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Does Vitamin B Help With Nerve Pain

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3 Best B-Vitamins for your Nerves (Nerve Pain/Neuropathy/Nerve Damage Repair) 2021

If you are diagnosed with low levels of vitamin B12, then it is crucial that you get your vitamin B12 levels back to normal, in order to avoid symptoms of prolonged vitamin B12 deficiency, such as severe nerve damage.

If you have been suffering from neuropathy for some time, it might still not be too late to benefit from intense vitamin B12 supplementation. Depending on the extent of nerve damage, a regimen of weekly B12 will aid in nerve cell reparation quickly, efficiently.

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Best Vitamins And Herbs For Fighting Neuropathy Pain

Nerve pain caused by conditions like neuropathy, diabetes, or even treatments like chemotherapy can be extremely painful and debilitating.

Many people turn to natural alternatives like vitamins and herbs to avoid the unpleasant side effects commonly associated with prescription medications.

However, not all vitamins are effective or have the same potency. Before you begin taking herbs or vitamins for nerve pain, it’s important to understand the clinical studies and dosages used to get the best results.

Scientific Evidence For Neuropathy Supplements

Most neuropathy supplements have not completed clinical trials. However, theres plenty of research supporting individual ingredients within neuropathy supplements. Well summarize that research below and explain the best, most-proven neuropathy supplement ingredients.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is one of the most popular ingredients in neuropathy supplements. Your liver and kidneys naturally produce acetyl-L-carnitine. Some people take acetyl-L-carnitine supplements daily to support physical and cognitive energy. According to some small studies, acetyl-L-carnitine supplements could help with some symptoms of neuropathy. However, other studies have shown limited difference between acetyl-L-carnitine and a placebo. In this review, researchers found evidence that acetyl-L-carnitine could improve nerve function in people with diabetic neuropathy.

Most neuropathy supplements also contain B vitamins. Some contain vitamins B6 and B12. Others contain a specific mix of B complex vitamins. In this 2014 study, researchers found that vitamin B12 deficiency was linked to nerve dysfunction and other health issues. They also found that neuropathy due to vitamin B12 deficiency typically began in the feet. If you are deficient in vitamin B12 and have neuropathy, then its possible a vitamin B12 supplement could help.

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Vitamin B12 Inhibited Er Stress Signaling Pathway

Under chronic ER stress, the associated apoptosis may contribute to pathophysiological processes involved in a number of prevalent diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis and renal disease . Hu et al. reported that the ER-localized E3 ligase RNF183 triggered apoptosis in response to prolonged ER stress. Meanwhile, our previous study indicated that ER stress signaling induced neuronal apoptosis in spinal cord injury . To clarify the relationship between vitamin B12 and the regulation of ER stress, we detected ER stress signaling pathway proteins and the downstream apoptosis-related proteins by western blot and immunofluorescence staining. As shown in Figures 3AF, the levels of ER stress-related proteins were significantly increased at 3 days and decreased after vitamin B12 treatment. Meanwhile, immunofluorescence staining revealed that the number of GRP78 positive cells was significantly increased in the TBI group, and vitamin B12 reversed this trend to a differing degree . These findings suggested that vitamin B12 alleviated the level of ER stress.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

Neuropathy Vitamins Can Help to Eliminate Nerve Pain

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be slow to develop, causing symptoms to appear gradually and intensify over time. It can also come on relatively quickly. Given the array of symptoms a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause, the condition can be overlooked or confused with something else. Vitamin B12deficiency symptoms may include:

  • strange sensations, numbness, or tingling in the hands, legs, or feet
  • difficulty walking
  • difficulty thinking and reasoning , or memory loss
  • weakness
  • fatigue

While an experienced physician may notice the symptoms and be able to detect a vitamin B12 deficiency with a good interview and physical exam, a blood test is needed to confirm the condition.

Its a good idea to ask your doctor about having your B12 level checked if you are a strict vegetarian or have had weight-loss surgery or have a condition that interferes with the absorption of food.

