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Does Mint Help With Stomach Pain

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Fennel Seeds To Relieve Stomachache

Heather’s Tummy Tea Peppermint: For IBS Relief of Pain, Spasms, Cramps

The phrase volatile oil is not normally associated with relieving stomach pain, but thats just what anethole, found in fennel seeds, can do. Anethole will stimulate the production of digestive juices, which, if you have indigestion, can be just the thing to provide natural pain relief for inflammation of the stomach.

Pregnant women, however, should not use fennel seeds.

  • Chew on one-half to one teaspoon of fennel seeds after each meal.
  • Or, add one teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds to one cup of boiled water. Steep for eight to 10 minutes before straining tea. Add a dab of honey for taste. Drink tea after each meal.

What Is Upper Stomach Pain

Upper stomach pain is a common ailment among adults and children. Your intestines, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are all found in your upper stomach. Because of this, the list of potential causes of upper stomach pain is long. Indigestion, heartburn, gas, or a common stomach virus can cause pain in your upper stomach.

Causes for upper stomach pain range from benign to life-threatening, so it is important to consult with a doctor if you are experiencing stomach pain. The ailment can cause severe discomfort, but there are several steps you can take to alleviate upper stomach pain.

Cbd Oil Is Likely Worse Than Edibles For Your Stomach

If youre having issues with edibles, you may be tempted to try the more traditional CBD oil instead, but you need to be cautious of some ingredients. MCT oil, for example, is known to cause stomach issues for some people, and most people who experience problems with stomach aches and CBD are using oil containing it. Its also possible that CBD oil with coconut oil as a carrier could also cause problems.

There are many other carrier oils you can use with CBD, so its worth trying other options if you also have problems when consuming some oils but still want to take CBD in this way. Another potential issue is the minimal regulation for CBD products, so its important to buy your oil from reputable sources, ideally with a lab report to confirm purity and the cannabinoid mix in the oil.

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Increase Dietary Fiber To Make Yourself Fart More Often And Relieve Trapped Gas

It is a well-known fact that fiber helps your digestive health and makes you fart more often.

Consuming more fiber can help to relieve constipation and make food pass through the intestines quicker. This can help to get rid of gas that has built up in the digestive tract because of irregular or infrequent bowel movements.

According to the journal Gut, a high-fiber diet can increase gaseous symptoms in the gut. But although fiber can increase the amount of gas in the intestines, it can also help a person suffering from IBS to control flatulence better and thus it should be easier to fart when you want to.9

Of course, if you have an underlying health condition like lactose intolerance, IBS, or inflammatory bowel disorder , you should be careful with your diet. Too much fiber can increase intestinal gas and aggravate other digestive disorder symptoms.

Rice Water To Relieve Stomachache

Does Peppermint Oil Help With Stomach Pain

Last but not least, look to rice more specifically, look to the leftover water after you cook rice.

Rice water is capable of forming a coating over certain membranes like, for instance, the lining of your stomach. This barrier can be a soothing lining to help ease inflammation and offer relief from stomach pain.

For a simple rice water remedy, first wash one-half cup of white rice.

  • Add rice to six cups of boiled water, cover, and allow to sit until rice is tender.
  • Strain the water into a cup to cool.
  • Add one-half teaspoon of honey.
  • Sip on two cups daily.

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Should I Hold In Farts Or Make Myself Fart

The answer depends on where you are when you need to fart. Obviously, you may not want to make yourself fart in a crowded elevator or in another public place. However, the gas in your stomach wont disappear on its own. Sooner or later you will have to make yourself fart. So, maybe its best to find a private place or go to the bathroom to break wind there.

Can Peppermint Oil Cause Problems

Along with their useful effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them. The table below contains some of the ones associated with peppermint oil capsules. The best place to find a full list of the side-effects which can be associated with your medicine, is from the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet supplied with the medicine. Alternatively, you can find an example of a manufacturer’s information leaflet in the reference section below. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if any of the following continue or become troublesome.

Peppermint oil side-effectsWhat can I do if I experience this?
Heartburn, indigestionSpeak with your doctor or pharmacist if this becomes troublesome. An alternative medicine may be preferable for you
Itching around your back passageSpeak with your doctor or pharmacist if this becomes troublesome

Very occasionally people can have an allergic reaction to peppermint oil. Signs of an allergic reaction are rash, headache, feeling shaky or unsteady, and a slow heartbeat. If you experience these, or any other symptoms which you think may be due to the capsules, discuss them with your doctor or pharmacist.

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What Is Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is extracted from the peppermint plant â a cross between water mint and spearmint. It is used to flavor sweets and beverages and as a fragrance in cosmetic products. Historically, peppermint oil has been used to treat a variety of other conditions such as:


â¢Morning sickness

â¢Dental plaque.

