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Does Wearing A Fitbit Cause Wrist Pain

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Nyu Dispatch December 2018

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Copy: “EMF WiFi-related symptoms increasingly documented by users of FitBit. Among the electro-sensitivity and EMF-related symptoms reported by users include chronic headaches, tingling skin sensations, ringing ears, a static feeling in the brain, excessive fatigue, weakened immunity, unexplained hives and a straight feeling of body pain. And, as the company recalls the product for the third time to investigate the growing number of claims”

Use A Skin Diary To Track Symptoms

The best way to determine the exact cause of your flare-ups is to document. Write down your symptoms, the products you use on the irritated area, and if your skin improves or worsens with adjustments. Pay attention and note if your rash includes a burning sensation or if its just extremely itchy. The latter is likely an allergy and the former an irritant.

Bring your skin diary with you to your consultation, so together, we can properly diagnose and provide the right treatment for your Fitbit rash.

Can Wearing A Fitbit Cause Shoulder Pain Due To Radio Frequency Activity

A question I get a lot from my patients is, do you feel any pain when wearing a Fitbit? This is an important question because many people wonder if the device is causing damage to their muscles or not. The short answer is no, it does not. What some people may notice is that the Fitbit produces a small amount of discomfort, but this is normal. The discomfort that they feel is due to the heat signal being interrupted by the vibrations caused by the movement of the foot or leg.

Another common question from patients is, do you get sore shoulder pain due to a Fitbit? Unfortunately, this too can be attributed to the heat signals being interrupted by the vibrations in the machine. So, it is important that you do not overuse the device. It is a good idea to take breaks when you first start wearing it and then use it more frequently once you are comfortable.

Last, but not least, do you get sore shoulder pain due to wearing a Fitbit? In most cases, yes, you will probably get sore shoulders, but this is usually temporary.

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Strengthen Your Moisture Barrier

One of the most important steps you can take in both preventing and treating a Fitbit rash is protecting your skins moisture barrier. The stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the epidermis, is supposed to keep moisture in and keep bad bacteria out. Look for moisturizers that include lipids, glycerine, and ceramides. These skin-replenishing ingredients are vital to maintaining skin barrier integrity.

Can Wearing A Fitbit Cause Shoulder Pain Due To Allergic Reactions

Connie Tzouvelekas had burn mark on wrist wearing Fitbit ...

So many questions have been raised about the use of a Fitbit and more so with those who suffer from ailments such as asthma. It has come to my attention that not many people understand exactly what causes Asthma and how wearing a Fitbit can possibly make matters worse. According to leading health experts, the main cause of Asthma is exposure to airborne allergens. Therefore when we are wearing a Fitbit watch on our wrist we are constantly in contact with these allergens. The air flow through our Watch causes the air to bead up around the sensor, which triggers the airway inflammation that causes the pain and restriction in breathing.

So if you were to take a long term poll of all the people who suffer from Asthma, half would say that they know the exact cause of their condition, but doctors would still be hard pressed to explain exactly what causes it.

Therefore I would venture to say that although doctors can say what causes Asthma, nobody really knows what causes it, because its just like everything else.

Nobody really knows the cause until one day they wake up and open their eyes. Until then we will have to rely on the knowledge of those who have suffered the actual attacks and who have then gone on record to share their experience.

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Electronic Weight Loss Device Use Is A Personal Decision

While choosing to use products like the Fitbit ultimately is a personal decision like whether or not to put a cellphone up to your head, in my book, it seems important to learn to switch off from our constant exposure to electronic devices and EMF radiation.

Exercise and sleep are the most obvious times to give yourself both a mental and physical break from EMF exposure.

Do you use a Fitbit? What are your reasons for doing so and do the potential health risks concern you?


Lost Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain Strength of Microwave Technologies Has Your Dental Work Turned You Into a Walking Antenna? Heavy Metal Toxicity Raises Risk of EMF Sensitivity The Health Hazards of Heavy Metals Toxic Metals Is This Why Youre Feeling Sick?

More Information

Are The Rashes Caused By Fitbits Caused By Emf Radiation

It would appear that the vast majority of the significant rashes are caused by other issues. in 2014 there were over 10,000 complaints of rashes and skin injuries caused by the Fitbit Force. The company recalled the device saying that the rashes were caused primarily by an allergic reaction to an adhesive used in the bands.

After re-releasing new versions there were continued complaints about rashes that the company said were primarily caused by allergic reactions to nickel used for the device.

Although the majority of these rashes have been resolved by the company, complaints still seem to occasionally come in.

I would say that it is unlikely that a significant rash would be a result of the EMF radiation caused by the Fitbit, but is more likely to be caused by either improper wear, or an allergic reaction.

