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Can Carpal Tunnel Cause Neck Pain

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Do You Have Cervical Radiculopathy

Headache, Neck Pain, & Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Im having numbness and tingling in my hand. Sometimes there is pain that runs down my arm and shoulder. I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome. Someone told me it could be coming from my neck. What does this mean?

Not all hand numbness is carpal tunnel syndrome. The symptoms you describe are typically caused from a nerve injury or irritation. The nerves that go to your arm start at your neck. If the nerve is being irritated or compressed at your neck, this is called cervical radiculopathy.

What causes cervical radiculopathy? I havent done anything to my neck.

The nerves that go to your arms exit the spinal cord through the spaces between bones in your neck. The bones have cushions between them called discs. A nerve can be compressed if the disc material is pressing on the nerve or if the bones develop spurs from arthritis, making the opening for the nerve small. Sometimes the joints in the spine can become inflamed and cause nerve irritation.

How can I tell if my symptoms are coming from my neck?

Lets perform an experiment to see if we can figure it out.

  • Notice what you feel in your arm right now. Is it numb? Tingling? Shooting pains? How intense is it?
  • Now, look down at your left foot, then look down at your right foot. Any changes in how you feel? Better, worse or no different?
  • Look up as if a bird flew over your left shoulder. Now, do the same for the right shoulder. Any change in how you feel? Better, worse or no different?

The Association Between The Presence Of Pain And Body Composition

The unadjusted and adjusted analyses with logistic regression models for present pain are shown in Table . In the unadjusted analysis with the univariate logistic regression model, lower age , female gender , higher total body fat ratio , lower total body water ratio and higher appendicular fat mass were significantly associated with the presence of neck and shoulder pain, and lower age was significantly associated with the presence of back pain, whereas no parameters were significantly associated with low back pain. However, in the age- and gender-adjusted analysis with the multivariate logistic regression model, only lower total body water ratio was significantly associated with the presence of neck and shoulder pain, whereas no significant association was observed between the presence of back pain or low back pain and body composition parameters.

What Other Conditions Can Cause Similar Symptoms

Several of them. One, which doctors call de Quervain tenosynovitis, causes problems with the tendons that control your thumb. It hurts to turn your wrist, make a fist, or try to grasp an object. Your doctor can do some simple tests to tell whether you have this condition or carpal tunnel.

Other health problems that may seem like carpal tunnel syndrome include:

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Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel And Frozen Shoulder

Carpel Tunnel

If diagnosed and treated early, carpal tunnel syndrome can likely be relieved without surgery. In cases where the diagnosis is uncertain or the condition is mild to moderate, your Chiropractor or Physio will always try simple treatment measures first.

Treatment varies depending on if the condition is acute or chronic. Also, the patients age, occupation, overall health, current functional level, and stage of the condition is taken into account when formulating the most appropriate treatment plan. Typically, conservative treatment consists of ergonomic education, splinting or bracing the wrist, and anti-inflammatory medications to decrease swelling.

Frozen shoulder generally gets better over time, although it may take up to 3 years.

The focus of treatment is to control pain and restore motion and strength through physical therapy.

More than 90% of patients improve with relatively simple treatments to control pain and restore motion. Some simple treatments may include the following:

Restoring The Neck Alignment: Key To Cts Pain Relief

Right Wrist Pain Relief (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

A carpal tunnel syndrome chiropractor practicing NUCCA can help people find relief by focusing on the atlas vertebra, or the uppermost neck bone. This neck bone is significant because it supports the heads weight and protects the casing of the brainstem.

When a NUCCA doctor adjusts the neck bones, pressure on the arms and hands may immediately be relieved. You can also feel relaxed in other parts of your body. The good thing about NUCCA chiropractic is that it is gentle and safe for people of all ages.

TheNational Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association or NUCCA has a specially designed system to evaluate spinal misalignments. This includes precise x-rays and measurements of a persons neck and spine bone structure to check for structural imbalance.

To get your spine and nerve system evaluated Look for a NUCCA doctor in your area today.

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Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndromemassage And Chiropractic

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Heres an explanation of why the cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not usually only in the wrist. Well talk about chiropractic treatment and massage therapy for carpal tunnel pain relief, too.

The cause of your symptoms can also be in your lower arm, your neck, or your chest or back muscles. You may have one or more things causing symptoms. It could even be a vitamin deficiency.

There are many schools of chiropractic and as in any other field, many doctors treat their patients depending on their own advanced training, personality and unique way of seeing and treating bodies.

Some doctors of chiropractic adjust fingers, wrists and other joints but

some dont. Some only adjust necks and backs. Some use a lot of force and others are more gentle. I am much more in favor of the more gentle techniques. There are a variety of adjustment techniques and actual tools which can be used. If you have questions or preferences for treatment, talk to the doctor before your adjustment.

I am often asked about the difference between chiropractic and massage therapy.

