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Can Reflexology Help Sciatica Pain

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Foot And Hand Reflexology For Sciatica

Can Massage Help Back Pain

Would you like to know how foot and hand reflexology for sciatica works? We have either foot or hand reflexology chart readily available for you to see which part of your extremities you need to target depending on your needs. This article specifically shows you how reflexology can help alleviate that annoying sciatic nerve pain and relax your legs in the process.

You should realize by now that foot and hand reflexology can do wonders for your bodyâs relaxation and overall comfort. This ancient traditional alternative medicine is a complementary therapy in itself it adds holistic relief and relaxation to the body.

Foot and hand reflexology addressed many health conditions and issues, including problems of the head, heart, lungs, spine, liver, pancreas, or even as specific as the sciatic nerve. Speaking of which, many therapists offer sciatica pain relief using different alternative medicine procedures like massage and acupressure.

But would you like to know how foot and hand reflexology for sciatica works? We have either foot or hand reflexology chart readily available for you to see which part of your extremities you need to target depending on your needs. This article specifically shows you how reflexology can help alleviate that annoying sciatic nerve pain and relax your legs in the process.

The Time In Between Your Massage Appointment And Now

What can you do to ease your pain before you come see us? If you feel as if you need immediate relief, you can try a massage chair or small stretches to help you with your pain. While massage might not eliminate all of your pain and symptoms, it can provide you significant relief when combined with a well-rounded plan for treatment.

Can Massage Make Sciatica Worse

The pain and discomfort experienced when the sciatic nerve is pressed beyond imagination. Your lower back ends up radiating sharp pain, which drops down to your feet. The pain can be extremely irritating, but all these can be changed through massage that works to eliminate the pain. This changes the narrative, can massage make sciatica worse? Because massage improves the condition and does not worsen it.

The only time massage makes sciatica pain worse is if the massage practitioner is inexperienced. That can worsen the symptoms associated with sciatica. That is why you should invest in the best massage therapist who has the right skills and experience in treating sciatica. By doing that, the symptoms will improve by lessening the pain you usually experience.

Massage For Sciatica

Sciatica pain can be effectively treated with the right massage in less than thirty minutes. One of the best massage techniques that work effectively is the deep tissue massage if you concentrate on having it up to five times a week. However, the severity of sciatica determines how frequently you require the massage.

Some massage techniques may feel too intense, so it is best to work with the massage technique that feels comfortable. A softer massage is ideal and works best to improve your condition completely. Massage therapy works excellently to offer a significant improvement in your sciatica in the shortest time possible.

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Try These Exercises To Help Alleviate Sciatic Pain

If you are doing an office job, then you most probably dont have time for exercise due to your busy schedule. Sitting all day at the workplace carries several negative health consequences. Constant pressure on the buttocks or the hip abductor muscles, including the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and tensor fasciae latae, leads to stiffness and hardening of this specific muscle group.

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The sciatic nerve runs through these three muscles, which connect the pelvis with the thighs.

So, if the hip abductor muscles become stiff, they can compress the sciatic nerve resulting in sciatic pain or other symptoms related to sciatica.

If you want to get relief from your sciatic pain, try performing the following exercises at home or in the office to soften or release these muscles stiffness.

You can efficiently perform these exercises every day while sitting to restore the softness of the hip abductor muscles to find relief from sciatic pain or even prevent sciatica from developing in the first place.

Include Other Regions For Reflexology

How Swedish Massage Can Benefit People with Back Pain ...

Some foot and hand reflexology therapists include other areas of the feet during their sciatica pain relief session. Other practitioners opt to incorporate the lymphatic nerve reflex technique located at the foots dorsal surface along the ankle area.

Many therapists also go back to the inner aspect of the foot where the lower back reflex is located. Ankle traction also helps in releasing the tension on the lower extremities. And lastly, many reflexologists end their session with a solar plexus hold Just below each foots ball, he presses his thumbs slowly along the middle part of the sole as he leans forward to apply light pressure.

Now that you know how foot and hand reflexology for sciatica works, you can also try and do it yourself at home. However, be advised that using reflexology is more effective and accurate if done by a trained professional. Some techniques and movements may aggravate, rather than alleviate, the pain and discomfort. Moreover, as reflexology is a complementary therapy, asking your doctors guidance in seeking a reflexologists expertise is essential.

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How Does Sciatica Affect You

The sciatic nerve is not a condition as it is actually what causes the pain. Since the sciatic nerve covers a large area of the body, it can become irritated a lot easier than other nerves.

The pain caused by sciatica can range from somewhat mild to very intense as it is caused by a compressed nerve in the lower spine.

The likelihood of being affected by sciatica is around 40% in a lifetime, and if you are one of those individuals, you understand how annoying and painful it can be.

There is a misconception that sciatica only occurs in the back. Sciatica, however, can affect any part of the body.

