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A Pain In The Neck Idiom Meaning In Hindi

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From Korean Translator Jeong Kinser:

Pain in the neck | Idioms and Phrases| Idiom Pain in the neck Meaning & Examples | #Shorts

The idiom: Literal translation: A dog with feces scolds a dog with husks of grain.What it means: Its a bit like, People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

The idiom: Literal translation: 50 steps are similar to 100 steps.What it means: I think of it as, Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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From Japanese Translators Yasushi Aoki And Emi Kamiya:

The idiom: Literal translation: To wear a cat on ones head.What it means: Youre hiding your claws and pretending to be a nice, harmless person.

The idiom: Literal translation: Willing to borrow a cats paws.*What it means: Youre so busy that youre willing to take help from anyone.

The idiom: Literal translation: Cats forehead.What it means: A tiny space. Often, you use it when youre speaking humbly about land that you own.

The idiom: What it means: Needing to wait until hot food cools to eat it.

*Yes, Japanese has quite a few cat idioms.

Will I Need Surgery For Neck Pain

Most patients with neck pain respond well to non-surgical treatments, so cervical spine surgery is seldom needed to treat it. In fact, less than 5% of neck pain patients need surgery.

Surgery is typically a last resort, explains Dr. Penhollow, unless it’s an acute disc herniation compression on the spinal cord where it’s a neurosurgical emergency, such as when someone experiences loss of bowel or bladder control, or extreme weakness in the limbs where decompression of the cord is imperative.

You may need cervical spine surgery if:

  • Non-surgical treatment is not helping. That is, you’ve tried a combination of medication, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, exercises, and more, and you’re still in pain.
  • Your pain is worsening. A pinched nerve in your neck called cervical radiculopathy can lead to pain, numbness, and weakness in your shoulders or down your arms. If your pain is worsening, surgery can remove the source of pressure on your nerves .
  • Your spinal cord is being compressed. Certain neck conditions can put pressure on your spinal cord. You may experience pain or stiffness, problems with balance, or have difficulties with fine motor skills.
  • You experience progressive neurological symptoms. If you are feeling numbness, tingling and weakness in your arms and legs and/or are having trouble with balance or walking.

What Kinds of Surgery Are Used For Neck Pain?

There are two common types of cervical spine surgeries performed to relieve neck pain:

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From Polish Translator Kinga Skorupska:

The idiom: So nastpi ci na ucho?Literal translation: Did an elephant stomp on your ear?What it means: You have no ear for music.Other languages this idiom exists in: Our translators tell us that in Croatian, theres also a connection made between elephants and musical ability in the phrase, You sing like an elephant farted in your ear . But in the Latvian version, its a bear who stomps on your ear.

The idiom: Buka z masem.Literal translation: Its a roll with butter.What it means: Its really easy.

The idiom: Z choinki si urwaa?Literal translation: Did you fall from a Christmas tree?What it means: You are not well informed, and it shows.

The Universal Guide To Neck Pain: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know Straight From The Experts

Apprendre l

In This Article:What Is Neck Pain? | Neck Anatomy | Causes | Types | Symptoms | Diagnosis | Nonsurgical Treatments | Surgery Options | Living With |

A pain-free neck is a lot like the carefree days of our youth we dont appreciate it til its gone. Neck pain can make life feel pretty unbearable and affect your social life, family time, hobbies and even work productivity.

If youre reading this, chances are youre familiar with neck pain. Whether youve just woken up with a whopper of a crick in your neck, sustained an injury or have been dealing with chronic neck pain, this handy guide can help you understand the anatomy of your cervical spine, different causes and types of neck pain, and learn more about the common treatments for neck pain.

