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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain After Eating Pineapple

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why do i get a stomach ache after eating pineapple

By Katherine Brind’Amour, PhD, MS

Stomach pain is something that almost everyone feels at one time or another. People with stomach pain most often have muscle strain, gas pain or an upset stomach. Stomach pain is a general term that covers many conditions. Here we cover many of the most common reasons you may have stomach pain, as well as a few conventional and natural strategies for dealing with it.

Eat Slowly So You Don’t Gulp Air

When you finally get home after a long day, you’re totally famishedwe get it. But that doesn’t mean you should scarf down your dinner in a hurry. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow excess air, which can lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating. Slowing down the chewing with your mouth closed, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. Fight off the urge to vacuum your entire meal by snacking on something like a small piece of fruit or an ounce of nuts on your way home.

Drinks And Juices For Bloating

The foods and fruits give nutritional arrangement to beat bloating, but these beverage remedies for bloating can surely get you out of the problem in a short time and with great effectiveness. Its due to the rapid activity of drinks;as they move through the digestive tract very quickly.

Water is better than anything

Drink sufficient water all the time. We readily know how important water is for our body. So, lets also make time to remind ourselves about the underlying usefulness of water;for every ailment. For how to get rid of bloating, water is the primary medicine to get instant relief.

Water can increase your digestive strength by flushing the toxins out. And it can reduce the stress in the tract while if we overeat of any single supplement.

But there is a harm of water retention, which when kidneys fail to excrete water from our body, we retain excess amounts of water. This leads to a strange disease called water retention. Be cautious about this though there is the least chance that you get attacked by it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is capable of clearing all you body toxins, disorders, and even minor diseases. Most of the apple cider vinegar benefits;are related to digestive system. Treatment for acid reflux, constipation, digestion, and many inflammatory diseases like a sore throat, pH imbalances, toothache, etc. are found in apple cider vinegars use. With all these benefits, we need not enquire for how to reduce bloating with ACV anymore.

Green Tea

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You Might Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD is an umbrella term for two conditions that both cause chronic inflammation of various parts of the digestive tract: Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. People with either type of IBD often experience periods of remission followed by flare-ups, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that Crohns disease usually affects the part of the small intestine that meets the large intestine, but the characteristic patches of inflammation it causes can be anywhere from the mouth to the rectum and seep through multiple layers of the G.I. lining. Ulcerative colitis, on the other hand, affects continuous portions of the large intestine and/or rectum, with the innermost lining becoming inflamed.

If you have Crohns disease, youre likely to deal with abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and weight loss, and might also have additional symptoms like fatigue, nausea, joint pain, and anemia, the NIDDK says. With ulcerative colitis, the most common symptoms are abdominal pain and diarrhea , the NIDDK notes, though you may also have issues such as fatigue, nausea, anemia, and an urgent need to use the bathroom.

Does Pineapple Give You Cramps

HERBAL REMEDY panosundaki Pin


Not just for piña coladas, as it turns out – pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that can help muscles to relax, which is why Linda recommends it for anyone suffering from really strong cramps during their period.

Likewise, why does pineapple make me feel sick? The juice from unripe pineapples can cause severe vomiting. Bromelain ingestion is associated with a low incidence of adverse reactions, including diarrhea, excess menstrual flow, nausea, skin rash, and vomiting. Swelling of the mouth and cheeks can result from eating large amounts of the fruit.

Likewise, is Pineapple bad for your stomach?

Pineapple. Pineapple contains a special digestive enzyme called bromelain, which helps us break down proteins, making it easy for us to digest and absorb nutrients, Pollock says. Bromelain’s anti-inflammatory properties are also helpful in easing stomachaches and discomfort.

Does pineapple cause uterine contractions?

Eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice has not been proven to induce labor. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is believed by some to soften the cervix and trigger contractions, but no research has shown that bromelain or pineapple actually have this effect.

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Bitters And Club Soda

Although ingredients from a may seem like a strange stomach ache remedy, you can use cocktail bitters as treatment. ;Mix five to seven drops of bitters into a glass with club soda. ;Sip on the drink and add a fresh lemon slice. ;

You can also add bitters to tonic water or ginger ale. ;Alternatively, you can sip on just the club soda as an effective upset stomach medicine. ;

You Might Have A Food Intolerance

If you find that your cramps keep happening after you eat certain things, you might have an intolerance to a specific food substance. Common culprits of intolerances are foods that are designated as fermentable oligo-, di-, and monosaccharides and polyols , which is a fancy designation for poorly-digested carbohydrates, Dr. Ahuja says. Examples include fruits like apples and pears, veggies like cauliflower and lentils, and dairy products. In fact, trouble processing lactose is the most common type of food intolerance, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

In addition to getting abdominal pain when you eat that particular food, you might also deal with symptoms like nausea, bloating, gas, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea, and more, the Cleveland Clinic says. And keep in mind that different people can be intolerant to the same food to different extents. For example, Dr. Krishnareddy explains, someone who is mildly lactose intolerant may be able to digest cheese and yogurt but not a milky latte, whereas someone with a severe intolerance may not be able to digest any form of dairy very well.

