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Can Sciatic Nerve Cause Chest Pain

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Can Sciatica Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain

Spinal Disc Herniation & Sciatica : How to Ease the Pain of a Pinched Sciatic Nerve

Dr. Brian Floyd, a chiropractor in North Vancouver, notes that sciatic pain is not localized it starts in the lower back and shoots down to the buttocks and farther to the large sciatic nerve found in the back of the leg. This condition, especially when accompanied by bad posture and a reckless lifestyle, can impact the neck and the shoulder, resulting in a wider scope of pain and discomfort.

Alternately, a pinched nerve in the neck area can also be the reason behind sciatic pain. Although the pain can be felt mainly in the lower back, the root can be traced all the way up to the base of the skull, where there could be misalignment. In either case, professional help is advised, as this could lead to more serious and debilitating problems.

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In This Video Dmx Displays Prolotherapy Results As Before And After Treatments That Resolved Problems Of A Pinched Nerve In The Cervical Spine

  • In this video, we are using a Digital Motion X-Ray to illustrate a complete resolution of a pinched nerve in the neck and accompanying symptoms of cervical radiculopathy.
  • A before digital motion x-ray at 0:11
  • At 0:18 the DMX reveals completely closed neural foramina and a partially closed neural foramina
  • At 0:34 DMX three months later after this patient had received two Prolotherapy treatments
  • At 0:46 the previously completely closed neural foramina are now opening more, releasing pressure on the nerve
  • At 1:00 another DMX two months later and after this patient had received four Prolotherapy treatments
  • At 1:14 the previously completely closed neural foramina are now opening normally during motion

Posture Correctors And Back Supports For Sciatica Pain

Research suggests that an incorrect posture can lead to a lot of back problems, including sciatica. Sciatica occurs when anything is impinging the sciatic nerve, and if you have poor posture, the misalignment of the bones or muscles can put up pressure on the sciatic nerves.

If you have poor posture, you can use posture correctors, and lumbar back supports such as pictured below to prevent further misalignment of the spine or muscles from creating a much better pathway for your sciatic nerve.

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Corpectomy And Strut Graft

Perhaps a more popular procedure for removing the pressure on the spinal cordcausing spinal stenosis and cervical myelopathy is to remove the front of thespinal canal. This means that the large part of several of the vertebrae mustbe removed – the vertebral bodies and the discs between. This procedure is called a corpectomy. “Corpus” means body and “ectomy” means remove. Oncethe vertebral bodies have been removed, the space must be filled with something.Again, just as in the anterior cervical fusion, this space is usually filledwith a bone graft. Some type of internal fixation is usually required to holdthe vertebrae and the bone graft in place. You will probably also need to beplaced in a halo jacket to hold your head perfectly still while the healingoccurs and the vertebrae fuse. This is a very uncommon procedure.

How To Sleep With Sciatica Nerve Pain

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Sleeping with Sciatica can be painful and disruptive. To have a sound and pain-free sleep, you can try different sleep techniques such as:

Sleep On Your Side – When you sleep on your side you remove the pressure from the pinched nerve and that decreases pain.

With A Pillow Between Your Legs – You can sleep on your side and place a pillow between your legs so that they don’t rotate during the night.

Fetal Position – The fetal position allows your spine to open up and if you have Sciatica pain due to a herniated disc, this sleeping position can help you ease it.

With A Pillow Under Your Knees – Sleep straight on your back and place a pillow under your knees. This will help you position your spine in the best position to distribute your weight evenly.

Pillow Under Your Lower Back – If you keep your pillow under your lower back that will help keep your spine in the neutral position and that will reduce the gap in-between your back and mattress.

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Can You Get Sciatica In Your Arms

Dr. Sanjay KumarSciaticanervepainDr. Rhett Griggssciaticanerveneurologist Dr. Mark Westonpainradiculopathysiaticanervethumb painDr. Craig MortonSciaticairritatednerveradiculopathyDr. Qamar Khannervepainsurgeriessciatica

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Heart Rate Variability Monitoring For Chronic Health Conditions And Cervical Instability Cases

Ross Hauser, MD explains how monitoring HRV can be a helpful way to see how a persons vagal tone and overall health are improving or declining. This is an objective test we have some patients monitor at home and we have a more comprehensive version that we can do in-office.

The summary transcript is below video:

Video summary:

Heart rate variability or HRV measures the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. It measures if the balance between the sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic system is good or if this balance is off. When it is good the body is in a good position to heal and regenerate.

We do heart rate variability testing in the office and this testing gives us a sense of how balanced someones autonomic nervous system is. When somebody has a high vagal tone meaning their vagus nerves, which are the nerves in the body that give the body health, when the HRV is high, the person has better athletic ability they also have a greater resistance to stress.

