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Can You Have Nerve Pain Without Diabetes

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Focal Or Multifocal Peripheral Neuropathies

Can Diabetic Nerve Pain Go Away?

Focal or multifocal peripheral neuropathies include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome , or other so-called entrapment syndromes
  • Radiculopathies, including sciatica
  • Phantom limb pain and stump pain
  • Post-traumatic neuralgia

Generalized polyneuropathies can be present due to:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Demyelinating conditions (Guillain-Barre Syndrome chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
  • Alcoholism
  • Autoimmune disease
  • HIV
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Toxin exposure

Signs You May Be Suffering From Nerve Pain

Where does it hurt?

Your arms, hands, legs or feet? Is your entire body suffering from a stabbing, throbbing or numbness that even the simple act of walking becomes like an everyday chore?

If so, this pain you are feeling is known as neuropathy pain, which is nerve pain as the result of a lack of blood flow to the heart. This can cause certain parts of the body to feel discomfort and pressure making every day activities such as standing, balancing or picking up a spoon near impossible.

But dont worry, youre not alone.

Nerve pain is common in most diabetic and chemotherapy patients, as well as individuals suffering from a broken ankle or foot. Lets take a moment to look at some of the more common signs to neuropathy pain. Ask yourself do I have one or all of these pain symptoms?

  • Numbness or tingling in feet and hands
  • Loss of balance and falling
  • Throbbing and sharp pain
  • Dropping things with your hands
  • Muscle weakness
  • Heavy feeling in arms and legs
  • Dramatic drop in blood pressure
  • Difficulty digesting
  • Excessive sweating
  • If you answered yes to one or all of these, you may be experiencing nerve pain. Recognizing this is the first step to getting the help you need.

    So, how can you treat nerve pain?

    Trust me when I say this will be a game changer in pain relief.

    Imagine getting up each morning, standing on your own and walking outside without any pain. Thats what I like to call a success.

    Are you ready to experience a pain-free life?

    So What Causes Sciatica

    The most common causes of sciatica include:

    • Herniated lumbar discs: The rubbery cushions between each of your vertebra can rupture with age or injury, applying pressure to nearby nerves that supply sensation to the legs.
    • Degenerative disc disease: As we age, intervertebral discs can lose their shape as they dry out. This can lead to disc herniation and a host of other problems, such as lumbar radiculopathy.
    • Spinal stenosis: Arthritis and aging can result in a narrowing of the passageways through which nerves exit the spinal cord. When this happens, nerve impingement may occur.
    • Bone spurs: Osteoarthritis may cause an overgrowth of bone on a lumbar vertebra. These bony protrusions can directly apply pressure on the lumbar or sciatic nerves.
    • Spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis: Slipping or cracking of the vertebrae can compromise the structure of the spine, leading to pinched nerve pain in the legs.
    • Piriformis syndrome: This large muscle near the sciatic nerve can tighten from over- or underuse and cause nerve compression.

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    Ways To Help Nerve Pain In Diabetic Feet

    Neuropathy is a worldwide debated topic and its effective management is much more than that. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most painful conditions one can suffer from. In this article, we have discussed the 10 best ways you can help reduce your nerve pain if you are suffering from diabetic neuropathy. From concoctions to essential oil therapies, important dietary changes, we have revealed A-to-Z of how to effectively manage various symptoms of diabetic pain in the feet. While some of these are established ways, others are still under review and research and have a little scientific basis. Hence, medications remain the primary way of neuropathic treatment and the ways mentioned below are only complementary options you can consider to reduce the pain.

    Central Or Peripheral Pain

    Pain from nerve damage can be silenced, research finds ...

    While some neuropathies occur because of damage to peripheral nerves and nerve endings, other types of neuropathic pain happen after an injury in the central nervous system . These neuropathic pain conditions that arise in the brain or spine are called central pain syndromes. One example of a central pain syndrome is post-stroke shoulder pain, which is estimated to occur in up to one-third of stroke survivors.

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    What Is Neuropathic Pain

    Neuropathic pain can happen if your nervous system is damaged or not working correctly. You can feel pain from any of the various levels of the nervous systemthe peripheral nerves, the spinal cord and the brain. Together, the spinal cord and the brain are known as the central nervous system. Peripheral nerves are the ones that are spread throughout the rest of your body to places likes organs, arms, legs, fingers and toes.

    Damaged nerve fibers send the wrong signals to pain centers. Nerve function may change at the site of the nerve damage, as well as areas in the central nervous system .

    Neuropathy is a disturbance of function or a change in one or several nerves. Diabetes is responsible for about 30% of neuropathy cases. It is not always easy to tell the source of the neuropathic pain. There are hundreds of diseases that are linked to this kind of pain.

