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Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Nerve Pain

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Defining Adequate Of Vitamin D Levels

At present, assessment of serum 25D provides the best measure of vitamin D repletion in humans, reflecting exposure to dietary or endogenous sources of vitamin D as well as indicating other processes such as absorption and metabolism . One functional definition of the optimal vitamin D status is the 25D levels that maximally suppress PTH ; the reason for this is that the major stimulus for PTH secretion is a low level of serum calcium . It is generally agreed that the levels of PTH will start to rise significantly once the serum 25D levels drops below 75 nmol/L . Many vitamin D scientists advise that the minimum serum 25D levels should be 75 nmol/L . Most experts now define frank vitamin D deficiency as a serum 25D level of less than 50 nmol/L . Serum levels between 50 and 75 nmol/L are considered to represent vitamin D insufficiency .

Vitamin D And Vdr In Pain Signaling Pathways

There now exists several clinical studies and some animal studies, mostly in rodents , that show that vitamin D deficiency leads to a worsening of pain whereas appropriate vitamin D supplementation leads to better outcomes relating to pain. However, there are no definitive studies with knockout mice lacking VDR or one of the key vitamin D metabolizing enzymes that have been performed which directly links vitamin D/VDR to pain pathways. This is most likely as a result of these knockout mice being infertile .

Table 2. Selective examples of in vivo studies with Vitamin D receptor KO mice and those examining the effect of Vitamin D and/or VDR on pain using animal models.

Nonetheless, the hypothesis that vitamin D perhaps influences pain-signaling pathways is biologically plausible because vitamin D and/or vitamin D receptor gene expression has been shown in relevant tissues such as skin , DRG neurons , spinal cord , and brain .

It Can Relieve Neuropathic Pain

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to chronic pain. It influences pain manifestation at various levels- anatomical, hormonal, neurological and immunological.

Calcitriol is the active metabolite of the sunshine vitamin that is involved in multiple biological processes. It can regulate inflammation and activate the immune system.

Since it is a neuroactive steroid, it can regulate neurons and their ability to produce as well as to sense neurotransmitter levels. Abnormal sensitivity or abnormal neurotransmitter levels can contribute to pain.

It also influences synthesis of neurotrophins that are proteins required for survival and maintenance of nerve cells and are also involved in pain transmission.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a condition that involves neuropathic pain in the hand due to nerve compression. The sunshine vitamin deficiency is found to be associated with neuropathic pain intensity in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Not only in case of nerve pain but also in other chronic pain-like conditions and rheumatic conditions, vitamin D deficiency contributes to increase in pain.

Dr Lee and Dr Chen explored the role of vitamin D as an analgesic or painkiller in diabetic neuropathy.

51 patients with type 2 diabetes and neuropathic pain were enrolled in the study. The pain was described as burning pain, tingling and throbbing sensations and reduce the sensation of touch was observed.

Vitamin D Is Probably Only One Of Many Common Factors In Pain

Nothings ever simple and chronic pain least of all: its usually caused by a sinister stew of factors that eat away at people for many years. Trying to solve the problem by fixing one thing if indeed vitamin D is even a problem may be about as feasible as trying to fix a broken engine with just one tool. Vitamin D deficiency may contribute to a chronic pain disaster over time, but by the time youre actually in trouble the problem may be much more complicated than just vitamin D deficiency.

Thats a bleak warning not to put too much hope into vitamin D. But there are still reasons for optimism!

What Happens When Vitamin D Is Too Low

Can Vitamin D cause Back pain

In infants and young children, severe vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets. Rickets is a condition in which the growth plates develop abnormally. This can lead to bowing of the legs.

Children with rickets can also have the following symptoms:

  • Swollen and painful wrists and ribs
  • Prominent forehead

If the vitamin D level is very low, bones can develop osteomalacia , which can be painful and make the bones more likely to fracture .