However, there is too little evidence to know if it is useful for these conditions. Skin preparations containing have also been used for the following conditions, although, there is a lack of clear evidence they are helpful:

â¢Allergic rash


â¢Joint pain

Peppermint oil has gained recent popularity as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and may also help with indigestion and prevent spasms of the GI tract. It is consumed orally in tea or capsule form.

Important Information About All Medicines

Peppermint Stomach Discomfort

Never take more than the prescribed dose. If you suspect that you or someone else might have taken an overdose of this medicine, go to the accident and emergency department of your local hospital. Take the container with you, even if it is empty.

If you are having an operation or dental treatment, tell the person carrying out the treatment which medicines you are taking.

This medicine is for you. Never give it to other people even if their condition appears to be the same as yours.

Do not keep out-of-date or unwanted medicines. Take them to your local pharmacy which will dispose of them for you.

If you have any questions about this medicine ask your pharmacist.

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What About Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest and most widely used home remedies for’upset stomach,'” Dr. Epstein says.

Although anecdotal reports suggest that drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can help relieve gas and bloating, there’s no scientific evidence to support this.

And don’t try this as an acid reflux remedy. Apple cider vinegar is acidic and can make the condition worse, Dr. Epstein says. The same goes for white vinegar don’t use it as a stomachache remedy.

/6curd And Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk also known as Isabgol is rich in fiber. It is believed that mixing Isabgol with curd can help in fixing your stomach issues and helps in absorption of excessive water in the system. Moreover, mixing isabgol and curd can help in healing stomach ache caused due to loose motions or an upset stomach by adding bulk to the stool.

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Are People Tired Of Turkey On Thanksgiving

She recommended putting together a natural digestion kit for your purse or to keep at home. This can include:

  • a peppermint tea bag: the peppermint and the warm water work to ease digestive upset and lessen the tight feeling of overeating.
  • fennel seeds: one of its active ingredients is anethole, which can help soothe heartburn and reflux discomfort. Its also a natural breath freshener!
  • candied ginger: If you have a queasy stomach, it can help relax the digestive track and improve nausea.

To make your own antacid drink, Brissette recommended mixing one tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, one teaspoon baking soda and one cup of water. This concoction can help with fat digestion and help reduce acidity in your stomach, she said.

Finally, dont rule out over-the-counter antacids. If youre not getting relief from your at-home efforts. They can be a helpful part of your tummy trouble treatment, Fernstrom said.

Using Hot Water Bottles To Relieve Stomachache

10 Best natural home remedies for stomach flu symptoms

Hot compresses can help soothe stomach pain. The word hot is used loosely here, since the desired level of heat will depend on both the level of pain and personal preference.

Fill the bottle or similar object with warm or hot water, place a cloth between it and your skin, and find a comfortable place to lie down.

  • Place the hot water bottle, or a cloth soaked in hot water, on stomach for a five- to 10-minute treatment throughout the day.
  • Take a warm shower or bath twice a day for 15- to 20-minute intervals.

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Easy To Add To Your Diet

You can easily add mint to green salads, desserts, smoothies and even water. Peppermint tea is another popular way to incorporate it into your diet.

However, many of the studies showing the health benefits of mint didnt involve eating the leaves with food. Instead, mint was taken as a capsule, applied to the skin or inhaled via aromatherapy.

When using mint for health purposes, it is important to evaluate what you are looking to achieve and how the plant was used in the research for that particular purpose.

The list below should help summarize some of the research discussed above.

  • Eating fresh or dried leaves: Used to treat bad breath.
  • Inhaling essential oils: May improve brain function and cold symptoms.
  • Applying it to the skin: Used to reduce nipple pain from breastfeeding.
  • Taking capsules with food: May help treat IBS and indigestion.


Mint can easily be added to your diet, though most of the research showing health benefits involved taking it as a capsule, applying it to the skin or inhaling it via aromatherapy.

Study Selection And Data Extractions

The titles and abstracts of the studies were carefully reviewed by two of the authors independently to include RCTs that evaluated the influence of enteric-coated PO on IBS, based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria . When there was a disagreement, a third reviewer determined whether the study qualified for inclusion. We also reviewed the bibliography of prior meta-analyses, review articles, and studies that underwent full-text screening for additional studies to maximize the yield .

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Menstrual Period And Water Retention

Sometimes the body retains more water than it actually needs. The reason for this could be too much salt in your body.

More water is retained by the body before and during menstruation as well. Eat less salty or unsalted food and drink more water. This way you will force the body to eliminate excess water.

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It Can Help With Digestion

The Peppermint Predicament

Chamomile can be clutch for problems in the digestive region because its antispasmodic, meaning it helps reduce spasms within the body, including the stomach and intestines, Kluge says. It also contains bitter compounds called cesquiterpene lactones, which trigger the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes needed to break down food, she explains.

