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Does Coconut Cause Stomach Pain

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Health Benefits Of Coconut For Human Digestive System

Why Does Too Much Coconut Oil Cause Gastrointestinal Issues? | #AskMikeTheCaveman Part 215

Coconut and its derivatives promote healthy digestion in many ways. Coconut oil has anti-microbial properties thus promoting gut health. Coconut due to its anti-inflammatory properties can help with disorders such as IBD. Coconut meat is excellent fibre source while coconut water promotes hydration and digestion. Protein from coconut helps develop immunity to the digestive diseases. Coconut milk has anti-ulcer properties too.

Let’s study these properties in detail.

Why Mct Oil Causes Upset Stomach

Before we identify some ways on how to prevent stomach upset with the oil, let us first find out what causes this side effect.

There are a few reasons why the MCT oil could trigger upset stomach. First, the oil is made of triglycerides that are somewhat unusual in the sense that they are processed much faster unlike the many other fats and oils.

According to Dave Asprey, the founder of the bulletproof coffee, also known as Keto Coffee:

MCTs are known for providing you with quick energy and a sharper brain. Theyre absorbed more quickly than other fats and easily converted into energy.

As a result, the MCT oil will act as an irritant in your body that could trigger physiological mechanisms to flush your gut, leading to possible mild upset such as indigestion, stomach ache, and loose bowels.

Another possible reason is that some brands of MCT oil supplements source some of their ingredients from cosmetic industries, especially the C12 component or the lauric acid.

Because the lauric acid is not intended to be consumed internally, some companies use harsh chemicals in extracting the oil. As stated in the Healthy Home Economist:

The harsh chemicals used for extracting the lauric acid could irritate your gut lining, which could trigger an upset stomach.

If Mct Oil And Virgin Coconut Oil Are Different Why Do They Trigger Similar Side Effects

Did you see anything similar between the two oils in the table above?

You’re spot on, caprylic acid and capric acid. These are what potentially trigger diarrhea, heart palpitations and other side effects when you ingest MCT oil.

But virgin coconut oil contains only about 13% caprylic and capric. How is that possible for it to induce the side effects of diarrhea, heart palpitations and others like MCT oil?

It’s lauric acid. Apart from caprylic and capric, lauric acid is also a medium-chain fatty acid .

Being particularly small in size, MCFAs can lead to a rise in metabolism and convert into energy very quickly.

That’s why you get an incredible burst of energy after eating MCT oil or virgin coconut oil. And not just you, your bowels get the energy rush as well and push the stools forward.

Other than the MCFAs, glycerols also play a vital role in stimulating bowel movement.

What on earth are glycerols?

Glycerol is simply a molecule that ties 3 fatty acids together to form a triglyceride.

Speaking of triglyceride, there are basically 3 different sizes of triglycerides, namely, short-chain triglyceride , medium-chain triglyceride and long-chain triglyceride .

Needless to say, LCT holds long-chain fatty acids , MCT holds medium-chain fatty acids and SCT… short-chain fatty acids .

These triglycerides are the building blocks of any dietary oils or fats.

That explains why many people easily got diarrhea after taking too much MCT oil or virgin coconut oil.

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It Can Clog Your Pores

Coconut oil is relatively comedogenic, meaning it can cause blackheads and clog the pores of your skin. For acne-prone people, and people with oily skin alike, coconut oil may not be the best choice.

“Coconut oil commonly blocks pores slowly and imperceptibly, so I highly discourage acne-prone patients from using coconut oil,” board-certified dermatologist and founder of Curology, Dr. David Lortscher, tells Bustle. “In my experience, many people will find that clogged pores and acne breakouts begin or are worsened when coconut oil is used on facial skin. Furthermore, Iâm not aware of the ability of coconut oil to improve acne scars.” Coconut oil may be antibacterial, which provides some benefits for acne, but long-term use can actually make your skin worse.

Coconut Oil For Gallbladder Related Issues

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Coconuts

Gallbladder stores the bile required by the body to break down fats and thus absorb nutrients from it. But gallstones can develop which decrease this supply.

