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Does Massage Help With Nerve Pain

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The Many Benefits Of Massage For Neuropathy

Spinal Nerve Massage Therapy- Effective Help for Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain

With the holiday season coming up fast, neuropathy sufferers may be concerned that their symptoms will get in the way of shopping for the perfect gift or hosting a festive party. Well, worry no more! Neuropathy doesnt have to slow you down or keep you from your holiday plans. You can get rid of uncomfortable symptoms with a fabulous foot massage. So, kick back, put your feet up, and let the treatment begin!

Not only is massage therapy for neuropathy relaxing for you and your feet, it can also de-stress the nerves that are causing you issues like tingling, numbness, and burning. These discomforts are eased when massaged muscles loosen, placing less pressure on the nerves. At the same time, endorphins that tend to be released with massage act as your bodys natural painkillers, further minimizing neuropathy pain.

Other benefits that a massage can have for those with neuropathy include the restoration of mobility that may have been lost due to your condition, as well as an increase in circulation, which helps to bring healing nutrients to your damaged nerves and in turn relieve symptoms.

So before you make that list and check it twice, hit the mall, stuff that turkey, or hang your stocking with care, make sure you make a massage a part of your holiday plans. Massage therapy for neuropathy is very beneficial to living comfortably with the condition and getting in your holiday fun! Besides, who doesnt enjoy a nice foot massage?

What Is The Condition Of Your Skin In The Area

Ask this question out loud, but also inspect the tissues each time you begin contact with the area. This is especially true of the feet. As in the story above, friction from a foreign body in the shoe, ill-fitting socks, and other irritants can go unnoticed. Youll want to bring it to the clients attention, for sure.

To avoid causing infection, you will also want to avoid contact with broken skin, and avoid introducing lubricant into an opening.

Massage Could Put You At Risk For Nerve Injury

Newswise Massage is commonly regarded as a therapy associated with relieving muscle tension and pain. For some people, a routine massage may actually be the cause of considerable discomfort and physical disability.

In a recent case report, a healthy 38-year-old woman received a massage. During the massage she experienced left shoulder pain. Following the massage, her pain persisted, causing difficulty in lifting her arm. Medical examination revealed upper scapular winging and weakness of left shoulder shrug and arm lifting. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed swelling in the left upper back. Spinal accessory nerve conduction studies and needle electromyography performed three weeks after onset also showed abnormal findings in the left upper back area. The patient underwent physical therapy and gradually improved over 6 weeks. However, 2 years after onset the patient still experiences persistent mild left shoulder pain and weakness.

The complete findings and results of this study are being presented at the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine 54th Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge, October 14-17, 2007. The AANEM is the largest organization worldwide, with over 5000 members dedicated to advancing neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and electrodiagnostic medicine.

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Or Maybe They Are Naturally Sensitive But Not In A Zappy Way

Another intriguing possibility is that the sensitivity of nerves and trigger points are actually the same thing trigger points might be the sensitivity of vulnerable nerves. This is in contrast to the much more widely believed tiny cramp model of a trigger point.4 This idea is highly speculative Im including it just because its quite an interesting notion in this context.

If so, then pressing on them isnt likely to injure them, or even cause clasically zappy nerve pain: just the familiar aching and burning of common muscle pain. The nerves are clearly vulnerable in some sense, but probably not to injury.

Looking For Relief From Pinched Nerve Pain

Where Do You Massage for Sciatic Nerve Pain?

To treat your pinched nerve, your doctor might prescribe chiropractic care, cortisone injections, or surgery. It really depends on whats happening with your body and what type of treatment you wish to pursue.

But if youre looking for a safe, natural, and effective way to deal with pinched nerve pain, massage therapy is a great option! A relaxing Swedish massage might be best for your body, while others might get more relief from a deep tissue massage.

Either way, our team of skilled therapists is here to help you. Give us a call at 970-748-1600 to book a massage or to learn more about our discounted packages.

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Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Neuropathy

Massage therapy may be beneficial for patients with nerve damage or tingling and burning sensations in the skin, hands, and feet. Caregivers may administer massage therapy, but a trained therapist can be more effective in pinpointing the proper areas and using the right amounts of pressure. The most important thing for caregivers and massage therapists to understand is the patients pain tolerance threshold and where discoloration may appear on the body.

A combination of light strokes, kneading, and light pressure will test the patients pain tolerance and increase blood flow and circulation. With regular adherence to massage therapy treatment, patients with numbness and tingling sensations may find their pain tolerance has increased.

What Type Of Massage Do You Need For Sciatica Pain

When it comes to sciatica, most massage therapists will know exactly what to do. If you are in search of a specialty massage, look for a sports massage therapist, which will know how to stretch and passively move your muscles through a sequence of movements.

Make sure you ask your massage therapist to instruct you on some at-home stretches, exercises, and movements that will help you to reduce the sciatica pain. You want to also notify your massage therapist of the exact symptoms you are experiencing, as the more that they know, the more they can help you.

