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Can An Old Mattress Cause Back And Neck Pain

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Remedy For Body Aches

How to Choose a Mattress & Pillow (For Neck, Shoulder, Hip, or Back Pain)

The solution for bad mattresses that causes body aches is getting the right one for your bed. In fact, until you get the most popular ideal mattresses like Olee Sleep Mattress, or Sweetnight Mattress or Linenspa Hybrid Mattress, or Classic Brands Cool Gel 14 Mattress, it is time you are going to improve the sleep experience. A good mattress is supposed to offer you full-body support and does not create any pressure on your back and neck to make sure you have a sound sleep. You can also buy a new good mattress from our well-researched list of top 10 best mattresses for back pain;or top 10 gel memory foam mattress.

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Alternate Sides If Youre A Side Sleeper

Some evidence suggests that habitually sleeping on one side on an ill-fitting mattress may contribute to muscle imbalance and pain. Always sleeping on the same side suspends the middle of your body between your hips and shoulders, the broadest parts of the trunk. Place a pillow between your knees as shown below to keep hips, pelvis and spine aligned.

What Makes A Good Mattress

Obviously, not all beds are created equally when it comes to back pain . In general, there is no specific type or brand of mattress that is better than another. The perfect mattress is a matter of personal preference, but some innate properties must exist for that mattress to be healthy for your delicate back.

Here are the top 3 things to look at when shopping for or analyzing mattress quality:

  • The bed needs to be supportive of your entire body when it is in a neutral position with proper spinal alignment.
  • It must not be too firm, lest it pushes on the main pressure points of your spine.
  • It must not be too soft, lest it leaves your pressure points unsupported while creating spinal curvature.

According to experts at the UCLA Medical Center, a mattress that does not fit into the Goldilocks Zone of firmness and softness can lead to serious back discomfort in the morning the type that could ultimately turn into a chronic problem.

Its better to figure it out now than to be sorry in the months and years to come as you develop a more serious issue.

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If Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain Sleep Natural Has Just What You Need

If you see all the signs you need a new mattress, you owe it to yourself to check out Sleep Naturals Latex Collection. Not only are Sleep Natural mattresses better for your back, but theyre also better for your overall health. We only use plant-based eco-friendly materials like wild-harvested bamboo and natural latex tapped from local rubber trees, and foams that are CertiPUR-US certified so they help you breathe better and are toxin free. Each of our latex mattresses eliminates pressure points, promotes proper spinal alignment, and evens body weight distribution a perfect recipe for pain-free sleep.

The Sleep Natural Integrity Plush Eurotop Hybrid. With over 2300 5-Zoned pocketcoils, 2.4 flexible micro coils, and layers of supportive latex, this mattress is made to keep your spine neutral. Add Kooling Gel Swirl Memory Foam and Outlast quilting with gel foam, and youll sleep cool and comfortable all night. ;

The Sleep Natural Dream Weaver Plush. Designed to provide comfort for both stomach and back sleepers, it has multiple layers of natural latex and plush foam to make this bed comfy, cozy, and supportive.

TheSleep Natural Starlight ET. A memory foam mattress alternative perfect for eliminating back pain in any sleeping position, side sleepers will notice their shoulders are cradled by the Supersoft and Plush latex, stomach sleepers will notice their hips dont sag forward, and back sleepers will enjoy the pressure relief on the spine.

Successfully Manage Neck Pain From Sleeping

How to Choose a Pillow for Neck Pain Down Under Bedding ...

Sleeping in a spine-supporting position and choosing the right pillow can help prevent neck pain from occurring. However, if you wake up with a stiff or aching neck, your pain can be minimized or alleviated by following some simple tips. If your neck pain continues or becomes chronic, discuss it with your healthcare professional to find ways to effectively manage it.

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    Best Flippable Mattress For Lower Back Pain

    Idle Sleep Idle Hybrid Mattress

    • Price: $$
    • Type: hybrid
    • Height: 13 inches

    With its combination of supportive coils and cooling, CertiPUR-US certified foam, the Idle Hybrid is designed for comfort and longevity. The flippable design means limited sag and twice the life span.

    Youll also have the option of choosing a different firmness level on either side, so you can enjoy the right support every night even if your preferences change down the line.

    Idle Sleep offers a generous 18-month trial period with free shipping and returns, plus a lifetime warranty.

    Buy the Idle Sleep Idle Hybrid Mattress online.

    Put The Mattress On The Floor

    If putting your mattress on the floor resolved the sagging and helps to alleviate your back pain then you might simply choose to leave it there.

    However, some of the dangers of sleeping on just a mattress on the floor without a proper base can actually include the manifestation or worsening of back pain due to improper support and the increase of pressure points.