    Surgical Treatment Of Nerve Injuries

    Surgery to repair nerve damage can progress in several ways. The first, and simplest, is simply to reattach the severed ends of the nerve sheath to one another, allowing for the injured nerve to die away and grow back as healthy nerve fiber within the sheath. This process can be delayed if the injury is the result of crush trauma, as the skin/tissues will have been damaged, and must heal before surgery can be performed. More invasive surgery is necessary if part of the nerve has been lost, and there is a gap between the two parts of the nerve. It is usually necessary to perform a nerve graft from another part of the body, but the loss of the nerve in that part will often cause permanent loss of sensation, so it is important to take part of a nerve that is not absolutely integral to the function of the body. In some cases, a small gap can be bridged with a synthetic nerve conduit.

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    Disease Of The Nerves

    Neuropathy is a nerve disease, with diabetic neuropathy being one specific type. Inflammation can cause the problem, along with such diseases as shingles. Some people find temporary relief from placing an ice pack on the affected area, but as you might imagine, this relief only lasts a short time. You should probably take more long-lasting steps to deal with your nerve pain. Learn more by visiting the website The Neuropathy Solution. This solution is a proven, self-treatment you can use without drugs or surgery.

    When youre truly suffering from neuropathy you will probably feel tingling or numbness, and may experience stronger pain sharp, stabbing, burning. Some individuals visit a doctor to ask about something like a swollen ankle or pain in the feet that is causing them excruciating pain. When theyre told they are suffering from neuropathy they often respond by saying, But Im not diabetic.

    This is when the doctor tells them there are dozens of other causes for nerve pain. A swollen ankle may not be neuropathy, because this condition usually involves skin or surface pain, including the burning or stabbing sensations mentioned. Swelling may occur but thats not the reason to immediately suspect neuropathy. For example, one individual found the cause to be the chemotherapy she had been through as a cancer treatment. This is not uncommon.

    Black And Hispanic People And Neuropathy

    Overcoming Diabetic Nerve Pain with Fruit Jasons Story

    Determining which racial and ethnic groups experience neuropathy the most may be complicated by the type of neuropathy, as well as the differing ways that people communicate their pain to others, including their healthcare providers.

    The FDA reports that American Indians/Alaska natives , Hispanics , Black people and Asian Americans have higher rates of diabetes than white people .

    Yet in a December 2017 study of more than 1,900 people who had painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy symptoms, which was published in Clinical Diabetes and Endocrinology, Black and Hispanic participants were less likely than white participants to rate their pain as moderate or severe. Also, significantly fewer Black and Hispanic individuals reported having received a painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy diagnosis. However, higher proportions of those who were Black and Hispanic reported difficulty communicating with their healthcare provider about their pain symptoms, and feeling less comfortable about doing it. They were also younger, on average, than white participants. Researchers said more research in diverse populations is needed to understand the disparities.

    However, a November 2015 study published in Clinical Cancer Research found that women of African descent being treated for breast cancer with specific chemotherapy drugs known as taxanes were more likely to report painful neuropathy symptoms than women of European descent.

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    Types Of Pain With Neuropathic Origin

    Pain that falls under the broad category of a pain of neuropathic origin includes neuralgia, such as the facial pain syndrome trigeminal neuralgia. Another pain of neuropathic origin is neuritis. Neuritis is caused by inflammation of a nerve or group of nerves and may be accompanied by fever and swelling.Some of the processes active in neuropathic pain involve, to some degree, changes in parts of the nerve pathway that process pain sensations. Release of the bodys own pain-reducing chemicals may be dampened, and some nerve cells along the pathway may become excitable and overly active in signaling pain messages. Therefore, regardless of where the original nerve injury occurred, in many instances, the central nervous system can play a role in the continued experience of chronic pain symptoms. Some of the specific types of disordered pain that may be experienced in neuropathy include:

    • Allodynia pain from what is normally a non-painful touch, such as being stroked by a feather
    • Dysesthesia an unpleasant feeling, which is not actually painful per se
    • Hyperpathia or hyperalgesia prolonged or severe pain from a lightly painful incident, such as a pinprick
    • Paresthesia unusual sensations, such as pins and needles or a burning sensation

    What Are The Symptoms Of Neuropathic Pain

    Many symptoms may be present in the case of neuropathic pain. These symptoms include:

    • Spontaneous pain : Shooting, burning, stabbing, or electric shock-like pain tingling, numbness, or a pins and needles feeling
    • Evoked pain: Pain brought on by normally non-painful stimuli such as cold, gentle brushing against the skin, pressure, etc. This is called allodynia. Evoked pain also may mean the increase of pain by normally painful stimuli such as pinpricks and heat. This type of pain is called hyperalgesia.
    • An unpleasant, abnormal sensation whether spontaneous or evoked .
    • Trouble sleeping, and emotional problems due to disturbed sleep and pain.
    • Pain that may be lessened in response to a normally painful stimulus .

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    Where Can Neuropathy Happen

    Woman has hand pain at park

    Did you know that neuropathy doesnt only affect the legs and feet? Neuropathy is a term that means nerve damage or defect. You have billions of nerves all over your body, and any number of them can become damaged from wear or tear, injuries, and chronic conditions. There are types of neuropathy such as cranial , optic , auditory and more. Some types of neuropathy are grouped by location or by the condition that causes your symptoms. Learn about the different types of neuropathy, where they can happen and why!