Finally, if vitamin D is too low, the body may have low calcium levels in the blood. This can cause feelings of pins and needles, muscle cramps, and even seizures.

Rev. 3/2020. MassGeneral Hospital for Children and Massachusetts General Hospital do not endorse any of the brands listed on this handout. This handout is intended to provide health information so that you can be better informed. It is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be used to treatment of any medical conditions.

What Vitamin D Dosage Is Best

Vitamin D is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin.

Thats because your skin makes vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight .

Getting enough vitamin D is important for optimal health. It helps maintain strong and healthy bones, aids your immune system and may help protect against many harmful conditions .

Despite its importance, roughly 42% of people in the US have a vitamin D deficiency. This number rises to a staggering 82.1% of black people and 69.2% of Hispanic people .

There are several other groups of people that have higher vitamin D needs because of their age, where they live and certain medical conditions.

This article will help you discover how much vitamin D you need daily.

Why Vitamin D Is Critical For Nerve Pain

  • Dr. Don Kennedy

As the days get shorter and the colder temperatures keep us inside we face a higher risk of not getting enough of vitamin D. Known as the sunshine vitamin, the best way to get vitamin D is through direct exposure of the skin to the sun.

Unless youre lucky enough to live somewhere with mild winters, the winter months arent very conducive to stepping outside for a bit of sun. This is where vitamin D supplementation can fill the gap.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vitamin D deficiency affects roughly 32% of the population. Some experts suspect that the number may be closer to 50%. Symptoms of deficiency include depression, aching bones & joints, muscle weakness, excessive sweating and more.

The most common cause of neuropathy today is diabetes. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased risk of diabetes as well as diabetic complications, such as neuropathy. For patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy, getting adequate amounts of vitamin D can help in the prevention and treatment of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

In addition to helping in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, vitamin D offers other important benefits to our nerves. In order for the nervous system to function properly, it requires calcium levels to be maintained within a very narrow range. Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining these levels and allowing the body to utilize the calcium effectively.

Nutrient Deficiencies That Cause Neuropathy

When we talk about eating too much sugar, the conversation usually revolves around excessive energy intake, empty calories, blood glucose and insulin spikes, or increased risk of chronic diseases . But, theres actually another huge problem that gets less airtime in the sugar discussion: micronutrient deficiencies!

Dosage Of Vitamin D For Peripheral Neuropathy

The dose of vitamin D for peripheral neuropathy will depend on your serum vitamin D or calcidiol levels. A dose of 50000 IU cholecalciferol once weekly is proven to reduce diabetic neuropathy symptoms in 8 weeks.

A dose of 1000-2000 IU per day works for most individuals but in case of severe deficiency, your health practitioner may suggest higher weekly dosages.The dose could differ based on your serum calcifediol/ calcidiol or serum vitamin D levels.

Opt for vitamin D3 and D2 supplements.

Sun exposure is a simple way of getting necessary vitamin D, but the high incidence of skin cancer and rising global warming makes it difficult to give specific advice on the duration of sun exposure.

For example, an individual residing in Northern Australia can produce 1000 IU vitamin D in 6-7 minutes and 9-12 minutes , if exposed to the sun between 10, am to 2 pm. But if that individual is in Tasmania, he may need 7-9 minutes and 40-47 minutes for equivalent levels.

Please consider working with a health practitioner to identify the dose that would suit your health.

Maintain Regular Doctors Visits

If your pain at night or on certain days gets worse no matter what you do, you might feel hopeless and helpless.

But sometimes all of the home remedies and coping mechanisms arent enough.

Thats when you need to see your doctor and maintain regular visits.

Keeping your treatments current is the best way to combat your neuropathy.

