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A Pain On The Left Side Of My Stomach

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Stomach Pain From Dehydration

CJW Doc Minute: What causes pain on the left side of my stomach?

It is possible to develop stomach pain from being dehydrated. Dehydration occurs when your body has lost too much fluid, and it cannot function normally. Signs of dehydration include stomach pain, fever, difficulty breathing, decrease in urine production, and even seizures. Drink fluids with electrolytes to help replenish your body quickly, and be sure to seek professional treatment if the case is severe.

Contact Digestive Health Services if your stomach pain is intense, comes on suddenly, and occurs with other symptoms, as this could be a serious medical issue.

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Causes Of Left Side Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body. Pain is one of the most common complaints that women have, especially when the baby really starts to grow quickly at the end. Usually pregnant pain on left side is usually nothing to worry about. However if you have other symptoms such as fever, bleeding, nausea or trouble urinating, you should let your doctor know. Left side stomach pain during pregnancy could be very normal or something your doctor needs to know about. This article will help you learn more about this condition and when you need to be concerned.

Common Causes Of Abdominal Left Side Pain

Abdominal Pain

While left side pain is often a sign of gas, it can also be a sign of a more serious condition such as diverticulitis, appendicitis, or stomach ulcers that would require urgent medical attention. To tell the difference and determine whether to seek emergency care, pay attention to other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Pain in the lower left abdomen accompanied by symptoms such as belching, bloating, or a hard abdomen is typically indicative of indigestion. However, if youre experiencing upper or lower left side pain coupled with a high fever, nausea, vomiting, or severe stomach pain, seek emergency care to rule out any of the serious conditions listed above.

What does pain on the left side indicate? Here are some other common causes of abdominal pain on the left side of your body.

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Support For People Living With Chronic Pancreatitis

Any long-term health condition, particularly one that causes recurring episodes of pain or constant pain, can affect your emotional and psychological health.

See a GP if you’re experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties. There are medicines available that can help with stress, anxiety and depression.

Talking to other people with the same condition can often reduce feelings of isolation and stress.

The charity Guts UK, may be able to put you in touch with a local support group.

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Common Causes Of Abdominal Pain On The Left Side Of Your Body

Pain in left side of abdomen

It can be easier to self-diagnose left side pain when you know what organs are on the left side of your body. The organs located in your left abdomen include your colon, left kidney, spleen, stomach, and pancreas. If youre not struggling with gas or indigestion, pain on this side is typically a sign that something is off in one of these organs or organ systems.

If your pain in the lower left abdomen continues, look for symptoms of the following conditions:

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Specific Stomach Pains That Require Further Treatment

Digestive Health Services

We have all had our share of nasty stomach pains after overeating, eating undercooked food, or eating something that has spoiled. We recognize and suffer the consequences, and maybe we pop a couple of antacid pills and move on. At other times our stomach pain can be a more serious situation, like these 10 specific stomach pains that require further treatment.

What Other Tests Might Be Needed For Left Lower Quadrant Pain

Next it will depend on what the examination and the tests above have suggested. In some cases no further tests will be needed – if, for example, your doctor is confident you have constipation or shingles.

If a problem with your large bowel is suspected, you may need an examination with a tube with a camera put into your large bowel . A computerised tomography scan or an ultrasound scan may be helpful to look for diverticula and to look at your kidneys. These tests are also used in women to look at the ovary and tubes. In some cases an X-ray of the tummy may be useful. Further tests include other ‘scopes’ , a barium enema and other scans scan).

If it is thought you might have an ectopic pregnancy – women – or a torsion of your testicle – men, you may only have one or two of these tests before having emergency surgery to treat your problem.

Nobody will need all these tests, and some people may not need any.

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Upper Left Abdomen Anatomy

The upper left part of the abdomen contains several structures including:

  • Pancreas
  • Left lobe of the liver
  • Left kidney
  • Left adrenal gland
  • Upper left sections of the large intestine

Pain in the upper left abdomen is also called pain in the left upper quadrant, pain under the left ribcage, or pain in the left hypochondrium.

Pain Coming From A Problem In Your Lungs

Cause for intermittent pain on left side of stomach & back region – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

Problems with the lower part of your lungs may feel as though the pain is in the upper part of your tummy. The lower part of your lungs and the upper part of your tummy are separated only by the sheet of muscle called the diaphragm. Problems which might cause pain include infections such as pneumonia or pleurisy. You would usually have other symptoms such as a cough, high temperature , or pain on breathing.

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Kidney Stones And Infections

Problems with the left kidney tend to give you pain more around the left-hand side of the abdomen, or in your back , but the pain may spread and involve the front of the tummy area. Kidney stones can cause a severe pain which occurs in spasms lasting from a few minutes to several hours. There may be also be blood in your wee.

