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Can A Broken Wrist Cause Shoulder Pain

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What Are My Treatment Options

Common Causes Of Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Pain

Most non-displaced fractures require immobilization in a sling until the fracture heals enough to be comfortable and permit motion without risk of dislodging the fracture fragments. X-rays are used to determine if sufficient healing has occurred to permit motion exercises.

It is vital to maintain flexibility of the elbow, wrist and fingers while resting the shoulder. With your doctors guidance, you may commence shoulder movement as the fracture heals. If the arm is moved too early, this can delay healing, but too little movement will result in stiffness.


If the fracture fragments are displaced, surgical procedures may be necessary to bring the pieces together and fix them with wires, pins, plates or screws.

If the ball portion of the upper arm is broken, split or crushed, a shoulder replacement may become necessary.

Because the majority of shoulder fractures are non-displaced, recovery of good to excellent motion and function is often achieved. Displaced fractures often require surgery and may result in injury to the adjacent muscles. This can result in more shoulder pain, weakness and residual discomfort.

Are There Any Other Treatment Options Being Investigated

For osteoarthritis, some clinical research trials are underway in the U.S. exploring stem cell treatment. Early findings are encouraging. Stem cell therapy so far has shown to provide some pain relief and improvement in function. The ultimate goal would hopefully be to use stem cells to regrow cartilage.

Over the past decade, researchers developed many new medications for psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, with more studies underway.

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Arthritis Of The Shoulder

Arthritis is often used as a blanket term for joint pain but there are several different types of arthritis, all of which require unique treatment. Arthritis of the shoulder presents as right shoulder pain, left shoulder pain, or a pain in both shoulders that is worsened by activity. The location of the pain varies based on the specific joint affected. If the glenohumeral joint is affected, the pain will be in the center of the shoulder. Arthritis in the ACJ is felt on the top of the shoulder most times but pain in the right side of the neck or left side can occur as well.

You will have limited movement of the shoulder if you have arthritis of the shoulder. Sleeping can become difficult because the shoulder may begin to grind as you sleep or as you move in your sleep during the night, which only worsens the pain of arthritis. Or, you might hear a disturbing shoulder clicking sound when you move. Although this clicking may sound somewhat frightening, know that it is a very common symptom of many less serious shoulder problems.

Nonsurgical treatments for this type of arthritis involve getting adequate rest, shoulder pain exercises, heat and ice treatments, and corticosteroid injections. If your pain has severely limited your daily activities and overall quality of life, there are surgical options.

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What Does Ssa Look For In Cases Related To Disability Benefits Due To Wrist Pain

When it comes to granting Disability Benefits for Wrist Pain, the SSA will look for medical records which confirms the diagnosis. The medical records should also show the treatments rendered to the claimant for wrist pain, the response of the treatment, and the overall prognosis. The SSA will also take a look at the radiological studies in the form of x-rays, MRIs, and other laboratory tests confirming that the claimant has a physical impairment because of which the claimant cannot be gainfully employed under any capacity.

Once the SSA goes through all the documents furnished by the claimant, it will then assess whether the impairment is good enough to qualify for disability benefits. If the cause for the wrist pain is mentioned in the Blue Book, which is a list of medical conditions which qualifies for disability benefits, then it becomes a bit easy to get Disability Benefits for Wrist Pain. If in case the cause of the wrist pain is not mentioned in the Blue Book, then the claimant should have enough documented evidence proving that the claimant is not in a position to be employed or work in any capacity because of the wrist pain. This can best be done by disability attorney who has experience of handling disability cases related to wrist pain.

Five Causes Of Hand And Wrist Pain

Broken Wrist: 10 Broken Wrist Symptoms

We rely on our hands for everything. So over time, you might start to experience pain or sensitivity. ;When the pain doesnt go away with rest, icing, and NSAIDs, seeing a medical professional who can diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan to successfully manage the symptoms is a good first step to quite literally handling the problem. ;Wonder what could be the cause of your condition? Here are five possible causes of hand and wrist pain.

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What Causes Clavicle Fractures

Collar bone fractures are commonly caused by:

  • A Fall: either onto the side of the shoulder or when the arm is outstretched. You dont have to fall very far to break your collarbone, it just depends on the angle of your arm and which bit you land on. I managed to break my collar bone age 5 falling out of the bottom bunk bed!
  • Direct Contact: A sudden, strong blow to the collar bone can break it such as a rugby tackle
  • Birth: Occasionally, babies experience shoulder fractures, particularly of the collarbone, during childbirth. This is most common when the baby is breech, where the babies bottom comes out first instead of their head

There are three types of clavicle fracture, depending on which part of the bone is broken. The most common is a type 1 fracture, where the break is located in the middle third of the bone, as this is the weakest part of the bone.

You can find out loads more information about the causes, symptoms, treatment and recovery in the;clavicle fractures;section.

