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Can Acupuncture Help Knee Pain

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Acupuncture Research For Knee Pain

Acupuncture for Knee Pain & Knee Arthritis with Jana & Dr. Bill

Acupuncture Modulates Cortical Thickness & Functional Connectivity in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients:

  • This study investigated the cortical thickness and functional connectivity across longitudinal acupuncture treatments in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
  • It involved 30 patients over a period of 4 weeks consisting of 6 treatments, and researchers collected fMRI scans before their first, third, and sixth treatments.
  • Results show that acupuncture may achieve its therapeutic effect of knee OA pain by preventing cortical thinning and decreases in functional connectivity in major pain related areas, therefore modulating pain in the descending pain modulatory pathway.

The Effects of Acupuncture on Chronic Knee Pain Due to Osteoarthritis:

  • This meta-analysis was performed with the goal of evaluating the temporal effects of acupuncture on chronic knee pain due to knee osteoarthritis.
  • Several databases were searched for studies published through March 2015, and the researchers ended up with 10 randomized controlled trials which met the criteria. All acupuncture groups showed superior improvement in pain and physical function.
  • The meta-analysis concluded that these studies demonstrated that acupuncture can improve both short and long-term physical function, but mostly short-term pain relief in patients with chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis.

The Effectiveness & Safety of Acupuncture for Knee Osteoarthritis:

What To Expect During An Acupuncture Session

You have acupuncture points all over your body. At an acupuncture session for arthritis pain in your knee, your doctor will focus on the meridians that affect your knee joints. Youll lie down comfortably while your provider inserts the thin needles into the acupuncture sites. Because the needles are so thin, you may not even feel them. Depending on your particular case, your doctor may gently twist or swirl the needles to stimulate healing. Youll lie down and relax with the needles inserted for 10 to 20 minutes. After the session, you may feel energized or a relaxed kind of sleepy everyone responds differently to acupuncture.;

What Are Some Other Natural Treatments

Acupuncture isnt the only natural treatment that may help relieve pain from RA.

Alternating heat and cold can also reduce swelling, and thus decrease pain. Use ice packs for 15 minutes at a time, followed by a warm and damp towel or a heating pad.

Tai chi can also be beneficial. The slow movement of the martial art can get the blood flowing and increase flexibility. Additional exercises may be helpful as well, especially water exercise.

Supplements like fish oil my help with RA, according to some studies. It can especially be helpful in reducing morning stiffness.

Other natural treatments include:

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What The Research Tells Us

The;first;systematic review;looked at whether acupuncture could improve pain and joint function in people with chronic osteoarthritis knee pain , compared to fake acupuncture, usual care, or no treatment. People received 6 to 23 sessions of acupuncture at least once per week for 3 to 36 weeks. Each session involved at least four acupuncture points, and was carried out for at least 20 minutes.

Overall, the results were promising! People who received acupuncture had less short-term pain and better short-term and long-term; physical functioning, although there was no effect seen on long-term pain . However, one newer;review;provided evidence that acupuncture could relieve chronic pain for 12 months or more, and to a degree that was;clinically significant;.

Painful joints from osteoarthritis can have a huge negative impact on quality of life. Acupuncture may offer an alternative way to treat this debilitating condition.

Acupuncture Could Relieve Pain Stiffness From Knee Osteoarthritis: Study

Can Acupuncture Help Knee Pain?

Knee osteoarthritis is a painful condition that occurs when the cartilage at the knee joint — meant to provide “cushion” between the bones — wears away, causing pain and stiffness. The condition is also quite common, affecting nearly one in two people by the time they reach age 85, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While there’s no cure for the condition, it’s often treated with drugs, therapy and sometimes even surgery. But a small new study shows that acupuncture could be a viable option to relieve symptoms, too.

The study, published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine , included 90 people with an average age of 71 who had knee pain because of osteoarthritis.

Their osteoarthritis was severe enough to merit surgery, but only a little more than half — 50 of them — said that they would actually be prepared for surgery. Twenty-nine of them said they would not have surgery, and four of them said that they would have surgery, but only as a final option.

The study participants received weekly acupuncture treatments for a month, and then once every six weeks thereafter.

Not all the study participants received acupuncture for the same amount of time — by the time a year had passed, 41 of them were still receiving it; by the time two years had passed 31 were still receiving it. However, the average number of sessions each study participant had gone through was 16.5.

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Risks Involved With Acupuncture For Knee Pain

Acupuncture is a low-risk treatment procedure for the natural cure of knee pain and injury to the knee pain. There are a few risks nonetheless, but the potent benefits of acupuncture for knee pain outweigh such nominal risk factors. Some of the dangers that you might experience with the regular administration of acupuncture include

  • Soreness of the application region caused due to thin acupuncture needles
  • Stomach Troubles
  • Lack of physical energy and fatigue
  • Slight bruising of the affected parts of the body
  • A feeling of light-headedness and dizziness
  • Twitching of the muscles in the places where the needles were inserted
  • A strange heightening of emotions along with a sense of drowsiness

However, for a few patients who follow medications, need to stay away from acupuncture. Please take note of the following health conditions and avoid the administration of acupuncture if you suffer from any of the below complications.