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Swap Unhealthy Fats To Reduce Bloat

Including too much fat in your diet will likely result in a full feeling, increased bloat, and digestive disturbance. Balancing healthy and unhealthy fats will help eliminate some of these symptoms. Healthy fat turns on the hormone leptin, which helps signal to your body when your stomach is full. It also dials down the hunger hormone ghrelin so that you feel as if you are satiated, Dr. Shemek says.

Keep in mind that although healthy fats are good for you, they can cause discomfort and expansion of the stomach as well. For instance, peanut butter can be hard to digest and can cause the abdominals to feel tight and distended, which may be linked to a food intolerance or an unknown peanut allergy. Experiment with other nut spreads such as cashew or almond butter as an alternative to reduce bloat.

Avocados are another popular healthy fat but should be proportioned wisely. They contain salicylates, which cause gas, bloating, and stomach pain, so eating too much could result in adverse effects. Try swapping avocado with hummus or edamame for a healthy alternative.

If you regularly suffer from bloat, take a look at your diet first. Even some of the healthiest foods can leave our digestive systems in a bit of distress. Try these easy foods swaps to reduce bloat next time your system is feeling a bit under pressure.

Make Meal Prep Extra Safe With These 6 Simple Tips

Need-now tips to keep yourself healthy in the kitchen.

What to Know and Look Out for While Grocery Shopping

Health Benefits Of Pineapple For Digestion And Bloating

Get Rid of Gas and Bloating in No Time!

Pineapple is arguably one of the most interesting looking fruits there is. The outside is rough and covered in segments of skin, each bearing spiny points. The top resembles a hair style of sorts, with firm, rough leaves reaching upward in a spikey fashion. The health benefits of pineapple are plentiful as it is an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin B1 as well as folate, according to But, there is another interesting nutritional element to consider with pineapples, and that is their role in digestive health and their ability to naturally combat bloating in multiple ways.

A very large meal, gassy foods or even acid reflux can cause just about anyone to seek out stomach bloating remedies. But, relief may actually be closer at hand than one might think. Bloating is characterized by a feeling of pressure or fullness in the abdomen and is most likely a by-product of indigestion in the majority of cases Pineapple, as alluded to by, may also use its contained bromelain in another way; to combat bloating. When stomach bloating caused by unsettled digestion as the source of bloat meets the protein digesting and stomach soothing enzyme Bromelain, the result can mean less discomfort, less visible distention and even more reasons to love the health benefits of pineapple.

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Watch Your Wheat Intake

In many cases, bloating from wheat products is often linked to a food sensitivity or an allergy to wheat- and gluten-rich foods. This food sensitivity or allergy is vastly different than Celiac diseasean abnormal immune system reaction to gluten, Dr. Shemek says. People who are allergic or sensitive to wheat are often fine with other grains. We are not eating the same wheat grain our grandparents did. Today, grains have been hybridized and genetically modified to achieve larger crops, which has had a negative effect on our bodies, especially our digestive health.

Replace wheat options with ancient grains such as einkorn, which includes minimal gluten and contains digestible protein for those who have sensitivities. Other great options include quinoa, millet, and amaranth. In addition, swap wheat-based pasta with zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice, and replace bread with romaine lettuce or collard greens.

What Do I Do If I Have Food Poisoning

Staying hydrated is most important. It is recommended to see a doctor if you have a high fever , blood in your stool, prolonged vomiting, or dehydration. ;Signs of dehydration, including a decrease in urination, a dry mouth and throat, and feeling dizzy when standing up, or diarrheal illness that lasts more than 3 days. Learn more.

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Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

Stabbing, throbbing, pulsing, or burning abdominal pains may be the sign of either minor or serious health conditions.

In most cases, relief can be found with all-natural home remedies for stomach pain.

The powerful yet nontoxic properties of many common kitchen products may help to alleviate the pain and other symptoms caused by gas, constipation, irritating foods, indigestion, food allergies, or viral infections.

Identifying the cause is the first step in knowing how to get relief from stomach pain.

In this article:

Top 10 Serious Side Effects Of Pineapple

Get Rid Of Bloated Stomach Overnight

byManjiri Kochrekar

Pineapple is a popular fruit that lots of individuals enjoy eating. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients that are highly beneficial for your health. However, there are also certain side effects of eating excess of pineapple that your need to be aware of. Lets have a look at the adverse health effects of eating the fruit.Here are some serious side effects that you may suffer from due to eating excess of pineapple.