What Happens When You Stop Exercises

Without some simple exercises, we know that specific muscles can become weak. When these supporting muscles are weak, your injured structures inadequately support and predispose you to linger symptoms or further injury. You can also over-activate adjacent muscles that may lead to further damage.

It is also essential to understand that even if you are “in good shape”, you may have crucial but weak localised or stability muscles. When you have an injury, you should perform specific exercises that specifically strengthen the muscles around your injury and the adjacent joints. Your physiotherapist will assess your muscle function and prescribe the right exercises specific to your needs.

The exercises prescribed will usually be relatively simple, and do not require any special weights equipment, and can be performed safely at home.

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What Causes Frozen Shoulder 9 Potential Causes

Some common, and uncommon, frozen shoulder causes are listed below. But even if you dont fit the criteria described here, your shoulder can still freeze. As mentioned previously, the science behind frozen shoulder syndrome is still very much a mystery. If you think you may be suffering from this condition, talk to your doctor.

What Is The Treatment For A Scaphoid Fracture

How Do Shoulder Dislocation & Humerus Fracture Cause Injury to the Radial Nerve?

It is important get the right treatment. Otherwise, you risk improper healing and future problems like painful arthritis. A scaphoid fracture that is correctly treated soon after the injury will take about 12 weeks to heel. But an untreated fracture may take as long as six months to recover from. Untreated patients will also usually experience long-term problems moving their wrist or other complications .

The most common treatment is to put the wrist in a long-arm cast that extends from the thumb to just below the elbow.

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Shoulder Elbow Wrist Pain

Cracking, popping, grinding, snapping and crunching.;Weve heard all the descriptors of shoulder pain. If youre one of the many people to have felt or heard one of these as you move your arm around, youre going to want to read on. First thing we need to figure out is why, and that is one of our jobs as physical therapists.;

Shoulder pain is usually induced by movement. The sharp pain that nearly brings us to our knees as opposed to the dull aches of life. People will often say to;us, its only when I reach over my head or when I reach behind my back. This is a mechanical problem. What does that mean? The shoulder is a unique part of our body in that it relies on so much help from its neighbors for assistance. The neck, the shoulder blade, the ribcage and the thoracic spine. If something isnt working right, other structures make up for the slack and contribute. This turns into overuse which then leads to inflammation or tears and ultimately pain. This all plays out in a matter;or;weeks, months or even years.;Weve heard it a thousand times, no I never hurt it but its just gradually been bothering me more and more the last 6 months.;

Breaks Vs Strains: Spotting The Symptoms

When trying to determine your childs injury, keep in mind that pain isnt always an indicator. Strains and fractures can often be equally painful. Both injuries may also cause swelling, weakness, and bruising. However, each injury has a few distinct symptoms as well.

  • Strains: Strained wrists are injury to the tendons or muscles and are a common youth sports injury. While it is likely painful to move their wrist, your child may still be able to use their full range of motion. The wrist may also still be in alignment. Again, it can be challenging to use pain as an indicator, but strains often cause throbbing and tenderness. Your child may also feel pain in the entire wrist joint, rather than in one spot.;
  • Breaks: If your childs wrist is broken, they may not be able to move it or have limited range of motion. You might also notice that the wrist is out of alignment or bent. In severe fractures, the bone may be physically displaced or protruding from the skin. Its possible that your child will feel numbness in their fingers if their wrist is broken.;

While you may be able to guess whether your childs wrist is strained or broken, its impossible to know without seeing a doctor. Visit a sports injury clinic right after your child experiences the injury. Prompt treatment will ensure that your childs injury heals quickly.;

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Shoulder Pain As A Symptom

Unfortunately, shoulder pain related to lung cancer or mesothelioma can be very similar or identical to that of conditions such as arthritis. If you have any question at all about shoulder pain, it’s better to be safe and talk to your doctor. Yet, there are a few symptoms that make lung cancer more likely.

Symptoms that may be more concerning for lung cancer include shoulder pain that’s worse at night, pain that occurs at rest, and pain that’s not associated with any loss of motion with activity.

Shoulder pain is also more likely to be something non-skeletal if you do not recall any injury or activities in which you may have overused your shoulder.

Shoulder pain is also more likely to be a symptom;of lung cancer if you have other symptoms of lung cancer, such as shortness of breath a persistent cough, wheezing, hoarseness, coughing up blood, fatigue, or if you are losing weight for no reason.

Keep in mind that the symptoms of lung cancer in women and symptoms of lung cancer in non-smokers are often less typical than those in menand sometimes very vague, such as the gradual onset shortness of breath with activity and fatigue.

Many people dismiss the early symptoms of lung cancer as being due to age-related changes in exercise tolerance, weight gain, or being too sedentary.

Recovering From Foosh Injuries

Broken Wrist: 10 Broken Wrist Symptoms

Recovery usually includes physical therapy to help you return to your everyday activities and restore your full range of motion. A physical therapist will show you the right way to wear supportive devices such as braces, splints, or slings while your injury is still healing. Theyll also teach you exercises to help you recover.