Although neck pain is commonly caused by strain, prolonged pain may be an indication of something more serious. Photo Source:

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What Are The Most Common Nonsurgical Treatments For Neck Pain

If you are experiencing chronic pain , it is important to seek medical attention for further evaluation and treatment. Treatments for neck pain vary, depending on the cause and duration of the neck pain you are experiencing. Many neck pain patients find relief in using one or a combination of these therapies. The most common treatments include:

Medications: Both over-the-counter and prescription medications may help manage neck pain, reduce inflammation, and decrease muscle spasm and sleep disturbance. The first line of treatment when it comes to neck pain medication is typically non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications , such as ibuprofen and naproxen, and acetaminophen . Some NSAIDS can be applied topically to the skin, such as Voltaren Gel and Aspercreme other topical treatments include Icy-Hot, lidocaine based patches, and CBD creams/ointments.

Prescription medications such as muscle relaxers and nerve pain medications are sometimes considered, says Dr. Bonte. Muscle relaxants are used more often for acute pain rather than chronic pain.

For those with neuropathic neck pain, injections including a steroid and pain reliever may be effective, especially if done in conjunction with physical therapy. Ablation of the nerves near the neck joints may improve mobility and reduce pain, too.

Complementary therapies:Alternative treatments may be helpful in managing neck pain. Some of the more popular complementary therapies for treating neck pain include:

From Swedish Translator Matti Jro:

The idiom: Det är ingen ko på isenLiteral translation: Theres no cow on the ice.What it means: Theres no need to worry. We also use Det är ingen fara på taket, or Theres no danger on the roof, to mean the same thing.

The idiom: Att glida in på en räkmackaLiteral translation: To slide in on a shrimp sandwich.What it means: It refers to somebody who didnt have to work to get where they are.

The idiom: Det föll mellan stolarnaLiteral translation: It fell between chairs.What it means: Its an excuse you use when two people were supposed to do it, but nobody did. It has evolved into the slightly ironic phrase, It fell between the chair, which you use when you want to say,Yeah, I know I was supposed to do it but I forgot.

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To Be Like A Dog With Two Tails

To be very happy.

He was like a dog with two tails when his team won.

She’ll be like a dog with two tails when she finds she’s been promoted.

Now choose the best idiom to complete each sentence:

  • 1) I ___ gardening all tired
  • 2) What’s James so happy about? He looks like tireda dog with two tailsdog with a bone
  • 3) She can’t stop talking about learning English – she’s like ___.a dog with two tailsa dog with a bonea sleeping dog
  • 4) I’m ___ after running the marathon.a sleeping dog
  • 5) I don’t like talking about argument we had, it’s better to
  • 6) Be strong, it’s a ___

Preventing And Living With Neck Pain

#Shorts|Learn the idiom “Pain In The Neck”|Daily Use English Sentences|English Speaking Practice|ð¥ð¥ð¥

While avoiding neck pain isnt always possible, you can keep your neck muscles strain- and stress-free by creating healthy habits. Instead of in front of a computer all day, for example, take stretch breaks throughout the day.

If your neck pain feels worse at the end of each day, consider your posture. Are you sitting up straight? Sitting in your chair with your feet flat on the floor?

If your neck pain feels worse in the morning, check your sleep position and pillow. Use a pillow that supports your neck and keeps it straight. Avoid sleeping on your stomach with your neck twisted, if possible.

What if you go to sleep feeling fine and wake up with neck pain? Daily life can take its toll on your neck. If you wake up with neck pain, the best thing to do is give your body time to heal on its own. To get through the day without letting the pain interfere with your normal activities, you have a few options.

  • Gently stretch your neck: the Spine Universe Exercise Center offers a video with 3 neck stretches and exercises to help relieve a stiff neck.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medications, such as Tylenol or Advil.
  • Alternate between heat and ice treatments on your neck: 20 minutes of heat followed by 20 minutes of ice should help relieve the pain and expedite the healing process.
  • Rest: take a few days off from any strenuous activities that aggravate your symptoms, such as sports and heavy lifting.

Already dealing with neck pain?

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Hindi Idioms With Meanings

/ Naak men dam karnaa / To force on one’s nose

This idiom means to be fed up as a result of another person bothering or burdening him or her as if to say that the annoyance experienced is like an irritation forced on one’s nose.

/ Lohe ke chane chabaanaa / To chew chick peas of iron

This idiom means to perform an exceedingly difficult, seemingly impossible task, on par with chewing chick peas made of iron!

