of sleep during your period, as it may help you feel less stressed and restore your progesterone levels. This may help in treating not only period bloating but various other symptoms of the premenstrual dysphoric disorder .

    How Long Period Pain Lasts

    5 Home Remedies To Reduce Stomach Pain During Periods

    Period pain usually starts when your bleeding begins, although some women have pain several days before the start of their period.

    The pain usually lasts 48 to 72 hours, although it can last longer. It’s usually at its worst when your bleeding is heaviest.

    Young girls often have period pain when they begin getting periods. Read more about starting periods.

    Period pain that does not have an underlying cause tends to improve as a woman gets older. Many women also notice an improvement after they’ve had children.

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    Are Your Periods Getting Heavier Or More Painful

    Now, if you told me that your periods were getting heavier and heavier or not heavier but more and more painful, I would begin to think that as each period got worse, there was something going on. So a woman who said, I just had one of the worst periods of my life. Id think, Fine. If you said, My periods are getting worse and worse, Id think of two conditions:

  • One are fibroids in the uterus. So the uterus is kind of trying to contract around a little muscle ball.
  • And the other one is endometriosis. A condition where little bits of uterine glands are growing around the pelvis and that causes pain too.
  • So for women who are having really bad periods but theyre getting worse and worse and worse, we have very good therapy for periods, but we may need to do a little investigation. If its just the worst period of your life and its only this one, its probably not going to be so bad next time. And the good news is youre probably normal.


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    Score A Little More Shut

    Sleep is often impacted by the pain of menstruation, bloating, and feeling out of sorts, says Dr. Roy. Its during these crucial hours, though, that the excess fluid in your belly is able to move back into the body and be eliminated, she explains. So aim to get eight hours a nighthere are tips to help you drift off.

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    Contraceptives That Can Help Period Pain

    Your GP may give you the contraceptive pill. This can ease period pain because it thins the womb lining.

    A thinner womb lining means the muscles of the womb do not have to contract as much when it sheds. Your period will also be lighter.

    If the contraceptive pill is not suitable for you, the contraceptive implant or the contraceptive injection are good alternatives.

    The Mirena intrauterine system can also sometimes help with painful periods.

    Relief For Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

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    Curcumin, a natural chemical in turmeric, may help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome . A 2015 study looked at 70 women who took two capsules of curcumin for 7 days before their period and 3 days after. Participants reported significant reduction in PMS symptoms.

    If you want to give curcumin a try, check out this recipe for turmeric tea by In Jennies Kitchen. Curcumin supplements are also available online.

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    Listen To One Of These Apps

    One thing I always personally do if I wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep, is reach for my phone. I know this sounds bad , but hear me out I actually use it for a sleeping app. Keeping the light level on low, I click on the iSleep Easy app, which features a Wee Hours Rescue playlist. This uses meditation and calming sounds to help you drift off back to sleep when youre up and panicking. Most meditation-style apps such as Headspace and Calm have a selection of sleep stories or playlists to help distract you from those period cramps in the middle of the night.

    However, if period pain starts to negatively affect your daily life, and is keeping you up most nights, it probably warrants a trip to the doctor. There, your GP will be able to advise you on the best plan of action for your nighttime menstrual cramps.

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    Why Are Period Cramps Painful

    Dysmenorrhea is thought to be caused by compounds in the body known as prostaglandins. Before menstruation starts each month, the level of prostaglandins in the lining of the uterus increases.

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    Your prostaglandin level is its highest on the first day of your menstrual period, which is why menstrual pain is usually worse then. As your period progresses and the lining of the uterus is shed, your prostaglandin level decreases and pain gets better, ACOG states.

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    Intake Of Alcohol And Caffeine

    STOP Your Stomach Pain and Menstrual Cramps INSTANTLY!

    When you are used to taking alcohol, you will realize that it increases or makes worse the level of bloating as you tend towards your period.

    • Alcohol will make most premenstrual symptoms such as breast swelling, bloating and mood swings worse.
    • It can also inflame the bowels leading to the overproduction of gas hence bloating.
    • Dehydration from alcohol intake is also common and it leads to the retention of water on the body.

    On the other hand, caffeinated drinks such as coffee will also dehydrate your body with the result of retaining water and bloating.

    Caffeineis also known to overstimulate the bowels and cause irritation leading to production of gas and eventual bloating.

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    Why Menstrual Pain Happens

    During menstruation, its normal to experience some cramping pain in the lower abdomen, the lower back and the top of your legs.16 This is often referred to as period pain.