Vitamin Ds Function In Gene Expression

Gene expression is the process by which the information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. At a cellular level Vitamin D3 is at work to stabilize a healthy endocrine system. The term endocrine relates to hormones, which are essential chemical messengers throughout the body that aid in many bodily functions. Recent research labels Vitamin D3 as a steroid-based hormone, or pre-hormone, and not an actual vitamin.” Natural body steroids help to process hormone functions which allow the body to communicate properly. Vitamin D is related to gene expression because it is considered a hormone precursor, which helps many chemical body reactions to occur. For example recent studies suggest that Vitamin D3 influences 10% of gene expression. Scientists have mapped the points at which vitamin D interacts with our DNA, and it is currently shown to influence over 200 genes.

Reasons Why Neuropathy Is Worse On Some Days

Even though its treatable, nerve damage or neuropathy can cause extreme pain and add complications to your life.

If you suffer from neuropathy, you will likely have to monitor your diet and exercise.

Some people even find that their neuropathys pain is worse on certain days or even at night.

If this sounds familiar, youre not alone.

In the article below, we will talk about why neuropathy is worse on some days or at specific times.

Before neuropathy symptoms progress, learn about theneuropathy treatment at Ethos Health Group.

Vitamin D And Your Health

Pin on Neuropathy Foot Pain

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin for good reason. Not only does your body make vitamin D when your skin is exposed to the sun, but we also know vitamin D can ward off many health problems.

Vitamin D is a naturally occurring compound that regulates the bodys use of calcium and phosphorus. Its crucial for the formation of bone and teeth.

Because vitamin D is so important to bone growth, some researchers have wondered if supplements can help joint pain.

One study found that patients living with chronic pain who were deficient in vitamin D were the most likely to benefit from taking vitamin D supplements. However, more information is needed to determine whether vitamin D supplements can help everyone living with chronic pain.

Another study predicted that adults with a vitamin D deficiency who are older than 50 are more likely to develop pain in their hip and knee joints. The study also noted that the pain is more likely to get worse if the deficiency isnt treated.

A looked at vitamin D levels in people who have rheumatoid arthritis , an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its joints. The study found that most of the participants had low vitamin D levels.

The researchers concluded that the low vitamin D levels were a complication of RA. Other have concluded that people with RA have low vitamin D levels from their corticosteroid medications.

However, a

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Function In The Central Nervous System

The presence of vitamin D, its activating enzyme, and VDR in the brain leads researchers to question what role vitamin D plays in the brain. Research suggests that vitamin D may function as a modulator in brain development and as a neuroprotectant. In recent studies, vitamin D has exhibited an association with the regulation of nerve growth factor synthesis. NGF is responsible for the growth and survival of neurons.This relationship has also been studied in embryonic and neonatal rats. Developmental vitamin D deficient rats have decreased levels of neurotrophic factors, increased mitosis, and decreased apoptosis. These findings suggest that vitamin D potentially affects the development of neurons as well as their maintenance and survival. Current research is underway investigating whether vitamin D is a factor contributing to normal brain functioning.

Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Killing Your Nerves

  • Dr. Don Kennedy

If someone had walked up to me ten years ago and asked me what I was doing to maintain the health of my nerves I would have given them a blank stare. Sadly, for most people my old self included nerve health is an afterthought . Few understand the threats to their nerve health or the steps that can be taken to protect them.

Among the various threats to the health of our nerves are nutritional deficiencies. Though we tend to associate vitamin or nutrient deficiencies with underdeveloped countries the reality is that they affect developed countries and populations as well. The advent of processed foods and ready-made meals with low nutritional values has led to quite staggering numbers of nutritional deficiencies, even in countries like the United States.

A few common deficiencies that can have an adverse effect on your nerves include magnesium deficiency as well as a deficiency of vitamins B2, B12, and D among others. Lets take a closer look at these four deficiencies and how they affect your nerves:

Proper Vitamin D Levels And Chiropractic Care

As chiropractors, we often treat patients with problems such as chronic lower back pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis , and stenosis. As you can see from reading this article, low levels of Vitamin D can play a role in making each one of these problems worse. As chiropractors, we will focus our efforts on finding and correcting the underlying source of your problem. While chiropractic adjustments can correct subluxations , eliminate or mitigate pain, and restore normal nerve function, low levels of Vitamin D will continue to negatively effect your health.

