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Does Meniere’s Disease Cause Neck Pain

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Most People Naturally Instinctively Look For Obvious Causes But A Few Just Reach For The Headache Tablet Bottle


They have little desire to do more, or maybe they dont realize they could do more. We encounter this a lot when we are answering emails from people suffering with Menieres disease. So, lets pretend you are going to do some investigating.

If we use the analogy of a locomotive, we see it has a long lifespan if it is well maintained. So does your body. Just as the engine has hardware and software, so does your brain. Only your brain is incredibly more powerful! The odd glitch or ache in a locomotive is quickly and easily corrected. But it does demonstrate that if there is a slight interruption in its care and feeding, it becomes less effective in pulling loads of railcars and their products.

Should the engine present with some sort of hindrance or slowdown, everyone immediately looks for possible causes: inside and outside. Anything on the tracks? Anything blocking its way? Wheels OK? Is it getting enough fuel? Are all the engine parts working as they should? So it is with your head.

From what you already know, something is preventing the regular distribution of the vital nutrients, water and / or oxygen from reaching their destination: the cells. Just as the locomotive engineer would search for both internal and external possible causes, so should you examine the outside environment and the inside of your brain.

Some external causes could include

Sometimes, if you change the outside, it may affect the inside.

The Sequence Of Menieres Disease Symptoms

In order to get vertigo relief in Morgantown, it is vital to understand that knowing all the symptoms of Menieres disease is not enough to show you the whole picture. The symptoms of this condition can vary depending on what stage of the situation you are in.

Menieres disease has phases: an aura, the early stage, attack stage, and in-between. There is also the late-stage of Menieres disease. Lets see what symptoms go together with each stage. By learning these symptoms, you can proceed to move to a personal safe place to let the actual Menieres disease attack pass over.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, request our by clicking the image below.

I Hope I Have Given You Some Insight And Ideas About Ear Pain And Inner Ear Pressure

Maybe you can help yourself by looking for the cause of this inner ear pressure, this congestion, this ear pain. As you may know, ear pain is not one of the symptoms of Menieres disease that comes up as part of the diagnosis. Could it be that the term inner ear pressure covers all the congestion and pain feelings?

You may have noticed that I havent discussed cilia or Endolymphatic Hydrops, or any such anatomical medical details people are told. My purpose is to keep this information easy to understand and practical to use. There is an expression that says the way you do anything, is how you do everything. This to me explains how the body functions all day, every day.

Realistically, can you now understand why Menieres disease may NOT be a disease? That something has to cause this inner ear pressure? This ear pain? This congestion? This earache?

Can you now see that this so all about a cause and its effect? Cause and effect is a natural and scientific law. Just because people do not believe it exists in this instance, does not mean it is not in effect.

As you begin to feel more confident in your own knowledge and understanding through the use of medical resources and practical explanations, you may now come up with some different conclusions.

It happens all day, every day. Sometimes we get stuck in other peoples opinions. Having these very debilitating symptoms and knowing each must have a cause, may encourage you to think a little differently.

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Common Menieres Relief Options

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Relief care for Menieres disease that are commonly used can be classified under two categories: those designed to reduce the severity of an attack once it has already started and those that aim to reduce the number and severity of attacks in the future. Some of the most widely recommended options include:

  • Low-sodium diet the goal of reducing dietary salt intake is to try and reduce the fluid-related pressure in the inner ear. In addition to a reduced-sodium diet, diuretics are often recommended.
  • Medications a variety of medications are used to treat the various symptoms associated with Menieres disease. Anti-nausea and anti-anxiety medications can be used to reduce vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and the anxiety that often comes during an attack. Steroids are also used to treat vertigo, and in more severe cases, gentamicin can be applied to the inner ear to effectively destroy the vestibular tissues.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation in between Menieres attacks, vestibular rehabilitation therapies can help to restore a more normal sense of balance.
  • Surgery as a last resort, surgery might be recommended for more severe Menieres cases. It can involve destroying the inner ear so that it can no longer generate balance information or destroying the vestibular nerve over which those balance signals are transmitted to the brain.

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Results: Over 80% Of Menieres Disease Patients Had Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency

  • Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency was diagnosed in 330/412 of the Menieres Disease patients.

Note: As explained previously, some people have blockage of the veins caused by vascular disease, some people have cerebrospinal venous insufficiency caused by cervical spine instability. We treat cervical spine instability.

