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Could My Wrist Be Broken Without Swelling

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How To Treat A Sprained Wrist

Fix Wrist Pain with this Wrist, Elbow, and Forearm Massage Video.

Initial evaluation and diagnosis of a wrist sprain injury may be done in urgent care or emergency department or by a primary care provider in an office.

If the sprain is minor, a primary care provider may continue care and subsequent follow-up. If the injury is more severe, care is often provided by an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist. An orthopedic surgeon or hand surgeon will be involved if surgery is required. Physical therapists are often involved in care and rehabilitation even if no surgery is needed.

Treatment For A Strain

Any suspected strain should be diagnosed by your physician, or at an ER or urgent care center. This is especially important in children to ensure there is no growth plate injury. The treatment for minor strains is the same as for a sprain rest, ice, compression and elevation . In more severe cases, physical therapy or exercise may be needed to help the injury fully heal.

What Should You Do

If you do think you have a wrist sprain or you may have fractured your wrist, you should immediately see a doctor. Schedule an appointment to have a medical professional decide if you will need surgery, an x-ray, or specific treatment options.

If you cant see a doctor immediately, its important to remember the acronym, RICE. That stands for, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. That is what you should be doing for your wrist until you see a medical professional.

Having a broken or sprained wrist can also limit your ability to drive places or see a doctor. If that happens, you can speak with us remotely by contacting us here.

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What Is A Colles Fracture

A Colles’ fracture — or distal radius fracture — is often called a ”broken wrist.” In France itâs sometimes called a âPouteau-Collesâ fracture. Technically, it’s a break in the larger of the two bones in your forearm. The bone breaks on the lower end, close to where it connects to the bones of the hand on the thumb side of the wrist.

Colles’ fractures are very common they’re the most frequently broken bone in the arm. In the United States, 1 of every 10 broken bones is a broken wrist.

Upper Extremity Splinting: Arm Shoulder Elbow Wrist Finger

Impatient with PCOS: Healing
  • Using bandages to create a sling works for immobilizing collarbone, shoulder, and upper arm injuries extending down to the elbow. The arm sling is wrapped to the persons body with a large bandage encircling the persons chest.
  • Injury to the forearm and wrist requires a straight supportive splint that secures and aligns both sides of the injury. An open hardback book is a quick and handy, temporary immobilizer.
  • An injured finger can be buddy-taped to the adjacent, unaffected fingers, or it can be splinted with small pieces of wood or cardboard until more sturdy splints can be applied.

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Athletic Tape Vs Kinesio Tape

Athletic tape and kinesiology tape are similar, although its important to understand their differences to make the best use of them.

Athletic tape

Athletic tape is wrapped around the wrist injury and limits movement. It is the more straightforward of the two options, with no adhesive backing and limited to no elasticity. Since it is not as flexible, it is a good choice for short-term recovery, early in the healing process.

Kinesiology Tape

With an adhesive backing, highly elastic material, and many different types to choose from, kinesio tape offers plenty of unique benefits. Since it doesnt restrict movement, its a good option for athletes or those who want to stay active during their recovery.

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What Kind Of Doctor Should I See For A Scaphoid Fracture

If you experience any of the above symptoms after a fall or traumatic injury to the hand or upper arm, you should consult an orthopedist or sports medicine doctor with expertise in hand injuries. He or she will first conduct a a physical examination. However, despite having very focused, orthopedic training, even the best hand doctor or surgeon will usually rely on or, in some cases, a or imaging to confirm the diagnosis.

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How To Tell If Your Hand Is Broken Broken Hand Finger And Wrist Symptoms And Treatment

According to recent estimates published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, approximately one-quarter of all sports injuries involve the hands or wrists. Hand fractures and broken fingers are currently on the rise due to increased athletic competition around the country, but these kinds of injuries are also common off the playing field, especially for older adults. As part of the natural aging process, our bones weaken over time, leaving us more vulnerable to fractures and other injuries. Regardless of the cause, there are many effective broken hand treatments and strategies to help expedite the recovery process and prevent reinjury. In this post, we will explain many common broken hand symptoms and what to do for a broken hand, including physical therapy and surgical options. Lets take a look…

Wrist Fracture Or Sprain

Why is My Finger Still Swollen?

You tripped and fell and landed on a hard surface with your arms outstretched. Nothing feels broken, but you do feel some pain in the wrist area: How can you tell if you have a wrist fracture or a wrist sprain?

