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How To Differentiate Between Nerve Pain And Muscle Pain

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What Is Bone Pain

Muscle Pain Vs Nerve Pain | How Can You Tell The Difference Between Muscle Pain And Nerve Pain?

Bone pain is usually the result of arthritis and comes in the joints like the knees, ankles, or fingers. Bone pain, to a degree, is normal as we age. If you were to describe bone pain, there are a number of characteristics you could go to. Bone pain often appears in inactivity, can exhibit tenderness when you touch it, can present in stiffness in the joint, and can be uncomfortable during fluctuations in temperature. If any of these things make your pain levels worse, the likely origin is in the bone rather than muscle.

What Is A Pinched Nerve And How Can I Relieve The Pain

    People commonly talk about having a pinched nerve, but what is a pinched nerve? To help answer the question, it is important to understand a little about the spinal cord and the types of nerves that can be pinched.

    It is important to understand a little about the spinal cord and the types of nerves that can be pinched. Photo Source:123RF.com.

    Where Is Nerve Pain Felt

    Nerve pain is often felt in specific body areas, depending on which nerves are affected. For example, nerve pain in the arms may be felt as tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers. Nerve pain in the legs may be felt as shooting pain, burning, or tingling down the leg. In some cases, nerve pain can be widespread, affecting large body areas.

    This is often seen in conditions like fibromyalgia. Nerve pain can also be felt as a general aching or burning sensation or as prickling or pins and needles. It is often described as being similar to an electrical shock. Nerve pain can vary in intensity from mild to severe. It may come and go, or it may be constant. Nerve pain can be debilitating, making it difficult to carry out everyday activities. Treatment for nerve pain often involves a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. Alternatively, chiropractic care and acupuncture have also been found to help treat nerve pain.

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    Joint Pain Vs Muscle Pain

    50% of the Ligaments and Muscles are Ignored when Back ...

    Though, both these pains are very much different from each other, most a time people consider it as same as sometime muscle pain occurs in joint area. People usually considered taking painkillers in both conditions. Though, it might work in muscular pain, normal painkillers might provide temporary relief in joint pain, but will not give you permanent relief from it. Joint pain supplements should be chosen very carefully and precisely, as there are lots of options available on the market, other than prescribed medications.

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    Muscle Spasms Caused By Pinched Nerves

  • Muscle Spasms Caused by Pinched Nerves
  • Dr. Jay Brodwyn & Associates

    If youve ever had a pinched nerve, youll know how painful and debilitating they can be.

    Not only can they induce numbness in the affected area, but they may also cause shooting pains when you move in a certain direction.

    And if you develop a pinched nerve in the back, you may also suffer from muscle spasms, which heighten the pain and symptoms.

    How Can Pinched Nerves Be Treated

    If youve only just noticed your pinched nerve or its gotten worse throughout the day, self-care remedies may be sufficient enough to alleviate your symptoms.

    The pain could be coming from a strain or muscle spasm thats put your nerve under pressure, so its important to try and relax your muscles. You can do this by taking a hot shower, switching between heat and ice every 20 minutes on the affected area, and having a massage.

    In many cases, though, visiting your chiropractor in Columbus will be the most effective option.

    Physical therapy helps get rid of your symptoms by reducing the pressure on your nerve and increasing the support, flexibility, and strength of the surrounding areas.

    Most people will find these non-surgical, drug-free methods work best for them and get rid of their pain completely.

    Want to know more about the chiropractic treatments we offer at Brodwyn and Associates? Then get in touch with our friendly team today on 706-563-3370.

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    Nerves Carry Signals Throughout The Body

    A is like a fiber-optic cable, with many fibers encased in an outer sheath. You can think of each individual fiber as a microscopic garden hose. The green part of the hose is a fine membrane where a static electrical charge can travel to or from the brain. The inside of the hose transports fluid from the nerve cell body that helps nourish and replenish the ever-changing components of the green part, or membrane.

    If the nerve is pinched, the flow up and down the inside of the hose is reduced or blocked, meaning nutrients stop flowing. Eventually, the membrane starts to lose its healthy ability to transmit tiny electrical charges and the nerve fiber may eventually die. When enough fibers stop working, a muscle may not contract and skin may feel numb.

    Are You Experiencing Nerve Pain Or Something Else

    The Difference Between Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, & Bone Pain – Dr Mandell

    If you find that stretching, walking or exercising doesnt help, nerve pain is more likely to be the culprit. That said, movement and exercise is still important for people with nerve pain, as stiffness can worsen the symptoms.

    For a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, choose a pain management specialist who has experience treating all types of pain. Jersey Rehab believes in treating the whole body and supporting an overall active, healthy lifestyle. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, contact us today at one of our four locations.