Most chiropractors move bones although a few do some soft tissue therapy. To the best of my knowledge, the philosophy is that if you move the bones, eventually the muscles will catch on. The ones who incorporate massage do so because it works.

Im highly biased about the value of massage therapy but some people find that chiropractic helps, too. Depends on the training and beliefs of the chiropractor.

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Bottom Line: Stress Anxiety & Carpal Tunnel Are Linked Bypoor Posture

There is an indirect link between stress, anxiety & carpal tunnel syndrome. But even though itâs indirect, the relationship is a strong one.

Emotional stress produces upper body tensions. Those tensions are most pronounced during our workday. Often, the result is not paying attention to posture, which degrades with more and more stress and tension.

The poor posture creates a musculoskeletal imbalance in the upper body. Those unbalanced forces are transmitted down the arm to the carpal tunnel space in the wrist joint.

The unbalanced, abnormal forces alter the carpal tunnelâs anatomy and cause pressure on the median nerve. The result is carpal tunnel syndrome, with all the associated pain and numbness that comes with it.

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Understanding Hand Pain And Numbness

Learn the symptoms and underlying causes of persistent hand pain and numbness.Read More

When the carpal tunnel is too small and/or inflammation occurs in the tendons that run through it, the median nerve becomes compressed, causing symptoms such as pain, numbness, and tingling in the wrist, hand, and fingers.

Back Pain After A Fall Or Injury: Fractures

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Really in Your Neck and Causes Hand, Wrist and Forearm Pain

Osteoporotic fractures of the vertebral body are the most commonly encountered fractures among primary care doctors. These fractures are not always a result of great trauma and can, in some cases, cause few early symptoms.

Any history of a fall, a lifting injury, a motor vehicle accident or any other trauma, when it is associated with immediate back pain, suggests a muscle or bone injury. If you are osteoporotic, this trauma may be minimal a sneeze, fall from a chair, or slip and fall in the home. Localized pain over the spinal column most commonly the thoracic spine is suggestive enough of compression fracture that x-ray is warranted.

Localized pain over the involved vertebral level is usually present. Even patients with healthy bone can experience a compression fracture if the injury is significant enough. If you fall off of a roof, for instance, and end up with severe back pain in the middle of your lumbar spine, theres a decent chance you could have a compression fracture, and you should get that x-rayed. Of course, please dont do that!

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Hand And Wrist Pain From Nerve Problems

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by impingement of the median nerve, but damage or impingement of other nerves can also cause symptoms in the hand.

Cervical radiculopathySeveral nerve roots that originate in the cervical spineparticularly C6 and C7innervate the hand and fingers. If they become impinged from a degenerated or herniated disc, stenosis, or cervical osteoarthritis, the resulting pain and numbness can be very similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

See Is My Shoulder Pain Caused by a Neck Injury?

Cubital tunnel syndromeThe ulnar nerve passes over the outside of the elbow, runs down the arm, and into the outside of the hand this is the nerve that causes a funny bone reaction when it is struck at the elbow.

Repeated use or pressure on the elbow can cause inflammation that affects this nerve, which can cause symptoms of pain and tingling in the hand, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. However, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms occur in the thumb, index, and middle fingers, whereas ulnar nerve symptoms typically affect the ring and pinky fingers.

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Be Prevented

While some people may be at a higher risk because of pre-existing health or medical issues, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is possible. Take frequent breaks from repetitive tasks, change positions, and use corrective devises such as cushions or supports that reduce pressure on the median nerve. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to lower the likelihood of developing diabetes, risk of injury, and promote overall health can also reduce the risk of developing CTS.

If you experience symptoms that are acute or worsen over time, contact your medical practitioner and discuss any signs or symptoms that are causing pain in your arm, wrist or hand.

Carpal Tunnel Relief Recommended For You

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Will A Pinched Nerve Go Away On Its Own How Long Does It Take

Yes, most will with time . You can improve symptoms with rest and pain medications such as naproxen, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If home treatment doesnt provide you relief after several days, call your provider, wholl give you more guidance. You may be asked to come to the office for evaluation and tests.

What Is Tennis Elbow And What Causes Tennis Elbow

Advanced Spinal Care Double Crush Vs Carpal Tunnel ...

While caused by many activities, the one most commonly associated with this type of overuse injury is Tennis and other racquet sports.

Ironically, only a small minority of individuals with Tennis Elbow injury and/or pain actually got it from playing tennis.

Typing, knitting, hammering, and other repetitive motion activities are all causes of Tennis Elbow, depending on what exactly and how exactly your are doing the activity.

Golfers Elbow is essentially the same kind of Elbow Tendonitis with the same pain dynamic, but on the opposite side of the elbow/forearm.

If you have a sore elbow, feel around where you are hurting. You will feel some ache and if your press harder, some sharp pain. You will also feel skin on top of a mass of muscle and maybe some harder tissue that is the tendon connecting muscle to the bone of your Lateral Epicondyle.