/ Papad belnaa / To roll out papad

This idiom means to endure hardship in one’s life, as rolling out papad – a popular Indian appetizer – is an exhaustive, cumbersome task.

/ Daal na galnaa / To unsuccessfully soften daal

This idiom means to fail at an attempt at an endeavor, as the daal must be softened first in order to consume it. If the daal is not softened, the attempt at preparation was unsuccessful and the daal cannot be eaten. Therefore, there was no reward for the labor invested. However, it should be remembered that even after many unsuccessful attempts, we are still capable of perfecting our technique and eventually preparing perfectly softened daal!

/ Choonaa lagaanaa / To put on lime

/ pattaa katnaa / To cut the leaf

This idiom means to be fired from one’s job or to be told off, just as cutting a leaf signifies a parting of ways through an abrupt act of termination.

/ makkhan lagaanaa / To butter up

/ magaz maarnaa / To destroy the brain

idioms in hindi

From Latvian Translator Ilze Garda And Kristaps Kadiis:

The idiom: Pst pltes.Literal translation: To blow little ducks.What it means: It means to talk nonsense or to lie.Other language connections: In Croatian, when someone is obviously lying to someone, you say that they are throwing cream into their eyes .

The idiom: Ej bekot.Literal translation: Go pick mushrooms, or, more specifically, Go pick boletes!’What it means: Go away and/or leave me alone.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

You let sleeping dogs lie when you choose to not talk about things which have caused problems in the past. It’s also used to not try to change a situation because it might cause problems.

He never talks about his ex-wife and we never ask about her, it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Can we just let sleeping dogs lie? I don’t want to discuss the matter any further?

English To Hindi Dictionary: Pain In The Neck


Raftaar Worlds Leading Shabdkosh: Meaning and definitions of Pain in the neck, translation of Pain in the neck in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of Pain in the neck in English and in Hindi. Get meaning and translation of Pain in the neck in Hindi language with grammar, antonyms, synonyms and sentence usages. what is meaning of Pain in the neck in Hindi? Pain in the neck ka matalab hindi me kya hai. Pain in the neck ka hindi matalab. : “Pain in the neck” , , “Pain in the neck” “Pain in the neck” ? “Pain in the neck” ka matalab hindi me kya hai.

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From Portuguese Translators Gustavo Rocha And Leonardo Silva:

The idiom: Quem não se comunica se trumbicaLiteral translation: He who doesnt communicate, gets his fingers burnt.What it means: He who doesnt communicate gets into trouble.

The idiom: Quem não tem cão caça com gatoLiteral translation: He who doesnt have a dog hunts with a cat.What it means: You make the most of what youve got. Basically, you do what you need to do, with what the resources you have.

The idiom: Empurrar com a barrigaLiteral translation: To push something with your belly.What it means: To keep postponing an important chore.

The idiom: Pagar o patoLiteral translation: Pay the duck.What it means: To take the blame for something you did not do.

From Russian Translator Aliaksandr Autayeu:

The idiom: Literal translation: Galloping across Europe.What it means: To do something hastily, haphazardly.

The idiom: Literal translation: The thief has a burning hat.What it means: He has an uneasy conscience that betrays itself.

The idiom: Literal translation: You can sharpen with an ax on top of this head.What it means: Hes a very stubborn person.

The idiom: / Literal translation: To take oneself in ones hands.What it means: It means to pull yourself together.Other languages this idiom exists in: Translators tell us that there is a German version of this idiom too: Sich zusammenreißen, which translates literally as to tear oneself together. And in Polish, the same idea is expressed by the phrase, we take ourselves into our fist .

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What Is Neck Pain

Neck pain is the worst kind of overachiever. It’s so common that it’s the fourth-leading cause of disability globally, following ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and lower respiratory infection. Nearly 30 percent experience it each year.

And it’s not always centralized in the neck. It can radiate across your whole upper body, affecting your shoulders, arms and chest and can even cause headaches. Living with neck pain can be miserable, making it hard to focus and get through the day.