Although skin irritations are often a symptom of sensitivity to EMF radiation, especially from long-term or close proximity exposure, so I would not completely rule this possibility out.

If you are worried that this might be the case, consider getting an EMF meter like the one I use, the Trifield TF2 .

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Does Emf Radiation From A Smartwatch Cause Wrist Pain

EMF radiation from wearable devices is not known to cause wrist pain or have any long-term effects on your health.

EMF, or electro-magnetic frequency, radiation is emitted by many of the modern devices we use frequently, even dailycellphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, sports watches with GPS, and virtual or augmented reality devices. So, like it or not, you face EMF exposure regularly.

The low-powered radiofrequency transmitters found in these devices let them communicate and send data over the internet. The Federal Communications Commission has set exposure limits on the amount of EMF radiation that can be emitted from wearable devices.

Excessive EMF radiation is known to cause headaches and nausea. However, numerous studies have shown that there is significantly less radiation coming from a wearable than from a cell phone. The consensus is that this is not a cause for concern, but the research is ongoing.

What Fitbit Says You Should Do If You Get A Rash

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker (NEW) [What To Know!] VS. Fitbit Charge 4 VS. Fitbit Inspire 2

If you develop a rash, Fitbit recommends removing the device from your wrist for several days to see if the rash disappears. However, if wearers decide to put the watch back on, the rash will likely return. For this reason, it would be best to treat the rash outright, rather than have it come and go with Fitbit usage.

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It’s A Bit Confusing Right The Actual Article Does Not Address A 2018 Fitbit Recall But The Headline On Natural Blaze Of Fitbit Recalled Due To Mysterious Emf Wifi Symptoms Complaints Mounting Followed By The Photo And Sub

This kind of attention grabbing headline is often referred as Click bait because its so intriguing you want to read it and when you do click on ityoull see a post thats usually advertising something. My point is to tell you the truth behind this fake news headline.The mission of Tech Wellness is to work with experts and scientists to shed light on the complicated topics of tech toxins, including EMF radiation.

Then A Few Days Later This False Headline Appeared On The Natural Blaze Website:


The 2014 Recall was for rashes. There was no other recall for “mysterious WiFi Symptoms” The writer explains how she started getting painful electrical pulses after wearing a Fitbit she got for Christmas. She goes on write about the 2014 recall, here’s a snippet:

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Do Wearing A Fitbit Cause Shoulder Pain Due To Skin Irritation

We all know that our skin reacts differently. For some it may be red, inflamed and irritated while for others it may be dry and scaly. You may want to consult with a dermatologist to see if you may have an allergic reaction or not. He or she can give you special anti-histamine creams to prevent your skin from reacting to certain substances in your environment which could cause an allergic reaction.

Will Wearing A Watch Make Carpal Tunnel Worse

Fitbit Charge skin irritation complaints still plague company

With more and more people parked in front of a computer every day, typing and mousing, carpal tunnel has become quite common. Since CTS symptoms are similar to the wrist pain caused by wearable devices, its understandable that those who suffer from CTS might wonder whether their watch aggravates their CTS.

No research indicates that wearing a watch causes carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up. While it does fall into the repetitive category since most folks put their watch on every day or wear it all the time, wearing a watch is not a forceful or vibrating activity and does not aggravate CTS symptoms.

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Will A Fitbit Cause Shoulder Pain Due To Bicep Tears

Many people wear Fitbit as a fitness gadget that will measure their calories, and they claim that this device is the only one that can tell exactly how much they can eat and still lose weight. They also claim that this device is very useful in helping them lose weight and get into shape, but now some health experts are saying that wearing a Fitbit can cause shoulder pain due to bicep tears.

Wearing A Fitbit Could Cause Shoulder Pain Due To Tendonitis

When we use our minds to work out what might cause shoulder pain due to tendonitis, we often overlook the most obvious and easiest place to start our shoulder joint. Our shoulders are obviously one of the most important joints in the body, next to the neck. And when you consider that it holds more than twice the weight of the entire body, then you know that it can easily be one of the first places to feel pain if wear and tear is caused.

The wearing of a Fitbit has been credited with causing an increased amount of alertness among healthy adults.

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Should You Be Worried

Yes, and no. Of course, if you are experiencing severe joint pain, then you should be concerned. Get yourself over to a doctor and see what the problem is and try to nip it in the bud.

That being said, you should not be worried about wearing a Fitbit. If the device is the cause of the issue, you can simply take it off.

If you have yet to purchase a Fitbit, and this is putting you off, dont let it. There are millions of users around the world who use their Fitbits every day with absolutely no issues. A tiny percentage of any community can experience health difficulty with fitness products, but just because they do doesnt mean that its definitely going to happen to you.