    What Are The Possible Complications Of Type 2 Diabetes And How Can You Avoid Them

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    Matthew Villani, doctor of podiatric medicine at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, Florida, explains that these symptoms arise because the nerves are being encapsulated by the sugar, which causes the conductive properties of the nerves to slow down or be altered, so that the electrical impulses to the nerves arent functioning properly.

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    Natural Treatments For Nerve Pain

    Some people with nerve pain respond to other treatments known as complementary, natural, or alternative treatments. For example, acupuncture may help some, while dietary supplements may help others. However, you and your doctor should discuss the use of these treatments and supplements to be sure they dont interfere with other medical therapies.

    How Long Should You Walk For

    Some doctors suggest just 20 minutes of walking three days a week. This is a schedule that most people can manage. Walking after a big meal such as dinner can even aid with digestion. For those who may not be at the level of daily or regular walking yet, a stationary bike is an alternative. The repeated movement helps to strengthen legs and muscles but there isnt as much strain or pressure on the feet. Furthermore, there is less of an excuse not to exercise due to inclement weather or the sun setting early.

    Walking is a low-impact exercise that can offset the negative consequences of sitting too much. Sitting for long periods of time can exacerbate the symptoms of neuropathy. Yet many individuals have jobs that require them to sit at a desk for hours each day. It is important for them to get up periodically even if its just to stand up and stretch. This pertains not only to people with neuropathy but to anyone with a desk job.

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    Causes Of Diabetic Neuropathy

    High glucose and lipid levels in the blood, and the toxic byproducts they generate through their metabolism, are thought to be the major causes of neuropathy associated with diabetes. However, good glucose control in people with type 1 diabetes can reduce neuropathy by 60 per cent.The benefits of good glucose control in people with type 2 diabetes are more modest. Improving lipid levels may also reduce the incidence of nerve damage in people with type 2 diabetes.

    Symptoms Of Unexplained Nerve Pain

    Diabetes: How do I know if I have nerve damage?

    Idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, like diabetic neuropathy, usually causes numbness in the hands and feet. The numbness may go unnoticed if it causes no pain.

    Nerve pain in idiopathic peripheral neuropathy is usually in the feet and legs but can also be in the hands and arms. People describe their unexplained nerve pain in different ways:

    • Burning
    • Crawling
    • Electrical shocks

    Simple touching can cause nerve pain, and pain may be constant even when there’s no stimulation. Often, unexplained nerve pain is worse at night, interfering with sleep. This can compound the problem, because people need adequate sleep in order to cope with pain.

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    Symptoms Of Motor Nerve Damage

    The symptoms of motor nerve damage can vary considerably based on the severity of your condition, but some common symptoms include weakness in the affected limb, muscle atrophy, uncontrollable twitching, burning, numbness, tingling, and even paralysis.

    This pain is notoriously difficult to control, and it can lead to painful cramps and bone degeneration, as well as a loss of sleep and emotional distress.

    Obtain An Accurate Diagnosis And Plan For Pain Relief

    The Injury Care Center wants to help you feel better. Our diverse team has the education and experience to accurately diagnose your nerve pain issues. Once you receive a proper diagnosis, we will tailor a custom-made treatment plan to your individual needs and lifestyle.

    Did you know that most spine disorders can be treated without surgery? In fact, we have a team of conservative treatment experts ready to help you return to the things you love doing.

    Ready to take the next stepwithout pain? Contact one of our patient advocates today!

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    Why Is Foot Care So Important

    Peripheral neuropathy makes the foot incredibly vulnerable hence foot care and general skin care is very important.

    Because one of the signs of neuropathy is a loss of feeling, feet should be checked daily for cuts, sores, blisters, bruises and cracked or dry skin. If you notice anything unusual, get to your doctor as soon as possible.

    Heart Disease And Stroke

    Nerve Pain on your Nerves?

    Cardiovascular disease is the leading causing of death for people who have diabetes. Thats because high blood sugar can cause a gradual buildup of fatty deposits that clog and harden the walls of blood vessels. And when blood vessels are partially blocked or narrowed, it can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

    Not everyone faces the same risk. Youre more likely to have cardiovascular disease if youve been living with diabetes for more than 15 years. Same applies if youve already had diabetes complications affecting your eyes, kidneys or nerves, or if youve noticed problems with circulation, like chest pain when youre physically active, or leg pain when you spend time walking.

    Cardiovascular risk factors for people without diabetes also apply to you: If you smoke, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, or have close relatives who have had heart attacks or stroke, your odds are higher of developing the disease.

    Reduce your risk: If you smoke, quit. Increase your level of regular physical exercise. And stick to a well-balanced, heart-healthy diet.

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    Confirming If You Have A Neuropathy

    Some people may need to see a neurologist in hospital for further tests such as:

    • a nerve conduction test where small metal wires called electrodes are placed on your skin which release tiny electric shocks that stimulate your nerves the speed and strength of the nerve signal is measured
    • electromyography where a small needle is inserted through your skin into your muscle and used to measure the electrical activity of your muscles

    NCS and EMG are usually carried out at the same time.

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