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Can Sleeping On Shoulder Cause Pain

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Why Shoulder Pain Is Extra Trouble For Side Sleepers

Side Sleeping WRONG Can Cause Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, or Knee Pain GIVEAWAY!

If shoulder pain is keeping you from sleeping on your side, welcome to the club.

Im a side sleeper too and when I started having shoulder issues it quickly wrecked my nights before I figured out what to do.

Things are more manageable these days but it was a rough ride along the way.

Did you know 20% of the worlds population deal with chronic pain every day and many struggle with insomnia?

And that sleeping on your side is the most common position?

With numbers like that, you can see that youre likely not the only whose shoulder pain is keeping them up at night.

Nighttime pain can make it harder to fall asleep and to stay asleep.; It can also keep you out of the deep restorative REM sleep that sleep experts say you need to wake up feeling refreshed.

So, any pain is an issue for sleep, but shoulder pain is extra trouble for the millions of people who have to sleep on their side.

For some, sleeping on their side is the only way to keep their snoring from waking up themselves and a bedmate.

Its also the preferred sleep position for many sleep apnea patients as it helps keep their symptoms under control.;

Is this your situation?

Maybe youve tried to sleep on your back but you still end up your side

Regardless, were going to talk about what you can do to get out of the shoulder pain club so that you get the sleep you desperately need.

Possible Causes Of Shoulder Pain When Sleeping

Do you feel shoulder pain when sleeping? Here, you will get all the possible causes and solutions of different types of shoulder pain and ache, how to sleep comfortably with shoulder pain, shoulder pain exercises, relieve rotator cuff pain, upper arm pain, sleeping position for shoulder impingement, shoulder blade pain, deltoid muscle pain, shoulder hurts after sleeping, shoulder pain at night, sleeping on side shoulder pain, etc.

If you are like most people, you must have been bothered by pain in your shoulders at least once as you are trying to fall asleep or during the sleeping process.

If you are wondering what causes it, you came to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you about possible reasons causing the pain in your shoulders and how to overcome this problem.

An Ice Compression Sleeve:

An ice compression wrap:;These ice sleeves seem to be useful at minimizing your pain at night and allowing you to fall asleep.; Many patients have commented over the years that these sleeves have been helpful.; Again, heating pads are useful, as well.; Some people prefer ice, and some prefer heat.; There is little chance of harm, so try both until you find what works best for you.; These ice compression sleeves are also useful and improve your pain following a rotator cuff overuse injury, or surgery.;

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Can Your Sleeping Position Cause Shoulder Pain

Certain positions, such as sleeping on your side, can put additional stress on your shoulder. This is because when you sleep on your side, your shoulder ends up bearing a lot of the weight of your torso.

One small study in people seeking care for shoulder pain evaluated the link between sleeping position and shoulder pain. It found that 67 percent of the study participants slept on the same side that they were experiencing shoulder pain.

While your sleeping position can contribute to shoulder pain, its not the only culprit. Several other conditions, like those below, can also cause pain when youre trying to sleep. With each of these conditions, sleeping on the affected shoulder can exacerbate the pain.

Take The Sting Out Of Your Sleep Position

Three Poor Posture Habits That Create Shoulder Pain and ...

The good news is that its relatively easy to prevent tendonitis from side-sleeping or to ease existing symptoms. In fact, it may be as simple as switching up your sleep position, such as alternating the side you sleep on throughout the night or sleeping on your back if you dont need to worry about snoring or breathing problems.

Another solution is to prop up your pillow higher to reduce the pressure on your shoulder. Also, you should avoid sleeping sideways with your arm in an upward position, such as wrapping the pillow around your head and securing it in place with your arm. This places stress on the downward-facing shoulder and compresses the nerves that pass into your arm. Besides aggravating their shoulders, people who sleep this way often wake up with numbness in their arms and hands.

Pillows provide needed support in other ways, as well. A second pillow may ease shoulder, neck, and upper back pain by keeping your head from tilting too far back. Meanwhile, embracing a pillow against your chest while you sleep almost as if youre spooning it provides support for your upper arm and prevents your shoulder from rolling forward.

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Best Sleeping Position For Shoulder Pain

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Sleeping and waking up with shoulder, neck, or back pain can be far from pleasant. If not dealt with properly, shoulder pain can become a challenge to deal with, particularly if your daily activities or job require physical strain and your full-body mobility.

Shoulder pain can be caused by a physical strain, wrong sleeping position, or it can be a symptom of an underlying condition. It can be bursitis, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, arthritis, bursitis, or even frozen shoulder. Whichever it is, the best sleeping position can help with shoulder pain.

Here, I will be giving you a list of the top best sleeping positions for shoulder pain. Hopefully, there will be one that fits your sleeping preferences.