    The pain occurs as a result of the womb contracting to remove the lining that it no longer needs. Chemicals called prostaglandins are known to cause pain and are involved in helping the womb contract.16

    For some women and girls menstrual pain is mild, but in others the pain can be more severe. No one really knows why, but it could be that certain women have too many prostaglandins or are more sensitive to pain than others. This can make the womb squeeze especially hard, briefly reducing the blood supply to the womb which causes even more pain.16,17

    As a rule, menstrual pain is nothing to worry about all you have to do is learn how to manage it, perhaps with a pain killer such as Panadol,18,19 or other tried and tested methods including exercise or applying heat.16,20

    Do Not Do That Thing To Get Rid Of Abdominal Pain

    So far I have discussed various ways to get rid of abdominal pain during periods. However, you need to be aware of the pain during abdominal pain during the period. So there are many things to do as well as things to avoid. Uncontrolled during periods. Abdominal pain is mainly due to stress and physical weakness. So no stress can be taken at this time. Diet should be changed. Refrain from drinking coffee during the period. Because the caffeine in it is responsible for stomach ailments. Extra spicy foods should not be eaten during periods. This can lead to excessive erection as well as abdominal pain. Avoid fried foods during periods as they can cause acidity or gastric problems. This will increase your lower abdominal pain. Avoid doing extra heavy work overtime as it can cause abdominal pressure and stomach pain.

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    How To Relieve Period Cramping With Peppermint Essential Oil

    Essential oils are potent plant extracts that are being widely used in aroma therapy to treat various conditions. These are also quite effective in relieving menstrual cramps. Of these, you can try peppermint essential oil which is one of the best natural remedies for easing the pain.

    How to use?

    • Rub a few drops of peppermint essential oil in your palms and inhale it
    • Alternatively, you can inhale it directly from the bottle

    Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

    Peppermint essential oil flushes you with the necessary energy required to be at your best even during your period. Its soothing fragrance calms you down, boost your mood and provides instant energy to manage your routine tasks.


    Peppermint Essential oil is highly potent and has a strong aroma that can cause headaches or nausea. If you are not able to tolerate its strong smell then dilute it with a carrier oil.

    How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps 10 Secret Weapons

    How to help sore throat swollen glands mean, how to get rid of cramps yahoo

    By Kissairis Munoz

    Ever wonder how to get rid of period cramps? I know. It might seem strange that, as a man, Im offering advice on how to combat painful periods. But with so many women suffering from painful PMS symptoms each month, its a topic Ive wanted to tackle for some time now.

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    Basil Leaves Can Be Eaten

    No one aware of the medical school of Tulsi leaves will disagree. However, it is not only effective in reducing cold-fever-cough but also in reducing period pain in the abdomen. For this, you can drink Tulsi leaf juice. It can be mixed with hot water or with honey. But if you dont want to go to the trouble of extracting the juice of the basil leaves, you can just chew the basil leaves and eat them. You will benefit from this.

    When Should You See A Doctor

    If you experience severe or chronic stomach cramps, see a doctor for further evaluation. As a rule of thumb, any symptom that seems unusual and persists for a long time should be addressed.

    Make note of any other symptoms youre experiencing, such as indigestion, bloating, and excessive fatigue. You should seek immediate medical treatment if you experience stomach cramps along with:

    • pain that suddenly gets worse
    • dark, bloody, or tar-like stools

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    Diarrhea A Week Before Your Period: Is It Normal

    Most premenstrual symptoms begin one to two weeks before your period. They might last up to seven days after the start of menstruation.

    When your period is about to arrive, digestive symptoms tend to fall to the extremes. Some people get constipated, and others have diarrhea. One study has shown that 73 percent of women experience at least one of the primary gastrointestinal symptoms either before or during their period. Roughly 24 percent of women said they experience diarrhea before their period, while 28 percent experience diarrhea during their period.

    Cut Back On Caffeine And Alcohol


    Pre-menstrually, alcohol can enhance PMS symptoms like breast tenderness, mood swings, and bloating, says Dr. Bitner. And coffee can overstimulate the digestive tract and irritate the bowels, not to mention dehydrate you, which causes you to retain water. Hey, you’ll save some serious $ by bypassing your morning latte, too.

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    When Should I Get Medical Help For My Period Pain

    For many women, some pain during your period is normal. However, you should contact your health care provider if:

    • NSAIDs and self-care measures don’t help, and the pain interferes with your life
    • Your cramps suddenly get worse
    • You are over 25 and you get severe cramps for the first time
    • You have a fever with your period pain
    • You have the pain even when you are not getting your period

    Treating Underlying Health Conditions

    Sometimes, severe period pain is the result of an underlying health condition. In these cases, receiving treatment for the condition may help alleviate period pain.


    Endometriosis is a condition that occurs when the tissue that lines the uterus begins to grow in areas outside of the uterine cavity. This tissue bleeds and swells at the same time as the monthly period.

    Some symptoms of endometriosis

    • chronic lower back and pelvic pain
    • pain during or after sex
    • painful bowel movements

    These methods may not be able to stop period pain permanently, but they can work quickly.

    Females who would prefer fast-acting pain relief for their period pain can try:

    • applying a hot water bottle or heat pad to their abdomen
    • taking a warm bath or shower
    • lightly massaging the area
    • using relaxation techniques, such as practicing gentle yoga or Pilates
    • using a transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation device, which delivers a mild electrical current to the abdomen to reduce pain
    • gently exercising

    When possible, preventing period pain before it starts is a good method for managing the menstrual cycle. Females may be able to do this by making certain dietary changes or by quitting smoking.

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