The sciatic nerve passes through the low back, the buttocks, and then the legs, ending just below the knee, and depending on where the irritation occurs. Pain may radiate from any of these areas.

Depending on where the irritation exists along the sciatic nerve, the pain may develop anywhere along the nerve and may be dulled with pain medications.

Reflexology For Back Pain And Sciatica

Reflexology for sciatica, also known as zone therapy, is a natural form of treatment that has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 5000 years. It is also a core component of Ayurveda . You can also perform reflexology at home by stimulating specific pressure points on the hands and feet.

Reflexology is most often linked with the feet but can also include treatment on the hands and ears. The therapy system theorizes that zones on the hands, feet, and ears are connected with different internal organs and energy pathways throughout the body.

Sciatic pain causes the contraction of muscles in the affected and surrounding area. Contracted muscles lead to more pain, which in turn causes our muscles to contract more. Our body goes into a constant cycle of pain and contraction, which just doesnt seem to end.

This is where reflexology comes in. Reflexology for sciatica aims to benefit the persons nervous system by promoting a deep state of relaxation, reducing stress levels, and helps relieve sciatica by relaxing the body and muscles.

Treating various reflex points on your feet can help calm the nerves, promote your bodys natural anti-inflammatory system, help spinal flexibility, and ease pain from sciatica.

Consider reflexology to reduce the inflammation in your spine and relieve your sciatic pain.

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The Effects Of Massage On Nerves & Soft Tissues

Depending on the type of massage, you may have work done on your muscles, joints, nerves, and/or the layers of connective tissue deep below your skin. A few examples of massage techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.

Massage can cause a number of beneficial effects to these tissues that can help with sciatica including:

In addition to these physical benefits massage has also been known to improve mood and your emotional state, which in turn can help you to deal with or experience less pain. Relaxation is a powerful thing when it comes to dealing with pain, and it can also help you to sleep better, which of course also helps you to deal with pain as you are well-rested.

Massages are typically very safe when enjoying a massage chair, but there are some things to be aware of if this is your first time using a massage chair. You can read more about getting used to a massage here.

What Percussion Massager For Sciatica Should You Choose

Reflexology for Back Pain

Sciatica is a condition that affects millions of people around the world. The treatments range from simple cold compresses to percussion massager for sciatica. Whichever treatment you use should begin with a thorough understanding of what sciatica is, the effective treatments available on the market, and why a percussion massager sciatica tool should be considered.


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Sciatica Trigger Point In Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage uses heated stones to penetrate the skin and increase blood flow. Its custom-fit to your areas of concern and can make a big difference for those with sciatic problems.

Youll need one large towel to lay down for this type of massage, or you could buy an envelope-style heating pad that utilizes sheepskin which is soft but still reaches high temperatures providing soothing effects while hot stone massaging.

The steps for these massages are fairly simple as well. Its all about knowing where your trigger points are so they can be targeted in same ways they would be during a regular spine stretch routine by cupping them underneath blankets or pillows while lowering gradually towards the floor.

Doing this lifting up again will allow the muscle to stretch and bring about healing. For additional relief, follow this up with a hot stone massage treatment.

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How Do I Find A Massage Therapist

If you want to try massage for sciatica, make sure to find a licensed massage therapist with experience treating sciatica symptoms.

You can locate a massage therapist by using the following resources:

  • Obtain a prescription from the psychiatrist.
  • enlist the support of your friends and family to make a recommendation.
  • Use the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks database to scan the American Massage Therapy Associations database.

Remember the following factors when selecting a massage therapist:

Be sure you tell them of any other health problems you have before your first session. Its still a good idea to contact the health-insurance company. Massage therapy is covered by some insurance plans, particularly if it is used to treat an underlying disorder.

Massage for sciatica can not heal the root source of your discomfort, but it will help to ease symptoms and increase the quality of life temporarily. Before beginning massage therapy, talk to the doctor about your symptoms to make sure its right for you.

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Bonus Tips: Sciatica Can Be Related To Kidney Ovaries Or Prostate Issues

If you are experiencing sciatica or sciatic pain on the left side, you may be having problems with your left kidney, ovaries, or prostate .

Here are some simple ways through which you can help improve your kidneys and ovaries and find relief from sciatica:

  • Avoid all types of animal meat and broth that have been taken from animals who are fed and raised using growth hormones
  • Avoid all types of foods that are made from fine flour
  • Avoid all types of fried foods and products containing milk

Palm And Thumb Massage For Sciatica Pain

Do you need to suffer with back pain?
  • Place your palms on the lower back area. Now, rub the pelvic area up towards the spine, and down towards your buttock region.
  • Next, place your hands on your waist. Ensure your hands lie on the ropelike muscles near the spine, and your fingers wrap the sides.
  • With the help of your thumbs, apply pressure towards the outer edges of the ropelike muscles covering the spine area. The distance between your thumbs should be at least four inches.
  • Apply steady pressure but do not over-strain your muscles.

