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Can A Car Accident Cause Sciatica Pain

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Will Insurance Pay For Sciatica After A Car Accident

Best Exercises to Ease Low Back Pain Pain From an Auto Accident | Portland Car Accident Chiropractor

The answer is yes, it should, but be prepared for the insurance company to fight you on this. Insurance companies will try to avoid sciatica payouts in several ways:

  • They may claim your sciatica is not related to the car accident, especially if it does not manifest right away.
  • They may claim you already had sciatica before the accident, and therefore its not covered.
  • In many cases, they will just try to settle your claim as quickly as possible. Since it can take weeks or months before a victim becomes aware that they have sciatica, that often means the victim has already signed away their rights and cannot add the sciatica to their insurance claim.

This is why its so important never to sign anything or accept an insurance payment until talking to a lawyer. Your lawyer can handle the insurance company while you get the full care and diagnosis you needand help you get every penny you deserve.

Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain After A Car Accident

When you have lower back pain after a car accident, you may also experience symptoms in the surrounding area as well. These symptoms can include soreness and tenderness in the area. If there is any swelling or inflammation in your lower back then you may notice the area is warm to the touch. Stretched and strained muscles that support your lower back can become stiff and sore, making certain movements uncomfortable. When nerves are impacted by a car accident, you may also experience tingling, numbness, and even weakness in your lower back and into your legs and feet.

Can A Slip And Fall Cause Sciatica

If you pinch a nerve or one of the discs in your back herniates from a slip and fall accident, you could develop sciatica. Trauma from the accident can damage the spine and compress the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches off of the lower back and travels through the hips and buttocks and down the legs.

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Sudden Versus Delayed Symptoms

The symptoms of sciatica can be sudden or delayed, depending on the severity of the injury and the bodys response to pain after a significant traumatic event like a car accident. Immediately following a car accident, you may find that your adrenaline is pumping so much that it is masking some pain symptoms. Once you are able to calm down after the crash, you may start to notice more significant back and leg pain symptoms.

When To Seek Medical Attention For Sciatica

Can Car Accidents Cause Sciatica?

You should, of course, see a doctor immediately if youve been in a car accident. The following suggestions assume that you have already seen a doctor and pain that the doctor said should go away has not gone or you have developed new symptoms.

Minor cases of sciatica can sometimes resolve on their own, but you should always check with a doctor if you experience pain in your back or legs that lasts more than a week or two after an accident or if it develops but wasnt immediately present after the accident occurred.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should contact your doctor to see if medical treatment might be required:

  • Burning or tingling in the leg that worsens when you sit
  • Difficulty bending your foot upward at the ankle
  • Sharp pains that make it difficult to stand up or walk
  • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving your foot or leg
  • Constant pain on one side in the buttock and/or leg

If you do have a herniated or broken disk, its important to get the proper treatment as soon as possible. Any delays could make things worse or cause permanent damage.

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What Does Sciatica Feel Like

The hallmark sign of sciatica is one-sided pain that begins in the low back and radiates down the buttock, thigh, calf and foot. Sciatica rarely affects both sides of the body. You can experience symptoms anywhere along the nerve pathway, but pain is usually more severe in the leg and foot than in the low back. Symptoms include:

  • Pain thats described as shooting, burning, stabbing or electric
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Muscle weakness in the leg or foot

Sciatic pain can be constant or come and go. Movements that aggravate or worsen sciatic pain include coughing, sneezing, standing up, and sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Damages You Can Collect After Your Accident

Sciatica injuries can be very serious. In some cases, they are life-changing ailments. Such serious injuries may require award more compensation. S. Burke Law can help you fight for compensation to collect the following damages on your behalf:

  • Medical expenses: This can include ambulance trips, medication, specialist visits, and hospital stays.
  • Lost wages: Sciatica injuries often require significant rehab which forces you to miss time at work. In some cases, you may be unable to work at all. In either case, we can help you will seek compensation to meet your needs.

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Abogados De Accidentes Como Pasajeros

Si usted o un ser querido sufrió un accidente de tráfico donde se encontraba como pasajero, tiene derecho a presentar un reclamo por lesiones personales para poder obtener una compensacion economica por el dolor y sufrimiento que el accidente le haya causado.

El estado de California es uno de los estados más transitados día a día, desafortunadamente las personas que transitan corren el riesgo de sufrir un accidente, debido al alto flujo de vehículos en las carreteras del estado.

Las personas que viajan como pasajeros frecuentemente resultan con lesiones graves en un accidente automovilístico, de hecho en muchas de las ocasiones los pasajeros sufren lesiones más graves que los conductores. Los pasajeros lastimados en un accidente, tienen derecho a buscar una compensacion economica. Muchas veces las personas desconocen sus derechos al ser víctimas de accidentes por la imprudencia de otro conductor.

En Megeredchian Law contamos con los mejores Abogados de Accidentes como pasajero en California, nuestra oficina esta a su total disposición para ayudarle a pelear por sus derechos y ayudarle a obtener la compensacion que usted se merece.