A kidney infection can cause pain anywhere along your urinary tract. So this could be anywhere from the loin in your back, round to the front, the LUQ, or down to the lower part of your tummy. It may be associated with a fever, pain when you wee, or going to the loo more frequently.

What Does Pain In Left Lower Side Of Stomach And Back Mean

Pain in left lower side of stomach and back is quite a challenge to diagnose. The left lower side of your abdomen is also referred to as Left Lower Quadrant in medical terms. While dealing with abdominal pain, common as well as serious clinical conditions must be kept into mind.

1. Colitis The parts ofthe colon on the left side are the splenic flexure and the descending colon. Inflammation and infection of the inner lining of the colon is called Colitis. Colitis may be acute or chronic.

Causes Cause of colitis is widespread it could be infective, autoimmune, caused by the use of medications, drugs, alcohol or certain food substances.

Signs and Symptoms Severe abdominal pain and tenderness. Fever, loss of appetite, weakness and occasionally bloody diarrhea may be seen.

2. Diverculitis This is an inflammatory condition of abnormally formed diverticuli in the wall of the colon. Obesity, hereditary factors, lack of exercise, low vitamin D levels, smoking and alcohol abuse and use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are probable risk factors for developing diverticulitis.

Signs and Symptoms Acute onset of pain in the left lower side of stomach. There may be fever, diarrhea or constipation and bloody stools will be seen in complicated cases of diverticulitis.

3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease This term covers two major entities affecting the large and small intestine-Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis.

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Torsion Of The Testicle

  • Torsion of the testicle causes severe pain in the scrotum and severe lower quadrant pain, usually on one side.
  • It most commonly affects teenage boys but young adult men can be affected.
  • It is unusual over the age of 25 years but can affect any man at any age.
  • The testicle is very tender.
  • You should seek urgent medical advice.

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Red Flags For Left Abdominal Pain


Mild that goes away and does not come back may not need treatment. However, talk to your doctor about any abdominal pain that is severe or keeps coming back. It is never normal to have abdominal pain, so it’s always a good idea to tell your doctor about any symptoms youre experiencing.

Certain “red flags” mean you need to seek medical care. Watch for these more serious symptoms:

  • Severe or worsening pain

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What Are The Usual Tests For Left Lower Quadrant Pain

Your doctor will narrow the field of possible LLQ pain diagnoses by talking to you and examining you. They may be able to find the cause simply by doing so. For example, if they find the typical rash of shingles, you will need no further tests to find the cause. The doctor will certainly need to feel your tummy in the area you have the pain, but may also need to examine other parts too, such as the rest of your tummy. Your doctor may also need to examine your bottom .

You will probably be asked to provide a sample of urine, to rule out kidney problems.

You may well have to go for blood tests. These might include tests to:

  • Check the function of your liver and kidneys.
  • Rule out any inflammation or infection in your body.
  • Check your blood sugar level.

Common Causes Of Lower Left Side Abdominal Pain

The lower left quadrant of your body includes the colon, kidneys, and other vital organs.The following are the most common causes of pain in the left lower abdomen.

1. Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is one of the most common causes of lower left abdominal pain. It is caused by infected and inflamed diverticula in the intestinal wall. Diverticula form in some regions of the large intestine, also known as the colon.

The number of diverticula increases with age, making it more likely that one will tear or swell. As a result, diverticulitis is more common in older adults, although it can occur in younger people. Diverticulitis pain usually increases while a person is eating or shortly after a meal.

Diverticulitis usually accompanies other symptoms, including:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Fever
  • Feeling bloated

In most cases, adequate rest, dietary changes, and antibiotic therapy can effectively help treat diverticulitis. However, in severe cases, surgery may be required.

2. Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder that can cause left lower quadrant pain. IBS symptoms may include constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and stomach pains after eating.

Some natural remedies can help get rid of IBS effectively. You can add more fiber to your diets, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans. A fiber supplement can also help get rid of IBS and reduce gas and bloating.

3. Hernia

Some additional symptoms of hernia complications include:

4. Constipation

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Common Causes Of Upper Abdominal Pain

The common causes of upper abdominal pain are typically the byproducts of the digestive process. The pains are usually felt in the upper area of the abdomen, as well as in the chest, neck or shoulders. The common symptoms are:

  • bloating and gas
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea

The management of the pains and symptoms can usually be accomplished by changes to the diet, eating habits and lifestyle. The avoidance of caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol will reduce the symptoms.