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What Does Perfect Spot No 6 Feel Like Sciatica Among Other Things

Even without nasty symptoms, pressure on these muscles may still feel important. They usually harbour trigger points that arent obvious until they are poked , but which cause symptoms like stiffness, heavy-ness, muscle fatigue, vague discomfort and diffuse aching throughout the hip and buttocks and descending into the leg. Their importance is often unsuspected because the key gluteus medius and minimus trigger points are not found where the symptoms are but they produce symptoms that spread backwards to the sacrum and down the leg.4

Important! This article is best for people with a minor low back or leg pain problem. If you are having more serious or long-term pain, please start with my low back pain tutorial.

Given their stealthy nature, massaging these muscles can feel like a surprising and satisfying discovery of the true source of stiffness you did know that you had thats what makes it a perfect spot.

What Is The Sciatic Nerve And Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the biggest and longest nerve in the body that runs from the spinal column, splits in two and runs through the glutes and into the lower limbs. If there is a bone spur, herniated disc in your lumbar region, or if your piriformis muscle is too tight, they can pull your bones out of alignment, push against the nerve, or cause trigger points that all cause pain and discomfort that radiates from your lower back to your glutes and down the back of your leg.

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Can A Massage Gun Replace More Traditional Physio Or Sports Massage

I would never say replace. Because theres something really special about having someone work on you when your body is passive and you can have someone that understands the resistance levels. Its an additional resource for athletes to have. If you have muscular aches and pains, you can use a massage gun and if you follow the right protocols, you can definitely can help yourself but there are some areas of the body where sometimes having a massage therapist or a physio with their different modalities can be better for speeding the healing. Something like the Theragun is bridging the gap. I only know two people on this earth that have a massage therapist with them all the time. And they are Floyd Money Mayweather and Dwayne The Rock Johnson! Go to a therapist when you can and use percussive therapy on yourself in between.

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Self Massage For Sciatica Relief

Using Your Massage Gun for Sciatica

what to do for sciatica pain at home? A massage therapist for sciatic pain is undoubtedly one of the best decisions to deal with the throbbing pain. But hiring a therapist may or may not be quite convenient for your pocket.

These three unusual self-massage methods for sciatica can be easily done at home and will provide quick relief from the throbbing pain.

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The Sciatic Nerve The Nerve Of Reflexology

Treating sciatic pains is a true sport for reflexologists. Knowing the few most common causes, it is usually quite simple to treat. That the sciatic nerve can also be involved in knee problems, swollen legs and other leg problems is perhaps new knowledge for some â and how many reflexologists realise that the sciatic nerve is responsible for transmitting back to the central nervous system all the impulses from the sole of the foot? Simplicity and knowledge often go hand in hand. Even though it can be straightforward to treat sciatica, it requires a good knowledge about the common causes and connections involved. Among other subjects this is included in Touchpoints workshop âRound about: Hip, Sciatica and Kneeâ. In this article we will show a few important techniques to include in the treatment of sciatic pain.

Sciatica is pain radiating from the buttocks down into the leg. Somewhere along its course the sciatic nerve is entrapped, causing irritation or inflammation and thereby pain.

Fact box â Sciatic NerveLatin nameOriginCourseMotor innervationSensory innervation

Figure 1. The sciatic nerve in the gluteal region

Foot reflex for the piriform muscleThe reflex is treated thoroughly with slow, deep movements. It is a good idea to pay extra attention to the origin and attachment .See Figure 2.

Figure 2. Reflex for the piriform muscle

Figure 3. Nerve reflex point for the sciatic nerve

Figur 4. Mobilisation of the sciatic nerve.

  • Touchpoint

What Is Sciatica Pain

Sciatica, also called lumbar radiculopathy, is defined as pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve . This nerve originates from the lumbar spine, descends the lower back, vertically crosses through the buttocks , runs down each leg, and ends just below the knees. Sciatica will typically affect only one side of your body. Common symptoms include:

  • Inflammation of the affected hip and leg
  • Radiating pain down the hip and leg
  • Pins and needles sensation
  • Hip pain
  • Pain when sitting, standing, or both

Sciatic nerve pain shares several symptoms with meralgia paresthetica. To understand how these conditions differ, read

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How To Relieve Back Pain Through Reflexology

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Eight in 10 adults will have back pain at some point. Most back pain is non-specific and cant be traced to a particular event, such as an injury. This type of back pain often occurs sporadically. But whether or not your back pain is intermittent or chronic, there are reflexology techniques you can use to give yourself both short-term and long-term relief.XTrustworthy SourcePubMed CentralJournal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of HealthGo to sourceXResearch source

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