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How Many Acupuncture Sessions For Knee Pain

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Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Knee Pain And Inflammation

Acupuncture Works for Shoulder + Knee Pain
01 March 2017

Researchers confirm that acupuncture is more effective than two drugs for long-term relief of knee osteoarthritis pain, inflammation, and motor impairment. In one investigation, acupuncture plus herbal medicine outperformed acupuncture plus ibuprofen for pain relief. In another independent investigation, acupuncture outperformed diclofenac for relief of pain, inflammation, and motor impairment due to knee osteoarthritis. Lets take a look at both investigations.

Acupuncture plus herbs outperforms ibuprofen for the alleviation of knee pain, inflammation, and dysfunction. Guangxi Lingshan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine researchers investigated the benefits of drugs, electroacupuncture, and herbal medicine for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The results of the randomized-controlled clinical trial finds acupuncture plus herbs more effective than the ibuprofen plus acupuncture protocol.

  • Liangqiu
  • Heding
  • Ashi

A total of 60 patients were treated and evaluated in the study. They were randomly divided into the acupuncture plus herbs treatment group and the acupuncture plus ibuprofen control group, with 30 patients in each group. Both groups received identical electroacupuncture therapy the treatment group was treated with Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang, while the control group was treated with ibuprofen sustained release capsules.

  • Dang Gui

Additional herbs were prescribed according to individual symptoms, for arthralgia the following herbs were added:

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Uniqueness of TCM

TCM has a unique way to view the body, health and disease.

Prevention and well being.

Top 10 conditions people come for acupuncture

Where To Find An Acupuncturist

These days, you can find an acupuncturist at your local hospital or in private practice. Regardless of where you choose to go, the first appointment will usually last the longest. That is because your acupuncturist will have to do a thorough assessment of your condition so that they can come up with a proper treatment plan for you. It is also important to update your acupuncturist regarding your progress or any recent health concern that may impact your treatment.

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Choose Which Channel To Treat

Now that we know what channels are being affected, we must choose which channels to needle based on the systems of relationships between channels. The channels related to the Bladder and Kidney channels according to the different systems are as follows:

Sick Meridian
Testicles, anusFinger

First, we will needle along the Kidney channel in the lower leg area on the left side. Remember, most pain travels along a contralateral pathway, so we will start with needling on the opposite side from the pain. If the patient does not observe an effect, we will then needle the Kidney channel on the same side as the pain.

At this point, the patient should be noticing an alleviation of the pain. If no relief is obtained, we will then begin to utilize the channel relationships to choose another channel to place needles on until we get the desired therapeutic result.

Identify The Meridians That Balance The Sick Meridian


Once the acupuncturist identifies the meridian associated with the painful area, we can move on to the next step, which is selecting a meridian that will balance the sick meridian.

Each meridian is balanced by 5 other meridians. These meridian relationships come from the classic Chinese philosophical and medical text called the I Ching.

This text ties together basic philosophical concepts with observations about the natural world and the human body. Dr. Richard Tan is one of the foremost teachers of I Ching-based acupuncture in the US.

Table of meridian relationships


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Approach To Literature Search

A MEDLINE search was conducted as follows: explode âacupunctureâ or explode âacupuncture analgesiaâ or explode âacupuncture therapyâ or explode âacupuncture pointsâ or âacupuncture.mpâ explode âosteoarthritisâor explode âosteoarthritis, kneeâ or âosteoarthritis.mpâ explode âKneeâ or explode âknee jointâ or âknee.mpâ . Combining these 3 searches together yielded 68 citations.

CINAHL was also searched as follows: explode âacupunctureâ or explode âacupuncture analgesiaâor explode âacupuncture anesthesiaâ or explode âacupuncture pointsâ or âacupuncture.mpâ explode âosteoarthritisâ or âosteoarthritis.mpâ explode âKneeâ or explode âknee jointâ or âknee.mpâ . Combining these 3 searches together resulted in 47 citations.

Titles, abstracts, and publication types of the 115 citations were scanned to determine which of these articles were applicable for this review. Bibliographies from retrieved articles were searched for relevant studies that might have been missed by the database searches.

Who Suffers From Knee Pain

Many athletes experience knee injuries, particularly to the knee ligaments. Nearly everyone has become familiar with the acronym ACL, which stands for anterior cruciate ligament. ACL tears can be caused by rapidly twisting or changing directions slowing down when running or landing from a jump. Injuries to the medial collateral ligament are usually caused by contact on the outside of the knee.

Knee pain isn’t restricted to professional athletes, however. As people get older, the amount of cartilage in the knee decreases, and many ligaments begin to lose some of their elasticity, making them more susceptible to pain and/or injury.

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Minimize The Toll Arthritis Takes

Dont let arthritis of the knee keep you in constant pain, and limit your ability to function and enjoy life.

But today, more than ever, its important to look beyond chronic pain medicine especially opioids for solutions.