And because of its calming effect on the body, chamomile can be particularly useful for stress-related digestive issues, like a nervous stomach . So many digestive imbalances are a symptom of stress, including IBS, reflux, or diarrhea, Kluge says. Chamomile is a perfect herb for gently managing our stress response, so you may not experience the digestive symptoms to begin with.

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When To See A Doctor

An upset stomach and indigestion should not usually cause concern. For most people, symptoms should go away within a few hours. As older adults and children can become dehydrated much more quickly, they should seek medical attention for vomiting and diarrhea that lasts for more than a day.

People with severe, frequent, or persistent stomach problems should talk to a doctor. It is also best to seek medical attention if the following symptoms are present:

  • continual or uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhea
  • chronic constipation

Chamomile Tea To Cure Stomach Pain

Chamomile tea is known to work as an anti-inflammatory along the digestive tract.

If your stomach pain is caused by gastritis or indigestion, a cup of chamomile can offer relief. It does this by relaxing muscles along the stomach and the esophagus, easing the contractions that push food along, and lessens any cramps or spasms you are experiencing.

  • Place one teaspoon of dried chamomile in one cup of boiled water.
  • Cover and allow to steep for 15 minutes.
  • Strain tea and add lemon or honey for taste.
  • Drink up to three cups daily

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Why Make Yourself Fart

Because farting in public is generally frowned upon, why would you want to make yourself fart? It is completely normal for gas to build up in the digestive system and you have to release the gas in some way.

Gas, flatus, or abdominal wind is produced when foods break down in the gut. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports that your large intestine holds bacteria that break down undigested food. This can result in vapors forming in the gut that may or may not have a distinct and offensive smell when you fart.1

Another reason for a buildup of gas causing you to fart more is swallowing air. This can happen because of eating too fast, drinking fizzy drinks, chewing gum, or smoking. The NIDDK says that any air not expelled through the mouth eventually has to be passed out as gas.

According to Johns Hopkins Medical, some of the related symptoms of trapped intestinal gas are bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort, and belching. Thankfully, having gas is not a life-threatening condition however, being able to make yourself fart to release gas from your gut is usually the only way to get rid of discomfort from the abdominal pain.2

Researchers from the NIDDK say that health conditions can increase gas and make you break wind more. They highlighted irritable bowel syndrome, overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, gastroesophageal reflux , or certain food intolerances can cause flatulence.1

Yogurt To Relieve Stomach Pain

How to Get Rid of Upper Abdominal Pain

Plain, unsweetened yogurt containing probiotics, or active cultures, may help with stomach pains as it promotes proper digestion. These work to increase the good bacteria needed to relieve indigestion, bloating, and painful discomfort in the gut.

Consuming plain, unsweetened yogurt throughout the day may reduce stomach pain episodes.

Use the following recipe to create a drinkable form of this remedy.

  • Combine two tablespoons of plain unsweetened yogurt, 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt.
  • Add three teaspoons of fresh coriander juice.
  • Mix in one-half teaspoon of cardamom powder.
  • Mix well and drink one hour after each meal.

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Potential Mechanisms Of Action

The highlights several preclinical studies which lend insight into peppermint oils potential relevance to gastrointestinal tract physiology and gastrointestinal disorders. Peppermint oils benefit in functional gastrointestinal disorders such as the irritable bowel syndrome has been ascribed primarily to its antispasmodic effect. The degree to which the other gastrointestinal effects of peppermint oil contribute to its clinical benefit remains unclear.

Potential peppermint oil mechanisms of action within the gastrointestinal tract

TRPM8 = transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 8 TRPA1 = transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily A, member 1

Effects on Gastrointestinal Tract Neuromotor Function

Peppermint oil may also directly affect the enteric nervous system. Using cultured murine small intestine interstitial cells of Cajal, Kim et al. showed via a whole cell patch clamp technique that menthol acts via the transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily A, member 1 receptor to induce membrane potential depolarization in a concentration dependent manner. G protein stimulation as well as external Ca2+ and release from intracellular stores also appear to be involved. Finally, Kim and colleagues also provided evidence that prostaglandin production also is involved in stimulating the effects of menthol on the interstitial cells of Cajal.

Effects on Gastrointestinal Visceral Sensation

Antimicrobial/Antifungal Actions

Peppermint Oil And Gerd

Peppermint oil relaxes the muscles between the esophagus and the stomach, the lower esophageal sphincter, and worsen symptoms in people with gastroesophageal reflux disease . GERD is a long-term condition in which acid from the stomach moves up into the esophagus. It is best to consult a doctor before taking peppermint oil if you are or have previously experienced GERD.

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Peppermint For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Peppermint is actually a cultivated plant which was derived from water mint and spearmint in the mid-1700s. It was first grown in England and its medicinal properties were recognized not long after. Peppermint is cultivated today in Europe and Northern Africa. While a lot of people drink peppermint tea or take supplements to help digestion, peppermint is not approved by the FDA to treat any condition.

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