Neck pain can be debilitating and may interfere with day-to-day life, including your ability to sleep, feel productive, and enjoy time with friends and family. And it affects more than just your physical body. Studies have shown that chronic pain can have an impact on a persons mental health up to 85 percent of patients with chronic pain are affected by severe depression.

From French Translator Patrick Brault:

Idioms To Describe people and their personality || Idioms with meaning and examples || Urdu/Hindi

The idiom: Avaler des couleuvres.Literal translation: To swallow grass snakes.What it means: It means being so insulted that youre not able to reply.

The idiom: Sauter du coq à lâne.Literal translation: To jump from the cock to the donkey.What it means: It means to keep changing topics without logic in a conversation.

The idiom: Se regarder en chiens de faïence.Literal translation: To look at each other like earthenware dogs.What it means: Basically, to look at each other coldly, with distrust.

The idiom: Les carottes sont cuites!Literal translation: The carrots are cooked!What it means: The situation cant be changed.Other language connections: Its bit like the phrase, Its no use crying over spilt milk, in English.

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A Pain In The Neck Meaning In Hindi

Noun apainintheneck

He had to be a pain in the neck a little bit.
2.Taking the Metro, many Parisians sigh, is a pain in the neck.
3.And one can look straight ahead, preventing a pain in the neck.
4.At 77, Evelyn Counts describes herself as a pain in the neck.
5.MOVE was a pain in the neck for 25 hours a day.
6.Their basic complaint was that I was a pain in the neck,
7.It would have been a pain in the neck in a way,
8.It’s looking like a pain in the neck for many of the players.
9.“I’m really a pain in the neck sometimes, ” he said.

Brilliant Idioms That Simply Cant Be Translated Literally

What does it mean to have tomatoes on your eyes? Find out below

Its a piece of cake. You cant put lipstick on a pig. Why add fuel to the fire? Idioms are those phrases that mean more than the sum of their words. As our TED Translator volunteers translate TED Talks into 116 languages , theyre often challenged to translate English idioms into their language. Which made us wonder: what are their favorite idioms in their own tongue?

Below, we asked translators to share their favorite idioms and how they would translate literally. The results are laugh-out-loud funny.

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Meaning Of Pain In The Neck Idiom

Look at the comic above and try to guess the meaning of the idiom ‘pain in the neck.’

Pain in the neck: someone or something that’s is difficult or annoying.


This idiom has the same meaning as “pain in the butt” or “pain in the ass.” No one wants to have a pain in any of these areasthat feels irritating, annoying and difficult.

Pain in the neck is a more polite way of saying someone / something is irritating than pain in the butt. .

It’s also common to simply use the phrase “he or she’s a pain.” .

Antonyms For Pain In The Neck Opposite To Pain In The Neck

English Corner: pain in the neck

Advantage, Aid, Assistance, Benefit, Blessing, Cheer, Comfort, Contentment, Ease, Happiness, Health, Help, Joy, Peace, Pleasure, Relief, Wellness, Good Health,

Pain In The Neck Hindi Meaning – Find the correct meaning of Pain In The Neck in Hindi. It is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Hindi. There are always several meanings of each word in Hindi. The correct meaning of Pain In The Neck in Hindi is . It is written as Vikret in Roman.

There are also several similar words to Pain In The Neck in our dictionary, which are Ache, Affliction, Agony, Burn, Catch, Convulsion, Cramp, Crick, Discomfort, Distress, Fever, Gripe, Hurt, Illness, Injury, Irritation, Laceration, Malady, Misery, Pang, Paroxysm, Sickness, Smarting, Soreness, Spasm, Sting, Stitch, Strain, Tenderness, Throb, Throe, Tingle, Torment, Torture, Trouble, Twinge, Wound and Prick. The opposite word of Pain In The Neck are Advantage, Aid, Assistance, Benefit, Blessing, Cheer, Comfort, Contentment, Ease, Happiness, Health, Help, Joy, Peace, Pleasure, Relief, Wellness and Good Health. After English to Hindi translation of Pain In The Neck, if you have issues in pronunciation, then you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.

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