    Jersey Rehab follows the CDC guidelines

    • 1.Social distancing between patients
    • 2.Disinfecting each clinical exam space thoroughly between patient visits
    • 3. All Jersey Rehab patients will go through a pre-screening prior to arriving for their appointment. Patients will also be required to do a screening upon arrival to the building at the front door.

    Essex County

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    How Is Nerve Pain Diagnosed

    The main way your doctor will diagnose nerve pain is by listening to you and examining you.

    In the examination, they will probably test your nerves by testing the strength of your muscles, checking your reflexes, and by seeing how sensitive it is to touch.

    You may be asked to have tests like:

    • blood tests to check your general health and look for underlying conditions
    • nerve conduction studies which measure how quickly your nerves carry electrical signals
    • a CT scan or an MRI scan to look for anything that could be pressing on a nerve

    Reasons Behind A Pulled Back Muscle

    Injuries from repetitive motion

    This kind of injury occurs when a movement is done repeatedly. Twisting and bending are examples of repetitive movements. Frequently performing these body movements can take a toll on your muscles, causing them to suffer from strain and injury. Returning to your regular activities before your pulled muscle heals can worsen your back pain.

    Lack of muscle movements

    Just as repetitive movement causes pulled muscles, lack of motion can also cause the same effect. The lesser you use your body muscles, the weaker they become. In addition, lack of motion can also make your muscles smaller, which decreases their strength. A decrease in strength of the back muscles can lead to a chronic backache. Therefore, you must ensure that you stretch and move your muscles from time to time. Moving your muscles is highly important, especially if you are working on your desk all day.

    Overstretching the back muscles

    Overstretching is one of the leading causes of pulled muscles. Overstretching occurs when exercising and lifting heavy objects that make you bend your back too much. These actions can force your back muscles to stretch beyond their capabilities.

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    Piriformis Syndrome Self Test

    While your doctor can fully evaluate you to determine if you have piriformis syndrome, you can also conduct a preliminary self-test at home. Here are some tips for doing that. First, you should determine if the pain is worse when you are sitting down. Pay attention to if you have pain or numbness in the buttocks and/or back of your legs. If you dont have this pain or discomfort, then it is unlikely that you have piriformis syndrome.

    If you answered yes to these questions, then its time to move forward with the rest of your self-test. Try pressing on the muscle in each buttock. Press slightly in the middle of the cheek. If you experience pain on one or both sides, then you may have piriformis syndrome.

    You can also try what is referred to as the straight leg test. You should ask a family member or friend to help you with this test. Lie flat on your back on a hard surface. WIth someone helping you, raise your legs one at a time. As you do this, let the person helping you know when you feel pain. If you notice pain at the 30 and 90-degree angles, then it is likely that your sciatica is irritated, which could be a sign of piriformis syndrome.

    How Your Frisco Chiropractor Can Reduce Painful Spasms

    Muscle Pain Vs Nerve Pain

    As debilitating as spasms are, thankfully, theres something you can do about them. You can make an appointment at Arora Family Chiropractic in Frisco. Dr. Puneet Arora decided to become a chiropractor because he saw so many people needlessly suffering from back pain. He doesnt want this for you.

    When you see Dr. Arora, hell create a treatment plan that not only addresses your spasms, but also the root cause of the pain, including pinched nerves. He and his team are committed to providing you with the very best options, including spinal adjustments and physical therapy.

    Ready to do something about painful spasms? Call us at 214-618-7746 to schedule an evaluation.

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    Nerve Pain Vs Arthritis

    Arthritis is a medical condition that develops due to tenderness and swelling of joints. Being developed in joints, joint pain is recognized as a common symptom of arthritis. This commonly occurs in older age when bone density decreases and calcium level is deficient.

    Arthritis is one such condition that takes serious treatment and long medication process to finally overcome from the condition. The most common medication for arthritis are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, DMARDs, steroids, and counter irritants.

    Remedies Of Muscle Pain And Nerve Pain

    Muscle pain

    When it comes to the treatment of muscle pain, it is a big question of whether ice or heat should be used. Some expert says that indirect ice should be used wrapped in a thin towel, while heat might feel pleasant but not lessen the damage.

    If you have sore, painful muscles you might use no steroidal anti-inflammatory drug bought over the counter, or rest affected muscle.

    Sore muscles sometimes require more than taking medication over the counter or ice pack, or resting the muscle. If your pain lasts more than a few days, then you should contact your doctor.

    Nerve pain

    Many prescription drugs, besides over the counter ones, can be used to ease nerve pain. Some of the medicines, besides powerful painkillers, are originally used for seizures or depression, but also have efficacy in reducing pain. Since some of those medicines that are prescribed for other conditions can cause side effects, your doctor supposes to make a treatment plan for your condition.

    Using supplements also can reduce symptoms of these two conditions. Supplements can even reverse your symptoms.