Wearing A Fitbit Cause Sudden Shoulder Pain Due To Rotator Cuff Tear

Fitbit Versa 3 Review (15 New Things to Know)

Many people are concerned that wearing a Fitbit will cause shoulder pain due to rotator cuff tear. Many people are also unsure of the answer. The fact is that a Fitbit does not cause shoulder pain but wearing one can have some definite affects. In order to understand why wearing a Fitbit can cause pain, its important to understand how a shoulder pain develops.

Many people have a pain in their shoulders that persists and doesnt go away no matter what they do. This is called a rotator cuff tear. When a small muscle is strained and cut, the result can be painful symptoms. These symptoms can range from being a localized pain in the area of the shoulder to an overall ache that affects mobility. While its impossible to completely eliminate the pain you will have to rely on pain relief methods such as taking anti-inflammatory drugs or physical therapy.

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Could Sitting On Your Wallet Be Causing Your Hip Pain

Sitting on your wallet all day can be detrimental to your spinel health. As depicted, sitting on your wallet causes an asymmetry that distorts your spine, pelvis and hips. Habitually sitting on your wallet in your back pocket all day can irritate the sciatic nerve leading to pain and joint degeneration. The obvious and simple way to avoid this is to keep your wallet in your front pocket, put it in your jacket, or ditch it.

What Does Fitbit Have To Say About Radiation From Their Devices

Many people have asked the company about radiation from their devices, both about the radio frequency radiation from the Bluetooth, as well as the small amount of electric and magnetic field radiation from the device itself.

Fitbit has maintained a pretty consistent stance, that although their devices absolutely do emit EMF radiation in several forms, the amount of radiation is not enough to cause harm.

In a response to someone asking a similar question, a FitBit forum moderator said the following:

The only thing that bothers me about this response, is that it does not link to the results of any testing showing these numbers. Also, what cell phone radiation results are they referencing when they say that the Fitbit only emits approximately 1% of the amount.

Also, are these numbers accounting for the fact that a Fitbit device is work directly against the skin, and many cellphone radiation results assume a 6-inch distance between the person and the device?

They are certainly correct that in a direct comparison a cellphone is going to emit more radiation, however, I wish they would release their own tests and studies so that we could actually make a determination about how dangerous these devices are.

For Instance:

Powerful corporations and lobbies fight to keep these guidelines where they are so they can continue manufacturing electronics that may be unsafe, and be exempt from even testing them.

My favorite EMF meter by far is the Trifield TF2 .

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Is Your Fitbit Causing Arm Pain Or Arm Numbness And Tingling

Wearing a Fitbit could cause potential dangers to your health. There have been several complaints that come up in every day practice related to arm pain and wearing a Fitbit. Many patients have come to my office stating that they have diffuse arm pain, wrist pain, finger pain, or even shoulder pain. Many have complained about numbness and tingling into the arm. These patients were examined thoroughly and x-rays were taken. There were no positive orthopedic tests, and no radiologic findings. The one thing all of these patients had in common was they all wore a Fitbit. The pain/tingling corresponded to the wrist that the Fitbit was worn on 100% of the time. I started notifying my patients about my findings. Often times when I brought it up, patients that wore a Fitbit daily all reported arm pain from an unknown origin. So I advise you to rethink wearing a Fitbit. The constant contact of electronics has yet to be studied, but I believe the dangers are there.

The Watch Is Worn Too Tightly

How To Fix Fitbit Charging Issues

Wearing any kind of watch or wearable device too tightly increases the chances that the wearer will experience nerve damage that leads to pain in the wrist, hand, and arm.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to slip one finger between your arm and the watchband, and your watch should not slide more than an inch up or down your arm.

Wearing a watch too snugly compresses the nerves in the wrist area. If this compression goes on for an extended period , you may soon see nerve pain symptoms appear: tingling and aching.

With no relief from the nerve compression, actual nerve damage may result, and you may feel pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in the hands.

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Why Does It Cause Irritation

As mentioned above, there are a few reasons that a Fitbit can irritate your skin.

One of the sneakier causes can be an allergy to the watchs materials. There are traces of gold and nickel on the underside of the watch, and if you have an allergy to those minerals, then you are going to experience some intense irritation.

A possible fix for this is to cover the charging pins with some tape, as that seems to be the danger area. Fitbit doesnt officially recognize this solution, but it seems to work for users.

You may also be wearing your watch too tight. Lots of people wear their Fitbits while playing sports. Needless to say, this causes you to get sweaty. If you work up said sweat, and your watch is on tight, then you are going to end up with some nasty irritation, and possibly some burns, on your wrist.

If your symptoms return every time you wear your Fitbit, you can ask for a refund. The company has had no issues offering refunds for this problem in the past, so worst-case scenario, you can at least get your money back.

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