Based on studies, coconut oil has been found to be effective in dissolving gallstones.

It is believed that the monoglycerides and diglycerides of capric acid and caprylic acid are primarily responsible for this action. This not only improves gallbladder function but can also avert gallbladder removal.

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It Can Be Dangerous To Use As A Personal Lubricant

Using coconut oil as lube is tempting for a lot of reasons, but can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. While it’s great that coconut oil is anti-bacterial, that also means it may have the potential to upset vaginal pH balance. According to Planned Parenthood, the research is inconclusive on whether coconut oil itself is a sexual health risk, but that additives and sugars can lead to yeast infections.

Moreover, it’s very important not to use oil-based lube if you’re going to use a condom. This is perhaps the greatest danger of using coconut oil as a lubricant, becuase it can damage condoms and lead to breakage.

Effects Of Too Much Coconut Water

Although coconut water may help treat mild dehydration due to diarrhea, it may have a laxative effect in other instances.

Drinking too much coconut water may lead to excess consumption of potassium, which may cause diarrhea in some people.

One case report documented hyperkalemia, or high blood levels of potassium, in a patient who drank multiple servings of coconut water in one day .

Whats more, coconut water is high in fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols , which are short-chain carbohydrates that can draw water into the intestines and cause digestive issues like diarrhea in some people .

Finally, commercially prepared coconut water may contain high amounts of added sugars or artificial sweeteners, which may trigger digestive discomfort. Drinking a lot of sweetened or flavored coconut water may therefore contribute to diarrhea .

To reduce the risk of diarrhea from coconut water, choose unsweetened varieties and avoid consuming multiple servings at a time.


Coconut water may contribute to diarrhea due to its potassium, FODMAP, and added sugar or sweetener content.

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Precaution To Be Taken

The age of coconut affects the nutrients in the components.

It is essential to identify what coconut to use for extracting a particular component.

For example, when taking coconut water, young and green variety is preferred. To use coconut meat or coconut milk, mature and brown variety is good. Coconut oil is best derived from mature and dried coconut kernels.

Excess coconut water can increase the calorie intake and cause electrolyte imbalance which is not suited for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.

While coconut milk contains healthy fats, taking more fats than the body can easily process will certainly cause health problems.

Coconut allergy is extremely rare but not impossible, especially for people with tree nut allergies.

Coconut has the possibility of interfering with drugs, so people on any medications should inform the doctor of its use and check if it is suitable for them.

Some coconut foods contain sugars in the form of fructose which is not good for people with fructose intolerance. If you observe digestive discomfort after consuming coconut, it is best if you discontinue the use.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek medical advice before using coconut in their diet.

Always use fresh and natural products. If not available, opt for organic, unrefined and least processed varieties free from additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Look for BPA-A free containers while buying canned and bottled products as it can cause cancer.

Getting Rid Of Constipation Forever

Can anxiety cause stomach pain? – Ancient Lemon Balm Remedy

I used to suffer daily;with some sort of stomach pain or discomfort, until I realized that constipation was behind it.

So, I developed a daily regimen;to stave off constipation and its undesirable symptoms.

Magnesium, the silver bullet

A daily dose of;magnesium;along with exercise and a balanced diet to implement can go a long way to eliminate digestive problems, and the stomach pain that can accompany it.

For a magnesium supplement, I prefer using a;sea mineral supplement.

Its magnesium has;many health benefits. It also contains;valuable trace minerals.

Can;constipation cause stomach pain? Yes. ;Its just another good reason to do something to remedy that constipation problem.

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High In Saturated Fats

The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut help in cholesterol management as it reduces bad LDL cholesterol level and increases the level of good HDL cholesterol in our body.

Dietary fibers in coconut reduce LDL cholesterol and minimize the risk of atherosclerosis, a leading cause of cardiovascular problems.

However, overeating coconuts is a bad idea as they are high in saturated fats, and may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attack, heart stroke, and coronary artery disease, etc.

