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Does Shoulder Pain In Early Pregnancy Always Mean Ectopic

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What Causes Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms

When a person becomes pregnant, the sperm and the egg, also known as an ovum, join in the fallopian tube, the tube that carries the ovum from the ovary to the uterus. Usually, the fertilized egg passes along the fallopian tube and into the uterus and implants into the lining of the uterus, known as the endometrium, where it will grow and develop.

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants and starts to grow outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube. This is often due to scarring from previous infections or other abnormalities in the tubeâs shape, for instance a birth defect.

As the ectopic pregnancy gets bigger, it can run out of space to grow and rupture the fallopian tube, causing severe pain and internal bleeding. Rarely, an ectopic pregnancy can also occur in other places, such as the ovary or inside the abdomen.

When Does Ectopic Pregnancy Pain Start

Initially, ectopic pregnancies cause normal pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness, nausea, and a missed menstrual period. But after a few weeks, many women with ectopic pregnancies will develop vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain although half of ectopic pregnancies come with no unusual symptoms, says Dr. Anderson.

Ectopic pregnancies are typically diagnosed after 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, according to Dr. Mark D. Levie, professor of obstetrics & gynecology and women’s health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. But he notes there are exceptions to the rule. For example. if the ectopic pregnancy happens somewhere outside the fallopian tubes , symptoms may appear later.

Fertility Problems Following Ectopic Pregnancy

Most women will make a full recovery from ectopic pregnancy and will be able to conceive normally in future.

Rarely, fertility may be affected, especially in the case of ruptured ectopic pregnancy or if a fallopian tube is removed in treatment.

If treatment has involved any kind of surgery, the risk of fertility problems is higher than if medical treatment or no treatment was needed.

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Ectopic Pregnancy And Emotions

It is normal to feel distressed after an ectopic pregnancy. It can mean coming to terms with the loss of a baby, with a potential impact on future fertility or, for some, with the thought of having nearly lost their life. In some people, these emotions can develop into depression and anxiety if left untreated.

According to the Miscarriage Association, a person with ectopic pregnancy may be emotionally affected in a variety of ways, including:

Shock: A person may experience shock about the diagnosis, especially in cases where there has been emergency surgery or about what might have happened without diagnosis.

Loss and grief: It is normal to feel grief for the baby that was expected.

Feeling âin limboâ and unable to move on: It is common to feel frustrated at having to wait some time before being able to try again and having to have follow-up and repeated blood and urine tests.

Counseling is available for people affected by an ectopic pregnancy. Support groups are also available and may be able to put a person in touch with others in a similar situation.

A health professional will be able to provide advice on choosing the most appropriate kind of support for a person, couple or family who has experienced an ectopic pregnancy.

How Soon Would You Know If You Had An Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

There may not be any signs and symptoms that the pregnancy is ectopic until the fertilized egg grows big enough to put pressure on the fallopian tubes or organs near to wherever it is attached.

If you are pregnant, experiencing severe pain, and think you may have an ectopic pregnancy, get immediate medical attention. It is especially important if you have not had an ultrasound that confirmed the pregnancy is in the uterus.

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What Does Shoulder Pain Feel Like In Ectopics 26

Olive1987 · 01/09/2014 17:00

Hello. I’ve just done a pregnancy test after previous bfn’s and it’s a lovely clear 2nd positive line!!!! I’m worried though because I keep getting pains. It feels like period pain and then sometimes like and on off pain on my left side low down. Like where my ovaries are? I’ve had two previous miscarriages in a row so I am scared I’ve got an ectopic now! The pain was before I knew I was pregnant. It hasn’t happened in a couple of days now. ButYesterday at work I had a pain in my shoulder. Right at the tip. It lasted about 30 seconds and was like a sharp throbbing. If that makes sense? If I was reading this myself I would probably say it’s nothing to worry about I’m just being paranoid because of the previous losses. I just can’t help but worry. All I’ve ever been to the doctors for recently is bleeding in pregnancy. I think the epu are getting to know me. I feel like I shouldn’t go back just yet. If you had an ectopic what did your shoulder pain feel like? . Thank you. X

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Shoulder Pain In Pregnancy Causes And Remedies

PintrestShoulder pain in pregnancy is a common complaint. It is thought that about 40% of pregnant women suffer from shoulder discomfort during their pregnancy. Data credit: Written by Jessica Josh. is one of the leading Shoulder Surgeons in Sydney. Jessica is a freelance writer from Australia who loves writing about medical & health related topics. Read more Personal Health, Diet & Fitness stories on

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Complications Of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy can damage the fallopian tube, which can make it difficult to become pregnant in the future.

Ectopic pregnancies are usually detected early enough to prevent deadly complications such as severe bleeding. A ruptured ectopic pregnancy requires emergency surgery to prevent heavy bleeding into the abdomen. The affected tube is partially or fully removed. For more information, see Surgery.