    Other drawbacks to placing your mattress on the floor include feeling too cold, getting bugs in your bed, and even voiding the warranty.

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    How To Pick A Good Mattress For Your Back

    Every one has different sleep preferences, which can make it hard to find the perfect mattress. Look for one that is not too firm or too soft. If the mattress is too firm, it will push on your pressure points and cause misalignment. Similarly, if the bed is too soft, it will allow your body to sink into the bed causing bad posture while you sleep, which can then lead to pain. The right mattress should make you feel like you are floating on air.

    Financial times might be tough at the moment, but one should consider in investing in a good mattress. Think about it, you should be spending 7-9 hours on your mattress each night, which makes it an important piece of furniture. You want to invest in something that will give you better sleep and less pain, instead of going frugal and buying a mattress that is not right for your body.

    Pillows For Bad Shoulders Necks And Backs

    The best sleeping position for back pain, neck pain, and sciatica – Tips from a physical therapist

    If you have upper back and neck pain, check your pillow first. Weve seen plenty of stomach sleepers using a too-thick pillow, which could make the upper back and neck pain worse.

    Everyone is different, so theres no single best mattress, but there are a few types of beds that we really like. For instance, if youre dealing with nagging shoulder pain, it could be because your mattress is not pressure-relieving enough. In this instance, we might suggest a memory foam mattress or a pillow top one.

    Almost all of the beds you can buy online come with free shipping, whether through UPS, FedEx, or white glove delivery.

    Good news! most of the brands that sell online offer 100% free returns. Usually, they will have a 100-night risk-free trial period.

    On average, mattresses will be backed by a 10-year warranty.

    The short answer is yes. Its easy to get out of alignment, especially when sleeping on your stomach on a soft mattress. Your pillow is very important, too. Make sure you have a firmness thats good for your particular weight, and a pillow that supports your neck and spine alignment.

    Since everyone is different, theres no single best mattress, but there are a few types of beds that we have more confidence in when it comes to combating shoulder pain. One is memory foam, because its known to conform to your body and provide pressure relief.

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    Sleep Position And Spine Problems

    If youre waking up in pain that you dont feel during the day, then your sleep position is likely playing a role.;

    Where sleep posture plays a role in back pain is the neutral spine. If youre not positioned in a way that keeps your spine aligned and relaxed, you may be putting excess weight or strain on different parts of the back.

    ;If you have neck pain, stiffness, or soreness when you wake up in the morning, consider:

    • Sleep posture. Sleeping on your stomach with your head twisted to one side is a recipe for neck strain. But sleeping in any position can be a problem if your neck isnt sufficiently supported.
    • Pillow choice. If your pillow is too high or too low, too firm or too soft, your head will bend away from the neutral spine position. Finding the right pillow can be difficult. Some people prefer memory foam because it molds to the head and neck, providing support where you need it most.
    • Weak or tight muscles. If you dont stretch often or if you keep your shoulders and head in a fixed, unnatural position during the day, you may may be bringing that stress to bed at night. Stretching, strengthening, and massage may help you to re-balance your body and loosen up in the neck and shoulders. Its difficult to achieve a neutral spine in sleep if you cant achieve it when youre awake.

    As with neck pain, its important to sleep in an optimal position but also to choose the right mattress and the right pillow, and to use extra pillows or bolsters if necessary.

    How We Chose The Best Mattresses For Back And Neck Pain

    We explored top-rated mattresses on the market, paying careful attention to features important for pain relief. To create our list, we considered:

    • Customer reviews. Many brands say their mattresses can relieve pressure and pain, but reviews from other shoppers often present a more accurate picture. We read what customers had to say to see how these picks actually helped improve their pain and sleep quality.
    • Company reputation and transparency. We focused on brands known for good business practices, quality mattress construction, and a reputation for providing good customer service.
    • Company policies. Most brands understand the leap of faith required to buy a mattress online, and many offer a trial period so you can return the mattress if it doesnt work out. Reputable mattress brands generally offer a lengthy warranty to cover product defects and excessive sagging.
    • Expert insights. We consulted peer-reviewed studies for more information on the connection between sleep and pain and the qualities that make a mattress good for pain relief. We also reached out to Krystle Howald, PT, DPT, owner of Expecting and Empowered and Empower Movement Physical Therapy, for her tips on getting pain-free sleep.

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    Broken Support Core Creates Bad Posture And Pressure

    A broken or worn-out support core can result in hip pain as you sleep due to the knock-on effect that it has on the integrity of the mattress potentially resulting in sagging, indents, softening, and creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface.


    The only real fix for a mattress with a broken support core is to buy a new mattress because the structure of the mattress is so compromised that using a mattress topper will likely be insufficient in offsetting the damage.