  • Bleeding disorders: The insertion of needles can trigger bleeding disorder and cause profuse bleeding at the acupoints.
  • Pregnancy: The administration of acupuncture during pregnancy can lead to early labor and cause labor pain as well.
  • Cardiac issues: For the patients of cardiac troubles with a pacemaker in the heart, it is recommended to avoid acupuncture as the impulses of electricity or heat can interfere with the working of the pacemaker.

Consult an acupuncturist before settling for a session and drive out the knee woes within a few weeks with acupuncture.

Acupuncture For Rheumatoid Arthritis

When you have this type of arthritis, your immune system overreacts and attacks the lining of your joints. Hands, knees, and ankles are the most common places for RA symptoms.

The evidence on acupunctureâs effects for people with RA suggests that itâs worth trying. Researchers say the procedure may improve everyday life with the condition and the way your joints work.

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Acupuncture And Knee Pain How To Find Relief

It is becoming more common for people to seek out alternative treatment for their aches and pains before they start a regiment of steroids or opioids to gain relief from pain because we now know that long-term use of oral anti-inflammatory medications can lead to gastrointestinal damage as well as liver and kidney toxicity. For those looking for long term relief from knee pain, acupuncture is a great option to explore. In one investigation, acupuncture plus herbal medicine outperformed acupuncture plus ibuprofen for pain relief. In another independent investigation, acupuncture outperformed diclofenac for relief of pain, inflammation, and motor impairment due to knee osteoarthritis.; Common types of knee pain treated with acupuncture include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, runners knee, and water on the knee.

What If I Dont Notice A Difference

Watch acupuncture help knee pain and sugar cravings! Pain Free Dallas Acupuncture Clinic

Wheeler: Ask your acupuncturist about utilizing a different technique or perhaps referring you to another practitioner. There are some people who may not respond to acupunctureor for whom acupuncture is part of a larger treatment plan. Ultimately, if there is continued degeneration of the joint, surgery may be necessary. Acupuncture can also help with postoperative pain to reduce the need for opioids or help stimulate the bodys healing.

This story originally ran in Preventions February 2019 issue. For more stories like this one, .

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How Does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses very fine needles inserted into the skin on specific areas of the body. The goal of acupuncture is to remedy pain and other ailments by addressing the internal energy flow of a persons qi , or energy flow. When there are blockages or imbalances in the flow of energy, the body may experience inflammation, pain, illness, or a variety of other symptoms. A trained acupuncturist is able to use acupuncture needles to stimulate a specific area of the body, like the knee, back, or neck, that is blocked and then release energy blockages so it will flow freely again, and the body can begin healing.

What Are The Risks

The chances that acupuncture will harm you are very low. Thatâs one of the reasons doctors say itâs OK to try it even though thereâs sometimes limited proof that it helps arthritis.

Make sure your practitioner uses new, sterile needles for each client, so thereâs a lower chance of infection. Some people bruise or feel sore later at the spot where the needles went in.

Some people should be more cautious before they get acupuncture. Ask your doctor about it if you:

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Treating Hip Pain With Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used to treat everything from stress to nausea, and also joint pain. But can it really help tough-to-treat hip pain?

If nothing you’ve tried to relieve hip pain has worked, and you’re not ready to undergo hip surgery, there might be one more treatment option for you to investigate: acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment that has been successful in treating chronic pain, including joint pain.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that has been used to cure ailments and illnesses for thousands of years. Thin, tiny needles are placed into particular points in the skin, then can be adjusted with the hands or stimulated with gentle electrical currents.

Acupuncture has been used to treat:

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy pain

A series of acupuncture visits is usually needed to receive real relief. Sometimes, insurance companies may cover the cost of acupuncture therapy, but every plan is different, so it’s important to check before making an appointment.

As with any treatment, acupuncture has its benefits and drawbacks.

Acupuncture Pros

  • Many people with pain find relief from acupuncture when they couldn’t find relief from other sources.
  • When a qualified practitioner is performing acupuncture with sterile, nontoxic needles, the risks are very rare.
  • The effects of treatment is limited .

Acupuncture Cons

Acupuncture: Does It Work for Hip Pain?

Runners Knee: How Acupuncture Can Help

Ive got knee pain, is it arthritis?  Physio

One of the most common aliments for any athlete is knee pain, as I know all too well from personal experience. I played soccer as a child and teen as much as I could in all types of weather. I loved it. Indoors, outdoors, in snow, in hot humid weather I was there. In soccer, the knees are utilized for running and for maneuvering the ball. There is a lot riding on healthy knees for soccer players to be successful. I began to get knee pain my junior year of high school from all the years of playing. All the MRIs and x-rays told the doctors nothing. They couldnt find any tears or breaks in the bones, cartilage, tendons, or ligaments. Runners knee was the diagnosis. They prescribed physical therapy and rest, but I wanted to play. So, I played through the pain using my own adrenaline and desire. I used ibuprofen and ice after games as temporary stopgaps that only slightly touched the pain until I found acupuncture later in life. Now I can play pain free.