If you have pain in your elbow and forearm, and even more pain when you try to use your hand/arm, you probably dont need to find out more about Tennis Elbow Symptoms.

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Do I Have Carpal Tunnel Or Something Else

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common term that we hear from family and friends when we complain of numbness or pain in the wrist. Its the one condition that seems the most likely cause because its quite well known. However, just because carpal tunnel syndrome is well-known does not mean it is the only condition that causes wrist pain and numbness.

It is important to understand the symptoms of other common conditions that relate to the hand and wrist, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, to rule out other possibilities.

In this article, we will cover common conditions that cause numbing, tingling, pain, or numbness in the fingers and wrists as well as what you should do if you believe you have one of these conditions.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when pressure is applied to your median nerve by the carpal bones. When swelling happens in your wrist, the carpal tunnel constricts the median nerve causing symptoms to appear. These symptoms could be radiating pain from the forearm to the shoulder, numbness, burning, or tingling starting at the thumb, pinky, or felt within the forearm.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome typically start slow and are felt mostly at night. This is due to sleeping positions that cause restriction within the wrists. How to tell is if you feel the need to shake your wrist to regain feeling. As the condition worsens, you will begin to feel symptoms during the day while driving, typing, or talking on the phone.

Neck Trauma Can Be An Underlying Cause Of Leg Pain And Shoulder Pain

OUR health care system is very mechanistic. Shoulder Pain or leg is not always caused in the arm or leg but oftentimes it is coming from the neck. Each of these conditions can have their roots in postural adaptation that is caused by an upper cervical spine misalignment caused by a neck injury. In the following article we will outline common conditions that are under the heading of ,arm pain or leg pain and then discuss how an injury to your upper Cervical spine can be the underlying cause for each condition.

Common conditions that cause shoulder and arm pain:

While all of the syndromes listed above can cause arm pain and a plethora of other problems, current medical treatment does not try to uncover their cause but rather chooses to treat the end result of body dysfunction, the symptoms. Common methods of treatment are pain killers, physical therapy or surgeries. We have written several articles on each of these subjects in the past but thought it was important to cover each of these and explain how an upper Cervical injury can globally affect the body and lead to many of these conditions that have no known cause or cure in the medical literature.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Could Reduce Swelling Of The Median Nerve For A Mid

In November 2020 researchers publishing in the medical journal BioMed Research International evaluated the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma injections in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. What they found in their research was PRP could be effective for mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome and superior to traditional conservative treatments in improving pain and function and reducing the swelling of the median nerve for a mid-long-term effect. To some extent, the electrophysiological indexes also improved after PRP injection compared with other conservative treatments.

Carpal Tunnel And Tendonitis

The Link Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Neck Pain | Dr. Heather Tick

Years ago, it was thought in general by patients that carpal tunnel was caused by typing too much. Studies have shown that this is not true. What most are suffering from is tendonitis, and its getting worse from the tiny handheld computers that most of now have as a result, the cases of wrist and thumb tendonitis are on the rise.

We can understand the confusion that patients have self-diagnosing themselves with carpal tunnel syndrome since carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist and thumb tendonitis has such similar symptoms.

What are the differences between carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis?

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Who Does Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Affect

Thoracic outlet syndrome affects people of all ages and genders. Neurogenic TOS is the most common form of the disorder and generally affects middle-aged women. Recent studies have shown that, in general, TOS is more common in women than men, particularly among those with poor muscular development, poor posture or both.

Wrist Movement Restored Naturally

Is it any wonder that so many CTS patients do not respond well to wrist surgery! To fully resolve your wrist issues, we’d be missing that boat if we didn’t address problems in your neck, FIRST.

Instead of “cutting away” the symptoms, Chiropractic is an effective non-invasive approach to correcting the problem naturally – at the source!

If you think you may be suffering from Carpal Tunnel, call our office today at , and we can schedule you for a full exam.

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How To Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome At Home

So I asked my doctor how to speed up my recovery so I could take off my support brace.

He told me to do some exercises that involved stretching, circular movements, and soft massage.

Stretching involves moving your wrists forward and backwards until you feel a little stretch.

Users can also stretch their wrists side to side while holding them in place for a few seconds then release.

Circular movements of the wrist can be done by rotating the hands clockwise and counterclockwise.

Finally, softly massage your wrists starting from the bottom arm all the way to the fingers.

Then, massage from the upper forearm, down to the fingers. This activity helps blood flow to the hand.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

When carpal tunnel deserves a chiropractic opinion

The following are the most common symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome. However, each person may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:

  • Numbness and tingling in the hand and/or ring and little finger, especially when the elbow is bent

  • Hand pain

  • Weak grip and clumsiness due to muscle weakness in the affected arm and hand

  • Aching pain on the inside of the elbow

The symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome may resemble other medical conditions or problems, including medial epicondylitis . Always see a healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

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