When people have a low vagal tone they cant handle stress, theyre much more prone to getting illnesses, they tend to have depression or they might have other signs like brain fog or melancholy and other psychological conditions. They are easily fatigued.

Diseases associated with low heart rate variability


  • multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Chronic Lyme Disease symptoms

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Sciatica Symptoms That Require Immediate Medical Attention

While your sciatica pain can be severe and cause your leg to feel weak, the symptoms typically do not produce any long-term complications.1 Rarely, if the underlying cause of your sciatica becomes severe, it may produce troubling symptoms when your spinal nerve roots and/or spinal cord get compressed, sometimes triggering a medical emergency.

The symptoms of sciatica radiate from the lower back to the buttock, thigh, and leg. Common symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling, and/or weakness. Watch:Sciatica Causes and Symptoms Video

Below are the descriptions of two serious sciatica symptoms that must be urgently evaluated and treated:

What Causes Sciatica To Flare Up

How to Relieve Pain From a Sciatic Nerve

What triggers sciatica? Sciatica triggers can be different for each person. Some people also find that they have multiple causes of flare-ups.

Knowing what triggers sciatic nerve pain is crucial because it will help a lot in preventing and managing them. For that reason, you should be aware of any triggers that you may have.

If you can identify what causes sciatica to flare up, youll know what you can do to avoid them.

Here are the ten triggers that may be causing your sciatica to flare up that you need to watch out for:

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Your Mysterious Symptoms And Cervical Spine Problems

Heart Rate Variability has become a new and popular subject for longevity experts and advanced sports science. Simply if your heart is always racing, doesnt rest, if it does not have slow beats with consistent heart rate variable, you are at higher risk for disease and premature death from cardiovascular events. This is not the subject of this article. This article deals with your mysterious symptoms, like those explained above. Dizziness, balance issues, panic attacks, loss of consciousness, possible problems with digestion, breathing, headaches, and other possible problems caused by cervical spine instability pressing on the vagus and cervical nerves.

The stories of racing hearts

I had bulging discs up and down my neck. But it is not significant enough to operate on. For now, I would just have to manage along with my neck pain, shoulder pain, and if my heart raced, I should find a quiet place to rest and avoid caffeine and sugary food.

I have been having neck and shoulder pain going on for one year now. I am young, 25, athletic, do a lot of working out in the gym. I woke up one morning, my arm left arm was numb and I had significant shoulder pain. I thought I slept on it wrong, but the numbness persisted, the pain came and went. After a few weeks, I went to the doctor, had an MRI. The doctor said, nothing wrong here, and that I should come back if things did not get better on their own.

Referred Pain In The Chest

Referred pain is an important feature of nerve pain. In these instances the pain is not due to injury or damage of the nerve itself. While the pathology may be at one site, the pain may be experienced elsewhere and prove confusing to both the patient and the doctor. A typical example is in left arm pain with no other symptoms present. This may be due to heart attack although there is no chest pain, dizziness or sweating.

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Different Types Of Sciatica

There are several factors that contribute to the development of sciatica. The additional weight during pregnancy, improper weightlifting posture and prolonged sitting can pinch the sciatic nerve or its smaller branches, resulting in sciatic symptoms that manifest in many different ways.

  • Piriformis Syndrome: Symptoms of piriformis syndrome are felt in the piriformis muscle, found in the buttocks area of the body. Of the different types of sciatica, piriformis syndrome is the hardest one to diagnose, primarily because it affects the muscle and, therefore, does not show up in X-rays.
  • Herniated or Bulging Disc: A herniated disc and a bulging disc are two of the more common types of sciatica, the root of which originates in the disc itself. A herniated disc happens when the nucleus pulposis, or the jelly-like center of the disc, leaks through a tear in the annulus fibrosis. On the other hand, a bulging disc is the result of the nucleus pulposis bulging outward, causing tension and pain.
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: This type of sciatica occurs with age, when the spinal canal grows narrow, resulting in a tendency to pinch the spinal nerves and causing pressure on the spinal cord itself.
  • Spondylolisthesis: A result of an injury or a congenital condition, spondylolisthesis can be the most painful type of sciatica. It occurs when one vertebra pushes forward to the next vertebra, compressing the sciatic nerve and resulting in a remarkable stabbing pain.
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    We hope you found this article informative and it helped answer many of the questions you may have surrounding cervical spine instability causing heart palpitations and blood pressure problems. Just like you, we want to make sure you are a good fit for our clinic prior to accepting your case. While our mission is to help as many people with chronic pain as we can, sadly, we cannot accept all cases. We have a multi-step process so our team can really get to know you and your case to ensure that it sounds like you are a good fit for the unique testing and treatments that we offer here.