Si usted viajaba como pasajero y sufrio un accidente usted puede obtener una compensacion economica por el dolor y sufrimiento que el accidente le ha causado, contactenos hoy mismo y obtenga una consulta totalmente gratis.

Integrity Spine And Orthopedics Treats Car Accident Injuries

What Causes Sciatica? Herniated Disc – Piriformis Syndrome – Personal Injury Doctor Atlanta

A back injury can put you out of commission for weeks or months. We recommend contacting Integrity Spine and Orthopedics as soon as possible if youve been in a car accident and have back, neck or soft tissue pain and symptoms. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons specialize in pain management, general orthopedics and minimally invasive spine surgeries to treat a wide range of spine, muscle and joint conditions caused by car crashes. The sooner we get you started on the right treatment plan, the sooner youll be back on your feet and doing the activities you love.

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Areas Affected By An Automobile Accident

An automobile collision can affect the lumbar vertebrae , thoracic vertebrae , and cervical vertebrae . Each area consists of tissues, nerves, ligaments, bones, tendons, and muscles extending from your neck to your pelvis.

With 33 vertebrae spine bones, 31 nerve roots, and 32 muscles in your neck and back, any damage can have long-lasting effects. The most common back injuries are to the lumbar spine located in the lower back. There are five vertebrae in your lumbar spine. Soft discs with a soft nucleus and rugged outer ring sit between each vertebra.

Thoracic injuries are less common due to their rigid structure but more serious as the upper back connects to the rib and chest region. Damage to one or more of the 12 vertebrae can affect your breathing, cause nerve damage, or lead to chronic pain.

Some injuries, such as soft tissue problems, may not show up right away. Seeking medical treatment immediately can rule out any critical issues and shorten your auto accident recovery time.

What Causes Neck And Back Injuries During Car Accidents

Car accidents, and the force that goes along with them, can be seriously damaging to the neck and back. These accidents are the main cause of neck injuries that often result in long-term suffering and great socio-economic cost to the victims and their families. More than 800,000 cases of vehicle crashes involving neck injuries are reported in the United States annually, and the cost of treatment is as high as $5.2 billion.

When a car hits something, or something hits a car, the inertia of the opposing force causes everything in the car, including a human, to move in that direction. There is only so much room to move in a car.

Eventually, the seat belt, car door, dashboard, or some other object is going to stop that forward momentum. This force often generates enormous pressure on the neck and back. These areas of the body are both crucial to bodily function, yet sensitive to sudden movement and force

This jerking motion is rapid, like a whip, and is often referred to as whiplash . Whiplash can cause a number of different injuries to the spine.

Neck and lower back injuries are some of the most common you can experience after a car accident. These injuries can be both debilitating and extremely painful. Two of the most common pain-generating injuries of the spine are discogenic injuries and facet joint injuries.

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Average Settlement For Sciatica After An Accident

Understandably, many prospective clients want to know, Can a car accident cause sciatica? Despite what the other drivers insurance company will try to make you believe, car accidents can result in disc injuries that cause sciatic nerve pain.

That means if you develop sciatica after a car accident, compensation could be included in a settlement amount. However, no set amount or range determines how much you could receive for your injuries. Every persons injuries are different, and therefore they are evaluated on an individual basis.

Causas Ms Comunes De Un Accidente De Trafico:

Delayed Back Pain After Car Accident? 5 Steps You Must Take

Si bien un accidente no se puede prevenir ya que todos los accidentes son impredecibles, suceden de un segundo a otro, pero claro que hay formas de poder reducir el riesgo de sufrir un accidente, a continuación le presentamos una lista con medidas que pueden usarse para prevenir un accidente.

  • Siempre mantenerse totalmente concentrado en el volante, es muy importante que su atención total este en la carretera
  • Conducir sobrio es importante que siempre que usted esté al volante se mantenga sobrio, no ponga en riesgo su vida y la de las personas que le acompañan
  • Usar el cinturón de seguridad, el cinturón ha salvado miles de vidas es por eso que siempre que usted esté al volante debe hacer uso de él, de igual manera las personas que vayan con usted deben usarlo
  • Obedecer los límites de velocidad, es importante que siempre respete los límites de velocidad en carretera, de igual manera respete las distancias entre un vehículo y otro.

Estas son algunas de las medidas de prevención que pueden ayudarle a usted a reducir el riesgo en un accidente, sin embargo no importa qué tan cuidadoso sea usted, no todas las personas siguen a pie cada una de las reglas que marca la ley.

Una persona que es víctima de la imprudencia de otro conductor puede obtener una compensación económica por las lesiones que haya sufrido. Nuestra oficina de Abogados de Accidentesestá aquí para poder ayudarle con su reclamo.