The wrist is a network of many bones and joints. It consists of eight carpal bones, five metacarpals bones and two forearm bones the radius and ulna. It is the hub to over twenty joints that are held together by ligaments, which makes it a very intricate and complex union.

When a fall or forceful impact occurs, its a common reaction to stretch your arms out to brace yourself from the impact. By doing so, youre hands and wrists become vulnerable to injury, often resulting in hand, wrist or upper extremity fractures or injuries. If a severe fracture happens, it can easily be detected by the deformity of the wrist and/or bones that may be protruding through the skin. However, in some fractures and injuries it is difficult to determine what the injury really is. In fractures and sprains alike, pain levels can vary, and symptoms are often very similar. If pain is moderate and no symptoms are visible, it is often thought that the injury is merely a sprain however, that is not always the case. The information below provides wrist fracture and wrist sprain symptoms which aide in diagnosis:

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What Are The Chances Of An Arm Being Broken If It’s Not Swollen Or Bruised

dd fell over skiing last Friday and landed with her arm twisted under her. Lots of pain and crying resulted in being taken off the piste by blood wagon and to the French hospital. Dr prodded her arm, said it wasn’t broken and didn’t xray it.She still can’t use it or move it without shrieking in pain. Took her to hospital today, we,re back in uk. She now has a tiny bruise on her shoulder. They said she needs an xray so we’ve got to go back tomorrow when the xray dept is open. Really hoping it’s not broken.

Not a doctor so can’t properly answer your Q, however when I was a kid I fell over at school and really hurt my arm. School nurse said it couldn’t possibly be broken as I could still move it. It didn’t swell either. 5 days later I had an x-ray and turned out I had a hairline fracture so ended up with 6 weeks in plaster. I hope your DD is ok and not too sore.

I’m afraid it is possible to have fractured it without there being any signs of bruising or swelling.DS broke the bone just above his elbow and we didn’t think it was broken. We left it overnight but realised the next day that it wasn’t right when he wasn’t using it at all.Have you tried getting her to use it without her realising IYSWIM or watched to see if she moves it when you’re not looking. Thats one way of trying to suss out how much pain they are in.Hope she is OK

How Is A Wrist Fracture Diagnosed

A wrist fracture hurts, sometimes a lot. Symptoms include pain, tenderness, swelling and/or bruising. A doctor may diagnose a wrist fracture based on information gathered from the patient, a physical exam, and X-rays. High-energy fractures are usually evaluated with a computerized tomography scan, in addition to X-rays, to better identify the pattern of the injury, says Dr. Swigart. Magnetic resonance imaging is occasionally necessary, too.

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What Is The Treatment For A Scaphoid Fracture

It is important get the right treatment. Otherwise, you risk improper healing and future problems like painful arthritis. A scaphoid fracture that is correctly treated soon after the injury will take about 12 weeks to heel. But an untreated fracture may take as long as six months to recover from. Untreated patients will also usually experience long-term problems moving their wrist or other complications .

The most common treatment is to put the wrist in a long-arm cast that extends from the thumb to just below the elbow.

Is My Wrist Sprained Or Fractured

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Even a small slip or fall onto an outstretched hand can injure your wrist, but just how bad is it? Should you ice and elevate the injury? Or go to the doctor for an X-ray? Orthopedic surgeon and hand specialist Dr. Andrew Tyser lends his expertise on this episode of The Specialists, and explains what to look out for when it comes to wrist injuries.

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Looking For A Hand Surgeon For Your Wrist Injury

If you have a wrist injury, theres no need to remain in pain any longer a hand surgeon really makes all the difference. With the right expertise, diagnosis, and treatment you can get back to doing the things you enjoy quicker.

Dont spend another minute wondering if a hand surgeon is right for you, make an appointment today by calling 393-4263 or by scheduling online. At your appointment, I, Dr. Vella, will answer any questions you have and help guide you through the treatment of your wrist injury.

Together, well create a tailored approach for your specific needs that gets your wrist healed and most of all, pain-free.

First Aid For A Broken Hand

If you think you have a broken hand, see a doctor immediately.

But until you can seek medication attention, there are things you can do to care for your hand. These include the following first aid procedures:

  • Avoid moving your hand. Try your best to immobilize your hand. If a bone has moved out of place, dont attempt to realign it.
  • Apply ice. To reduce pain and swelling, carefully apply an ice pack or cold compress to your injury. Always wrap the ice pack in a clean cloth or towel first.
  • Stop the bleeding.

The goal of broken bone first aid is to limit further injury. It can also help minimize pain and improve your recovery outlook.