Concerns About Future Pregnancy

What does an ectopic pregnancy feel like?

If you have had an ectopic pregnancy, you may worry about your chances of having a healthy or ectopic pregnancy in the future. Your risk factors and any fallopian tube damage you may have will impact your future risk and your ability to become pregnant. Your doctor can answer your questions based on your risk factors.

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Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain In Pregnancy

Sometimes, shoulder pain during pregnancy is due to changes in sleeping posture, hormonal changes as well as muscle stiffness. Other symptoms of shoulder pain during pregnancy are:

  • Shoulder pain radiates to the cervical area and increases as the day goes by. It is generally combined with a burning feeling in the eyes and pain in the base of the skull and brings tension and fatigue.
  • Shoulder pain during first trimester may be accompanied with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, migraine, fainting, low blood pressure, and abnormal weight gain. These symptoms may be a cause for concern and need to be addressed.

History Of Ectopic Pregnancy

If one has already had an ectopic pregnancy, it is possible the causes still exist. This is why the doctor should keep an eye out for complications in future pregnancies. Tests and scans might be done in order to rule out another ectopic pregnancy.4

You cannot control most risk factors of ectopic pregnancy. But you can practice safe sex to prevent STDs, stop smoking, and treat scar tissues after surgery.

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Symptoms Of A Rupture

In a few cases, an ectopic pregnancy can grow large enough to split open the fallopian tube. This is known as a rupture.

Ruptures are very serious, and surgery to repair the fallopian tube needs to be carried out as soon as possible.

Signs of a rupture include a combination of:

  • a sharp, sudden and intense pain in your tummy

Other Signs Of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms  Be aware

Less common symptoms include:

  • Bowel and bladder problems, such as diarrhea, and pain when defecating or urinating
  • A feeling of fullness when lying down that is not associated with eating, particularly in people who have already had a child
  • Back pain

It is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy without experiencing any symptoms until rupture of the fallopian tube or close organs. After rupture, signs and symptoms may include:

  • Severe stomach pain
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Lightheadedness, sometimes followed by fainting
  • Shoulder pain, described as a strange pain that feels different to any pain that a person has otherwise experienced, located at the tip of the shoulder, where it joins the arm, caused by internal bleeding

If you are concerned that you may have an ectopic pregnancy, you can use the Ada app for a free symptom assessment.

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Trying For Another Baby

You may want to try for another baby when you and your partner feel physically and emotionally ready.

You’ll probably be advised to wait until you’ve had at least 2 periods after treatment before trying again to allow yourself to recover.

If you were treated with methotrexate, it’s usually recommended that you wait at least 3 months because the medicine could harm your baby if you become pregnant during this time.

Most women who have had an ectopic pregnancy will be able to get pregnant again, even if they’ve had a fallopian tube removed.

Overall, 65% of women achieve a successful pregnancy within 18 months of an ectopic pregnancy. Occasionally, it may be necessary to use fertility treatment such as IVF.

The chances of having another ectopic pregnancy are higher if you’ve had one before, but the risk is still small .

If you do become pregnant again, it’s a good idea to let your GP know as soon as possible so early scans can be carried out to check everything is OK.

Why Does An Ectopic Pregnancy Happen

In a normal pregnancy an egg is fertilised by sperm in one of the fallopian tubes, which connect the ovaries to the womb. The fertilised egg then moves into the womb and implants itself into the womb lining , where it grows and develops.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg implants itself outside the womb. It most commonly occurs in a fallopian tube , often as the result of damage to the fallopian tube or the tube not working properly.

Less commonly , an ectopic pregnancy can occur in an ovary, in the abdominal space or in the cervix .

In many cases, it’s not clear why a woman has an ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes it happens when there’s a problem with the fallopian tubes, such as them being narrow or blocked.

The following are all associated with an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy:

In around half of all cases, there are no obvious risk factors.

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How Painful Is An Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy can be very painful, though it varies from a mild cramping to an intense stabbing sensation.

Generally, the first signs are pain in the lower abdomenaround the same area as cramps during a periodand vaginal bleeding.

At first, symptoms often mimic the beginning stages of pregnancy. This could mean having breast tenderness and feeling nauseated. If you take a pregnancy test, you will test positive. Your body thinks it’s pregnant and starts releasing hormones to support it.

Option : Surgical Treatment For Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy, symptoms to look for….wmv

Your healthcare provider will probably recommend surgery for ectopic pregnancy if you have intense pain or are showing signs of a ruptured tubal pregnancy . Surgery is also recommended if there are other medical reasons you shouldn’t take methotrexate or if the methotrexate doesn’t work .

Unless emergency surgery is required, a laparoscopic surgery is typically performed to remove the pregnancy from the tubes or wherever the pregnancy is located . A laparoscopic surgery uses very small incisions with the help of a camera. There is typically less pain, risk of infection, and time needed for healing compared to traditional surgery .