Acupuncture is a good option to keep in mind to decrease pain, inflammation and stiffness, and increase range of motion, in your knee. And that can improve your over all quality of life, meaning you can better participate in all of your day-to-day activities, whether thats at work, the park or the gym!

Acupuncture: An Ancient Medicine For Arthritis Relief

Knee Pain recovered just in few sessions of Acupuncture and Moxibution therapy

Acupuncture has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine . This is an ancient treatment procedure involving the insertion of fine stainless steel needles into precise locations in the body.

Prior to treatment, the patient is thoroughly assessed by a trained practitioner. Next, the acupuncturist starts the treatment by inserting needles at specific points on the patients body. The location will depend on the specific health concern. For example, for arthritis-related knee pain, the needles are inserted around the knees.

TCM practitioners use acupuncture to treat numerous complaints such as:

  • lower back pain

Patients who undergo acupuncture treatment for arthritis often report a significant improvement.

The Arthritis Foundation lists the following benefits of acupuncture:

  • improved sleep due to melatonin release
  • stress relief after stimulation of oxytocin and endorphins
  • pain relief after nerve fibers are stimulated to block pain signals.

A study published in 2019 in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine found that people with RA felt significantly better after acupuncture treatment. In the study, the researchers created three groups:

  • Group 1- received acupuncture with the TCM method
  • Group 2- received acupuncture at random locations on the body
  • Group 3- no treatment
  • Participants in Group1 reported less pain, better arm and hand strength, and better health and quality of life compared to the other groups.

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    The 3 Stages Of Acupuncture Care

    The first thing to take into account, when learning about your acupuncture healing process is getting to know the 3 Stages of Acupuncture Care.

    • Relief Stage
    • Healing Stage
    • Maintenance Stage

    All patients start at the Relief Stage. As the name implies, at this stage in the acupuncture healing process your acupuncture treatments provide you relief from your primary symptoms such as pain or discomfort, stress, tension, anxiety, depression, low energy or poor sleep. At the Relief Stage, patients receive acupuncture treatment 3 to 5 times a week in order to get symptoms under control so that patients have more “good days” then they did before.

    As patients respond to acupuncture and are getting consistant relief of symptoms with better sleep and mood, they transition naturally from the Relief Stage to the Healing Stage. Again as the name implies, at this stage in the acupuncture healing process your acupuncture treatments provide your body the framework to make self-corrections, adjustments, or repairs to the root cause of your symptoms. Patient receive acupuncture treatments 2 time per week during the Healing Stage.

    Natural Pain Management With Acupuncture In Seattle Tacoma & Bellevue:

    I have come to Natalie for help with knee pain from playing basketball and digestive problems. Natalie has used acupuncture and herbs to relieve all of these issues at various points.

    The beneficial effect of acupuncture has gone beyond greatly reducing the eczema. It has eliminated a lower back ailment, reduced the pain from arthritis in both knees, and increased my overall level of energy. There are other subtle psychological benefits perhaps a result from being freed from the constant aches perhaps from the energy realignment about which I have heard but which I do not pretend to comprehend. I do understand the good results.


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    So How Does Acupuncture Needling Actually Relieve Pain

    Acupuncture research is limited, and as a result, the physiological mechanism by which acupuncture alleviates pain is undetermined. Many theorize that acupuncture helps to retrain the nervous system and brain, resulting in:

    • pain reduction,
    • muscle relaxation,
    • injury healing.

    Needling certain points is a way to communicate with the brain via the nervous system. Certain points will inform the brain to increase blood flow and a range of healing agents to the ailing area. See our article on Acupuncture for Pain Relief for the full story.

    Why specific points work to alleviate pain in specific areas of the body is not yet fully understood. It is an area for further research and exploration. As acupuncture integrates further into western culture, our hope is that scientific research will make strides into understanding more precisely how it works.

    Our bodies have great potential for healing. Acupuncture is a modality that unlocks that potential, thereby offering a powerful, effective option for lasting pain relief.

    Cool It How Many Acupuncture Sessions For Lower Back Pain

    Acupuncture may not be effective for knee pain: Study ...

    Ice is best in the very first 24 to 48 hours after an injury because it decreases inflammation. Even though the heat feels good because it helps conceal the pain and it does aid unwind the muscular tissues, the warmth actually irritates the inflammatory procedures. After 48 hours, you can switch over to warmth if you prefer. Whether you make use of heat or ice take it off after about 20 minutes to give your skin a rest. If pain lingers, talk with a doctor.

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    How Many Acupuncture Sessions Do I Need

    This is a fair and often-asked question. If you have a problem, you will want to fix it. Generally, you will want to know how long its going to take or how many sessions of treatment are needed before a solution is reached or the problem is rectified. To be frank, this question is not an easy one to answer. It would be nice to be able to say: headache, that is 2 treatments tired muscles from exercise = 1 treatment lower back pain for 2 months = 7 treatments.