    How The Wrong Mattress Affects Your Back

    Best Mattress for Back Pain

    Most people who experience back pain and stiffness should look to their mattress or more specifically their mattresss firmness level.;

    If your back pain comes when you first wake up, but you can stretch to get rid of it within 1530 minutes, then thats a major sign that your mattress is doing more harm than good. Also, if you find yourself waking up more frequently, or tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep, then that should also be an indicator.;

    Its important to note that even if youre not prone to back pain, you should replace your mattress every eight years.

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    The Age Of The Mattress

    You shouldnt be sleeping on a mattress thats more than seven years old, explained Dr Smycz. It simply wont provide back;support when the mattress is older than that.

    A 2009 study foundthat newer bedding systems increased sleep quality and reduced back discomfort, whereas older and cheaper mattresses caused back discomfort and poor sleep quality.;

    You Feel Groggy Even After A Full Nights Sleep

    Just as a dust-mite allergy could cause you to wake up with symptoms like a stuffy nose or itchy throat, the presence of mold or bacteria in your mattress could trigger sleep apnea, nighttime asthma, or other sleep-disordered breathing issues, finds;a 2013 study;in the;Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

    The result: youre wiped out during the day even when you slept a solid eight hours or more.;More research;shows asthma-causing mattress microbes are super common.

    Along with cleaning your sheets and pillowcases regularly, you can help prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from building up in your mattress and pillows by protecting them with allergen-proof covers. SureGuard makes a good one .

    New mattress pick:;You may rest easier with help from PangeaBed, which makes a mattress with a copper-infused, hypoallergenic layer of protection against bacteria.

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    Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress


    • Sizes:;Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
    • Trial period: 365 nights

    For side sleepers, finding the sweet spot is the key to a quality nights sleep, and thats possible with this Premier Memory Foam Mattress from Nectar. Its five-layer structure supports your body weight to create a space ideal for sleeping, while also keeping you cool so you stay comfortable throughout the night. The 3-inch layer of gel memory foam is designed to respond to your bodys unique changes in temperature, while its shift-resistant lower cover keeps the mattress in place even if you twist and turn.

    What the Reviews Say: Reviewers agree that its worth the price, and then some. This is the best mattress I have ever owned, gushes one five-star reviewer. I suffer from osteoarthritis and had a hip replacement in June. Before I bought this mattress I would wake up in so much pain. My first night sleeping on a Nectar Premier Mattress…ahhhh like sleeping on a cloud, no pain. It is so worth the money to be pain free in the mornings.

    Select The Right Materials

    Best Mattress For Neck And Shoulder Pain – Our Top 6 Beds!

    Beyond the firmness, you should also take the time to select the right mattress materials to help with your hip pain as follows:

    Memory Foam

    Memory foam can be a good choice if you have hip pain because the highly adaptive nature of the materials means that you can sleep on a surface thats unique to your body shape for better posture and reduced pressure.

    Latex Foam

    Latex foam can also adapt to your body shape to potentially alleviate hip pain whilst also providing more bounce and breathability than memory foam which can benefit restless sleepers and warmer sleepers that need to stay cool and dry.


    Mattresses with individually wrapped pocket coils in the support core can be especially beneficial for sleepers with hip pain because the coils can adapt one-by-one to provide better support and help maintain good posture more effectively than a regular spring mattress with a fused coil core that responds as a unit to your body weight.

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    Waking Up With Joint Stiffness And Lower Back Pain 4 Reasons Why It Happens

    A full nights sleep;should help you feel rejuvenated when you wake and are ready to face the day. So why do you sometimes wake up with stiff joints and a sore lower back? Unless you have known back issues or an injury that contributes to poorer sleep, morning aches and pains are both confusing and frustrating.

    There are plenty of reasons for sore joints and lower back stiffness. Its important to drill down to what the root cause is for you. Luckily, we know a thing or two about mattresses and quality sleep. Below are the four most common causes for morning sorenessand what you can do about them.

    Your Sleep Position is Out of Whack

    We tend to fall asleep in roughly the same position every nightand each sleep position has a different effect on your body. Simply put, not all sleep positions are created equal, which may account for some of your pain.

    People who sleep on their stomachs are most prone to experience back and joint pain since this position pulls the spine out of alignment. Additionally, the twisting and contorting that stomach sleepers do to get comfortable can put extra pressure on the neck, lower back and jawwhich can even lead to poorer circulation. Most sleep experts recommend that stomach sleepers try to train their bodies to sleep on their sides, usually by propping their trunks up with a pillow.

    Your Pillow Isnt Cutting It

    Your Mattress is Too Soft, Or Too Firm

    You Need to Switch Up Your Bed’s Foundation

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