Your healthcare provider should discuss the surgical options with you. The options are usually a salpingostomy or salpingectomy depending on how much damage there is to the fallopian tube and your plans for becoming pregnant in the future . A salpingostomy creates an opening in the tube to remove tissue . A salpingectomy is the removal of the tube . If you desire pregnancy in the future, your provider will likely attempt to keep your tube if possible .

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Discomfort When Going To The Toilet

You may experience pain when going for a pee or poo. You may also have diarrhoea.

Some changes to your normal bladder and bowel patterns are normal during pregnancy, and these symptoms can be caused by urinary tract infections and stomach bugs.

But it’s still a good idea to seek medical advice if you experience these symptoms and think you might be pregnant.

What Should I Do For Pain In The Left Arm And Shoulder

Pain in the left arm and shoulder may develop due to a pinched nerve or joint injury. It could also be a symptom of a heart illness. You should get it checked by your doctor immediately.

Pregnancy comes with its share of aches and pains, most of which cannot be avoided. Adequate rest, mild exercise and healthy eating habits go a long way in easing the discomfort. Do remember that any pain or symptom needs to be shown to a doctor if it starts interfering with your daily routine.

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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

While most of the support youâll receive for an ectopic pregnancy helps you recover physically, know that your mental recovery is just as important. If you have a life-threatening experience or the ectopic pregnancy impacts your ability to become pregnant again in the future, know that you may be at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder , anxiety, or depression .

Ectopic pregnancy can be a hard experience, no matter what the outcome. You may have a wide range of feelings after an ectopic pregnancy. Emotions after a pregnancy loss are complicated and differ for every person. You may feel grief and this grief is real. But it is also okay if you feel something different or donât have many feelings about it at all.

It is important to give yourself time and seek support if you need it . Counseling has been shown to help the grief process . Talking about your feelings and receiving support from friends and family can decrease symptoms of grief, depression, and anxiety .

If you experienced ectopic pregnancy, we are sorry. Whether the pregnancy was planned or not, an unexpected outcome like this one can be trying both physically and emotionally. Here is a list of online resources and books below that may be helpful as you recover.


When Should You Call Your Doctor

Pregnancy Shoulder Pain

If you are pregnant, be alert to the symptoms that may mean you have an ectopic pregnancy, especially if you are at risk. If you have symptoms of or are being treated for an ectopic pregnancy, avoid strenuous activity until your symptoms have been checked by a doctor.

or other emergency services immediately if:

  • You passed out .
  • You have severe vaginal bleeding.
  • You have sudden, severe pain in your belly or pelvis.

or seek immediate medical care if:

  • You are dizzy or light-headed, or you feel like you may faint.
  • You have vaginal bleeding.
  • You have new cramps or new pain in your belly or pelvis.
  • You have new pain in your shoulder.

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What Can I Eat To Increase My Hcg Levels

According to the HCG diet website, here are a list of the approved foods:

  • Some FruitsLimited oranges, strawberries, apples, and red grapefruit.
  • Nonstarchy Vegetables Lettuce, celery, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Lean Meat Chicken breast, lean ground beef, shrimp, lobster, and white fish.
  • 13.12.2017

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    Preventing Shoulder Pain In Pregnancy

    You wont be able to prevent most aches and pains during pregnancy. Occasional shoulder pain is a normal part of pregnancy.

    But you may be able to help prevent serious complications like preeclampsia. Talk to your doctor about the best ways for you to control your blood pressure during pregnancy.

    Tips to balance your blood pressure during pregnancy include:

    • drinking plenty of water every day
    • reducing salt in your diet
    • adding more protein to your diet
    • putting your feet up when you can
    • avoiding standing for too long
    • getting light exercise everyday

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    Second And Third Trimesters


    The hormones that help you get and stay pregnant can also cause side effects including, in rare instances, gallstones. You might not know you have gallstones at all, but if a gallstone gets stuck in a duct or tube, it can cause serious symptoms.

    Pain in your right shoulder during pregnancy might mean that you have gallstones. Other symptoms include:

    • nausea and vomiting
    • severe pain in your upper right abdomen that gets worse
    • sudden pain in the middle of your abdomen that gets worse
    • back pain between your shoulder blades

    Pain from gallstones can last for minutes or even hours. In serious cases, you may have a high fever and even jaundice .

    You might need surgery to remove the gallstones if you have a serious blockage or other complications. But in most cases, gallstones can be treated with lifestyle changes, like:

    • eating regular meals

    Ask your doctor about which pain medication is safe during pregnancy and right for you. Acetaminophen is normally OK to take occasionally.

    For more serious causes of shoulder pain ectopic, gallstones, and preeclampsia youll need more specific medical treatment from your doctor.

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