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Can A Torn Rotator Cuff Cause Neck Pain

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What Should I Do If I Have Pain In My Right Shoulder

Supraspinatus (Rotator Cuff) Fast Deep Neck Pain Relief Technique – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

If you talk with your doctor about right shoulder and arm pain, they may recommend the following, depending on the severity of your condition. Immobilization: In some cases, limiting the movement of your shoulder or arm may help it heal. This is often achieved using a sling, brace, or cast. Your doctor will let you know when it can be removed.

Can Rotator Cuff Tear Cause Neck Pain

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Common Causes Of Radicular Pain In The Shoulder

Several common neck problems can cause symptoms of cervical radiculopathy, including:

  • Cervical degenerative disc disease. The intervertebral discs between the vertebrae lose hydration over time. When a disc loses enough hydration it becomes thinner and less able to do its job, potentially producing pain and possibly irritating or pressuring on the nearby nerve root.
  • See Cervical Osteoarthritis

  • Cervical foraminal stenosis. This condition occurs when the nerve root becomes compressed while going through the foramena small hole in the bony vertebral construct. The narrowing of the foramen can happen in various ways, such by the overgrowth of bone spurs or by a herniated disc.

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Is Your Shoulder Pain Caused By A Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear might be the cause of that lingering shoulder pain. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and of course that lingering chronic pain you simply cant alleviate, might be cause by several other issues you would never consider. A torn rotator cuff is just one of those underlying causes to that severe shoulder pain which simply wont go away. A study was conducted with a total of 683 test subjects, whether they suffered from shoulder, chronic pain, or other types of lingering pain, to determine just how common this issue really was. With 1366 shoulders, the breakdown of this study was 229 males, and 454 female subjects. The average age group was approximately 58 years old, with participants from age 22 up to 87 years of age.

Of these participants who suffered from shoulder, back pain, neck pain, and other forms of general pain, a total of 20.7% had rotator cuff tears. Of the suffering from pain in the shoulder, seeking pain relief, 36% had tears which were found via ultrasound readings, and those who did not suffer from pain in their shoulder, 17% were found to have tears. Risk of trauma, along with older age, were among the leading factors found to contribute to the tears and pain participants suffered from.


Torn Rotator Cuff Diagnosis

Types of Rotator Cuff Tears

This shoulder pain condition is usually diagnosed through an initial physical exam, followed by a confirmation imaging study. Rotator cuff tears are very common and many patients have them without experiencing any shoulder pain or symptoms whatsoever. Once a positive diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff has been established, the doctor will usually begin a program of conservative treatment, which will escalate in invasiveness until a resolution is achieved.

Doctors have been warned by major medical associations of diagnosing conditions, such as a rotator cuff tear, based exclusively on imaging findings. In many instances, the findings may be coincidental to the pain, supported by poor therapy statistics from a variety of targeted treatments.

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What Is The Prognosis For Shoulder And Neck Pain

Because most neck and shoulder pain is caused by sprains and strains, you can expect a full recovery or to recover with minor limitations on your activities.

Some conditions require hospitalization, surgical repair, physical therapy, or other rehabilitative measures. The extent of recovery may be complete or limited. Some conditions can be recurrent or persistent thus, you should have a treatment plan to learn how to deal with and adapt to any limitations.

Pain Between The Shoulder Blades

Pain between the shoulder blades, also known as interscapular pain is a common pain experienced by a lot of people.

People experiencing this pain typically have an aching, dull, sore, or shooting pain in the upper region of their back between their shoulder blades.

Pain between the shoulder blades can have many different causes. Most of the time, it is not something to worry about. However, it can also be a sign of a more serious condition in some cases.

You will feel pain when something is wrong in your body. Sometimes it can be a minor issue while other times it can be something serious. If youre feeling pain in between your shoulder blades, it is important to find out the cause of the pain.

We are going to be looking at the cause of this pain and available treatment options. Continue reading to know more.

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Rotator Cuff Pain Symptoms

Sharp or aching pain and swelling from a rotator cuff tendinitis or tear are usually located over the front or lateral part of the shoulder and upper arm. People often complain of difficulty performing activities such as combing their hair, clasping a bra behind their back, reaching behind their back, or sleeping on the affected shoulder. Throbbing pain at night is also common in individuals with a rotator cuff tendinitis or tear. For some people, the shoulder pain may awaken them from sleep.

In addition, its not uncommon for the pain of a rotator cuff tendinitis or tear to be felt further down the arm from the shoulder. This has to do with the location of the nerves that pass by the deeper parts of the shoulder.

More specifically, with rotator cuff tears, deficits in strength are very common. For instance, many people noticed they have a hard time putting dishes away in upper cabinets or reaching into the refrigerator to lift a carton of milk.

With both a rotator cuff tendinitis and tear, a person often experiences pain over the shoulder that worsens with activities, such as reaching overhead or throwing.

Keep in mind, some people with rotator cuff tears do not experience any painand the severity of the tear does not correlate with the pain experience. In other words, a person with a partial tear may report severe pain while a person with a complete tear may report no pain at all.