The American Heart Association suggests limiting saturated fats to 5-6 percent of total daily calories. For a person with 2000 calories per day of the diet, it would be about 100-120 calories or around 11 to 13 grams. Eating 100 grams of coconut provides around 30 grams of saturated fat which is twice more than that required by our body.

Does Popcorn Cause Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or heartburn is the result of stomach acid overflowing into the esophagus. The consumption of Popcorn does not seem to trigger heartburn or indigestion like caffeine and acidic drinks.

Indeed, its acidic reflux depends on how it is prepared as well as its ingredients. Well, the consumption of air-popped Popcorn in moderation is not harmful to your health.;

In contrast, if you most likely indulge in flavored Popcorn, which contains spices and fat. Thus, there is a possibility that you may experience heartburn after consuming it for some time.

;Indeed, the more cheese, oil, and buttered Popcorn you consume, the higher your chances of developing acid reflux.

;It is best to avoid fatty and oily Popcorn when suffering from acid reflux. Otherwise, it will make your heartburn worse.;

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Coconut Water And Rehydration After Diarrhea

Diarrhea is the term for having loose and watery stools, usually three or more times per day.

It can occur due to illnesses like the stomach flu, gastrointestinal diseases, food poisoning, running, medications, and many other causes.

Diarrhea is marked by significant fluid and electrolyte losses from the body and can lead to dehydration. In those cases, its advisable to rehydrate with beverages that contain electrolytes .

As an electrolyte-rich beverage, coconut water is considered a good beverage choice when you have diarrhea.

Studies have found that coconut water effectively treats dehydration due to mild diarrhea and is comparable to sports drinks at promoting rehydration in other instances of electrolyte losses .


Diarrhea can lead to fluid and electrolyte losses, resulting in dehydration. As a good source of electrolytes, coconut water may help rehydrate you after you have diarrhea.

Coconut Milk Has Anti

10 Ways To Cure Acid Reflux with Coconut Oil

Stomach, mouth and intestinal ulcers occur in chronic cases of digestive problems and cause great discomfort, pain and hindrance in the process of digestion.

This happens because of disruption of the digestive lining, mucosa that contains glands which secrete digestive juices in the mouth, stomach and intestines.

In a study, it was concluded that coconut milk leads to a reduction in the size of ulcers compared to coconut water. It thus protects the gastric mucosal lining and helps in treating the ulcers.

Thus, including coconut milk in the diet will help in reducing and preventing ulcers.

What does this mean?Coconut protects the mucosal lining from harmful effects of ulcers by diminishing their size and treating them.

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May Cause Issues With Use As A Lubricant

Yes, coconut oil could be natural. But it may contain ingredients whose safety and efficacy are not known yet. This is why using coconut oil as a personal lubricant may not be a safe option.

Coconut oil is also known to alter the pH of the vagina, causing yeast infections. It can also degrade the latex in latex condoms and cause serious issues. Hence, one must not use any kind of oil-based lubricant with latex condoms.

Coconut Oil For Digestive Disorders

Excerpts from: Shilhavy, Brian & Marianity Jader, Crohns Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, and Virgin Coconut Oil in Virgin Coconut Oil, West Bend, Wisconsin USA, West Bend, Wisconsin, Tropical Traditions, Inc., 2005, p. 62.

If you saw a newspaper headline which stated “Crohns Disease Patients Find Relief by Eating Cookies” you may think the editor was a little kooky. Dr. L.A. Cohen of the Naylor Dana Institute for Disease Prevention in Valhalla New York wouldnt think so, not if the cookies were made with coconut.

Dr. Cohen notes the ease with which medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are digested and absorbed and says they “have found use in the clinic as a means to provide high energy lipid to patients with disorders of lipid digestion lipid absorption , and lipid transport .”

Eating coconut cookies has made an impact on Gerald Brinkley, a Crohns disease sufferer for 30 years. “When I read that eating coconut macaroons could ease symptoms,” Brinkley says, “I decided to try them myself. Coincidence or not, my symptoms have improved since I began eating two cookies a day.”