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Where Do You Experience The Neuropathy

This is an area for cautious with pressure and joint movement. Whether the clients neuropathy plays out as pain, impaired sensation, or impaired movement, be very gentle. Joint movement should be minimal. Typically the pressure used to apply lotion, light lotioning, is the maximum used, with good firm contact.

Even if a client with impaired sensation argues for deeper work, stick to gentle pressure. The client may not be able to feel the pain that signals tissue damage, and pressure should be cautious.

If you do increase your pressure, do so in tiny increments over many sessions, to learn the right pressure for the client.* Make sure you are following pressure guidelines for related conditions. Also, if the feet are affected, balance may be affected. Be watchful.

Should I Rest If I Have Sciatica

Fix Sciatica Symptoms (Piriformis syndrome) , Stretch & Massage

Some rest and change in your activities and activity level may be needed. However, too much rest, bed rest, and physical inactivity can make your pain worse and slow the healing process. Its important to maintain as much activity as possible to keep muscles flexible and strong.

Before beginning your own exercise program, see your healthcare provider or spine specialist first to get a proper diagnosis. This healthcare professional will refer you to the proper physical therapist or other trained exercise or body mechanics specialist to devise an exercise and muscle strengthening program thats best for you.

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Manage Sciatica Pain With Massage

The benefits of massage therapy for sciatica make it an ideal therapy for those suffering from sciatica pain on a regular basis. Lets take a look at why.

  • Relieve lower back pain. First, massage therapy is an effective way to get pain relief from lower back pain, a top symptom of sciatica. According to a 2014 study published in the ScientificWorld Journal, deep tissue massage is just as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs for lower back pain. For sciatica patients who prefer an all-natural choice, massage therapy is an excellent and effective option.
  • Soothe tense muscles and release pressure on nerves. Tight, tense muscles can put undue pressure on your nervesincluding your sciatic nerve. Massage therapy, unlike other pain management therapies, starts with these muscles and reduces pressure on your sciatic nerve. This kind of muscle relaxation can sometimes address the underlying cause of sciatica, while also making you feel great.
  • Improve blood circulation for recovery. Massage therapy also increases blood circulation and flow to the pain area. Because of the touch of massage, tissue temperature increases and allows the area to receive nutrient-rich blood to the injured area, according to a 2010 study published in Strength and ConditioningJournal. Getting that improved blood circulation can help your body recover.
  • Can Clinical Massage Help With Nerve Injury

    If youve ever felt a shooting, tingling sensation down your leg or quick, sharp pain after lifting something or playing sports, you likely have experienced a nerve injury. Often, the pain is just a temporary nuisance, but it can also be debilitating. Clinical massage therapy can often relieve pain caused by nerve injury.

    Lets take a look at nerves, the pain they can cause and how massage benefits nerve issues.

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    Does Massage Therapy Help Pinched Nerve 5 Facts You Should Know

    You may have a pinched nerve when you feel a dull and aching pain that makes you experience immobility and numbness.

    Besides, compression of your nerves by connective tissue, bone, or muscles causes this condition. So how do you find relief for a pinched nerve? Studies show that massage therapy is one best option to manage a pinched nerve.

    This article will show you how massage therapy can help pinched nerves and other facts you should know about the condition.

  • Final Words
  • The Clients Who Heal And The Clients Who Dont

    How A Good Chiropractor Can Help You Fight Addiction

    Let me explain this concept by creating a comparison between a hypothetical Client A and Client B.

    Some clients bodies, like Client As, can heal from pain well through deeper work, stretching or trigger-point therapy. Then there are others, like Client B, in which that same treatment completely backfires, with the person having to go through days of pain and recovery after the treatment.

    What is the difference? Why does the same treatment not work the same for both clients?

    The answer is that Client B has more pain and inflammation. Because of those constant draining factors, people like Client B do not have the energy to help themselves heal.

    This can present a difficult paradox for the therapist, as the client in more pain typically wants you to work out those knots so that he can feel better. Once we finish that deeper work, the client just feels worked over, yet believes he did something to help himselfwhich may or may not be true.

    If a client has to recover from bodywork instead of feeling immediately better from that appointment, then whatever work was applied put her body into more pain and inflammation, and she did not have the energy to meet the new, additional demand created by the massage.

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    How Can Massage Therapy Help Sciatica Pain

    Sciatica massages serve to soothe tense muscles and release endorphins. In this section, weâll discuss how both of these can relieve sciatic nerve pain.

    • Soothing tense muscles: Muscle tension in your lower back can put pressure on your sciatic nerve. Encouraging those muscles to relax through massage can reduce the pressure on your sciatic nerve.
    • Releasing endorphins: Endorphins are the âfeel-goodâ chemicals released by your brain after going on a run, eating a good meal, and during sex. Theyâre also released during a massage and can provide temporary pain relief.

    Scientific evidence supports the benefits of massage for sciatic nerve pain. Massage therapy has been shown to be effective for chronic pain relief associated with both degenerative disc disease and slipped discs, two causes of sciatica . Itâs also shown promise as a complement to physical therapy in the treatment of herniated discs, another common cause of sciatica . Studies have shown massage to even perform on par with NSAID medications in terms of pain relief in certain cases .