Why is it called Runners Knee?

The name is a bit of a misnomer because this type of knee pain can occur in anyone, but frequently occurs in runners and athletes . Many types of athletic movement can particularly stress the knee due to the repetitive, high-impact action of the leg with the ground and the twists and turns that are taken at high speeds. Knee pain can also result from jobs that require a lot of walking, or from a person being overweight.

What are the symptoms?

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How Acupuncture Helps With Knee Pain And Arthritis

Knee pain is a common side effect of knee surgery and aging. The wear and tear of many years of walking, running, jumping, and more put immense strain on our knees as we age. Any injuries or former surgeries only exacerbate the injury. For this reason, many people of all;ages struggle with knee pain and osteoarthritis.

Anyone that has dealt with knee pain or arthritis knows how detrimental it can be. Knee pain can sideline you from your favorite daily activities. Fortunately, there is something that may help: acupuncture.

Read on to learn more about how acupuncture helps reduce knee pain and arthritis.

Suffering Arthritis Pain In Your Knee Acupuncture Can Deliver Relief

    Heres a sobering statistic: Chronic knee pain affects nearly 50 percent of older American adults, and knee pain is the most commonly reported pain among adults ages 50 to 69. Much of that knee pain is attributed to arthritis.;

    A bit about arthritic knee pain: Traditional therapies for arthritis, such as medication and surgery, have many limitations. Medications may offer temporary relief but can come with side effects. Surgery is quite painful and expensive, and can also lead to side effects not to mention the recovery period where your functionality may be severely limited. After surgery, you may need to endure additional treatment in the form of physical therapy.;

    So whats a person to do when medications dont work and surgery isnt on the table as an option ? You may need to turn to alternative, integrative therapies. One such option is acupuncture in this article, learn how the professionals at Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness treat arthritis pain with acupuncture.

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    Seattle Tacoma & Bellevue Clinics

    From acute injury to chronic or arthritic knee pain, acupuncture is an effect tool to manage and resolve pain naturally.

    know how important a well functioning knee is. And if your knees hurt just getting around, how can you do the activities you love? Many of our patients experience daily knee pain – from stiffness in the morning to debilitating pain that lasts all day. Luckily acupuncture has been shown to be very effective in treating knee pain. Why? Acupuncture not only helps the body release internal opioids , but also helps to increase blood flow to painful areas, helping damaged tissues recover.

    What Is Knee Pain

    Acupuncture for Instant Knee Pain Relief

    Knee pain is a fairly common complaint among both children and adults. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, more than 11 million visits are made to physicians’ offices each year because of a knee or knee-related problem. It is the most often treated anatomical site by orthopedists, and one of the most oft-examined sites among general practitioners.

    The knee is the largest joint in the body. It is made up of the lower end of the thighbone , which rotates on the upper end of the shinbone , and the kneecap, which slides in a grove on the end of the femur. The knee joint also contains several muscles, which straighten the leg and bend the leg at the knee; tendons, which attach the muscles to the bones; ligaments, which help control motion by connecting bones; and cartilage, which serves to cushion the knee or help it absorb shock during motion.

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    Acupuncture For Knee Arthritis

    Arthritis is the most common cause of knee pain. Various studies looked at acupuncture for knee arthritis and found promising results.

    A scientific review of nearly 4,000 patients found that acupuncture was as or more effective than standard care and for people waiting for surgery. In patients with osteoarthritis of the knees, acupuncture provided good relief for pain during acute flare-ups.

    Just as importantly for people with chronic knee arthritis, in a review of 20,827 patients, acupuncture was shown to reduce or eliminate knee pain and dysfunction. The effects persisted when compared to standard of care including the use of medications and surgery.

    The Nourishing Valley Point

    The Nourishing valley point is present at the back of the knee cap, at the internal fold of the crease of the knees. The exact position of this point of acupuncture is at the tendon hollow of the knees. The application of acupuncture needles at this point helps in the relaxation of the knees, cures abdominal ache, and aids in the natural alleviation of genital problems.

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    How Can Acupuncture Help Osteoarthritis

    The answer is no, acupuncture does not regrow cartilage, but acupuncture when applied to special regions can help reduce inflammation similar or even better than ibuprofen does. One of these areas is acupuncture point region xiyan or eyes of the knee.

    This treatment region can alleviate inflammation of the knee joint itself especially when it is combined with warm needle therapy. In a previous blog, I mentioned warm needle technique and other forms of moxibustion for alleviating pain in general.

    I would say moxibustion when applied to joints can be particularly effective because the herb promotes circulation especially to an area that is hard to reach.

    In Chinese medicine theory we say that the joints are spaces where the channels converge and narrow. They are called barrier regions in acupuncture. A barrier is a place that is more prone to blockage.

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