There are cases where people have described the warning signs of a heart attack as upper abdominal pain or heartburn. The pain can feel like a burning in the chest, or the chest being pressed by something heavy. This type of pain may also be felt in the jaw, the neck or the arms.

Heart attack victims may also experience breathlessness, sweating and nausea along with the burning or the chest pain. A person experiencing these symptoms, together with a family history of heart conditions, should seek immediate medical attention in an emergency room in New Braunfels, Texas.

Common Causes Of Lower Abdominal Pain

Stomach Pain Upper Left Side – What Is It?

The common causes of lower abdominal pain are the menstrual cycle, urinary tract infection and constipation. The common symptoms include:

  • cramping
  • painful urination
  • painful sex

The management of the associated pains with the above symptoms can typically be accomplished with over-the-counter pain relievers or antacids. A person should seek medical attention at an urgent care center in New Braunfels, Texas, if any symptom does not improve within three days, or at the first indication of painful urination.

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Causes Of Left Side Abdominal Pain In Women Only

Women are more likely to suffer from left abdominal pain because their reproductive organs are located in the lower abdomen. The following are the common causes of left abdominal pain in women.

1. Endometriosis

Endometriosis occurs when part of the endometrium begins to grow on other organs. This condition can cause irregular menstruation, pain in the left lower abdomen, and pain in the groin. Other symptoms include constipation, bloating, and pain during defecation or urination. Endometriosis can also make it difficult to get pregnant.

2. Ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts usually occur during the menstrual cycle of women. Enlarged or ruptured cysts can cause severe pain or cramp in the lower quadrant. In most cases, this pain will worsen when going to the toilet and sometimes spread to the back. However, in other cases, some women have no symptoms.

3. Pelvic Inflammation

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a bacterial infection that occurs in the reproductive organs. A sexually transmitted disease usually causes pelvic pain. Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain, irregular vaginal bleeding, and heterochromatic vaginal discharge.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

This is a condition that occurs when a fertilized egg begins to grow outside the uterine cavity. Ectopic pregnancy can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated on time.

5. Menstrual cramps

6. Miscarriage

7. Ovarian torsion

What Kind Of Doctor Treats Abdominal Pain In Adults

Abdominal pain can be treated by a variety of doctors depending on the cause of the pain. It is usually best to start off with a primary care physician who can start the process of diagnosing the origin of the pain. Depending on the final diagnosis you will be treated by a primary care doctor or referred to a surgeon , gastroenterologist, or gynecologist. If the pain is severe you might end up in the emergency department where an emergency medicine physician will be the first one to take care of you.

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Gas In The Digestive Tract

A buildup of gas in the colon can lead to pain on the left side of the body. The pain can also occur on the right side or on both sides.

Under normal circumstances, people pass gas through burping or passing it through the rectum. This is a routine process for the body. In fact, most people produce about 14 pints of gas per day and pass gas about 1423 times per day.

Sometimes, gas accumulates in the digestive tract from swallowing excess air while eating or drinking. It can also accumulate due to the breakdown of undigested foods by intestinal bacteria.

Foods that can cause excess gas include carbonated beverages, sugar substitutes, and fiber supplements.

Other symptoms include:

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommend similar treatments for sprains and strains. These are:

  • rest
  • compression
  • elevation

A person may also need to perform gentle exercises and take OTC medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen.

A ruptured ovarian cyst causes pain that typically occurs on one side of the body.

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can develop inside, or on, an ovary. The Office on Womens Health note that these are common and usually harmless.

Ovarian cysts can rupture. In some cases, they do not cause any symptoms, or they may cause mild symptoms. In other cases, the ruptured cyst can cause severe symptoms, such as sudden and severe pain in the lower belly. Bleeding can also occur.

How Is It Diagnosed

What Can Cause Left Side Abdominal Pain?

To diagnose diverticulitis, your doctor will ask questions about your symptoms and examine you. You may have tests to see if you have an infection or other problems. The tests may include blood tests or a digital rectal exam. They may also include CT scans, ultrasound, or X-rays of your belly, or other tests.

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What Are The Common Causes Of Left Upper Quadrant Pain In Children

In young children it is often quite difficult for them to show exactly where the pain is. If this is the case, the field of options widens to almost any cause of tummy ache. In children common causes include:

  • Gastroenteritis.
  • Mesenteric adenitis. In children with infections such as colds, glands within the tummy commonly become inflamed giving them tummy ache.
  • Appendicitis. Usually this gives pain in the lower right part of the tummy, but if a child can’t show you exactly where the pain is, or if the appendix has burst , appendicitis may be a possible diagnosis to consider.
  • Pneumonia. Infections in the lower parts of the lungs can cause pain in the tummy.

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