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    Neuropathic Pain And Spasticity: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

    Central neuropathic pain shares many features with spasticity and has even been termed sensory spasticity. Both pain and spasticity can have a late onset and develop slowly over time after SCI, and once developed, they often become chronic. In addition, both conditions may be elicited by touch and other non-painful stimulation. Gabapentin and pregabalin, which are classic drugs used in the treatment of neuropathic pain, are suggested also to have an effect on spasticity., Similarly, GABAA receptor agonists, which are sometimes used for spasticity in the form of benzodiazepines, are also suggested to have an effect on central pain and central sensitization, maybe particularly on allodynia and hyperalgesia., On the other hand, central pain and spasticity may develop independently, the tricyclic antidepressant amitriptyline, which is also a first-line drug for neuropathic pain, is suggested to increase spasticity, and the most commonly used drug for spasticity, baclofen, has no proven effect in neuropathic pain. So there seem to be both similarities and differences.

    Alleviating Your Muscle Pain

    The difference between muscle and nerve pain for musicians

    Always consult your personal physician if you are concerned about any pain that you may be having. They can best help you identify and properly treat your symptoms. However, the Cleveland Clinic offers some strategies that you may want to take to relieve your musculoskeletal pain. These include:

  • Applying heat or cold packs
  • Resting the muscle
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Visiting a chiropractor
  • When managing back pain or other types of muscle pain, it’s important to prevent more serious injury by changing the factors that caused your pain to begin with. Maintain proper posture by using a sit-to-stand desk, use proper lift techniques and safety gear, and continue to strengthen your muscles to provide additional support. Be sure to follow your treatment plan carefully and communicate with your physician if you need more help.

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    Back Pain How To Tell Muscle Pain From Spine Pain

    Sometimes when your back hurts, its difficult to tell the difference between a muscular pain and a pain that could be coming from your spine. Figuring out the type of pain you have can help determine how you treat it and what might work best. Here are some suggestions if your back has become a real pain:

    Back Pain Symptom Questions:

    Do you have pain with movement?

    Do you have pain that radiates down your leg or into your glute muscles?

    Is your pain dull or sharp, aching or electric?

    Do you have pain at rest?

    Back Pain Symptom Checker:

    As you can see, pain that is caused by a muscular issue can be similar to pain caused by a problem related to your spine however there are usually notable differences with spinal pain. Pain in your spine can be due to arthritis, injury, or simple wear and tear. It can be due to your vertebrae, facet joints, discs, or some combination. Typically, pain originating in your spine will look a little different than pain from a muscle. You may have a more burning or electric type pain, or your pain may be constant. With spinal-issue pain, you may also have pain that shoots down your leg or into your glutes. Depending on where the problem is, you may have aching in your groin that is caused by nerve compression in your back. If you develop weakness in your legs or feet, thats a major sign to seek medical attention.


    How Visceral Pain Feels

    Visceral pain is an internal pain. It’s estimated that 40% of the population experiences visceral pain at some time or another. But a lot less is known about it than about somatic pain.

    Visceral pain comes from the organs or the blood vessels, which are not as extensively innervated, or supplied by, sensory nerves. Unlike somatic pain, visceral pain may feel dull and vague and may be harder to pinpoint.

    Some common types of visceral pain include:

    Visceral pain is often described as generalized aching or squeezing. It is caused by compression in and around the organs, or by stretching of the abdominal cavity. People with visceral pain may experience paleness, profuse sweating, nausea, GI disturbances, and changes in body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.

    Sometimes visceral pain may radiate to other areas in the body, making it even harder to pinpoint its exact location. Anxiety and depression can reinforce visceral pain.

    The most common source of visceral pain is functional gastrointestinal disorders , such as irritable bowel syndrome . IBS affects up to 15 percent of the population and is more common in women. Menstrual cramps are another extremely common form of visceral pain.

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    Muscle Pain Vs Nerve Pain Treatment

    Recognizing what type of pain you have is the first step. You briefly read about when to seek medical attention with muscle pain, but what are other treatments?

    For muscles, it is best if you rest the muscle group and then ease back into activities and exercise. For an injured extremity, many sports and athletic trainers suggest the acronym R.I.C.E. This stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

    If you still aren’t seeing relief, then seek out a qualified physician who deals with chronic and acute pain.

    Nerve pain is addressed through a couple of different methods. It is typically advised to see a physician before starting a regimen to determine the cause of nerve pain.

    Otherwise, some typical treatments include medication, injections, physical therapy, surgery, and acupuncture. Different surgical treatments focus on alleviating pressure from the nerve, or nerve ablation. During this minimally invasive procedure, some of the nerves are removed.

    The goal behind this procedure is that reduces the painful stimuli that are sent to the brain.

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