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How Much Does It Cost To Retain An Attorney

Most car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. You arent responsible for any upfront fees or costs. Your attorney will take a percentage of your settlement or jury award to cover their expenses and costs. That means if you dont recover any compensation, you wont be responsible for paying any attorneys fees or costs.

Dont Let An Insurance Company Stop You From Getting The Care You Deserve

As a victim of a car accident, you might be hit with aches and pains not only during impact but also for hours, days and even years later. Its important that you receive the right treatment for those injuries, but healthcare costs have skyrocketed, making it unaffordable for most Americans.

Fighting with an insurance company to get your medical bills paid when an accident wasnt your fault can be confusing and complex. Theres a combination of physical, mental, and emotional costs due to your injuries. Thats why having a lawyer walk you through the intricacies of filing a personal injury claim can make a big difference on the compensation you receive.

In addition to filing a timely claim, you must focus on laws that may affect your claim, and document the totality of your injuries and how theyve affected your life overall. You may be surprised to learn that victims of auto accidents can suffer from post-traumatic stress. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, symptoms of post-traumatic stress after a traffic accident are:

  • An ongoing, general feeling of uneasiness.
  • Anxiety about driving or riding in vehicles.
  • Not wanting to have medical tests or procedures done.
  • Irritability, or excessive worry or anger.
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping.
  • A feeling that youre not connected to other events or people.
  • Ongoing memories of the accident that you cant stop or control.

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Sciatica Symptoms And Diagnosis

One of the specific things about sciatica is that the pain feels like its radiating from the lower back down the legs. Other symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Numbness
  • Pins and needles in your toes
  • A tingling sensation
  • The pain worsens when sitting, coughing, or sneezing

The pain can range from mild to severe. In case of severe sciatica, it can take up to eight weeks for the pain to subside.

The best way to diagnose sciatica is to see a doctor for a thorough evaluation as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the injury, the doctor will perform X-rays, CT scans, or MRI to identify sciaticas exact location and cause.

Will A Lawyer Help Me Get More Money

Lower Back Injury: Doctor Explains Injuries from Car Accident

Hiring a Tampa car accident law firm like Abrahamson & Uiterwyk can work to obtain more money in a sciatica car accident settlement. We have the experience necessary to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Weve represented over 20,000 injury victims in Florida, earning a successful reputation for helping our clients recover over $300,000,000 to date.

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Yes Car Accidents Can Sometimes Bring On Sciatica

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched. This is usually due to a herniated disc in your spine. In some car accidents, the impact of the collision can cause a herniated disc, as well as damage to the surrounding connective tissue. When it does, theres a possibility of pinching the sciatic nerve and causing pain.

In short, being involved in an auto accident can trigger the onset of sciatica, whether or not you have a history of back pain.

Contacting A Whiplash Accident Lawyer After An Accident

Whiplash accident cases are some of the most difficult to pursue and overcome obstacles that the insurance industry utilizes on muscle and ligament injury claims of the neck.

Insurance adjusters and their experts will label whiplash as a simple sprain or strain injury. Ironically, non-surgical whiplash is often worse than your typical disc injury that requires surgery. Surgery is a definitive solution to chronic pain caused by a disc injury of the spine. Muscle and ligament injuries are generally much more difficult to treat with no exact healing timeline.

Whiplash can impede an auto accident victims quality of life every bit as much as a disc injury. Insurance carriers go into these cases with the goal of minimizing the value of each claim. Many lawyers fail to spend the money necessary to hire the best experts and aggressively pursue whiplash claims.

As a Florida whiplash injury lawyer, we have handled thousands of car accident whiplash claims over the past decade. We take these cases very seriously and are empathetic to how these injuries impact our clients. Further, if we do not aggressively pursue every last case, the insurance carriers will lump us in with the settlement mills. A settlement mill is a law firm that worries about signing up a high volume of clients and litigates a disproportionately low number of cases.

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Skilled Car Accident Attorneys In Oakland Ready To Help

Car accident victims must seek medical treatment for their injuries as soon as possible. In severe injury cases, medical costs for treatment can become exorbitantly high but are, nonetheless, necessary. If the carelessness of another driver caused your car accident, you should be fully compensated for your medical costs, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

At The Barnes Firm, we understand how stressful and confusing this time can be for injured victims. Our team of experienced car accident attorneys is here to help you file a personal injury claim and receive maximum compensation so you can focus on your recovery. Our attorneys have won various awards and accreditations for their work helping clients, including Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers. To schedule a free consultation with our experienced attorneys, please complete an online contact form or call our office at any time.

When To Obtain Medical Care For Possible Sciatica

Back Pain After a Car Accident

If you have pain in your lower back, hip, buttock or the back or your leg after a slip and fall accident, you should see your doctor right away. If the pain is sudden or severe, you have trouble with bladder or bowel continence, or you have numbness or muscle weakness, get immediate medical attention. Untreated sciatica can cause permanent nerve damage.

Diabetes, increased age as well as prolonged sitting are linked or suspected of increasing a persons risk for sciatica.

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