Treating Neck And Shoulder Pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain | Rotator cuff strengthening

Treatment of neck and shoulder pain depends on the underlying cause.

Heart attack, stroke, and other serious conditions often include emergency treatment. For most other situations, home remedies, physical therapy, and massage will bring improvement.

Some of the more serious situations that may require surgical treatment include:

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What Is The Best Treatment For A Rotator Cuff Injury

Depending on the reason for the injury and the severity of your symptoms, it is possible for your rotator cuff injury to heal on its own with a few weeks or months of rest. Beyond that, there are a variety of treatment options that will help manage your pain and improve your ability to perform routine activities. A Texas orthopedic doctor can help determine which one is best for you.

Neck Pain Referred To The Shoulder

Lennard Funk, 2012

Pain felt in the shoulder area can sometimes be coming from your neck. This is because the nerves and muscles that arise from your neck pass through your shoulder on their way down the arm. The nerves from your neck also travel down your arm . Thus neck pain may extend down your arm.

Pain from your neck is usually felt mainly at the top of your shoulder over your trapezius muscle, whilst pain from your shoulder is normally felt over your upper arm.

The pain is NOT made worse with movement of your shoulder, so your shoulder moves freely without aggravating the pain. This is the simplest way to know that the pain is not from your shoulder, but from your neck!However, it can become confusing because many people with neck-related shoulder pain also develope weakness of their shoulder rotator cuff muscles and get subacromial impingement of the shoulder. It takes an experienced clinician to help you to differentiate the two sources of pain.

If the pain is from your neck joints and ligaments the pain is often a dull ache. If the pain is from a trapped nerve then the pain can be very, very severe. You may also get pins and needles or numbness in your hand. This is typically in the distribution of the affected nerve .

An MRI scan of your neck is the most useful investigation to see the inner anatomy of your neck and any problems therein.

The common causes of shoulder pain from the neck are:

  • Cervical spondylosis – arthritis of the spine
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    The Pain Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    The carpal tunnel is a passageway that runs from your wrist to your hand. It contains nerves and tendons. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when theres prolonged pressure on the median nerve inside your carpal tunnel.

    The median nerve controls feeling and movement in all your fingers except your pinky. When it gets pinched, a variety of symptoms can develop, including:

    • Pain
    • Loss of function
    • Reduced grip strength

    A naturally narrow carpal tunnel or swollen tunnel from repeated hand motions can put pressure on the median nerve.

    Lifestyle modifications can make a big difference to mitigate carpal tunnel pain. Take frequent breaks if your work requires repetitive wrist or hand motions. Ask Dr. Downing about exercises or stretches that may help condition your wrists.

    Wearing a wrist splint can keep your wrist straight and minimize pressure on your median nerve. Some people find that wearing a splint at night gives their wrist nerves a rest and helps eliminate numbness and tingling.

    To manage pain, anti-inflammatory medications or corticosteroid shots can be effective. With a comprehensive exam and discussion of your symptoms, Dr. Downing or Dr. Brereton can help you decide which treatment is best for your carpal tunnel pain.

    What Can Cause Sharp Pain In Your Neck And Shoulder When Breathing

    Can a torn rotator cuff cause wrist pain â heal quickly ...

    A couple of conditions can cause pain in the neck and/or shoulder when you take a deep breath, including:

    • Pleurisy : Symptoms include sudden chest pain that may be felt only while coughing or breathing deeply, fever, cough, and shortness of breath.
    • Pericarditis : Symptoms include rapid-onset stabbing chest pain, possibly pain in the shoulder, fever, weakness, and trouble breathing. It gets worse if you lie down or breathe deeply.

    Pleurisy and pericarditis arent usually medical emergencies but you should treat any chest pain or breathing difficulty as an emergency until you know for sure whats causing it.

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    Could That Shoulder Pain Really Stem From The Neck

    When a nerve root in the cervical spine is irritated, the symptoms can radiate into the shoulder, arm, and hand. WatchCervical Radiculopathy Interactive Video

    When shoulder pain is actually coming from the neck, it is wise to seek treatment as one or more nerves running from the neck into the shoulder could be at risk.

    Recovering From A Rotator Cuff Tear Give Therapy A Try

    Rotator cuff tears are very common, and very painful! Many people who sustain them report feeling a dull ache in their shoulder, as well as difficulty sleeping on the affected side or reaching around behind their back. This kind of pain typically doesnt resolve on its own, and can seriously affect the way youre able to function comfortably on a daily basis. The good news is that if you have sustained a rotator cuff tear, you dont have to worry about living with the pain forever. A hand therapist at our clinic can help you to find the pain relief you deserve. Our innovative care strategies at Libra OT PLLC will help you find quick relief. Call us today to learn more about rotator cuff injuries, and how you can get help from our experienced team of occupational and hand therapists!