Ear Pain And Inner Ear Pressure Are Almost Impossible To Escape From

Can you imagine having so much inner ear pressure and ear pain that it feels like your head is going to explode? Can you imagine this feeling or congestion with your other Menieres disease symptoms that are also relentlessly going on and on and you cannot escape any of this? And there is no one who can tell you why this is happening to you?

Not only are you experiencing physical pain, you are also under a huge amount of stress, which can also be contributing to your attacks. We get a lot of questions from people suffering from Menieres disease that are about experiencing the sometimes debilitating pain in their left ear and inner ear pressure, or fullness in their ears.

With this article I hope to be able to explain why this could be happening to you. I have included real world examples that will give you an idea of what a sufferer has to live with. And never does each sufferer experience the same intensity of these symptoms: they are all different in some way.

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An Overview Of Chiropractic Care For Mnires Disease

There are a number of reasons why people might visit the chiropractor and while many people think about a chiropractor as someone who specializes in the treatment of neck and back pain, a chiropractor can also help people who suffer from Menieres Disease. Learn more about Menieres Disease and how a chiropractor can help someone recover from this condition in a holistic, reliable manner!

Diagnosis Of Menieres Disease

Incredible Story About Menieres, Neck Pain and Upper Cervical Care in Marlboro, NJ.

A diagnosis of Menieres disease includes vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus and a feeling of pressure. Many of the symptoms of Menieres disease can also be caused by other conditions, so diagnosis of the condition often involves first ruling out other medical possibilities.There is no specific test for Menieres disease, but doctors use a range of tests in combination to help diagnose the disorder. These include:

  • Hearing tests to test if hearing loss is specific to your inner ear. Low frequency loss is an indicator of Menieres.
  • Electronystagmography measures involuntary eye movement while your balance is put under stress.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging can be used to rule out disorders of the central nervous system that may be confused with Menieres disease, such as acoustic neuroma, Arnold-Chiari malformation and multiple sclerosis .

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How Meniere’s Disease Is Connected To A Problem In The Neck

Menieres disease is a rare condition that can be quite disturbing to experience. As many as 600,000 people are thought to be affected by this condition, while 45,500 new cases are being diagnosed each year.

It is thought Menieres disease is linked to an excess buildup of fluid in the inner ear. This fluid is called endolymph. If there is too much of it, then pressure is felt in the ear and the signals being sent to the brain can become distorted. This area of the body is the communication highway of the body. The signals being disturbed can affect ones hearing and balance, bringing about the following symptoms of Menieres disease:

  • Temporary and intermittent hearing loss that may become permanent if not cared for
  • Vertigo the sensation that you or the things around you are spinning
  • A feeling of congestion or fullness in the affected ear
  • Tinnitus a ringing in the ear

How Is It That Dr Sutter A Dentist Can Treat And Improve The Symptoms Of Menieres Disease

That is a great question. I had someone close to me mention My Menieres is really acting up today. This was a disease I was ignorant of, so I went and looked up symptoms along with treatments. The symptoms sounded very familiar and paralleled many of the TMD symptoms that I am very familiar with. I gave the patient a signs and symptoms questionnaire and asked her to circle all of her symptoms. I wanted to see if those were the only symptoms she had.

As it turned out she had those MD symptoms as well as symptoms of TMD that she had never mentioned them before. She had reported having audiology tests and was diagnosed with MD by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Not by me. I ran a series of test on her to see if there was an underlying dental cause for the symptoms she had. She reported fullness of the ear, tinnitus, and periods of decreased hearing loss as well as periods where she was super sensitive to sound. All of these symptoms occurred on the left side. There were also the transient periods of vertigo as well. The tests were run and she demonstrated elevated surface EMG resting electrical activity levels in the left temporalis muscle .

Figure 2. K7 mandibular tracking scan where the frontal view describes a 6.8mm deviation to the left upon opening, and a more restricted left lateral movement compared to the right .

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Rely On The Help Of An Experienced Chiropractor For The Treatment Of Menieres Disease

If you are suffering from symptoms that mirror those of Menieres Disease, then you are probably looking for help. Trust the care that a chiropractor can provide. A chiropractor can use holistic, manual therapy to help people recover from Menieres Disease while minimizing complications and side effects. You do not have to live with Menieres Disease forever! So contact us today to learn more about chiropractic care and how we can help you with Menieres Disease! Were here to help!

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Case Reports/ Case Studies

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Real Clinical Case Example of a Patient with Meniere’s Disease: An 82 year-old female patient presents with severe dizziness and ringing in the ears. She reports having frequent attacks of dizziness with an insidious onset. The patient stated that the first attack of dizziness she experienced was in November of 1968 when she was 34 years old. It was election day and as she got off the couch to go vote, she became very dizzy.