If youre bleeding, you likely have an open fracture, meaning a bone is sticking out. In this case, go to the ER right away. Until you can get help, you can stop the bleeding by applying pressure and using a clean cloth or bandage.

Visit a doctor as soon as you think youve broken your hand.

Its especially important to see a doctor if you have:

  • difficulty moving your fingers
  • numbness

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Broken Hand Symptoms: How Do I Know If I Have A Broken Hand

Approximately 6 million people suffer a broken bone every year in the United States, and broken fingers are very common. The location and severity of the hand fracture will determine the symptoms the patient experiences and the available treatment options. So what does a broken hand feel like? Lets take a look at a few of the most common broken hand symptoms.

Fractured hand symptoms involving the metacarpals include pain, swelling, general tenderness along the site of the injury, and bruising. These metacarpal fractures symptoms may be more pronounced as the patient makes a fist or even loosely grips items. Metacarpal fractures may also give the involved fingers a shortened appearance. For example, Boxers fracture symptoms may include the knuckle appearing indented or crushed inward due to displacement along the neck of the metacarpal. Broken finger symptoms include pain, decreased range of motion, swelling, and sensitivity to even the lightest touch. Fractured finger symptoms may also include bruising, and its possible for the finger to appear deformed or misaligned. Broken thumb symptoms include swelling, bruising, sensitivity to the touch, and decreased range of motion. Some patients also report numbness or feelings of cold around the injury. In some cases, the hand or fingers may change colors, becoming pale or even blue, after a fracture of the hand. Patients may also notice other tactile sensations, such as tingling.

Dont Ignore Wrist Injuries

Wrist Pain Exercises – 5 Minute Quick Fix

Wrist fractures, like essentially all broken bones are best treated when treated early. This may be as simple and putting a brace on, which will immobilize and protect the bone easing the pain and preventing displacement.

Some fractures, like the scaphoid fracture, have poor outcomes when treated late. Due to its unique blood supply, scaphoid fractures have higher risk of non-healing or nonunion than other wrist bones. When this bone does not heal, it will, overtime, develop a predictable pattern of wrist arthritis.

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Recovery Time For Distal Radius Fractures

Since there are several types of distal radius fractures and treatment methods, the recovery time can be different for each patient. Our Coastal Orthopedics specialist can work with you to formulate a recovery plan that can help you narrow down a time frame in which youll be able to resume normal activities.

Your recovery plan can encompass pain management suggestions, which help with relieving the pain of your fracture. Well discuss, cast and wound care, since the caster and splinter are instrumental to the healing process.

Promising wrist arthroscopy treatment measures means that more than likely patients can expect a favorable outcome in distal radius fractures. For the best results, be sure to communicate with our orthopedics specialist and adhere to your recovery plan.

Exceptions To The Rules

There are major exceptions to these rules. For example, a fractured scaphoid bone may hurt for a few days and then stop hurting completely its the best imitator of wrist sprains out there. Many scaphoid fractures have been mis-diagnosed as wrist sprains over the years, leading to early arthritis and wrist pain.

In a similar way, if the wrong ligaments are torn in the wrist, it will lead to arthritis as the bones that used to be held together now move abnormally against one another.

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Swelling With Broken Wrist How Long Should My Hand Be Swollen For After Having Broke Both Wrist Bones

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Scaphoid Injuries And Conditions

Broken Wrist Pins being removed *Not for the squeamish ...

The scaphoid is one of the eight small bones of the wrist joint. This bone, shaped similar to that of a cashew nut or kidney bean, is located between the base of the thumb and the radius bone of the forearm. The scaphoid coordinates the motion and position of all of the other wrist bones. It is key to the correct functioning of the wrist.

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What Makes Yale Medicine’s Approach To Treating Wrist Fracture Unique

Treatment of wrist fracture can be quite complex. Dr. Swigart believes that patients benefit when treated by an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery and performs many wrist fracture repair procedures.

There are a variety of ways to fix a distal radius fracture, including several different types of implants, explains Dr. Swigart. And while some types of implants are used often, others are only employed rarely. Its important to work with a doctor who knows about and is able to use all of them, she adds.

Also of value, Dr. Swigart says, is Yale Medicines involvement in clinical research, which often gives patients access to leading edge techniques and therapies well before they become widely available. For example, she says: My work includes both clinical and biomechanical research on treating wrist fracture, and our department has been consistently involved. Being involved in the research brings insights into why things work and which things work best.

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