If you are experiencing any of the problems or symptoms we have mentioned in this article, and are wondering if low levels of Vitamin D may be contributing to your health issues, contact the doctors at Kempsville Chiropractic, 757.467.5258, for a consultation. Please recommend this article to help make others aware of the health benefits of Vitamin D.

Assessment Of Neuropathy Status

Neuropathy status was determined using the well-validated PainDETECT questionnaire that uses a scale from 0 to 38 to define neuropathy. Participants with a neuropathy score from 0 to 12 were considered as nociceptive , participants with a neuropathy score from 13 to 18 were considered as having unclear neuropathy status and participants with a neuropathy score from 19 to 38 were considered as having neuropathic pain.

What Is The Best Way To Get Vitamin D3

The best, and most natural way to get Vitamin D into your body is from sunlight. Our bodies are actually designed to get all the Vitamin D we need from exposure to the sun. When the UVB rays from the sun interact with the natural oils of our skin, the chemical reaction releases the active form of Vitamin D3. This chemical reaction in the cells of the skin can take up to 48 hours to be fully absorbed into the blood stream.

Synthesis Absorption And Metabolism Of Vitamin D

Chemically, vitamin D is a fat-soluble secosteroid . The most common forms are vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 , which are collectively known as calciferol. Although it is called a vitamin, vitamin D is really a hormone. It can be produced endogenously by humans in the skin from a precursor 7-dehydrocholesterol which is converted to vitamin D3 after exposure to ultraviolet B. Vitamin D can also be obtained from a limited number of dietary sources; vitamin D2 from plant origins and vitamin D3 from animal origins. However, few foods have naturally occurring substantial vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 levels to make this a significant source of vitamin D in humans.

Vitamin D from the skin and diet is hydroxylated in the liver by one of several cytochrome P450 enzymes to the prehormone 25-hydroxy vitamin D that is encoded by the gene CYP27A1 . Most circulating 25D and the active form of vitamin D, namely 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D , are transported in the blood bound to vitamin D-binding protein and to albumin ; only a small fraction remains free or unbound .

Agreement On The Benefits Of Vitamin D Replacement Therapy

While the research on DPN and vitamin D continues, investigators do agree that vitamin D replacement therapy in addition to glucose-lowering diabetes treatment could address any deficiencies that may be causing neuropathic pain symptoms and balance impairment associated with DPN.

Dr. Yammine concluded that vitamin D supplementation could further add value to the treatment of painful peripheral diabetic neuropathy. Although there is a general level of caution about supplementation among investigators and clinicians, Dr. Yammine believes it is due to a lack of knowledge, rather than resistance. I have never seen a case of vitamin D toxicity. When searching in the literature, toxicity is extremely rare, he added.

Spotlight On Aging: Vitamin D Deficiency

10 Things That Are Making Your Neuropathy Worse

Older people are more likely to develop vitamin D deficiency for several reasons:

  • Their requirements are higher than those of younger people.

  • They tend to spend less time outdoors and thus are not exposed to enough sunlight.

  • They may not be exposed to enough sunlight because they are housebound, live in long-term care facilities, or need to stay in the hospital for a long time.

  • When exposed to sunlight, their skin does not form as much vitamin D.

  • They may consume so little vitamin D in their diet that even taking vitamin D supplements in low doses does not prevent the deficiency.

  • They may have disorders or take drugs that interfere with the processing of vitamin D.

Older people should take 20 micrograms of vitamin D each day to keep their bones healthy.

Vitamin D has not been shown to prevent cancer or other disorders or to prevent falls in older people. Research to look for other benefits of vitamin D is ongoing.

Older people who take high doses of vitamin D supplements need to have periodic blood tests to check their levels of calcium, vitamin D, and parathyroid hormone.