Crohns disease is an inflammatory intestinal disease characterized by diarrhea, abdominal pain, bleeding ulcers, bloody stools, anemia, and weight loss. Ulcerations can occur anywhere along the digestive tract from the mouth to the rectum.

Its antimicrobial properties also affects intestinal health by killing troublesome microorganisms that may cause chronic inflammation.

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Coconut Oil Mct Oil Stomach Ache

So on one hand its cool because its absorbing fast, on the other hand its cramping you so how do we fix this? Okay the simplest thing is MCTs straight up are not the greatest. Like theres no real solid benefit to just taking MCTs without other fats along with it so you might as well consume coconut oil. I mean MCT taste great and theyre easy and theyre quick energy. But coconut oil contains a good amount of MCTs but they also contain long-chain fats and lauric acid so that means youre still getting the benefit of the MCTs. The MCTs arent attached to the other fat so if I take a spoonful of coconut oil and I eat it, the MCTs are going to be separate from the rest of the fats. The MCTs are still going to absorb super fast Im still going to get the benefit but at least the long-chain fats from the coconut oil are gonna at least trigger the cholecystokinin. So Im satiated and theyre also going to trigger the pancreatic lipase and theyre also going to trigger the bile reaction. So we get a win win. We get the MCTs to get absorbed but then we also get the lauric acid and the coconut oil longer chain fats that trigger the other hormonal responses and enzymatic responses. Problem solved win-win we still get the quick energy.;

Ways Coconut Helps Our Digestive System & How To Use It

Home Remedies For Stomach Pain In Dogs

Every person encounters with some form of digestive problems in his/her life affecting any part of the digestive system, most commonly, the gastrointestinal tract comprising the stomach and intestines.

Even the organs associated with digestion like the liver, pancreas and gallbladder may be affected.

Before we go ahead and explain how coconut oil really helps in taking care of digestive disorders, it is important to get a bit familiar with our digestive system first – what it includes, how it works and what disorders are common in this system.

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May Increase Heart Disease Risk

Studies suggest that replacing coconut oil with unsaturated fats can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease .

According to the American Heart Association, consuming fewer saturated fats and more unsaturated fats is the best way to prevent heart disease. Coconut oil, being higher in saturated fats, may affect the heart .

Though coconut oil also contains unsaturated fat, there is no research that shows it mitigating the ill effects of saturated fat.

Coconut oil contains more bad fat than beef or butter . As per a New Zealand study, coconut oil increases bad cholesterol to a greater extent than unsaturated plant oils .

How Coconut Milk Is Made

Coconut milk is made by mixing the shredded coconut pulp with a small amount of hot water to suspend the fat present in the grated pulp.;


This article provides general information about the topic and is not be taken as medical advice or as an alternative to medical advice, treatment, and/or diagnosis. Always consult with your doctor before trying out any of the remedies/recipes suggested in the blog post.

P.S- Consider sharing this post, if you find it useful and/or interesting.

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Why Does Coconut Cause Diarrhea


In this way, can coconut cause diarrhea?

Ingesting large amounts of coconut oil can cause diarrhea, cramps, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Also, is Coconut good for diarrhea? Food Remedies That May Help: For this reason coconut is often referred to as the blood remedy.Coconut water is high in both potassium and sodium, whereas coconut milk is a good source of potassium but much lower in sodium. Drink coconut water or milk within one hour after an episode of diarrhea.

Similarly, you may ask, why does coconut water give you diarrhea?

You might get too much potassium which can cause some stomach upset and GI upset, diarrhea, and then also you can get added sugar in coconut water, said Dr. Coconut water can impact blood sugar levels and weight gain.

Can coconut oil upset your stomach?

Ways to Take Coconut OilIngesting too much coconut oil right off the bat can lead to nausea, consumer advocates warn. Other coconut oil-linked side effects include headache, dizziness, fatigue, swollen glands, joint or muscle pain, stomach upset, chills, hives or rashes, or other adverse skin conditions.

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