1. Increases Blood Sugar Levels

Pineapple contains high sugar content. So, eating excess of pineapple can cause an increase in your blood glucose levels and lead to various health problems. People suffering from diabetes should avoid eating excess of this fruit to prevent a hike in their blood glucose levels.

2. Oral Allergy Syndrome

You suffer from oral allergy syndrome due to pollen grains or dust. However, after eating excess of pineapple your immune system may get confused and treat proteins from the fruit as allergens and stimulate allergies in your mouth. As a result, you experience continuous itching and irritationin your mouth.

3. Miscarriage

Pineapple contains lots of enzyme that may affect your healthy pregnancy adversely. Excess consumption of pineapple can trigger uterine contractions that can lead to abortion or miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Diarrhea And Health Problems

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Yogurt To Relieve Stomach Pain

Plain, unsweetened yogurt containing probiotics, or active cultures, may help with stomach pains as it promotes proper digestion. These work to increase the good bacteria needed to relieve indigestion, bloating, and painful discomfort in the gut.

Consuming plain, unsweetened yogurt throughout the day may reduce stomach pain episodes.

Use the following recipe to create a drinkable form of this remedy.

  • Combine two tablespoons of plain unsweetened yogurt, 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt.
  • Add three teaspoons of fresh coriander juice.
  • Mix in one-half teaspoon of cardamom powder.
  • Mix well and drink one hour after each meal.

Symptoms Of Enamel Damage

According to an article published on, a common symptom of enamel erosion is tooth pain or extreme sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. People with enamel damage especially feel discomfort when drinking particularly cold or particularly hot beverages. Pay attention to how your teeth feel. If you notice that they are extremely sensitive, ask your dentist if your teeth appear to have enamel damage.

  • According to an article published on, a common symptom of enamel erosion is tooth pain or extreme sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods.
  • People with enamel damage especially feel discomfort when drinking particularly cold or particularly hot beverages.

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Natural Sugar From Fruit Can Cause Bloating Too

The fiber and fructose found in fruit often cause bloating and discomfort in the belly. Fruit is now bred to be larger and sweeter than previous generations of fruit, Dr. Shemek says. This all means we are ingesting far more fructose than our bodies are equipped to digest given the amount of fruit individuals are eating. Certain fruits are more sugary than others. As you can, trade in high-fructose fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and pineapple for fruits with lower sugar content such as blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, and strawberries. And, while fruit is delicious and full of important vitamins, minerals, and fiber, be sure to watch your portion sizes.

Are You Eating Pineapple Or Is Pineapple Eating You

What are the Health Benefits of Pineapple?

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Fresh pineapple makes my world go round. I wish;could eat it all the time, every day. Unfortunately, I can never eat as much pineapple as Id like. Why is this? One reason: it destroys my mouth.

Sometimes, after a few minutes of eating fresh pineapple, my tongue, lips, and the roof of my mouth become raw and feel like theyre burning. In fact, once the roof of my mouth bled. No joke, I go hard on the good stuff.

Some people think theyre allergic to pineapple. Others notice how sour a pineapple sometimes tastes, and think its the acid thats tearing up their mouth. Although pineapples do contain citric acid, which may contribute to discomfort, the acid is not the main culprit.

With a little bit of research, I found the answer. Pineapple is the only food known to;contain;bromelain, an enzyme that digests protein. The truth is, pineapple hurts to eat because bromelain;is digesting the tender skin inside of your mouth.

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How To Get A Green Smoothie To Taste Good

LEMON. Okay, there, I said it. Adding lemon, or lime helps enhance the flavor A TON. The acid in the citrus help balance out the rest of the ingredients. Without adding such ingredients as lemon or lime, whatever youre making can feel very meh and bland. Just a little splash of citrus can make the whole difference. That is also why I have lemon juice in my easy rosemary sun dried tomato pasta, and lime in my super delicious guacamole, I also had lime in my sweet and spicy hot orange drink, because it felt a little meh without it and BAM SO GOOD with lime. The acid in a tart green apple such as a Granny Smith can also help.

Whats important to note on acid in general, is that its not all that good for your tummy when its larger quantities. Small quantities, however, can actually help with your digestion and can naturally heal an upset stomach. That is why its just a small amount in this green smoothie recipe.

Pineapples And Tooth Decay

According to an article on the website Divine Caroline, acidic foods like pineapple, limes, and lemons start a chemical process in your mouth, which softens tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay 1. While pineapples do not necessarily cause tooth decay directly, exposing your teeth to acidic foods for long periods of time is not a good idea. When protective tooth enamel is broken down, teeth become more prone to structural damage.

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