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    When Your Sciatica Just Wont Quit You Might Have A Misdiagnosed Case Of Piriformis Syndrome

      If youre struggling with a chronic pain in the butt, relief can be hard to findespecially if you have piriformis syndrome. The hallmark sign is hip and/or buttock pain on one side of the body along with low back pain that radiates down one or both legs.

      Piriformis syndrome can be a real pain in the butt.

      The problem is, piriformis syndrome is often mistaken for sciatica. While both conditions interfere with sciatic nerve function, sciatica results from spinal dysfunction such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Piriformis syndrome, on the other hand, occurs when the piriformis muscle, located deep in the buttock, compresses the sciatic nerve.

      Your medical providers solid understanding of the structure and function of the sciatic nerve and its relationship to the piriformis muscle is key to distinguishing between true or discogenic sciatica and piriformis syndrome.

      What Are Home Remedies For Sciatica

      Pain from sciatica often limits one’s activities. Here are some home treatments for sciatica:

      • Do not bend, lift, or sit in a soft, low chair the pain will get worse.
      • Unless someone is allergic or should not take them for other reasons , over-the-counter pain medicines such as acetaminophen , aspirin , or ibuprofen will probably help ease the pain.
      • Try a cold pack to see if it helps the pain. If a cold pack is not available, use a large bag of frozen vegetables it makes a good first aid cold pack. Or have someone massage the sore areas in a triangular pattern with an ice cube. The person should move the ice cube if the skin gets too cold .
      • After the cold massages, try alternating with heat from an electric heating pad to see if it helps the pain.
      • If an electric heating pad is not available, put a hand towel under hot water, wring it out, and place it on the back. Some physical therapy experts believe that moist heat penetrates more deeply and gives better relief of pain.
    • The affected individual may feel better lying on his or her back on a firm surface with a pillow under his or her knees. Another option is lying on one’s side with a pillow between the knees to keep the back straight. Also, one might find that a recliner chair is helpful.
    • Take it easy, but do not simply lie in bed because this has been shown to actually worsen the condition. Do activities one is able to tolerate, and do not expect to feel better overnight.
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        What Are We Seeing In This Image

        This is a chart that reveals autonomic testing results in a patient we saw in our office.

        When hooked up and being monitored we can see that:

        • When the person had a stressful memory, just one stressful memory, the sympathetic system went way up . This person with one stressful memory became super sympathetic dominant and then eventually when we got the person to laugh the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system became balanced again.

        A heart rate variability test can give us a picture to show us how the person is doing as a relates to thoughts, memory, relationships. We can also test based on neck motions.

        The motion of the neck and heart rate variability

        In the above image, we can see that the second most stressful event for this person, besides the stressful memory, was a certain neck motion. In certain people, when they move their neck to a certain position, they can feel their overall body becoming more stressful and this is a real physiologic event that happens to them and the way that we document is with HRV testing.

        The testing put patients in different stressor situations. This could include the stress of having to perform mathematical equations and the response to loud noise.

        Pinched Nerve From Degeneration And Bone Spurs

        Top Chest Opening Exercise to Help Pinched Nerve and Neck Pain / Dr Mandell

        In middle-aged and older people, the degenerative disc disease can cause bonespurs to form around the nerve roots. This usually occurs inside the foramen- the opening in the cervical spine where the nerve root leaves the spine totravel into the arm. If these bone spurs get large enough, they may begin torub on the nerve root and irritate it. This causes the same symptoms as a herniateddisc. The irritation causes: painto run down the arm, numbness to occur in the areas to which the nerve providessensation, and weakness in the muscles that the nerve supplies.

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        Is Surgery Necessary For Sciatica

        If, despite doing everything one is instructed to do, the pain continues and the CT or MRI shows a problem with the disc or bone, back surgery may be recommended. Back surgery is generally performed for patients who have tried all other methods of treatment first. There are exceptions to this, such as people with ongoing nerve damage or cauda equina syndrome.

        Is The Weight Of Pregnancy The Reason Why So Many Pregnant Women Get Sciatica

        Its true that sciatica is common in pregnancy but increased weight is not the main reason why pregnant women get sciatica. A better explanation is that certain hormones of pregnancy cause a loosening of their ligaments. Ligaments hold the vertebrae together, protect the disks and keep the spine stable. Loosened ligaments can cause the spine to become unstable and might cause disks to slip, which leads to nerves being pinched and the development of sciatica. The babys weight and position can also add pressure to the nerve.

        The good news is there are ways to ease sciatic pain during pregnancy, and the pain goes away after birth. Physical therapy and massage therapy, warm showers, heat, medications and other measures can help. If you are pregnant, be sure to follow good posture techniques during pregnancy to also ease your pain.

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