  • c. Invest in an Ergonomic Pillow
  • Can Side Sleeping Help Clear Toxins From Your Body

    When youre asleep, your brain does much more than just conjure up that recurring dream of you parachuting nude into the Super Bowl stadiumit also flushes out toxins that can lead to cognitive decline. Researchers studying the glymphatic system the system that clears wastes and harmful chemicals from the brain found that side sleepers were about 25% better at clearing brain toxins than back or stomach sleepers. Those nasty brain toxins and plaques include proteins and chemicals that can lead to Alzheimers disease.

    Side sleeping is a popular position of repose that benefits many people, especially those with obstructive sleep apnea, neck pain, or those sleeping for two. All can feel the sleep benefits of side slumber if you make sure your spine gets the gentle care and good lovin it deserves. Its kind of a big deal.

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    What Is The Best Way To Sleep If Your Shoulder Hurts

    If youre experiencing pain when you sleep on your shoulder, some of these tips may help make sleeping more comfortable:

    • Avoid sleeping on the affected shoulder. Adjusting your sleeping position to the opposite side or to your back or stomach may help take pressure off an aching shoulder.
    • Utilize a pillow. Most of us change positions in our sleep. If youre concerned about rolling onto your sore shoulder, try placing a pillow in a way that will prevent you from doing so.
    • Stay active. Regular exercise can boost your blood flow and circulation. This, in turn, may help the muscles and tendons in your shoulder to heal faster if you have an injury. Additionally, performing gentle shoulder stretches or exercises may help reduce shoulder pain.
    • Know your limits. Avoid activities during the day that could lead to further irritation of your shoulder.
    • Use OTC pain relievers. Try taking an OTC pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, shortly before bed.
    • Practice good sleep habits. Keep a regular sleep schedule. Turn off any TVs, computers, phones, or other screens shortly before bed. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol in the evening.

    Does The Way You Sleep Affect Your Shoulder

    5 Sleep Positions You Should Avoid. Can Cause Neck, Shoulder, or Hip Pain

    When people think of a shoulder injury, especially a rotator cuff tear or tendinitis, they think of athletes or people with heavy manual labor jobs. While shoulder injuries can happen from sudden trauma or high impact activities, sometimes shoulder injuries are caused by gradual wear and tear or even the positioning of your shoulder. This is the case with your sleep position.

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    How To Sleep Comfortably With Shoulder Pain

    Falling asleep with debilitating shoulder pain can be extremely difficult especially as a side or stomach sleeper. The intensity of the pain can be so high that tossing and turning all night becomes inevitable even when youre desperate to sleep.

    This pain can arise from playing a physical sport such as golf or tennis as well as lying down at an awkward angle while sleeping. In some situations, old age can also cause regular shoulder pain.

    New Mattresses Have An Adjustment Period

    There is a transition period when you go from an old unsupportive mattress to a new supportive one, says Wisconsin-based chiropractor;Thomas Tozer.

    If you were previously sleeping on a less-than-terrific mattress for years and years, your body likely got used to it, even though it wasnt all that great for your back. When you move to a more supportive mattress, it may not feel quite as comfortable at the start, even though its much better for your back.

    Think about how it feels to sit up straight after being hunched over for a long timethats similar to what happens when you switch from a saggy mattress to one that can keep your spine in a neutral, properly aligned position.

    Here, one Saatva customer explains how it took three weeks to get used to their new mattress:

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    How To Sleep On Your Side Without Hurting Your Shoulder

    Sometimes you just have to sleep on your side, but you surely do not want to hurt your shoulder. You should, however, know that medical experts advise against sleeping on the left side. Sleeping on the left is associated with acid reflux due to the natural orientation of the human stomach.

    An optimal mattress can help you sleep better. The best type is memory foam. The memory foam relieves pressure off your shoulder and hip regions, reducing the chances of hurting your shoulder.

    A memory foam mattress does not guarantee your shoulder wonât hurt. Try reinforcing it with a good pillow. The pillow should support the head sufficiently without lifting it too much. You could also try a memory foam pillow.

    What Is The Best Pillow Positioning For Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder Pain At Night: Effective Ways To Find Relief (2019)

    If you experience chronic shoulder pain, its entirely possible that no sleep position will feel totally comfortable. However, certain angles and pillow configurations may reduce some types of shoulder pain better than others, depending on specific condition and symptoms. Four useful pillow positioning arrangements are outlined below:

    Side with Pillow in Armpit: A good rule of thumb for side sleepers with pain in one shoulder is to avoid lying on the affected side. With the sore shoulder upright, place one pillow under that shoulders armpit, another between the legs, and cuddle with a third pressed against your stomach. With a fourth pillow beneath your head, this configuration should promote even spinal alignment and help alleviate your shoulder pain.

    Back with Pillow in Armpit: Since back sleeping promotes even spinal alignment without putting added pressure on either shoulder, this is often the best position for people with shoulder pain. If you notice soreness or stiffness in one or both shoulders, try placing a pillow in the armpit beneath the shoulder.