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Other Causes Of Shoulder Symptoms

Overuse and acute injuries are common causes of shoulder symptoms. Less common causes of shoulder symptoms include:

  • Muscle tension or poor posture.
  • Pain that is coming from somewhere else in your body .
  • Breakdown of the cartilage that protects and cushions the shoulder joints .
  • Calcium buildup in the tendons of the shoulder.
  • An irritated or pinched nerve or a herniated disc in the neck.
  • Infection in the skin , joint , bursa , or bone .
  • Invasive cancer that has spread to the bones of the shoulder or spine.
  • Abuse. Any shoulder injury that cannot be explained, does not match the explanation, or occurs repeatedly may be caused by abuse.

Benefits Of Kinesiology Taping

Pain Relief via Structural Support for Weak or Injured Body Parts

Kinesiology tape is a flexible elastic tape that moves with your body. The supple elasticity provides supports to your body parts without the tape slipping.

Muscle Support

Kinesiology tape potentially assists your muscle strength via physical assistance. It also provides tactile feedback through the skin, e.g. proprioception boost. This phenomenon may help both the non-disabled athlete to enhance their performance and hypotonic, e.g. children with low muscle tone.

Swelling Reduction

Kinesiology provides a passive lift to your skin via its elastic properties. This vacuum effect allows your lymphatic and venous drainage systems to drain and swollen or bruised tissue quicker than without the kinesiology tape.

It is also thought that this same principle can assist the removal of exercise byproducts like lactic acid that may contribute to post-exercise soreness, e.g. delayed onset muscle soreness .

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Acute And Chronic Shoulder Tendinitis

Over time, tendinitis can become more advanced..

In general, more advanced cases of tendinitis can be classified into one of two categories:

  • Acute tendinitis: which is typically caused by repeat actions, such as throwing a ball or other activities requiring one to raise their arms over their head.
  • Chronic tendinitis: is typically caused by degenerative diseases like arthritis or repetitive wear and tear on the shoulder joint as a result of aging.

Therapy for tendinitis usually focuses upon regaining range of motion in the shoulder through exercises and physical therapy, lessening pain through either prescribed pain medication or over the counter pain medications, using anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections to ease inflammation in the shoulder area, and frequent appointments with a doctor to monitor progress of the healing and to strategize any further needed action.

For very severe cases of tendinitis, surgery is sometimes recommended but only if and after every possible attempt is made to alleviate pain and discomfort through less drastic actions.

Would You Stop Your Daily Prescription Drugs

Causes Of Finger, Hand, And Wrist Pain

Your physiotherapist will prescribe your individualised dose or exercises. They are using their professional expertise to optimise your exercise dose. Would you stop taking your regular blood pressure medication because you were too busy or didn’t think it worked? We would hope not!

Exercise, when prescribed by an expert such as your physiotherapist, should be treated as your recommended dose. Just like when you don’t take your blood pressure medication, you can’t expect the drugs to work if you don’t take them as prescribed by your health professional.

So, next time you skip your “exercise dose”, remember that you are not putting your health first. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Physio Works physiotherapist for your best care.

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Braces For A Broken Wrist

After your cast or splint has been removed, you may want to further support your wrist as it continues to heal. Fractured wrist braces can be very useful in reducing possible further damage or pain to a recovering wrist. Depending on your needs there are different types of brace available. For example, they can come in low, medium or high levels of support, ranging from light sprains that need compression to more serious breaks that still require further immobilisation and support. Some of these include:

  • Sturdy wrist straps that fully immobilise the thumb and wrist
  • Less restrictive supports that allow some movement to the wrist but protect certain wrist bones
  • Adjustable wrist straps that can support you while you play sports
  • There is also a softer strap that provides compression and support to the wrist and thumb, but still allows the full range of movement.

Different straps can be made of different material, for example neoprene or cloth. Make sure that the material sufficiently supports your wrist according to what you need, and is not too loose, soft or hard. It is important that you get the right brace for your level of recovery and ensure that you are not putting any unnecessary strain on your broken wrist.

Signs Of Wrist Tendonitis You Should Take Seriously

Repetitive movements can really take a toll on the tendons the fibrous, sinewy cords of collagen tissue that surround the muscles, attaching them to nearby bone. From a mechanic using manpower to restore old cars day in and day out, to a tennis player who has amassed trophies from years of tough matches on the court, tendonitis strikes many different people but they all share some similar symptoms.

An overuse condition, tendonitis occurs as the wrist tendons which connect the forearm muscles to the bones of the hand and fingers, rub over the bony area of the wrist. When tendons are doing their job, they glide seamlessly through small sheaths as they pass over the joint. A lubricating substance known as synovial fluid allows for this ease of movement. Healthy joints are also coated in synovium, a slippery outer layer of soft tissue. An injured wrist, however, can become inflamed, leading to a feeling of friction as one moves their wrist, or completes strenuous or repetitive motions.

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