Early detection and treatment is important. If left untreated, the deficiency can cause severe neurologic problems and blood diseases.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Neuropathy

Vitamin B12 is an essential dietary nutrienta B12 deficiency can lead to a number of serious conditions including peripheral neuropathy.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in the United States, especially among the elderly. It is estimated that between 10% and 25% of the people over 80 years of age may have a B12 deficiency. There are several causes of vitamin B12 deficiency. A strict vegetarian diet may promote a B12 deficiency because animal-based foods such as red meat, dairy products, fish, poultry and eggs are the only recognized source of dietary B12. A lack of B12, or the inability of stomach acids to aid in the absorption, also causes this deficiency. Consequently, drugs that reduce stomach acid should not be taken with B12 supplements. A number of other conditions, procedures, and drugs are associated with a reduced the ability to absorb B12. These include autoimmune diseases, pernicious or unexplained anemia, pancreatic diseases, ileal resection, Crohns disease, HIV infection, gastritis, gastric or small intestine surgeries, malabsorption syndromes, multiple sclerosis, and use of histamine2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Be Sneaky Harmful

What harm can having too little of vitamin B12 do? Consider this: Over the course of two months, a 62-year-old man developed numbness and a “pins and needles” sensation in his hands, had trouble walking, experienced severe joint pain, began turning yellow, and became progressively short of breath. The cause was lack of vitamin B12 in his bloodstream, according to a case report from Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital published in The New England Journal of Medicine. It could have been worsea severe vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to deep depression, paranoia and delusions, memory loss, incontinence, loss of taste and smell, and more.

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B Vitamins For Neuropathy

B vitamins are useful in treating neuropathy since they support healthy nervous system function. Peripheral neuropathy is sometimes caused by a vitamin B deficiency.

Supplementation should include vitamin B-1 , B-6, and B-12. You may choose to take these separately instead of as a B complex.

Benfotiamine is like vitamin B-1, which is also known as thiamine. Its thought to reduce pain and inflammation levels and prevent cellular damage.

A deficiency in vitamin B-12 is one cause of peripheral neuropathy. Left untreated, it can cause permanent nerve damage.

Vitamin B-6 may help to maintain the covering on nerve endings. But its important that you dont take more than 200 milligrams of B-6 per day. Taking higher amounts can lead to nerve damage and cause symptoms of neuropathy.

Food rich in B vitamins include:

  • meat, poultry, and fish

2008 study found benfotiamine to have a positive effect on diabetic neuropathy. It was shown to decrease pain and improve the condition.

But a small 2012 study found that people with type 1 diabetes who took 300 mg a day of benfotiamine showed no significant improvements to nerve function or inflammation. People took the supplement for 24 months. Further studies are needed to expand upon these findings. Its also important to examine the effects of benfotiamine in combination with other B vitamins.

  • pain

According to a 2016 study, acetyl-L-carnitine significantly improved:

Best Nerve Supplements Of 2021 Conclusion

Vitamin B12 deficiency and neuropathic pain, by Dr. Andrea Furlan MD PhD

Millions of people suffer from neuropathy, a painful condition. Some people take nerve pain or neuropathy supplements to help them. Nerve discomfort and nerve injury have the potential to alter your life drastically. It doesnt matter where the anguish comes from what matters is the devastating impact on a persons life. You can boost nerve health throughout your body by using the correct neuropathy supplement. Again, any of these top nerve health supplements for neuropathy support should assist users in overcoming pain and discomfort.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


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Benfotiamine Protects Our Blood Vessels From Damage

High blood glucose levels can also damage neurons indirectly by damaging blood vessels.

Over time, damaged blood vessels are less capable of delivering the nutrients and oxygen on which nerves depend on to survive. Without proper blood flow, nerve cells can become damaged.

There are numerous ways that hyperglycemia can lead to blood vessel damage, and benfotiamine protects against many of these.

Examples include blocking the formation of AGEs and reducing the oxidative stress that comes from increased production of protein kinase C during hyperglycemia.

With healthier blood vessels, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to cells, helping them remain healthy and decreasing further neuropathic pain.