    Side with Pillow Between Knees: Often the chosen pillow position for pregnant women, a pillow between the knees can improve spinal alignment for side sleepers by reducing pressure in the lower back and hips.

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    Put A Pillow Between Your Knees

    One of the easiest ways to relieve pressure points as a side sleeper is to stick a pillow between your knees.

    Pain in the legs and back is common among side sleepers because of a lack of support. When you sleep on your side, the lower half of your body is supporting the weight of your opposite side. When it comes to your hips and legs, your body takes on a buckled-leg stance all night which is bad for your joints.

    Putting a pillow between your knees straightens your hips into healthy spinal alignment, reducing pressure on your back and throughout your body. Something as easy as straddling a pillow can offer near-instant pressure relief to help you get a great nights sleep.

    Shoulder Pain From Sleeping: Causes Solutions And More

    Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer Health

    Shoulder pain when you are sleeping or that wakes you up at night can leave you feeling tired and frustrated in the morning. Shoulder pain from sleeping is often due to your sleeping position. If you have damaged tendons in your shoulder, sleeping on your side could cause intense night pain and discomfort. Arthritis can also result in stiffness and shoulder pain after sleeping. Other causes of waking up with shoulder pain include rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder as well as pregnancy.

    Pain in your shoulder can often feel worse during night-time. Although your body is resting, pressure on the shoulder while sleeping can aggravate inflammation in the shoulder joint. Also, burning nerve pain in your shoulder can feel worse if your mattress or pillow doesnt support your body properly.

    In this article, I will examine the many causes of shoulder pain from sleeping. If night pain in your upper back disrupts your sleep, you will also find helpful solutions to shoulder pain. At the end of the article, I will discuss the best sleeping position for shoulder pain.

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    Sleeping On Your Back With Shoulder Support

    If you face rotator cuff painor shoulder pain, in generaltry sleeping on your back with a small pillow nested between your shoulder blades. Often, morning shoulder pain is caused by your bodys flatness during nighttime hours. You may still experience pain from resting on your back alone, so dont forget to enforce your shoulders natural bends by keeping the area between them raised.

    Upper Back Pain Causes

    Fix Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side Shown By Newton Andover Chiropractor

    There are plenty of reasons why your upper back may be bothering you, and not all of them are obvious. Taking a hit or clumsily backing into something can bruise you, but sometimes the body gives us aches and pains that are a little bit harder to explain, especially when its hard to see the area in question.;

    Interscapular pain, or pain originating from between the shoulder blades, usually comes from a muscle strain of some kind. However, if the pain is acute and excruciating, you should never hesitate to go to urgent/emergency care or call your doctor about it.;

    If the pain is less intense, or comes and goes depending on the day, we have good news you may be able to ease those aches with simple fixes from fixing your posture to just getting better sleep.;

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    How To Deal With The Stress Dilemma

    There are plenty of ways to mitigate stress, even when you cant change the external factors that might have led to the stress in the first place.;

    Some people find that exercising can help strengthen shoulder and back muscles to better carry the stress.;

    Others find that stretching improves circulation and can relieve pain.;

    Meditation or taking me-time can also help relieve stress by temporarily isolating you from the pressures from the world that are imparting the stress.

    In addition to these methods, acupuncture is approved to help both pain relief in any area of the body as well as to help balance hormones, improve emotional regulation, and boost your overall mood .

    Sleeping With A Towel Beneath Your Neck

    If you face morning neck pain, you should consider giving your head a little more support. Neck pain, primarily, is caused by the craniums weight during nighttime hours. By rolling up a small hand towel beneath your neck, however, you can additionally support your head and prevent hourly stress. Neck pillows, too, are a good choice if youre sleeping on your back. If, however, youre still experiencing pain, you should alter the pillow beneath your heador remove it.

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    Causes Of Shoulder Pain When Night

    Although many shoulder disorders can cause pain, the most common cause of shoulder pain at night comes from rotator cuff tendinitis. It usually is caused by irritation of the shoulder tendons leading to inflammation and pain. This condition can be caused by many things, including:

    • Tears
    • Repetitive work injuries
    • Aging

    Rotator cuff tendinitis is known to affect millions of people in the U.S. each year and is a major cause of;shoulder pain when sleeping.

    Some of the other causes of shoulder pain at night are:

    • Frozen shoulder
    • Shoulder dislocation

    Why exactly does the pain increase at night even though it might be fine during the day?

    What Is The Best At

    How to Sleep on Your Side Without Hurting Your Shoulder ...

    When you have mild shoulder or neck pain, at-home solutions can often solve the problem. You can do simple stretches to keep your muscles flexible. Try squeezing your shoulder blades, rolling your shoulders down and backward or bringing your ear to your shoulder 10 times. Applying heat or ice reduces inflammation and relaxes the muscles. Over-the-counter painkillers can also help.

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