After the first attack, she had recurring attacks once every four to five years until the mid-2000’s when they started to become more frequent. Her doctor gave her a medication that made her sleep, but she didn’t have any other medical treatments. In 2012, the attacks became more severe causing her to seek further medical attention. Her primary care provider prescribed her Meclizine to help control the dizziness and nausea. The medication helped to controlt he attacks for awhile, but soon they became more severe and lasted from 48-72 hours as she developed a tolerance to Meclizine.

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The Labyrinth In Relation To The Ear

The labyrinth is composed of the semicircular canals, the otolithic organs , and the cochlea. Inside their walls are thin, pliable tubes and sacs filled with endolymph.


The symptoms of Ménières disease are caused by the buildup of fluid in the compartments of the inner ear, called the labyrinth. The labyrinth contains the organs of balance and of hearing . It has two sections: the bony labyrinth and the membranous labyrinth. The membranous labyrinth is filled with a fluid called endolymph that, in the balance organs, stimulates receptors as the body moves. The receptors then send signals to the brain about the bodys position and movement. In the cochlea, fluid is compressed in response to sound vibrations, which stimulates sensory cells that send signals to the brain.

In Ménières disease, the endolymph buildup in the labyrinth interferes with the normal balance and hearing signals between the inner ear and the brain. This abnormality causes vertigo and other symptoms of Ménières disease.

Ear Pain Ear Fullness Sound Sensitivity Tinnitus Menieres Disease And Hearing Problems Caused By Neck Instability

Ross Hauser, MD

In this article, we will discuss the various problems of ear pain, ear fullness, sound sensitivity, and hearing problems. Included in this discussion will be problems of Tinnitus and Menieres Disease.

Menieres disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes spontaneous episodes of vertigo a sensation of a spinning motion along with fluctuating hearing loss, ringing in the ear , and sometimes a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear. In many patients, low-frequency hearing loss is seen (People can hear higher tone voices like that of women and children but have difficulty hearing the deep voices of men and women. Menieres disease comprises symptoms related to the eustachian tube, the upper cervical spine, the temporomandibular joints, and the autonomic nervous system. The cervical spine, temporomandibular joint, and eustachian tube all are connected through the autonomic nervous system as well as peripheral nerves such as the trigeminal nerve.

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In This Video Ross Hauser Md Discusses General Problems Of Ear Pain Ear Fullness Sound Sensitivity And Hearing Problems

Below is the transcript summary and explanatory notes:

  • As the video starts, Dr. Hauser makes a connection between cervical spine/neck instability and cause problems related to the ear and hearing.
  • Our website has numerous articles on hearing problems as they related to cervical spine instability and chronic neck pain and dysfunction. Each article is supported by updated medical research and citation. These articles include:

Does Meniere’s Disease Cause Eye Problems

How to get relief from Menieres Disease Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Stow, OH.

Yes, some people diagnosed with Meniere’s disease experience visual symptoms as well. They include blurred vision and difficulty focusing on objects so they are clearly seen. Rapid eye movements can also occur. These visual problems are present during episodes of vertigo, and are connected with balance issues.

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How Can You Treat Neck And Shoulder Pain From Covid

According to research, muscle soreness from exercise can be relieved by rolling,icing, massage, and light stretching, light aerobic activity before starting your workout routine.

But treatment looks a little different regarding neck and shoulder pain that may result from viral infection.

The medicine specialist suggests bed rest, fluid hydration, and general symptom management with pain relievers like acetaminophen or NSAIDs , aspirin, and ibuprofen.

However, if you dont feel relief from the above tips, you should seek medical treatment.

However, as the condition surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, some data may have changed since publication.

Why Do Children Get Many More Ear Infections Than Adults Will My Child Always Get Ear Infections

Children are more likely than adults to get ear infections for these reasons:

  • The eustachian tubes in young children are shorter and more horizontal. This shape encourages fluid to gather behind the eardrum.
  • The immune system of children, which in the bodys infection-fighting system, is still developing.
  • The adenoids in children are relatively larger than they are in adults. The adenoids are the small pads of tissue above the throat and behind the nose and near the eustachian tubes. As they swell to fight infection, they may block the normal ear drainage from the eustachian tube into the throat. This blockage of fluid can lead to a middle ear infection.

Most children stop getting ear infections by age 8.

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