B Vitamins: Whats The Difference

B vitamins are well-known for not just being an important part of a well-balanced diet, but also for being vital when it comes to maintaining a healthy nervous system. Well break down each different type of B vitamin, and how they help your nerves regenerate and stay in shape.

Everyone knows that vitamins are an important part of a well-balanced diet. For many of us, though, the real question comes down to which ones? There are a ton of different letter-named vitamins to keep track of, and often many different varieties of each one of those, to boot. It can all get a little dizzying.

But heres the kicker vitamins are very important to your bodys ability to function in a healthy and efficient way. Of course, with a well-balanced diet, you should be getting all the vitamins you need. But who among us makes sure to maintain a truly balanced diet, at all time?

Hey, no judgment here! Plenty of us wind up supplementing our diets with vitamins and minerals that we might not be getting enough of on the dailyand these supplements can be extra important for those of us dealing with peripheral neuropathy.

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B Complex Vitamins Can Help Relieve Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain or nerve pain in peripheral neuropathy is characterised by burning sensation, pins and needles sensations, stabbing pain and electric shock-like sensations.

B vitamins are intricately involved in the pain mechanism. They improve antioxidant defences and regulate cellular mechanisms and neurotransmitter function to reduce nerve pain in neuropathy.

Research in an animal model has shown that a combination of B vitamins helps relieve neuropathic pain.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA is a neurotransmitter or chemical in the brain that is said to have a calming effect. Activation of GABA receptors is found to reduce neuropathic pain.

Yu and colleagues have observed that B vitamins reduce nerve pain by protecting the function of neurotransmitter GABA.

Analgesic or pain-relieving medications prescribed for neuropathic pain appear to be ineffective at times. Supplementing with vitamin B can increase the therapeutic effect of these painkillers in neuropathy.

Allodynia is pain in response to a stimulus that is not likely to cause pain . Addition of vitamin B12 to painkiller diclofenac increases its anti-allodynic effect and reduces neuropathic pain in an animal model.

Combination of steroid dexamethasone and B complex vitamins is used to treat neuropathic pain in Mexico. Research in animal models confirms that vitamin B and dexamethasone act synergistically to reduce nerve pain.

Bonus Nerve Pain Guide #: Neuropathy Revolution

Methyl B

Neuropathy Revolution is a nerve pain guide that claims to melt your diabetic nerve pain away in 30 days. Like Neuropathy No More, Neuropathy Revolution is backed by a moneyback guarantee. You can obtain a complete refund if Neuropathy Revolutions holistic strategies do not impact your neuropathy.

According to the authors of Neuropathy Revolution, you can use a seven-step holistic system to end chronic peripheral neuropathy and stop diabetic nerve pain in as little as 24 hours. The guide claims to help with all levels of nerve pain severity.

And, as part of a 2021 promotion, the authors of Neuropathy Revolution have bundled their program with an eBook called Diabetes Protocol. That eBook claims to treat and fix the root cause of type 2 diabetes using holistic strategies. After buying Neuropathy Revolution, you could get relief from neuropathy and diabetes, according to author Mark Fellers.

Price: $37

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Side Effects & Precautions With Vitamin B Use

B complex vitamins are safe if taken in recommended dosages. However, vitamin B6 at high doses or in excess can cause toxicity and even sensorimotor neuropathy.

Vitamin B12 may interact with medications like chloramphenicol, proton pump inhibitors, histamine antagonists, metformin, etc.

Thiamine may interact with digoxin, diuretics, and phenytoin. Please consult a health practitioner before taking vitamin B supplements.

B12 & Sciatic Nerve Pain

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It runs from your hip and buttocks area down both of your legs. If you experience sharp pain in your lower back, buttocks, the back of the thighs or the back of the legs you may be experiencing sciatic nerve pain. This pain may go away on its own depending on the cause but it can be very uncomfortable. Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of your nerves. Sciatic nerve pain can indicate a diet deficient in B12.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

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Vitamin B12 Nerves And Myelin

Vitamin B12 is a central nutrient in the creation and maintenance of the myelin sheaths, lipid-rich protective layers which cover the nerves. On one hand, the myelin sheaths protect the nerves on the other, they function like the isolation of an electric cable and ensure that the nerve signals are correctly transmitted.