    Unfortunately, its not possible to be that exact.

    The body is a constantly changing and adapting organism. Some patients respond quickly and need only 2 treatments. Others are very different and may need 6 sessions for the same problem.

    However, it can be exasperating to hear it depends or how long is a piece of string in regards to how many treatments you need, so Ill try and summarise some general factors that indictate a rough estimate of how many sessions.

    Acute problems = 1 4 acupuncture treatments

    If the problem is acute or short term , then the body should respond to a certain degree after the first session. This change may occur immediately or more usually a day or two later as the acupuncture effect is a bit like exercise it takes a little while for the stimulus to be absorbed and take effect.

    Chronic problems = 4 10 acupuncture treatments

    You could also view the treatments as occurring in different stages:

    Corrective stage Treatments to bring the body back to homeostasis


    Identify The Sick Meridian

    To treat any type of painful condition, we must first identify the precise location of the pain. Identifying the location of the pain will show us what meridian is being affected and needs to be focused on for treatment.

    Once weve established where the pain is located, the acupuncturist can identify the affected meridian. For example, pain in the shoulder and upper back is associated with the Bladder meridian. The image below from Donald Kendalls Dao of Chinese Medicine illustrates the muscle groups associated with the Bladder meridian.

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    Acupuncture Safety And Regulation

    There’s no statutory regulation of acupuncture in England.

    If you choose to have acupuncture, it is recommended that you check the acupuncture practitioner is either a regulated healthcare professional such as a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist or a member of a national acupuncture organisation.

    You can find an accredited register of acupuncture practitioners on the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care website.

    When it’s done by a qualified practitioner, acupuncture is generally very safe. Rarely, some people experience mild, short-term side effects such as:

    • pain where the needles puncture the skin
    • bleeding or bruising where the needles puncture the skin
    • drowsiness
    • feeling dizzy or faint
    • worsening of pre-existing symptoms

    If you have a bleeding disorder, such as haemophilia, or are taking anticoagulants, talk to your GP before you have acupuncture.

    Acupuncture is also not usually advised if you have a metal allergy or an infection in the area where needles may be inserted.

    It’s generally safe to have acupuncture when you’re pregnant. However, let your acupuncture practitioner know if you’re pregnant because certain acupuncture points cannot be used safely during pregnancy.

    Read more about the safety of complementary therapies in pregnancy.

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    Acupuncture For Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

    How many sessions are needed for Arthritis treatment in Acupuncture? – Dr. Gurudatta H K

    Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is a progressive condition involving gradual loss of joint cartilage that leads to loss of movement, pain and reduced quality of life. It occurs more frequently with increasing age.

    Various Chinese medicine therapies have been studied as treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee. Some have been found in large-scale studies to be effective for relieving pain, increasing function and improving quality of life in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.

    Effective therapies for osteoarthritis of the knee include acupuncture and electroacupuncture.

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    So How Does Acupuncture Relieve That Pain

    Wheeler: Acupuncture, a traditional form of medicine thats been used successfully for centuries, stimulates certain body points with pre-sterilized single-use disposable needles. Since biomedical sciences are a relatively recent development, were still learning exactly what occurs at a cellular level during an acupuncture treatment, but we do know that it can encourage the flow of chemical and electrical information through the body, or block that flowthereby moderating the perception of pain. It has also been shown to inhibit proteins that increase inflammation and can strengthen weak muscles or relax tense ones.

    Fact: Acupuncture certification requires a 3-year masters program followed by a licensing exam.

    Causes Of Chronic Lower Back Pain

    Pain is thought about persistent as soon as it lasts for more than 3 months and exceeds the bodys all-natural recovery procedure. Persistent pain in the low back commonly includes a disc issue, a joint trouble, and/or an aggravated nerve root. Common causes consist of:

    Back herniated disc. The jelly-like center of a lumbar disc can appear the difficult outer layer and aggravate a nearby nerve origin. The herniated portion of the disc has plenty of healthy proteins that create swelling when they reach a nerve root, as well as swelling, along with nerve compression, cause nerve origin pain. The disc wall is additionally highly supplied by nerve fibers, and also a tear via the wall can create extreme pain.

    Degenerative disc illness. At birth, intervertebral discs teem with water and at their healthiest. As people age in time, discs shed hydration and also wear down. As the disc sheds hydration, it can not resist pressures too, and transfers pressure to the disc wall surface that might create tears and also trigger pain or weakening that can cause a herniation. The disc can also fall down and contribute to stenosis.

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    Ok How Can I Expect To Feel Afterward

    Wheeler: You may see a decrease in pain and will likely feel calmer and more relaxed during the next few days. With each treatment, these effects will last longer and longer as the body begins to heal. However, our bodies can be stubborn, so a person often needs multiple treatments to alter the way his or her body functions. Generally, the longer youve had a condition, the longer it will take to treat it.

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