Important Vitamins To Take For Shoulder And Neck Pain

Shoulder and neck pain are some of the most common health concerns these days. With the increasing use of computer and other gadgets, many people experience it regularly. There can be various reasons for shoulder and neck pain. Identifying the severity and pain level, your treatment options may vary. Know some of the important nutrients and vitamins to take for shoulder and neck pain.

Concluding Remarks And Perspectives

One in 5 of the adult population in the US is reported to suffer from chronic pain and 20% of these patients do not gain significant pain relief from currently available analgesic therapies. Vitamin D is speculated to provide clinical benefit in patients with chronic pain and several observational studies exist that have shown pain relief with vitamin D supplements . However, systematic reviews do not conclusively show patients benefit from vitamin D use in chronic pain . There are multiple reasons for this discrepancy between the different clinical trials on vitamin D in pain which are discussed in more detail elsewhere .

Vitamin D And Muscle Pain

A lack of vitamin D may cause muscle pain, including in the legs. Too little of this “sunshine” vitamin is associated with restless legs syndrome, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published in April 2018. Your body produces vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight; you can also get it from foods such as fortified milk and egg yolks. People who live in northern climates or don’t spend a lot of time outside can easily become deficient in vitamin D.

Leg pain in children due to growing pains may also be aggravated if they have insufficient levels of vitamin D. Medical Principles and Practice published a study in June 2015 that found in the case of 120 children, correcting the vitamin D insufficiency reduced the intensity of growing pains in the children’s legs.

Hidden Secrets Of Vitamin D

It is estimated that one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency. While this deficiency is mainly thought to be due to insufficient sun exposure, in some cases it is linked to a poor diet. There is a growing body of evidence relating to the importance of vitamin D. As well as being a well-known risk factor for rickets, vitamin D deficiency also increases an individual’s susceptibility to autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis , type 1 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as certain cancers, and even dementia.

Medication Timing And Dosage

Sometimes at night the medications that have kept your pain in check during the day can wear off.

Or your nighttime biochemistry and symptoms may need different dosages or medicines.

This is particularly true for many short-acting medications for neuropathic pain.

Even though your medication is working the way it should during the day, it will eventually wear off.

This often happens in the evening or right before bed.

Signs And Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

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Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has powerful effects on several systems throughout your body .

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions like a hormone. Every single cell in your body has a receptor for it.

Your body makes it from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

Its also found in certain foods such as fatty fish and fortified dairy products, though its very difficult to get enough from diet alone.

For most adults, the Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin D is around 600800 IU, but many experts recommend getting even more than that.

Vitamin D deficiency is very common. Its estimated that about 1 billion people worldwide have low blood levels of the vitamin .

According to one review, 41.6% of adults in the United States are deficient. This number goes up to 69.2% in Hispanic adults and 82.1% in African American adults (

Here are some of the most common risk factors for vitamin D deficiency:

People who live near the equator and get frequent sun exposure are less likely to be deficient, as their skin produces enough vitamin D to satisfy their bodies needs.

Most people do not realize that theyre deficient, as symptoms are generally subtle. You may not recognize them easily, even if theyre having a significant impact on your quality of life.



Iron Deficiency And Leg Pain

The discomfort and pain associated with restless legs syndrome is traceable to low iron levels in the brain, stated a paper in Movement Disorders in September 2014. This is especially true for women who experience restless legs syndrome pain during pregnancy.

A study published in Sleep Medicine in May 2015 detected iron deficiency in pregnant women who had restless legs syndrome and concluded that iron level imbalances play a role in the presence of the leg condition.

Taking iron supplements, as directed by a doctor, may improve restless legs syndrome pain. A review published in a January 2019 issue of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews showed that iron therapy probably improves the symptoms of restless legs syndrome. Consult your doctor to find out the right dosage for you so you get enough for effective treatment but don’t get the side effects of taking too much.

Read more: Causes of Restless Legs After Exercise

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