How Can I Make The Neuropathic Pain Go Away

Nerve Pain (And How I Fixed It) – Symptoms & How to Heal Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Pernicious Anemia

Neuropathic pain occurs biochemically, making it a very fluid system that can often be quickly modified, resulting in pain relief. Many different chemicals in your body may be involved in your pain, and therefore it is worth trying different types of medications to see which ones work best in your case. For many, addressing the nutritional and thyroid deficiencies and eliminating the muscle spasms, which are compressing your nerves, may be enough to eliminate your pain. Others may need to take medications to suppress the pain while we look for ways to eliminate the underlying cause. The best way to tell which chemicals are involved in your nerve pain is to simply try different medications to see what eases your pain. Basically, it is like trying on different shoes to see what fits best. The good news is that we have a large assortment of “shoes” that you can try on and that are likely to help you.

It is, of course, critical to begin by eliminating the underlying causes of neuropathy and giving the nerves what they need to heal. This includes the nutritional support we’ve discussed. In addition, the involvement of free radicals in nerve excitation was found in 1995, supporting the use of antioxidants in nerve pain.8 Since that time, the antioxidant lipoic acid has been shown to be helpful in diabetic neuropathy and should be tried in other neuropathies as well. You will be amazed at how much benefit you may get over time simply from optimizing nutritional support.

  • Topamax
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    What Is Peripheral Neuropathy

    To begin, the condition in question is peripheral neuropathy, a dysfunction of the peripheral nerves. Most commonly, this leads to numbness, tingling, weakness, pain, or even paralysis that begins in the hands or feet and can spread throughout the body. Either a single body part can be affected or multiple can exhibit symptoms.

    Most commonly, peripheral neuropathy occurs as a result of diabetes, though injuries and other conditions can also bring it on in patients. It is also a side effect of some chemotherapy treatments.

    Best Nerve Supplements Of 2021

    Lets get right into it and look at the best supplements for neuropathy in 2021 to see which are the best nerve health support solutions on the market today!

    Nerve Control 911

    Nerve Control 911 by PhytAge Labs claims to manage nerve pain associated with diabetes and other illnesses using all-natural substances. Certain symptoms of nerve discomfort can be relieved by taking two capsules daily. It also promises to assist in enhancing the bodys muscles, govern voluntary motions and reflexes, carry information from the central nervous system to the rest of the body, and reduce inflammation, among other things. Natural components such as marshmallow root and passionflower are prominent in Nerve Control 911. One element in Nerve Control 911 is described by PhytAge Labs as a wonder root from Malaysia.

    Nuturna Maximum Strength Neuropathy Support Formula

    Nuturna Maximum Strength Neuropathy Support Formula IMAGE


    Nerve Renew

    Nerve Rejuv


    Circle Labs CBD

    Nuturna Clinical Strength Neuropathy 900

    Neuro Calm Pro

    Nervogen Pro

    Bonus Nerve Pain Guide #1: Neuropathy No More

    Bonus Nerve Pain Guide #2: Neuropathy Revolution

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    Vitamin B12 Alleviated Caspase12

    To determine whether vitamin B12 treatment could decrease apoptosis in brain tissues, immunofluorescence staining was performed after TBI. As shown in Figure 2A, vitamin B12 treatment obviously reduced the amount of cleaved-caspase12 positive neurons relative to the TBI group. Meanwhile, western blot results indicated that the vitamin B12-treated groups showed reduced levels of cleaved-caspase12 expression relative to their untreated counterparts in Figures 2B,C. Moreover, TUNEL staining was performed on 7 days after injury to further verify the anti-apoptotic effect of vitamin B12. As shown in Figures 2D,E, significantly increased number of apoptotic cells was found in the TBI group relative to the sham group. In comparison, vitamin B12 treatment greatly reversed TBI-induced apoptosis. Therefore, these findings demonstrated that vitamin B12 attenuated TBI-induced neuronal cell apoptosis.

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