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    When The Neck Is The Likely Culprit

    Inflammation of any of the 14 nerves or eight pairs of joints in the neck can cause neck pain. The joints or vertebrae serve as a hinge that lets us nod or shake our heads during conversation . In fact, up to 70% of 65-year-olds may have symptomatic arthritis in one or more neck joints.

    Because pain in one area can so often be confused with another, a thorough exam must be done, including range of motion, strength testing and provocative neck and shoulder maneuvers, says Dr. Ricchetti. You may have arthritis or nerve-related neck pain if pain:

    • Radiates to your shoulder blade, or close to or on the side of your neck.
    • Electric-like, stabbing, burning or tingling.
    • Radiates down past your elbow or even into your hand.
    • Persists at rest.
    • Radiates down your arm when you extend or twist your neck.
    • Is relieved when you support your neck.

    Its important to see a specialist to get a thorough physical examination of your neck and shoulder. To help with diagnosis, they may inject lidocaine into the shoulder, or the joints or nerves of the neck. This diagnostic test helps guide treatment if it relieves pain, it demonstrates where the problems are, explains Dr. Ricchetti. Whether the problem lies in your neck or your shoulder, conservative measures are usually tried first.

    Gallstones Or Enlarged Gallbladder


    Pain in your right shoulder can be a sign of a gallstone blocking a duct in your gallbladder. You may also feel pain in your back between your shoulder blades. The pain may be sudden and sharp.

    You may or may not feel the more common symptoms of gallstones or gallbladder inflammation. These are:

    • sudden pain in your upper right abdomen
    • pain in the center of your abdomen, below your breast bone
    • nausea or vomiting

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    Issues Caused By Shoulder Stabilization

    Your rotator cuff injury will cause your shoulder to work harder to stabilize itself during lifting and/or rotation.

    Secondary shoulder stabilizing muscles like the trapezius and elevator scapulae insert into your neck. A weakness or tear in your rotator cuff can put tremendous stress on the secondary stabilizers.

    These overstressed stabilizers can cause neck strain or muscle spasms in your neck.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Rotator Cuff Syndrome

    Rotator cuff syndrome generally results in swelling and tenderness that can severely limit your movement. The early stages of RCS can show mild symptoms like sudden shoulder pain. But as your condition progresses, you may experience a significant loss of strength and difficulty lifting your arm.

    Each specific rotator cuff condition typically presents its own signs and symptoms. But, if you have shoulder cuff syndrome, you can expect:

    • Numbness
    • Limited mobility in the affected arm, especially with arm lifting
    • Interruption of sleep because of shoulder pain
    • Difficulty in carrying out tasks that require overhead motions, such as brushing your hair or throwing a ball

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    When The Shoulder Is The Suspect

    Shoulder pain is most often caused by an injury to the rotator cuff, a group of tendons and muscles that stabilize the joint. The rotator cuff develops wear and tear with age, and can be easily injured. When this happens, we compensate by using different muscles to pick things up or reach for them. This may cause both shoulder and neck pain, says Dr. Ricchetti. You may have a rotator cuff injury or other shoulder problem if pain:

    • Develops in the shoulder itself or on the outside of your upper arm.
    • Is dull and aching.
    • Improves when you rest your arm.

    Ganglion Of The Wrist

    Rotator Cuff Tears and Shoulder Pain at Night

    Ganglion cysts arise from the capsule of a joint or the sheath of a tendon. They can be found at different places on the wrist. A ganglion cyst that grows on the top of the wrist is called a dorsal ganglion. Others are found on the underside of the wrist between the thumb and your pulse point, at the end joint of a finger, or at the base of a finger. Most of the time, these are harmless and will often disappear in time.

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    Risk Factors Of Rotator Cuff Syndrome

    Rotator cuff syndrome stems from repetitive activity and overhead movement for a prolonged period. Certain factors can promote these activities or put you at a greater risk for rotator cuff syndrome:

    • Age Rotator cuff injuries are most common in people over 60
    • Family history Rotator cuff injuries are apparent in certain families. It may involve a genetic component that allows rotator cuff syndrome to be passed down.
    • Occupation Rotator cuff syndrome is prevalent among construction jobs. The repetitive, often overhead motions like painting and carpentry can damage your rotator cuff.
    • Athletes Baseball players, basketball players, javelin throwers, and other athletes often experience rotator cuff injuries because of the constant stress on their rotator cuff muscles and tendons.
    • Weightlifting Overhead lifting and pressure from the weights can increase the chances of weightlifters developing rotator cuff syndrome. Shoulder pain when using dumbbells and lifting weights in shoulder and chest exercises is typical of rotator cuff syndrome.

    Anatomy Of The Rotator Cuff

    The rotator cuff comprises four tendons the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis each of them attaches a muscle of the same name to the scapula and the humerus, or upper arm bone . The tendons work together to stabilize the joint, rotate the shoulder, and lift the arm above the head. Rotator cuff tendinitis usually starts with inflammation of the supraspinatus tendon and may involve the three other tendons as the condition progresses.

    Rotator cuff

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