    Sciatica massage provides pain relief by relaxing tense muscles and promoting the release of endorphins. A mounting body of scientific evidence supports the efficacy of massage therapy in the treatment of lower back pain.

    How To Massage For Sciatica Pain Relief

    Sciatica produces a distinct pain in the lower back, buttock muscles, and lower legs. The pain and discomfort come from the sciatic nerve, which has five different nerve roots. The nervous system is complex, so finding the cause and source of sciatica isnt always straight forward. Usually, the nerve roots have been irritated, compressed, or injured.

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    See A Doctor For Diagnosis Of Underlying Cause Of Sciatica

    People experiencing sciatica should always talk to their primary care physicians about their symptoms before exploring integrative health options. The National Institutes of Health notes the most common underlying cause in 90 percent of cases is a herniated disc. Other, more serious, conditions like stenosis and lumbar tumors are also possible.

    Remember, sciatica pain may include:

    • Lower back pain
    • Burning or tingling down the leg
    • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving your leg or foot
    • Consistent pain on one side of the buttocks

    If a client is experiencing any of these symptoms, refer them to their physician for diagnosis before developing a treatment plan focused on helping them manage their pain.

    What Is Clinical Massage Therapy

    Sciatica Pain Massage | Nerve Pain | Piriformis Syndrome

    We know that medicines goal is to relieve symptoms and improve health. Massage therapy does both, naturally. Massage techniques include stroking, kneading, gliding, vibration, compression, friction and stretching in a system of structured palpitations of the soft tissue of the body.

    How can clinical massage therapy help relieve nerve pain?

    Those suffering from nerve injuries may experience pain relief from clinical massage therapy. Thats because massage triggers an involuntary relaxation response from the nervous system. It causes your heart and breathing rates to slow down, and your blood pressure and stress hormones to decrease. When these things occur, pain can lessen. Massage benefits include improving circulation, relaxing tight muscles that could be encroaching on nerves and increasing endorphins .

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    Can A Massage Gun Help With Sciatic Nerve Pain

    ‘Theragun can help sciatica by helping with the pain, releasing tension and increasing blood flow to name a few. The percussive motion of the Theragun actually relieves the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve and helps release the pressure on the nerve. Treat the lower back, hamstring, glute, even the calf but never push right on the piriformis for longer than three seconds, and only do this once. If you push directly on the piriformis you will make the piriformis angry and your sciatic nerve will let you know for hours. Remember, it isnt necessary to use the Theragun for more than two minutes at a time on one muscle group.’

    Massage Therapy In Amarillo Tx

    If you have sciatic nerve pain or other issues, the professionals at Back to Basics Massage Studio in Amarillo can help. We provide services that can help reduce your pain and discomfort and bring you back to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Call or Send Us an Email to learn more about the therapies we offer. You can also Book an Appointment Online.

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    Massage Can Ease Sciatic Pain

    Curated from the article Massage Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain written by Dr. Anthony Odney, D.C. and published in Massage Today on March 3, 2020.

    Sciatic pain occurs when there is pain along the sciatic nerve, which extends from your lower back, through your hips and buttocks, and down each leg. Sciatica generally affects only one side of the body and can range in severity from mild to severe. This painful condition can result in sudden and sharp pain, soreness, numbness and/or tingling, and some people may struggle with walking or standing due to the pain.

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    Larger Nerves Are Mostly Protected

    Pin on My Old Friend Back Pain...Not!

    The larger nerves and nerve roots the only nerves of any concern are mostly shielded by skin, fat, muscle, and bone. Its particularly unlikely that you could harm yourself by massaging in the location Peter asked about, on the back of the neck . The only prominent nerves in the back of the neck are the nerve roots, the bundles of nerve tissue that emerge from between each pair of vertebrae. But these are under at least a half inch of sturdy musculature, the meaty paraspinal muscles.

    But not all nerves are well-protected, of course.

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    Whats The Difference Between Vibration Tools And Massage Guns

    Vibration on the body is a constant stimulus. So when you rest a vibrating roller on your legs its in constant contact and the body becomes acclimatised to it very quickly. It’s not punching or hitting, and because it doesn’t have any amplitude – any ramping up or ramping down – the body accommodates to it, so the nervous system just turns off, it numbs that area.

    Numbing an area can be very useful but its not as effective as stimulating accelerated healing, which is what percussive therapy does. Percussive therapy has a frequency of 22-40 hertz, which means depending on the gun you use or the setting you have it on, itll pound the area 22-40 times per second. Coming on the body then back off it, which is crucial. The second consideration is amplitude the depth of the punch. At Therabody we have our Theragun devices tuned to have a frequency of 16mm. this, in conjunction with the amplitude is perfect for the body, ensuring that it does not cause further discomfort but also keeps the body stimulated since it never has the chance to become acclimatised to the sensation and switch off from it.

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